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  1. Couple of questions and comments to the devs: 1: Would it be possible in a future update to add in the more modern skill and item name translations so they're more consistent with other FF titles and not the woolseyisms from 1994? E.g. Safe=Protect, Vigor=Strength, Fight=Attack, Aqua Rake=Aqua Breath, X-Zone= Banish, Fire1/2/3=Fire/Fira/Firaga etc? 2: Why were some items added with real-world names. This sort of seems rather silly, e.g. Slim Jims and Red Bulls? 3: Certain spells were renamed but retain largely the same effects. Grand Train (mistranslation of Grand Trine) was renamed to Black Omen for example, why? 4: Additional spell cast weapons (e.g. Holy Lance) were removed from gameplay, but other powerful weapons like Ragnarok and Illumina (should be renamed Lightbringer) retain their Flare/Holy casts, why?