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  1. Xenogears - HardType v4.1 (Landon Ray)

    I wanted to mention that inside the sewers and the next nortune dungeon, I started to feel like the mod was starting to come to life. But I got to mad with the mod to discuss the positives after another shitshow of a gauntlet that I was forced into, without the equip to deal with it, so I'll touch upon that now. So yeah, I could really see around that time things starting to come together, and the potential in the mod. The first few hours, or first 20? You don't have many skills, you don't have a solid or consistent party, and you are also forced into 2 man parties (3 times?), all the while you are low on deathblows, struggling to build them up while facing OP enemies, so it feels very inconsistent and erratic. But things started to change in the sewers once citan got some deathblows and I could start playing more naturally, and it's just gotten better and better since then. Obviously, in vanilla it basically doesn't matter what you do, there's little point in using any skils when every enemy just dies with minimal effort and all the broken characters mean you just don't have use for any nuances in the system. But now everyone feels very different, quite unique in fact. Fei (who I haven't used in a while), so far feels like an awesome all-rounder, high damage, good survivability, high speed, back up healer. Counterforce is awesome atm, truly allowing me to get through fights where I would have had been destroyed without it, like some of the fights in nortune where I was getting 2 shot, and with just fei and citan, that was hell, but counter force allowed me to scrape by a lot of battles that I shouldn't have. Soon after that Fei is out of commission for sometime, so I haven't used him in a while. Citan is really starting to shine now too. Hes atm basically the high-speed, high-survivability healer, and now with his deathblows coming together hes also functioning as a pretty decent damage dealer (lower than the other, but still quite good). His ability to aoe everyone of his heals/debuffs/support skils is really nice, and makes his game style interesting. A pre-buff for an AOE heal is very risky in this mod, so his style feels unique if a little underwhelming/dangerous as the main healer. Atm, he is totally outclassed by billy as the healer, but still has his uses due to his speed, skillset and survivability. By end game the dynamic between him and billy should be really nice since citans damage will shoot up when he gets his sword, not sure who I'll want to use then, have to see how things develop. Elly is also excellent. Shes slow and fragile, but a great damage dealer with her weapon, and her magic is amazing, with ether doubler, shes completely broken. But that's actually quite good in this mod if you want to alleviate some of the time spent in dungeons (which can be excessively high). I've been using it to deal with some random fights, once I've completed basically every enemy variation in the dungeon normally a few times, then I'll just steamroll with her to speed things up. Billy is so fucking good. Aoe heals, speed up, def up, very decent damage, but a little slow. Atm, he feels almost essential due to how good his tool kit is, and ease of access to aoe heals. Rico is an absolute monster now. Huge hp, high def, huge attack. He's exactly what he should be. The best tank and damage dealer, but hes completely lacking in utility, which actually balances him out fairly well in spite of his huge advantages. Bart is fantastic too. Pretty good speed, excellent damage, next best to Rico atm, brilliant tool kit, wild smile, accuracy/evade up, enemy provoke, attack up. Evasion dps/tank right now, and working extremely well. You'd expect with Rico being such a beast that he'd just outclass everyone, but he doesn't. He serves a very specific role, and hes the best at that, but the lack of utility is a big deal, and what bart and fei bring to the table can be just as worthwhile depending on your party composition/playstyle. I want to say that atm, everyone just feels fantastic, everyone is more than viable. They all have their own niches and everything works atm, no one really feels like much of a downgrade, other than billy maybe being a bit OP at this stage of the game due to his utility. I'm glad I stuck through the bullshit because after so long I'm actually really enjoying the mod now, especially the character uniqueness and the freedom I have with party selection due to everyone being pretty much excellent. I went and farmed magnetic coats after that bullshit I had to endure. My elly for some reason didn't come with a power drive or whatever on her gear, so I've got a ether doubler instead (lol), but I haven't been using it for boss fights. Next few dungeons were; the abandoned ship place. Was fine for the most part, nothing too bad. Wells were very strong and can overwhelm you, but mostly the exact same deal as before, can handle the dungeon fairly okay, but things will catch you off guard, and you'll lose a few members here and there. The chuch was next and those assassins were very strong, need to get down the priests asap before they destroy you with status. Some very hard fights in here, but again, same old, you'll lose some members and scrape by in some fights, challenging but not impossible. Lastly, the ethos excavation site. Mostly the same thing again, balanced fights for the most part. The lizardmen duo are pretty crazily strong, expect to have a few parties members KO'd vs them. Seraphita and tolone were pretty easy with citan/billy. Might have been too hard without billy though, not really sure, don't care to try it with just citan on heals. But quite easy with billys healing/speed up, and citan putting fire resist on all. ID was annoying, so fast and evasive, can easily 1 shot you if he double death blows on you, an annoying fight really, lots of prebuffing so things go smoothly and he doesn't kill you in 1 turn, easy enough. All in all, last few dungeons have been excellent. Challenging while not impossible, and nice fight variation, and even better that I now can choose so many more characters. The gear fights as always, are god damn annoying. Ramsus was fine because of elemental attack though, brought down to nothing with micas/ground. I'm hoping that in the future, once I have a lot of options with gear accessories and whatnot, that the fights will become better.
  2. Xenogears - HardType v4.1 (Landon Ray)

    Sewers were fine for the most part, Rico is a beast and made it quite easy. I'd say it was well ballanced. Next dungeon though? Fucking ridiculos. Fei and cita, 300 max hp or so for each of them, enemies doing 200 a hit. You even stuggle with 2, and fight up to 4. It's ludicrous. I'm gonna give a pass again and accept that it isn't balanced for 2 people, and you can get by.... though it's tedious. Next gear Gauntet? FUCK THIS MOD. This basically finished me with this mod. They do too much damage, too many fights back to back, up to 1500 attacks on one fight. I've looked around on the net and found a letsplay by crunchy, she went full evasion with triple magnetic coats, and dodged basically everything. So, I don't have triple coats, only 1, I've tried it with triple old circuits, but it's not enough, still get hit consistently. With the triple magnetic coats, cruncy dodged everything. But I just don't have enough, so thats it! Can't progress. Another fight where you basically have to have an item, and if you don't, too bad. So heads up, make sure you have triple magnetic coats in preperation for this fight. Maybe, just maybe it's beatable without, but it's too tedious and ridiculous the difference they make. So to hell with it, I'm cheating. I can't progress, and I don't wanna quit this mod. I'm gonna load up the normal version and beat them on that, then switch over to hard type when the boss battles are over. But if there is another set of gear fights that need magnetic coats, I'm done with it. God, I hate this mod.
  3. Xenogears - HardType v4.1 (Landon Ray)

    So the Aveh tournament was no big deal, first fight was really intense, saving up AP to unload on him, and healing repeatdly to stay alive, whole tournament basically followed this format. Barts infiltration of the castle was likewise, no big deal, Bart is ridiculosly strong, and downs everything easily, so much damage. You do need quite a few aqualsol S's though, and I didn't stock up, so I ran out, this actually ruined me for the Ramusus fight, I had to abuse save state to get through, but I'm not starting over just because I didn't purchase enogh Aquasol S's. Second fight with ramsus with Fei along side you is easy. No problems whatsoever with this section of the game. Next onto Fei solo in weltal vs the geblar tropps and Elly. You fight 2 battles, vs 5 Gebler tropps, THEN Elly. I had no idea how this was possible, but turns out you NEED to get a frame 30 HP. If you don't have it, to bad, it's game over, you can not win without it. So if anyone reads this in future, make sure you get it or you can't progress, it's not possible to survive without it. I didn't have it, but I found out that its on Citans Heimadal, so for the brief moment you control Citan, take it off. This is a terrible, terrible idea to balance a boss fight around an easily missable item. Luckily I had a save back an hour or so, so was able to get it. Going into the 5 gebbler then Elly, if you think you can beat the gebler and survive VS elly with a decent amount of HP and Fuel, think again. Elly is just as much, if not more of a boss fight then the rest, the fact that you just fought a gauntlet doesn't seem to factor into her fight, shes a full-on proper boss fight and she can and will kill you, easily. You need to kill off all the gebler gears except the one who does the pile driver, then just charge and heal till you are on at least 2.7k HP and 1k fuel. Elly does a fuck tonne of damage, you can't take this fight lightly at all. She can do 1.2k+ in 3 rounds or so if you get unlucky. I'm gonna again, let it slide that he choose to balance around an easily missable item. But jesus christ, now that I have the healing ability frame on a gear, is everything gear wise gonna be balanced around the assumption that you can heal? Because it will be beyond tedious to always need to heal yourself/charge yourself up to the max in these gauntlets. I just got a glimpse of it again vs Vanderkaum. Ugh, the gear battles are unbearable so far. But everything else has been pretty solid and well done, it's just the gear fights are absolutely awful. But hey, they are hard....I don't wanna quit this mod, but the gear fights are really pushing me.
  4. Xenogears - HardType v4.1 (Landon Ray)

    Next dungeon, picked up a +6 def? armor or something for Fei, his def is way too high, so nothing really hurts him. Doc is weak, weak attacks, weak def, makes up somewhat with his large HP pool and high heals. Same as the last dungeon really, a little mistake or rng gets the better of you, you can die. But I found nothing bad really, you get by every fight, few close calls here and there, but nothing bad. Fei is too tanky so it gives quite a bit of leeway. Next dungeon in gears, no challenge, just a build-up for that calamity fight. So... I've heard this is where people quit and complain the most of this mod, so I tried go about it in quite a few to try see just how bad it is. (wild smile always up) I've tried burning him down as quick as possible, with the highest damage skills with booster on, ran out of fuel, died. Next I tried an inbetween, died. Next I tried, boosters on, bart hitting with (30 fuel) hard attack, then 40 fuel combos. Fei hitting with 10 fuel, then 50 fuel combo. Both were down to no hp, bart died and Fei very luckily killed him with his last attack. Next I tried, boosters up, 10 fuel attack and 40/50 fuel combos. Both ran out of fuel, not enough damage, died recharging. I've tried to look at it from the view point of, well, you have very little flexibility with your gears at this stage, thus not much variation in strategy, so maybe the creator wants to make the fight about maximum efficiency in terms of fuel spent.... as the strategy/challenging part? But eh, I think it's just badly balanced, you can scrape by, just... but you have to get lucky. This has somewhat put me off, but honestly, everything else has been fine. I'll give the benefit of the doubt for now and hope for better. I'm feeling the gear battles will be the worst part of this mod. edit: wanted to try the fight again, this time fei using 10 fuel, 10 fuel skipping combo, 20 fuel level 2 combo. While Bart uses 30 fuel attack, then 40 combo. But same situation arises, HP is too low and fuel is gone. Both died. edit: Tried again, this time, no boosters, fei 30 fuel attack, 30 fuel attack, 50 fuel level 2 combo. Bart 30 fuel attack, 50 fuel combo. When one got to low HP, boosters up. No difference, both died. This fight is poorly balanced, he has too much hp, and you are gonna run out of fuel or die regardless.
  5. Xenogears - HardType v4.1 (Landon Ray)

    Okay so, I've been playing my usual way of avoiding battles as much as possible, to increase difficulty... and I've been punished severely for it. I didn't even think the sand sharks in the desert would be doable just solo, figured they were overturned and would need to run as long as I'm solo, so I messed about and ran from battles, go to the wrym fight, and got destroyed. Seems I can't be playing that way. Levels actually really matter, from 8 to 10/11 + an extra deatblow was a massive difference, went from being guaranteed killed by basically everything in the desert, to surviving everything with relative ease. Deathblows seem to be the most important, without the new one vs the worm thing I just wouldn't be able to damage him enough before he drains my fuel completely or kills me, so looks like you really have to make sure those are learned and you aren't skipping battles. Might have to grind a we bit it seems. Worm boss was actually pretty easy, just booster up to get more attacks in before he depletes your hp, then spam feis chi attack when your fuel is gone. Nothing too bad so far, but definitely quite difficult and if RNG goes against you, you can easily die.
  6. So I wanted to play Xenogears again but was looking for a bit more of a challenge than vanilla, but there's really nothing much around other than Landon Rays Hardtype, I usually shy away from his patches, and there really isn't that much info on this one available, just a few pages on the insanedfficulty archives. So I figured if that's all there is, I may as well give it a shot, and since there's so little info available on it it'd be good to have a thread here for some insight into the patch for anyone looking for a Xenogears Mod. I tend to get bored or displeased with patches a lot because I'm super picky, so I may not document much of this or get very far. Not very far in, just after getting Citan. So far it's been fine difficulty wise, easily get killed in the first two dungeons if you aren't careful, provides enough of a challenge without being stupidly punishing or overly relying on luck.... I have a feeling that will change though. Starting off stats for Citan have been heavily nerfed, his attack has dropped massively and there's now a 7 point difference between him and my fei in attack and feis two levels behind, however, his ether has raised significantly too, up to 21. His HP has taken a hit too, but it's still huge at 154. For now it seems like he's no longer the godly all-rounder, and something of a healer/tank? Mostly good for support for fei for now, interested to see how this progresses. Thats all, for now, will post more as I advance.
  7. difficulty levels?

    Thanks for the answer.
  8. difficulty levels?

    Can anyone answer this last post?
  9. Some questions

    btw, is there any documentation for the changes in this modified .exe, or more specifically, exact changes to LB's?
  10. Some questions

    Thanks for the answers, clears everything up, much appreciated. Is this March 2018 prototype .exe released yet, as I didn't see a posting of it on the forums, unless I missed it.
  11. Hey, so I've been playing this mod, and liking it alot, but I have some concerns and questions. When it comes down to it for the original game, limits basically become the deciding factor in terms of character strength. You start hitting 100k+ damage with certain characters with their LB's, and others just get completely outshun (red xii, vincent though you can make it work, uncontrollable is a major downside). It makes it so that by the end, it really becomes the deciding factor in the end. Another thing is, the quests for lvl 4. LBs, yes some are great.... but all creation for example, is completly worthless. Have you made any changes to make them more worthwhile? Theres really no point in using a single hit aoe, when you could use 15 single hits. I've read through a few dozen pages on qhimm to find out about changes to LB's and what not, but its too hard to search through the entire thing. I've read that you made an .exe patch to change the lb's, my question would be, is there any documentation on the exact changes you've made to LB's? I found that you reduce tifas charge time (which is great), but couldn't find anything for other characters other than vincents. Other question would be, this .exe, the page i was reading was from 2014, is there a more recent one to go along with 1.5? as I'm sure something from 2014 is somewhat out of sync with all the changes you've made to the patch throughout the years, if there isn't, is it advisable to use with 1.5? And is there any documentation for the .exe limit changes? Lastly, regarding arrange mode, I can't find much info about the difficulty of it in comparison with normal, but I have seen posts advising against it because it is more buggy, has this been fixed? And exactly how difficult is it in comparison to the normal, a through hard type? Thanks for your time.
  12. difficulty levels?

    Thanks for the insights. Any thoughts on this though? Maybe its offset with more usage of healing items?
  13. I'm really liking the look of this patch, but what are the difficulty levels like? I can't seem to find much info about it, and most of the lets plays I've seen, people are basically just steamrolling through it. AI doesn't seem to be very smart, and with the lower access of heal, it seems, you can just safely target their healers from range, take them out, while the AI isn't smart enough to do it to you, giving you a significant advantage. Can anyone comment on this? I'm very curious to know how this plays out throughout the game.