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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi Raics, I had some questions about spell drops and feedback: -The spell "Hades": Dropped by Female Ghost Witch in Ch4 Optional Battle - Geylid Fortress <-- is this the battle to unlock the fortress for the oracle quest? -Tier I and II of forbiden magic: Do tier 1 spells still drop after level 34? I remember there was some kind of limitation in the original version. If this limitation is present, are there any plans to make a crafting recipe to downgrade tier 2 forbiden spells to tier 1 with a recipe? -Is there any plan to revamp where the spells drop? Spells like Hades II have such a limited drop place --> Dropped by Male Ghost Warlock reinforcement spawn in PotD - Floor 100 story battle (level 41+). by the way, is this the Blackmoor or Nybas battle? Aside from that, I finished doing my first run of the palace of the dead, gotta say I felt pretty easy compared to the normal campaign (you can really feel the skills/spells haven't been revamped), but even then I have to say, the trip feels very long, between lots of battles, some rather long, and the rare item farming. When POTD and other side areas are revisited, are there plans to make a revision on the number of enemies and the droprates? Some cursed items took between 3 to 15 minutes, and farmining the pinions/racks took me quite a long time (farmed 22 of each though, but one time it took me 1 hour to get one of those racks, crazy). I ask about the number of enemies because if their skills/spells are revamped I feel the 100 floor trip will be too much of a burnout. I finished testing some of the other classes I had not tested (only missing Summoner, Paladin and Astromancer, as I've not unlocked them yet). I enjoyed the geomancers (despite the limitations to their spells, making using augments for spells awkward), shamans felt bad, losing summoning magic means the nature grace (I think it's the name of the spell that adds flat damage) is awful, it's very costly tp and rt wise for such a small effect. You gain some spells, but shamans now feel a bit like a support caster now, with better offensive than warlock but worse defenses. Bucanneer is fine, though the low mind and res are qutie noticeable, but it's a good balance to their excellent kit. Dragonborn feels good, though the damage output compared to dragons is a bit lower due to lesser stats, but she is much more resilient against magic, so overall a good unique to me. Paragon was nice, though I feel her INT growth is totally wasted as she doesn't use it, but just a minor nitpick. Wicce is very powerful, but not having any powerful MP regen tool and lower mobility balances her out quite well. On generics, I feel winged man are still much better compared to humanoids, and this also brings in my "complaint" about liches too: -Winged mans are all from unknown clan, this a big benefit as you don't have to pay any mind to killing your own clansmen, so no CF or loyalty issues here. Another reason why galgastan clansmen feels so bad, since it's so hard to get the CF for Cressidia. -Flying is the best mobility tool, and an insanely good one at that. Flying allows not only bypassing height (which you will notice is quite important in most maps, and almost crippling for slow classes on some maps), bypassing rampart, bypassing tiles with move penalty (moss/water). This is especially important for classes with low innate mobility, like wizards, clerics and warlocks, but is also inmensely powerful for classes such as archer and fusilier. There is no downside to winged aside from some lower initial stats, but for a dedicated player this is no big deal, you'll soon catch up to normal humanoid stats. Only interesting debate could be had on rogues, as ghost rogues make excellent undead units, with good mobility (but they cannot bypass ramparts with teleport). Aside from that, any class that could be a winged man is better of as one. -Teleport vs Flight: Not only teleport allows for better height movement, it also bypasses ramparts. Normally I would be ok with this as most of the teleporting units you meet are ghosts (which seem to be able to float on water too, compared to liches), but this leaves liches in an awkward spot. I think giving lich innate lead inmunity/ward would help bridge the gap (I don't want to give lead warding to teleporters because ghosts are already plenty strong). I think some RT penalty to winged men would help bring them in line with other generic races (and even uniques at that), it doesn't have to be too big, but something to help sway the balance toward a more equal power. I don't think making them more succeptible to leaden would be a fair solution, as wormhole is already a very powerful spell that scales very well into the endgame and the AI is pretty fond of it. My final feedback, the Lich: Probably a bigger disapointment for me than shamans, liches got teleport (this is very nice if you are starting from a normal humanoid, no questions asked, as wizard suffers from paltry movement) and access to most magic spells (so you get the good crowd control on elemental magic such as brimstone or petrifog, a great boon against undeads, but no more support spells such as enrage or bulwark sadly), alongside necromancy (you'll be able to make a good use of some of the nonundead related spells of necromancy such as brainrot, curse, tainted love or the mp drain missile, and also banish!), and some limited dragon magic. Sadly, this comes with a steep price, as you cannot use meditate, extend or conserve RT if you come from a wizard (which is the most likely case I think). I have been pondering if I should bench my lich and replace it with a winged man wizard (so use a philactery and lose all the stat investment I did on it, no small thing, this is a unit I've been using since the start of the game), because covenant, meat shield and reflection do not make the cut (this is because covenant, while good in some situations, requires you to have units who don't use their MP actively, as early in the fight is when MP is more valuable to buff up and start fighting), though I could be alone thinking this. I feel like giving liches access to meditate would make them stand out more, and feel like "powered up" wizards. I only say this due to how uncomon ring of the dead are, and how late you get them. I make this comparison, which might feel unfair, because the other "rare generic", the angel angel knight has: flight, an imperfect but good support toolkit with non aoe-healing, haste, ease, holy missiles, exorcisms and the draconic suport spells (which is not that common), and very powerful and unique skills (day of reckoning, celestial aria are my favorite ones but evilsbane is very strong too), access to Arkhiatros Trousers for stopward (essential for any frontliner), and access to parry to back up their role in the frontlines. This feels like a unit that can go toe to toe with any unique class, as they have something no else can bring to the table, and a good selection of hybrid spells that a melee could use (different from the ranger or knight commander for example, which offer incredible offensive power but whose magic selection is lacking when compared to an angel knight). What does the lich bring to the table that is really unique compared to other casters? Maybe necromancy+other magics at the same time, but that's it, no powerful skills like a wizard, heretic, patriarch or warlock (since reflection also reflects healing, what happens if your lich or teammate gets bullied and you need to heal it? this feels like a double edged sword, and an expensive one at that), no means to really defend itself against physical aggression, and archers sure love shooting at liches (no deflect, no parry, no access to medium armor, at least you have teleport), which means you'll have to be extra cautious on open maps with the lich, as you have low HP and you don't even have skills like conserve RT to allow you to cast some spells, retreat and not wait very long for your next turn. Can the lich compete vs other unique casters? I feel that their only advantage is their high mobility (as only 2 uniques are winged man), but I would not think of benching a unique caster (be it a princess, sybil, heretic, astromancer, wicce) to bring a lich (though I might bench a shaman to be faire). While their spell selection is grandiose (only second to lord and astromancers), thats the end of what they bring to the table. Sorry for the long rant, and I just wanted to say thank you again for all your work, I'm a big TO fan, so replaying the game (which has aged beautifully) is a real joy, and this is all thanks to you. I'm looking forward to the next patches, this last one was nice (though I'll leave my angel knight the a one handed sword!).
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi raics, I though I'd give some feedback, though you must have a lot already. Just finished doing the chaos route (I skipped cressidia and missed my timing on diego's quest though, also didn't touch POTD). Been testing the random fights (quite nice, can't wait for the other areas) and the one handed damage, the changes felt good, I think this balances out dual wielding vs 2 handed a bit better. I was mostly pleased with the balance (but the jump before going to brantyn felt a bit unnatural to me, I had to get some levels in phorampa), though I feel the need to say that battles with undead are very tedious . With archers being weaker nowadays, I feel like ghosts mage/warlocks lost their nemesis, and their insane mobility (which most classes won't have) makes them real hard to catch. It was specially noticeable in 2 maps, one of the vaasa temple maps (1st or 2nd descent? you start on the lower part with quicksand and fight against 2 golems+ 2skeletons with ramparts and 4 ghost warlocks, you can only be thankful they love lodestone SO much) and the one in hanging gardens with the 4 zombie dragons, 2 ghosts, 2 skeletons and that necromancer. I was actually level 28-9 while doing the gardens (and monsters were at 25, didn't really intend this but I had been getting the recipees and leveling some classes to test them out), and that fight was probably the one I spent the most time on. Maybe I could have brought more casters, but with the tigh layout to go up with the possibility of being thrown out of the map with the stones from dragons and archer knockbacks, you don't really want to take many chances unless you are using winged mans. Also animate dead costing 20 tp makes you want to instantly exorcise these guys so bad. Regarding classes, I have not yet tested the lich, lord, bucaneer, geomancer, summoner, dragonborn and shaman, but I feel they will most likely be good, I've checked a bit their available skills/gear on my savefile from the original game with most items unlocked. Humanoid classes seemed in a good spot, all have their niches with useable weapons, though I felt necromancer is too pingeonholed into his necromancer role, if you aren't playing with undeads on the field this feels like a second beastmaster, a subpar class (lower damage from lack of missiles than mage, worst support/cc than warlock, and the non undead related skills are expensive both MP or TP wise). I wouldn't really mind this pigeonholing if getting the necro spells were easier to obtain, but getting the good stuff like bewitch is pretty hard (in my case leonar didn't drop it sadly), and the mana costs are really hard in the early game (I can see how lifeforce in the endgame is more than enough though). Also, for some reason deflect won't work or level on them, I guess this is bug from the original? Last but not least, getting necro marcs is hard, and only necromancers can learn to recruit undead, so it's a pretty thorny path all in all, seeing as the rooster is already quite limited (whish it wasn't limited to 50 honestly), was a bit bummed about this because male necro has got to be my favorite sprite. I was very pleasantly surprised by warlocks, they feel like amazing units now, very useful to either support or cc, and they can help sustain others with more MP/HP, very versatile. Probably my favorite rework with the trickster umbra. Angel knights felt good, and it's one of these classes were I wish I had 2 or 3 more skillslots! I felt monster classes were in a good spot, though the dark and holy dragons felt weak to me. The magic they had access to made them lose part of what makes dragons so dangerous (durable enough to answer back if you don't melt them, and those 100 tp breaths hurt), albeit fear being such a powerful ailment made me almost consider using one for real, I still think the fire or earth dragon wins over as removing TP/RT is very powerful no matter what, and also sadly headhunter doesn't have the dragon empowerement (makes sense considering the character and his history), does dragonborn cover this? I tested the non human jobs, I felt like they were all very nice, both the hoplite, juggernaut, patriarch / matriarch (by the way, are there plans for evil eye? Or will it still be an enemy only skill?), familiar and trickster (this last one being insanely good in my opinion, has great sinergies between his unique skills and what he can learn, and the stats on umbras complement them very well). Magic schools feel good, with some having more upfront benefits (fire,earth,dark,light), and other requiring more advanced caster classes (lightning, water, ice), but there is no school I wouldn't consider using, they all have at least 1 or 2 spells that really makes the school shine (ice might be the weakest for me but the stop debuff is so strong this balances it out imho). Draconic is nice despite how hard it is to get the spells, and necromancy has 2 or 3 powerful spells (curse, brainrot/MP burn one with debuffs, bewitch). Lastly, on equipement, I like the changes a lot, weapons feel very balanced to me, all can find a good use with the appropriate setup. Regardign armors, I find myself avoiding gauntlets too much -maybe if they had 2 points of passive resistance to crush/slash/pierce more? I also feel their overpower bonus is not enough to sway me over parry or deflect bonuses, though maybe playing at high lvl vs high parry/deflect units might change my mind- as I feel I would be too frail with them on, with their already low defence and avd. Is there any plan (or even a way) to increase the amount of gear there is? I feel like the helm/legguard selection in the endgame is very limited by lot of the legguards being unique now (can't remember if it was the same for helms, I think they were already very limited). Jewelry wise, I think the balance is great, there are always tough and meaningful choices. After this feedback, I though I'd ask, does POTD and San Bronsa still use their original loot tables (asside from the recipes / spells as they are displayed in the documentation)? Will I be safe going down with old doc? Because I guess the droprates on the items is still as horrendous as it was in the original. Thank you for your time
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    I see, thank you, at least I feel I finally understand the racial skills with that explaination. So far the only unit I've seen that could use their own race skill was Assassin Vice in chaos route (he comes with anatomy). I don't think there is any need to scrap the the racial skills (they give a good flavour and aren't imbalanced), I just felt confused because both the damage calculator and the Consolidated changes document were not giving instructions clear enough for me. Thanks for the steal tables confirmation, I'll keep an eye on your rule of thumb, it'll serve me well. Speaking of full ward, I though I'd ask about it's obtainability by players without hacking. I remember you could get the passive that gave resistance to all ailments in the unmoded LUTC for 10k job points, but testing on my old savefile it didn't seem like I could learn full ward through any legitimate means. Is full ward somehow available outside of the crest of fire and gran grimoire? Or any way to get it (even through corpse scavenging or shenanigans) would be unintended and consequently fixed later on?
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi raics, I decided to restart my game as I hadn't played for a while and most of my units turned into completely differents and passives were kinda switched around, that way I could also check the revamped battles for the chapters! So far I have to congratulate you yet again for your excellent work. I've been playing chaos route and I found the difficulty quite nice, challenging but not impossible, though so far the hardest battle (just started chapter 4) was the battle with Ganp and his 4 beasts in Mount Weobtry, having the 4 beasts come guns blazing with full ward was very rough! I think beasts are in a nice spot (very dangerous for casters if they have any kind of warding and you can't stop them). Found it even harder than battles with Oz+Ozma, as flying units can't really be controlled by phalanx or ailments if they have wards. I had a question as I've been reading the anatomy change /racial change but I'm not sure I get it 100%. The way it is right now, if a human dragooner has the dragon racial passive, he will get mitigation vs the dragon races but no mitigation vs all the others, correct? Or am I understanding this wrong? The guide mentions changes to stealing, the stealing update has only been done to units in the campaign, correct ? No updates on the side areas like phorampa, potd, san bronsa, ect... Thank you for your time
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    I am using the 0.90 (non a)! Though I had the latest one, are the 0.90 and 0.90a savegame compatible without too much issues arising? Glad to see the recruitment skills aren't forgoten (also the books!), looking forward to the future. I feel gathering some equipement without recruiting makes the game very grindy On the patriarch I was regretting his loss on access on high tier stuff (T2 sumons and forbidden magic/apocryphia), but then again in vanilla I barely used forbidden magic (MP costs were prohibitive), so I mostly use him to spam stop, rattle for tp reset and the slow+leaden aoe. I understand its a fair tradeoff from mages because they have support spells and parry (too bad they can't get deflect though). Thank you for your time and efforts.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi again, I've been advancing through the game, I'm now clearing the shrines after my first clear (by the way, I found the last battle in hanging gardens before the final boss with to be very deadly, the damage the boss could dish out with the warlock spells and the 2 handed weapon + high accuracy would almost one shot any non tank unit, very scary considering the extra units in play, in comparison the last battle felt easier to handle because its only one enemy, so even if its big damage as long as its not a one shot you can handle it). I was overall very pleased with the difficulty, and it was lovely to see some necromancy spells from the templars (had never seen paranoia or some other control spells cast). Still wish poison cloud was removed from the game as it feels like a cheap trap the AI can't stop falling into. On the removal of -ology skills, while I understand as a player you will always level anatomy (because the campaign and most battles are fought against humans) and they make an big difference in damage once they are leveled, I'm worried how the removal of said skills will affect recruitment, as having a high anatomy or whatever skill makes recruitment easy/possible from some units, and for some parts of the game recruitment is the viable way to get gear upgrades. If the recruitment is tinkered I think, at least for me, that it won't be a terrible thing. I also found some rogue traps would crash my game (the MP recovery one didn't, but the air damage+charm did crash my game, it was on a bad weather and a dragon steped on it, don't know if this is helpful), so I've been avoiding the offensive ones, but the support ones are good. I love how the non humanoid classes have a more specific role, though I found the limitation on summon tier 2 spells to be odd to say the least (maybe its my love for patriarch spellcasters clouding my judgment), but the familiars felt really good as a kind of hybrid caster/healer with good mobility and evasion, will probably try to squeeze one of those fairies into my team. Finally, despite all the nerfs, archers still feel very powerful, only used my rogue with a one hand bow as a limitation of some kind (less range and less damage), and while knights and dragons couldn't be killed without big trouble (specially TP fed dragons+heals behind), any non tank units would have 0 chance, mages could squeeze in one spell but usually that was it for them, don't know if archers with double shot/tremendous shot would make it even more absurd. I don't know if gunners should be included in the discussion, as they are late game units and guns appear very late, but imho the damage they dish totally out of control for the range the guns have, and barricade is a very powerful control tool. Haven't witnessed one handed gun damage yet, hoping this one will be a bit more tame. Outside of this I really like the balance of all the magic schools, with the buffs/debuffs available making some elements that I wouldn't have used before really nice (like ice and water) and making other schools which I felt were too good (like dark magic) fall more in line. Thanks again for all the work you've been putting into the project.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi, Just tried the patch for the first time (so I'm still geting used to the changes), I'm in Act 3, one thing I'd like to point because I feel it's kind of cheesy: The AI seems to have an unhealthy obsesion with poisoning units (be it poison cloud or the water magic), even units like Gatialo, a terror knight boss with good physical stats spent almost all his turns casting poison instead of physically attacking (only attacked when he could use a finisher). Maybe the AI could try to use buffs instead of poisoning everyone, which honestly feel more like an annoyance than anything else. Many units seem to have empty skill slots (but I think it's on the do list), so when you recruit them you maybe have 1 valid skill and 4-5 empty slots, feels kind of weird, but no big deal. I'd like to point out that the clerics in the Act II fight in tynemouth hill (so the Galiatos cleric fight) are still using Caldias fans despite being a lvl 21 fan (dagger). My main gripe with the changes right now is how mandatory a healer feels, as everyone seems to be able to tank some damage, and heals top off a lot of hp (so enemy clerics on fights are your worst enemies!), specially on low hp units, so leveling new classes/monsters without a healer made the map choice very restrictive for me. Was the idea behind this to always have someone with lob gloves and have him heal with items instead of magic? (if you can't bring your monks because their level is much higher). Also it would be nice if the monsters could have a mastery for their claws (weapon), as without this I feel in the long run they are at disadvantage with humanoids, and with the range changes + the need for buffs for units to work at a full potential it makes beasts and dragons less attractive (octopus on water maps are still strong though), maybe this changes with the later craftable weapons that I haven't seen, if this is the case then nevermind. Other than this I'm enjoying the mod a lot and I'm thankful for your work, it's nice rediscovering the game (despite the early game being a big of a slog) and trying out new things.