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  1. Im still trekking along on this mod, i now have all of the sidequests done in the game so i am onto Kefka's tower sometime in the next few days...The only nitpicks i have so far is that Magi-Master in the cultist tower is a wimp, the mobs leading up to him are far more dangerous than he is. I know the gimmick is to scan him and all, but still, hes a total wimp. My party is lvl 30 to level 31, i intentionally avoided him when i was levels 24'ish or so thinking he would wupp my behind, but i could have taken him then or even at level 20. Doom-Gaze also seemed rather easy when i did him @ levels 26 or so. My other nitpick is the Kagenui knife that Shadow can use, he is a beast with that since it procs so much and it has such a high innate damage as it is. Maybe change the proc to a Slow or SlowX instead? It gives 2x more attacks so even with a lesser proc it seems like it would still be best in slot for him.
  2. Im at the cave to the Sealed gate now, and i looked all around this forum and was not able to find out what happened to the Atma Weapon. I know that on vanilla FF3 it was in the treasure room, i looted all of the chests and did not receive it. Also since im posting this i had another question, the "Grenade" mob that was in the "Bomb forest", the new inhabitants are those from the Ghost forest, was that mob completely removed from the game. I was there for a short time and never had one pop up. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the info guys, and ill check out the character section once i do a full run through of the game, and maybe post some critiques while im at it.
  4. First off thanks for the great mod. I beat this game at least 20x as a kid, and i am going through it again now using your mod and i just want to say that i really love the changes done to the combat system, that the "classes" are more defined and that the general difficulty is so much higher. I have died a few times but that doesnt bother me, i enjoy the challenge. I am currently at the part where Figaro takes you under the mountains, in pursuit of Esper Terra who flew off to Zozo. My only hesitation going forward is that i hope the mod doesnt make "magic" god mode if you know what i mean? Making just Terra or Celes the heavy magic users who can use the Ice3/Bolt3/Fire3/Cure3/Ultima/Meteor/Merton and everyone else is confined to their "Class role" [with magic being at best Cure2/Ice 2 etc with no meteor or ultima] would be great, though Strago i suppose would make sense to be given Meteor and Life/Cure 3 since he is a mage. I didnt see much info on that posted, though its not a game breaker either way. Anyways, i mostly just wanted to give the thumbs up the mod author here...