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  1. Edit: Oh, wait, I see, it merged the two functions so I can only get one, so I'll have to redo the scripting, or manually fix each one. Ah well, learning stuff!
  2. Actually, I could use your help! I've been using Kruptar, which is really convenient, but the */15 codes to give dialogue choices don't seem to be working consistently. Particularly in the explanation for the Narshe Moogle fight. If it was all of them, I'd think it was transforming 15 into 55 59(I tried making a 15=15 code just in case, but no difference). If it wasn't giving the new dialogue box from the *, I'd think I messed up that somehow. But since it isn't either, I have no idea.
  3. Took me a bit, but I got it. Thanks!
  4. I've been having fun playing BNW, poring over the information available for it, and using editors to view and alter stuff in it. However, when I try to use FF3usME or Zone Doctor CE to look at/modify the script, it doesn't work -- FF3usME tells me that "Dialogue Pointer Routines were hand hex edited" and that it can't read it, but that's about it. Is there something I can do to view/modify the BNW script without excessive effort, or would trying to do so be a waste of my time?