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  1. Enemy level scaling

    I understand. Another solution could be making the scaling bellow the threshold scale with the normal equipment template, and only switch to the high level template after the threshold. But I think it would be difficult to implement. Reducing the threshold is a better solution.
  2. Enemy level scaling

    Hi. I've played Tactics Ogre a long time ago in the snes and I want to play it again in the PSP. But I don't know how the enemy level scaling works in this hack or even in the vanilla game. I heard that it scales only when the player is 15 levels above the enemy, at least in the Story battles, and that in the normal battles all enemies scale, but I could be wrong. I think it would be nice to reduce this threshold to 10 levels or even to 5 levels. Or even make all battles scale, so the story battles would have a base level and if the player is above this level, it scales. This would make grinding not an option to win battles, and that would be nice in my opinion.