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  1. Just beat the Magimaster a moment ago. Relatively easy fight if you know what you are doing and stacked M.Def/M.Block. While we're on the topic of Fanatic's, is it just me or was the secret switch/room removed? Unless of course I'd forgotten where exactly it was.
  2. Hi, I first played BNW last year and was flabbergasted at how good it was. I could write paragraphs praising the creators' attention towards engaging gameplay. It's hard to go back to vanilla now. It's unfortunate because I want to play through FFVI again with a friend who is a beginner, but I think this mod might be a bit too difficult in terms of some of the battles. I remember some really clutch decisions having to be made in order to just barely survive, and I'm an FFVI vet. I wish there was a version or patch that targeted FFVI virgins. Everything about the mod is superb, but it seems designed solely for those familiar with the original. What with how tightly every encounter is designed in BNW, I doubt something like this is in the works. But I just wish there was patch to even slightly alter damage values/health pools, if only to curb the number of game overs we'd likely run into (playing with a complete newb). I just wish there was an option to play with BNW's mechanics with an overall difficulty more closely resembling the original game. For the record, as a vet, I thought the difficulty was pretty spot-on when I played. Just not for a new player. Thanks for all your hard work.