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  1. It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry that I haven't said my thanks months ago, because I appreciate the answers I got. I noticed the changelog mentioning Desperation Attacks. Were they in the romhack? Because in my 2 playthroughs of BNW (1.6.4 and 1.8.6) I didn't encounter a single use of Desperation Attacks (maybe I wasn't lucky enough). So what I'm asking is how Desperation Attacks in BNW are different from the original FF6? I tried looking in the printme and I didn't see any of them.
  2. First post here, new user and a fan of Brave New World I have to say thank you to BNW devs -and all those who helped them- for spending many years to create such an amazing hack, it has made one of the SNES classics much more better gameplay-wise and generally gave it -of what I think of as- one of the best combat systems I ever played, it's astounding how can a hack radically change a game for the great. While I'm very content on BNW overall, I still have some little issues with it (mainly going back and forth to printme.xls so that I see spells/summons info, power and how would they work. Also I found some very harsh difficulty spikes, mostly ones in the very early hours like Poison casting rats when you only control Terra), As I typically checked progress, changes and improvements on BTW every now and then, I managed to notice that this version in particular has included some pretty strong hacks (Equipment stats on shops and weapon/shield changing during battle). So it got me thinking: Would it be possible to include a bit more detailed descriptions of spells/summons ingame? Like their base power, additional effect and for the summons a whole description as the game don't show you what the summon actually does when used during battle (if it does show then I'm sorry for mentioning a dumb suggestion). Even if it's hard to include that now, I really hope to see it in BNW 1.11 or later versions. Also can the difficulty curve be altered (mainly early WoB)? Because for normal encounters, the game generally eases when you get the espers (which is fine by me, because what I really like about BNW is that both you -the party- and the enemies are strong enough to defeat each other) and the hardest I experienced was the part where you control Terra the first time after she gets free from the mind control and that the rats can possibly cast Poison (deals a pretty hefty damage and it usually OHKO Terra if I'm not on full health) so in that part my life depends on whether the RNG spares me or not.