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  1. I am using the 0.90 (non a)! Though I had the latest one, are the 0.90 and 0.90a savegame compatible without too much issues arising? Glad to see the recruitment skills aren't forgoten (also the books!), looking forward to the future. I feel gathering some equipement without recruiting makes the game very grindy On the patriarch I was regretting his loss on access on high tier stuff (T2 sumons and forbidden magic/apocryphia), but then again in vanilla I barely used forbidden magic (MP costs were prohibitive), so I mostly use him to spam stop, rattle for tp reset and the slow+leaden aoe. I understand its a fair tradeoff from mages because they have support spells and parry (too bad they can't get deflect though). Thank you for your time and efforts.
  2. Hi again, I've been advancing through the game, I'm now clearing the shrines after my first clear (by the way, I found the last battle in hanging gardens before the final boss with to be very deadly, the damage the boss could dish out with the warlock spells and the 2 handed weapon + high accuracy would almost one shot any non tank unit, very scary considering the extra units in play, in comparison the last battle felt easier to handle because its only one enemy, so even if its big damage as long as its not a one shot you can handle it). I was overall very pleased with the difficulty, and it was lovely to see some necromancy spells from the templars (had never seen paranoia or some other control spells cast). Still wish poison cloud was removed from the game as it feels like a cheap trap the AI can't stop falling into. On the removal of -ology skills, while I understand as a player you will always level anatomy (because the campaign and most battles are fought against humans) and they make an big difference in damage once they are leveled, I'm worried how the removal of said skills will affect recruitment, as having a high anatomy or whatever skill makes recruitment easy/possible from some units, and for some parts of the game recruitment is the viable way to get gear upgrades. If the recruitment is tinkered I think, at least for me, that it won't be a terrible thing. I also found some rogue traps would crash my game (the MP recovery one didn't, but the air damage+charm did crash my game, it was on a bad weather and a dragon steped on it, don't know if this is helpful), so I've been avoiding the offensive ones, but the support ones are good. I love how the non humanoid classes have a more specific role, though I found the limitation on summon tier 2 spells to be odd to say the least (maybe its my love for patriarch spellcasters clouding my judgment), but the familiars felt really good as a kind of hybrid caster/healer with good mobility and evasion, will probably try to squeeze one of those fairies into my team. Finally, despite all the nerfs, archers still feel very powerful, only used my rogue with a one hand bow as a limitation of some kind (less range and less damage), and while knights and dragons couldn't be killed without big trouble (specially TP fed dragons+heals behind), any non tank units would have 0 chance, mages could squeeze in one spell but usually that was it for them, don't know if archers with double shot/tremendous shot would make it even more absurd. I don't know if gunners should be included in the discussion, as they are late game units and guns appear very late, but imho the damage they dish totally out of control for the range the guns have, and barricade is a very powerful control tool. Haven't witnessed one handed gun damage yet, hoping this one will be a bit more tame. Outside of this I really like the balance of all the magic schools, with the buffs/debuffs available making some elements that I wouldn't have used before really nice (like ice and water) and making other schools which I felt were too good (like dark magic) fall more in line. Thanks again for all the work you've been putting into the project.
  3. Hi, Just tried the patch for the first time (so I'm still geting used to the changes), I'm in Act 3, one thing I'd like to point because I feel it's kind of cheesy: The AI seems to have an unhealthy obsesion with poisoning units (be it poison cloud or the water magic), even units like Gatialo, a terror knight boss with good physical stats spent almost all his turns casting poison instead of physically attacking (only attacked when he could use a finisher). Maybe the AI could try to use buffs instead of poisoning everyone, which honestly feel more like an annoyance than anything else. Many units seem to have empty skill slots (but I think it's on the do list), so when you recruit them you maybe have 1 valid skill and 4-5 empty slots, feels kind of weird, but no big deal. I'd like to point out that the clerics in the Act II fight in tynemouth hill (so the Galiatos cleric fight) are still using Caldias fans despite being a lvl 21 fan (dagger). My main gripe with the changes right now is how mandatory a healer feels, as everyone seems to be able to tank some damage, and heals top off a lot of hp (so enemy clerics on fights are your worst enemies!), specially on low hp units, so leveling new classes/monsters without a healer made the map choice very restrictive for me. Was the idea behind this to always have someone with lob gloves and have him heal with items instead of magic? (if you can't bring your monks because their level is much higher). Also it would be nice if the monsters could have a mastery for their claws (weapon), as without this I feel in the long run they are at disadvantage with humanoids, and with the range changes + the need for buffs for units to work at a full potential it makes beasts and dragons less attractive (octopus on water maps are still strong though), maybe this changes with the later craftable weapons that I haven't seen, if this is the case then nevermind. Other than this I'm enjoying the mod a lot and I'm thankful for your work, it's nice rediscovering the game (despite the early game being a big of a slog) and trying out new things.