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  1. Hey, I just wanna thank you guys for the amazing work you've done. Contrary to what one would expect, I've never finished my playthrough of ff6 vanilla, started years ago and never finished. By the time I got to the WoR, every character being able to equip (almost) everything, magics builds being staple, a bunch of spells I've never used, and just so much more... I guess in part reminds me a bit of the vanilla version of ff12, where everyone could do anything. Welp, that's not the case here. For my endgame party, I remember using Terra, Cyan, Edgar and Shadow. Terra spamming Ultimas (even unmorphed the damage was pretty nice), Cyan being a brick wall (especially after the cover mechanic you guys implemented), Edgar being an amazing dragoon and Shadow just there to throw Reraises and Ethers like crazy. Overall, I'm really satisfied with what you did with Cyan (maybe not the bipolar personality, or maybe that's just the fun in it). He's gonne from an almost boring character in vanillla ff6 to an amazing asset: needs healing? Cure, Cure2, Life. What if my MP runs out? Just Empower your way out of it. And he's also an amazing bodyguard! I think the only thing is, he's slow. Well, from someone wearing lots of heavy armor and carrying gigantic swords (at least that's how I imagine it) what would you expect? Overall, I'm super thankful for what you guys did, Welp, I guess that's it. I'm just really really grateful. Thank you guys for the truly amazing work.
  2. @Synchysi @SuperHario I went and saw a Youtube vid of an older version of BNW and I finally found the answer to the puzzle! Thanks for the quick reply. Now, to continue with the WoR and (try to) tackle the Brown Dragon with my level 23-ish party!
  3. It's a really minor bug, but after you get you can inspect the chest again and it gives "Nothing!", after which you can't interact with it. The chest even closes again if you open the menu or goes back one screen (if you didn't check it twice and got the "Nothing!" message). And, also, can someone please help me with the clock puzzle in Zozo? I've talked to every npc, but I can't get it right.