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  1. So I'm just about done and really enjoying it, and I could probably write a dissertation or two with all the things I could think of to talk about if you're into extensive constructive criticism - I think this hack has awesome potential, and I'd love to be helpful in that pursuit, but I am also content to have played and enjoyed and leave it alone from there. So... yeah. Let me know if you want me to put my thoughts into a long-ass post and I will! Either way, for the imperfections and nitpicks, I had a great time with it and it was a very refreshing new take.
  2. Okay, so in case anyone is interested in this dumb thing I'm having fun doing. I have played through BNW, and a randomized BNW, and now I'm doing something a little different. I'm using a save state editor to go in and make tweaks after randomizing the rom, and it's turned out fun so I thought I'd share what I'm doing/the rules I made for myself. Ingredients: 1. BNW (randomized to your own desire - I went with Characters 1.0, Treasure 1.0, Monsters 0.5, Espers 0.3, and RNG 1.0) 2. A decent save editor that allows for editing battle commands (I'm using an old one I had on hand, but such things exist via Google) 3. A 20-sided die The Game: Every time I get a new character, I roll the d20 to decide on their new battle menu, according to my little list below. In most cases, a character has Fight, Magic, [COMMAND], Item - with certain exceptions, which I've added in below. Where it was feasible/reasonable, I replaced the "Fight" command with something else, just to make things interesting. When that happens, I've "paired" certain commands to them (e.g. Mug with Throw) in a way that I figured made some sense. I also threw in minimum stat requirements, to prevent characters from getting skills that made them completely useless, but I didn't include that here. I thought about replacing the "Magic" command but as it turns out, you can't equip Espers on a character that has no "Magic" command, so... anyway. The other thing is that there are certain times you need to either change the command back to normal (e.g. Locke's steal in South Figaro) or delay changing it for a bit (Cyan's Bushido to beat the general). Morph Steal Mug --> Replaces "Fight", pairs with "Throw" (Mug, Magic, Throw, Item) Bushido* Throw Tools Blitz Runic* --> Replaces "Fight", pairs with "X-Magic" (Runic, Magic, X-Magic, Item) Lore*** Sketch* Slot GP Toss** Rage --> Replaces "Fight", pairs with "Leap" (Rage, Magic, Leap, Item) Mimic --> Replaces "Fight" with no extra command (Mimic, Magic, NOTHING, Item) Dance*** Jump Health --> Replaces "Fight", pairs with "Lore" (Health, Magic, Lore, Item) Shock**** and 20. Mulligan - Reroll * As I learned the hard way, if you don't randomize equipment at all, these commands are still tied to equipment. I had to re-roll Gau because he got Bushido and couldn't equip Bushido equipment. So, next time I do this, I'mma randomize equipment a little as well. ** I didn't actually use GP Toss because I don't like it. Thbbpt. *** All commands are tied to the person who is supposed to have that command (like Blitz and Bushido are learned based on Sabin and Cyan's levels respectively) so this means that landing an early-game Lore or Dance command means you don't get much use out of it for a while, which is a little sucky but them's the breaks! **** I actually rolled Shock but didn't end up using it because I thought it would be massively OP. So playing with the combinations and so forth has actually been really fun. My Terra, for example, got the Runic build and was given a nice Magic stat, so she can kaboom things all day but can't actually hit things with sticks at all, and I'm also forced to get a lot more use out of the Runic command than I otherwise would. Similarly, Gau landed with Mug, which is getting me to do a lot more stealing than I normally do with a randomized rom, because randomizing treasure and item drops means you don't actually know which enemies are carrying stuff. In another run my friend and I are doing of this, someone landed the Health command, and yeah Health is OP but the tradeoff is that they don't get to attack without using MP. Anyway, I'm having fun with it. Let me know if y'all want screenshots or anything, or just ignore me.
  3. BNW Randomizer

    In the randomizer, one of the options is "Randomize RNG." I mean, I understand what RNG is - but given that the RNG is just that, random number generator, I'm just not sure what randomizing it actually does. What effect/difference should I be seeing? I really can't tell.
  4. BNW Randomizer

    While we're here, and I feel dumb asking - but what exactly does randomizing the RNG do? I'm not really sure I understand.
  5. BNW Randomizer

    I love everything about this answer. I'm partway through a playthrough of BTW proper - I'll have to see if I can track down that Economizer for shiggles. Anyway keep up the stellar work. If it's possible in future iterations, I'd love to know if there's a way to "shuffle" as opposed to "randomize" certain elements - e.g. for espers, shuffle which espers teach which spells but ensure they all still end up used, etc. Didn't you do something like that for the original Beyond Chaos randomizer? Or am I remembering that incorrectly? EDIT: Just discovered that you can bet the Economizer in the Coliseum to win an extra Magic Cube by beating a Troll. Exquisite. EDIT EDIT: And now I seem to have gotten to an unwinnable Magimaster fight. Hitting his elemental weakness deals a grandiose 2 damage to him. Perhaps I can find a way to cheat/hack my way around it... (EDIT x3: ...which I got around by porting the save state into BTW proper for the fight. Another new thing I've now learned I can do. Yay!)
  6. BNW Randomizer

    So I had to contribute here - I was so very, very happy to see a randomizer happen for BNW, and I'm loving it. But I did want to mention a few funny things that I discovered as a result. Not sure how many of these have been published before but to my knowledge they aren't in the Readme or the Unlockme. - The Dirty Undies relic is equippable only by Celes, Terra and Relm. Stay classy, Abyss. - I was delighted to find out that the Economizer still exists in the system when I got it from a chest... except it can only be equipped by Umaro. Well played. - The Codpiece Banon comes equipped with, sadly, cannot be equipped on anyone else. - There's something in my inventory called an Unlixir and for the life of me I have no clue what it does. I'm sure I'll toss more things in here when I happen to notice them. Gotta say, the whole thing is adding measurably to my appreciation for the attention to detail in the original mod!