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  1. The un-unequippable aspect previously steered me away. I normally use the Byzel armors to remove weaknesses, but it would be nice to do this with a single accessory slot. Plus these simplify purchase and equip decisions for people who want to spend more of their time fighting and less planning. Two concerns: 1) Is it possible to add an elemental resistance while wearing these, or does the Protect Ring override resist armors and accessories? 2) Are there any bugs enabled by wearing these? Are they only with specific items? I read in another post that it's possible for a weapon to copy the Protect Ring un-unequippable quality, and I'd like to avoid these if possible. Thanks!
  2. I have always kept demon statues in my storage rather than my active item ring, and the notes say there is a limit of 5 in your storage, so I have always sold down to 4 before beating new bosses. Out of curiosity, if I stored them in my active item ring instead, would I still need to sell down to 4, or could I collect 20 of them (plus extra in storage) just like any other item?
  3. These seem like they would be great for item farming, but I'd like to clarify how they work: 1) Do the effects stack from multiple collars? 2) Do the effects only apply for the character opening the chest, or do collars on the other characters increase the effect? 3) Approximately how much of an increased chance do you get for a rare item drop per collar?
  4. Also, I may have caught an error in the documentation: do Dart and Hand Axe really do the same damage (1.5 × LVL), or does Hand Axe do more?
  5. I decided to go with Vanadies and Arch Mage. Dark Carlie would work too, but I prefer Angela. If Hawk's jutsus worked against MDef I'd consider the Ninja Master, but Duran will have enough good weapons to choose from to justify sacrificing his equipment slots to max out his final weapon. Planning this team also got me thinking more about the Dragon Master. Propagating weakness to Moon Saber would be great for fighters to keep their HP up against bosses, though this would probably work better overall with God Hand.
  6. So one quick question, because I've yet to try these: do SPI and INT weapons hit against magical or physical defense? This could be a way around monsters with high physical defense, especially for characters like Hawk who's magic hits against physical defense.
  7. Yeah, upon rethinking, Vanadies should be his essential teammate. (Are there any purchaseable physical items she can make use of apart from darts, hand axes, and pumpkin bombs?) The third would be either Ninja Master for all debuffs, Analyze, and strong saberable fighting or Arch Mage for Power/Mind Down, Antimagic, and strong elemental magic damage. Hawk would be great with the sabers, but Angela would help a lot with damage type variety since all of Hawks spells go against physical defense.... (With Arch Mage's final weapon casting against weakness the buff and saber boosts are essentially doubled!)
  8. Tired of picking the Lord every time I play Duran, I would like to start a new group based around the Swordmaster, one of Duran's more interesting classes, and I am brainstorming potential partners. The Ninja Master should be able to help with the Swordmaster's final weapon, but what about a third teammate? Heal Light is conspicously missing. Among the early healers, Carlie or Kevin seem somehow redundant with sabers or attack power. Lise could provide the missing buffs and a later Heal Light, but I can't think of a use for her final weapon besides maybe spamming darts or other cheap consumables. Angela would also be fun here and make the team extremely offensive, but her only class with Heal Light would be largely redundant in terms of sabers and buffs. Has anybody built a successful or unsuccessful team around the Swordmaster? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. Sounds good. One more technical question, this time about spells that hit with multiple elements, like Rainbow Dust. How do those multiple elements interact with enemy resistances and weaknesses? Do the multipliers stack? For instance, if the enemy happens to be weak against one element and strong against another, will the multiplier be 1.5 x 0.5 = 0.75? Or if the enemy is weak against all four elements after a Dragon Master hits them with an empowered Anti-Magic, will the multiplier be 1.5^4 = 5.065? This would be an absolutely killer combination.
  10. So before I decide on Duran's final light class, I'd like to ask what kind of non-elemental damage Turn Undead does with the Paladin's final weapon. Spell level? Fixed? (I can't imagine it's 999.) Also, what's the max bonus damage for the Lord's final weapon? It looks like it would be great for boss battles.
  11. Also, can self-target spells, like the Magus's Mind Up or the Rogue's Speed Up, be upgraded to multitarget?
  12. That's interesting, I seemed to get a 10% damage boost with and only with Fireball when I equipped the fire-element one I got from the Dwarf Village. I will test in more detail later.
  13. Are the accessories that grant weapon element function the same as saber spells, i.e. do they increase damage of spells cast from that element? (I tested this and it seems to work.)
  14. What does "spell upgrade: curse" do? I apologize if I missed this somewhere in the documentation.
  15. Just an update, I ended up scrapping those teams and simplifying my approach with just two teams I think have more creative potential: 1) Paladin/Lord, Wanderer, Necromancer: I'm really intrigued by the damage potential of the Necromancer. Her skills are generally high MP, but Paladin can support that with Magic Shield, or Lord with Speed Up in case I decide to give her Rune Earrings. Necromancer also supplies Paladin's missing Tinkle Rain and gives another saber option. Wanderer can support Necromancer with Mind Up and Paladin/Lord with Aura Wave. If it looks like I'll need extra physical damage, Aura Wave will work great with the Lord's final weapon and level 2/3 techs. Power Up is missing but Paladin/Lord can use seeds. Also, both Wanderer and Necromancer have Half Vanish for high MP defense battles. 2a) Vanadis, Dervish, Arch Mage: This team has everything except elemental sabers: healing, all buffs/debuffs, Anti-Magic, Aura Wave, strong physical attack, strong magical attack with element diversity. I was never a fan of Vanadis's summon, but if Chibikko gives you experience now, it might actually be useful. In fact, this team may be TOO good, in which case I may go with: 2b) Dragon Master/Fenrir Knight, God Hand/Warrior Monk, Rune Master: Angela would have better sniping ability here and elemental sabers to support the team. Kevin would get Heal Light at the first class change. Dragon Master may be the better choice here for Anti-Magic, but Rune Master may be able to snipe most enemies that need it, and Fenrir Knight's final weapon looks amazing for support. God Hand for Tinkle Rain or Warrior Monk for Mind Up, whichever seems more useful by my second class change. (I also considered a strategy based around Death Hand's final weapon and Lise's debuffs, but in the end it seemed impractical and maybe a little slow when Kevin could just be using his Power Up'ed/sabered level 1 tech instead.) The disadvantages here would be no Protect Up or Speed Up and no Aura Wave, but I can buy seeds for the buffs if necessary and Kevin in general seems fine with his level 1 tech. Also, no Pink Typhoon. In the end, this team has more holes than the previous, but it may have better damage potential and may ultimately be more fun to play. Thanks for your helpful responses and insight. Hopefully by the first class change I'll have decided which 2) to go with.