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  1. Now that I've actually tested it, it seems to be the same. I suspect the discrepancy I was noticing before was due to hidden map variables that cause different maps to have different loading times.
  2. 2 bugs I can remember atm from developing rando. #1 - Auto-equipment events seem to be broken; if there's any slot where the character has nothing to equip, they'll equip all kinds of stuff that they shouldn't be able to. For example, equipping Dried Meat as a helm. This bug isn't in vanilla. #2 - Fade-ins from menu, battle, etc. seem to be generally a lot slower compared to vanilla.
  3. Thought y'all might want to know about this. I made a FF6 randomizer that has compatibility with Brave New World v1.9. It's called Beyond Chaos Gaiden.