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  1. Oh man. major /facepalm on my part here. I'm not sure if I want to bother deleting my post out of embarrassment or leave it because I missed something so obvious. thanks for looking out, BTB! -ryan
  2. Greetings all, I'd like to report what I believe is a bug in version 1.9.0. World of balance -- Floating continent right when the timer at the end starts. the Bat Lady encounters are *extremely* difficult. difficult as in boss level amount of HP. (well over 20k health, seemingly). my party is composed of Terra, Sabin and Celes, all characters are between level 20 and 25-ish. running the brave new world patch against the 1.1 (U) "original" rom on OpenEMU. There is simply not enough time to defeat the random Bat Lady encounters before the timer runs out (one battle took me well over 2 minutes based on RNG luck). Please advise -- hell, even if there is a game genie cheat or *something* I can do just to get to the end of the Floating Continent, I'd be happy. thanks in advance and let me know if i'm forgetting any useful information. -ryan (bradyrtech)