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  1. What is the best way to send you a file? I should be able to get you this sometime next week.
  2. Unfortunately no, I erased it last night when I was trying some other setups. I realized that I should have kept it right after. I will be traveling out of state for the next few days, but if it helps, I can regenerate a save file under the same conditions when I get a couple of hours on the game this Sunday after I get back home. Thank you for your help on this!
  3. My party setup is Lise, Angela, Carlie. As for plot triggers, I beat the Machine Golems, saw the bridge collapse, spoke to Bon Voyage (for the second time) who runs off and tells me to find gunpowder, and then spoke to his wife who doesn't know where he is. When I exit his house, I don't get the cut scene where the team discusses asking around the town, the old man and old woman don't have the new dialogue that points to the dwarves, and the goddess statue at the cave just functions like a normal statue. Interestingly, it seems like my characters pause for a second when I leave Bon Voyage's house as if the game is searching for a cut scene... but nothing happens. Is there another trigger that I'm missing to produce the cut scene outside Bon Voyage's? BSNES is by far my favorite platform.... I've tested this cut scene problem on both the nightly release (2021-09-06) and v115 ("final release") but got the same result. I feel like this problem did not occur with previous releases, but those are not available now. Apart from this, SoM 2.060 is an awesome and otherwise stable release, I love how you've restructured the item usage system around tech points, and I look forward to playing more when I find a path forward.
  4. Ran into this same problem again, on a different platform.... From what I can tell, current versions of Higan/BSNES and SNES9X are not working. Any suggestions? I love this game but I really don't want to go back to ZSNES....
  5. I ran into this same bug in BSNES v115 (final release). Is there a recommended platform that works well with this game? I've been trying different platforms lately, but I haven't found one that 1) runs well and 2) doesn't present bugs.
  6. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I think I'm going to try the Spell: Resistance ring for my current playthrough. Once the spell is cast, can the effect be removed for the current battle? Will Antimagic cancel it, and do you have to recast it after a character dies?
  7. Does Gorva have a new instant kill mechanic? I have been dying from his swipes without any damage reported. I thought this might be linked with his Antimagic spell... I'm not sure why I haven't run into this before.
  8. Party Suggestions 2.0

    One more: Level 0: LUK-based ATK+ weapon. Go for 19/19/19/19/19/19 at level 60 and then ignore STR thereafter. The LUK score should boost her p.atk instead, and you can stay committed to Angela's traditional stats.
  9. Party Suggestions 2.0

    There seem to be a few levels of craziness here: Level 1: Deathless weapon. If I went for a high STR build, this would be the one I would start with; this weapon is fast and powerful and comes with zero downsides apart from not being able to try any of the Death Bringer gear. Level 2: Death Bringer weapon. This one is not cursed and looks straightforward to use, and gives a bonus to both attack and magic which is perfect for Grand Divina. It looks like it comes with the full downsides of death though. It might be worth starting deathless, then carefully saving and giving this a try to see if the difference is worth it. Level 3: Death Bringer weapon, ring, and Silence Res. ring. Here, only attack is increasing, so it may give diminishing returns compared to just the weapon. Still no curse, so you can flirt with this setup and return to normal gear according to preference. Level 4: Death Bringer weapon, armor, ring, and Silence Res. Ring. Once you put the armor on, you're committed. But the armor lessens the downsides of the death score so the draw is there. The tortured Grand Divina (Light/Light!), drawn ever deeper by her lust for power, eases her pain with a contract writ in blood. The Constant Regen helm (also cursed) may also be able to afford you constant casting with longer-animation spells like Fireball. Let me know if I missed anything....
  10. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I am also interested in Lise's PIE capstone with Vanadis on a Magitech wielding team; there should be +2 TP from spell casting plus +1 TP for everyone targeted by Heal Light. This could be a good alternative way to keep the Lv2/3 tech damage flowing.
  11. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Anyways, this Angela STR capstone looks fun to explore; I'm going to go for it. She should also get a boost for her Magitech weapon Lv2/3 techs from this. With her frequency of spells and stat build, Grand Divina looks like an ideal class to try this with.
  12. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I see; so this would be influenced by the initial saber +10% or Duran or Kevin's +20% capstones, but not much else. m.atk = max(0, p.atk - p.def) * 0.31 + m.atk From this equation and my understanding of what goes into the m.atk and p.atk/p.def values here, it looks to me that the damage increase resulting from any boost in STR would be roughly on par with that resulting from a boost in the secondary stat, LUK in this case, basically providing another stat to boost spell damage moderately. Another way to do this would be to use Angela's LUK+ weapon so you can focus on just one stat and get essentially a double-boost from LUK; STR would have to be at least high enough to win the capstone, I think 19, but then you could maximize INT and LUK for maximum damage boost.
  13. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Thank you Praetarius, I overlooked this. So, for a more basic question, what does "(buffed)" refer to in the weapon damage calculation 1) p.atk = (buffed) attack power? I can see that it does not include Power Up or Saber effects; I'm just wondering if there are other ways to improve this stat.
  14. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Hi Praetarius, can we confirm what affects the weapon damage that is added to the spell damage by Angela's STR capstone? My wishful thinking was that it would be some fraction of whatever the output of the "weapon damage" calculation would be, including Power Up and Saber effects on Angela and Protect Down effects on the target.
  15. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I'm back at this game after a small break, and ever since this post, I've been thinking of a way to out-do Nesouk's team of Girly power house. It doesn't look likely in any meaningful way - Trials Set Rune Master may be too good - but since the all-girl team is my wheelhouse I am taking up the challenge. So far I have Light Lise, Light Angela, Dark Carlie and am thinking of the following builds: Angela - Grand Divina with STR capstone. Adding weapon damage and spell damage looks too interesting to not try. With Power up, Protect Down, and Saber weapon buffs to add to her typical Mind Up, Mind Down, Saber spell buffs, Angela might be able to achieve a significant spell damage boost that will help with her Level 1 spells. I'm also wondering if the Trials Buff Armor would double the Power Up effect for her damage spells. The main idea here is that with a significant damage boost, Angela should be able to cast quickly, powerfully, and repeatedly. I don't think this would actually beat a Trials Set Rune Master, except maybe against werewolves who can't be silenced and might get a tech in against Rune Master every now and then, but I think it could be interesting. Plus she can heal (maybe; I'm not sure about the spell build here). If I don't go for the Trials Buff armor, the Constant Regen helm might be interesting to achieve a state of constant casting. Carlie - Necromancer or Evil Shaman with Regen ring and LUK capstone. The Regen Ring is too useful to bypass with this team, and the capstone will help keep Angela casting constantly. With Necromancer, Black Curse has both Protect Down and Mind Down for Angela's spell damage, and non-elemental spells will help against Dolan. With Evil Shaman, the MT Power Down and Mind Down spells will help during mob fights, Protect Up (plus Grand Divina's Speed Up) can help Vanadis with her spell build, and her final weapon effect can be doubled if Lise takes her INT capstone. Lise - Vanadis or Star Lancer with STR, INT, or PIE, or LUK capstone. The main idea of this build is to provide buffs for the team and saber spells to cast on the enemy for elemental resistance, Thunder Saber for Vanadis or Saint Saber for Star Lancer. Since the saber spells will require a Multitarget Ring for most fights, Star Lancer's multitarget buffs would only provide an advantage against bosses. Vanadis provides some extra options here - healing (especially important if Angela skips her healing spells) and a final weapon that works well with Grand Divina's final weapon. For the capstone, there are a few options - The INT capstone would go well with Evil Shaman, and if Vanadis becomes a heal bot, the PIE capstone might be interesting with a set of Magitech weapons. Also, I'm wondering if the STR capstone would work well with a Power Attack UP ring; did you try this, Nesouk? It seems like the critical chance reduction on power attacks would limit the effectiveness a bit. Any ideas on the options here? I'm not sure if anyone has tested Angela's STR capstone yet, so I'm curious to give it a try.