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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIn5t4TGv3w&list=PL87wlGy_nuTP9OLnrFUWB4U9AfUCiaBmS Your Opera scene video is severely dated. This link will take you to a playlist with all the different versions of the Opera I've done for the MSU-1 project. Currently only the OST and Game Music Concert 4's versions are in the installer, but the rest will be added in the next hotfix, I can send anyone who wants one of the other versions a link if they don't want to wait for the next hotfix though. Hadn't seen this thread, so started another one to figure out the RAM conflict causing the SP bug.
  2. OK, so I apparently missed that @F-Bomb (the tester I mentioned) had already made a thread about the MSU-1 mod: With more detailed info about the SP issue:
  3. Hello, I've been working with Insidious611 on the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod for FFVI. https://github.com/Insidious611/DancingMadFF6/releases One of our testers decided to test compatibility with the BNW mod, and apparently it works great except for one thing. Something about the MSU-1 mod breaks something about the spellpoint system you've implemented. There are no ROM conflicts between the mods, so the most likely culprit is a RAM conflict. Currently the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod uses the following RAM addresses: $1E20 - $1E26 and $7EF001 Could one of the coders of BNW check if these addresses are used by anything in BNW's spell point system?