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  1. Just finished the game. Final dungeon was fantastic, felt like a true challenge. Planning on a writeup/review later this week. I made heavy use of Phoenix during the final dungeon, and noticed that graphical glitches tend to pop up on the player side (around 2nd and 3rd position) after Phoenix is summoned. This seems like it'd be a known bug, just checking in to confirm that it is. I am playing on Snes9x 1.55.
  2. Generated a soft lock in the WoR's Phoenix Cave. Against 2x Witch 2x Revenant enemy formation. Strago is petrified, Terra is preparing to cast Remedy, Edgar has just used Autocrossbow and is building up his turn bar. Cyan has Auto-Reflect from Alexander. Cyan uses Bushido - Eclipse. One of the Revenants die, the other three enemies remain alive. A Revenant counterattacks Cyan with Raze. It's reflected off Cyan. Battle stops progressing - casting animations proceed as normal, but the ATB is frozen and I can't input any commands. I can pause and unpause the battle with the Start button, and the game is otherwise functioning. I (wildly guessing) suspect the lock is because Raze was reflected onto the dead Revenant (killed by Eclipse). Because the enemy is dead, the spell never resolves and the battle is indefinitely delayed while it waits for the reflected Raze to resolve.
  3. Unsure whether or not this was an intentional joke but most of the WoR stuff that are "Locked!" become "*Name*d!" where *Name* is whatever you renamed Locke to. Easily testable: WoR Narshe doors and Cyan's treasure chest. Enjoying the mod very much so far. About to tackle Doma Castle.