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  1. Is there a version of this mod without the memes and "updates" to the story? The changes are really bad.
  2. I'm trying to give the mod a fair shake, but adding memes lost any amount of good faith I was willing to give it. I will try this mod again if the original script is put in place, or even the GBA retranslation but until then it's a hard pass.
  3. Vargas was the last straw for me. There's also the guy in South Figaro who tells you to "Piss off, Wanker", "L/R to do a barrel roll" on the chocobo tutorial, Slim Jims existing, hell the Slim Jims don't even tell you what it does. Changing the game script should be a cardinal sin, and I'm extremely disappointed that this mod has such little regard for the source material that it feels the need to add memes.