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  1. Hi, Just tried the patch for the first time (so I'm still geting used to the changes), I'm in Act 3, one thing I'd like to point because I feel it's kind of cheesy: The AI seems to have an unhealthy obsesion with poisoning units (be it poison cloud or the water magic), even units like Gatialo, a terror knight boss with good physical stats spent almost all his turns casting poison instead of physically attacking (only attacked when he could use a finisher). Maybe the AI could try to use buffs instead of poisoning everyone, which honestly feel more like an annoyance than anything else. Many units seem to have empty skill slots (but I think it's on the do list), so when you recruit them you maybe have 1 valid skill and 4-5 empty slots, feels kind of weird, but no big deal. I'd like to point out that the clerics in the Act II fight in tynemouth hill (so the Galiatos cleric fight) are still using Caldias fans despite being a lvl 21 fan (dagger). My main gripe with the changes right now is how mandatory a healer feels, as everyone seems to be able to tank some damage, and heals top off a lot of hp (so enemy clerics on fights are your worst enemies!), specially on low hp units, so leveling new classes/monsters without a healer made the map choice very restrictive for me. Was the idea behind this to always have someone with lob gloves and have him heal with items instead of magic? (if you can't bring your monks because their level is much higher). Also it would be nice if the monsters could have a mastery for their claws (weapon), as without this I feel in the long run they are at disadvantage with humanoids, and with the range changes + the need for buffs for units to work at a full potential it makes beasts and dragons less attractive (octopus on water maps are still strong though), maybe this changes with the later craftable weapons that I haven't seen, if this is the case then nevermind. Other than this I'm enjoying the mod a lot and I'm thankful for your work, it's nice rediscovering the game (despite the early game being a big of a slog) and trying out new things.