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  1. I've run into a major problem where stat buffs and debuffs aren't working.... I've tested spells (Power Up, Defense Up, Deadly Weapon, Cutter Missile) and items (Porobin Oil) and nothing seems to have any effect, most clearly with the MaxHP-altering spells/items, but also by monitoring damage after Attack/Defense-altering spells. I started with a verified unpatched ROM and the only patches I applied are the main patch (2.060), normal difficulty, and no pop-up messages - and even though there are no pop-up messages, I'm still getting status effects (e.g. Poison) from status-inducing spells or attacks. I've tried changing my equipment around but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else reported a problem like this?
  2. Oh my God it's fucking Tech Points, isn't it.... Wow how many playthroughs and I haven't figured this out until now!
  3. Every playthrough, I come away from the fight against Gildervine confused about how the damage of Spined Kelp is calculated. Is there a gimmick associated with it, and how do I minimize its damage? This time, it's taking out most if my team in one hit at full HP.
  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Rogue is my favorite Hawk class to lead with: his spells come out fast so no need to switch characters when casting, his high LUC stat is great for treasure hunting, his build is simple with no real need for INT, and his ability to hit against physical defense with his spells is a great asset when you need it (e.g., Seashore Cave mini-boss). You also get great mileage out of his LUC stat for spell damage, spell bonus damage, and crit chance/damage. Plus his Level 3 super gets a random color which is fun and helps to break up the visual monotony. I think I've decided on the LUC capstone for Angela. AGI would be nice, but 20% reduction just doesn't seem that game-changing to me. The LUC capstone lets Angela ignore STR and improve her physical damage with all weapons, crit chance/damage, and magical damage with one stat. There are some battles where damage casting is just not helpful, so this should help give the Archmage class more of a role when she would otherwise just be swinging for tech points. This also helps her with two of my favorite weapons in the game: YellowDMG Heal and Crit by TP. For Lise, I will probably go for her AGI capstone as it seems more useful than the VIT one in the longterm: -15 attack should become less useful at higher levels as hit points and attack values increase, while -7 weapon cooldown should be useful as long as cooldown values are 7 or above, which I'm guessing should always be true? I want to like the TP on Dodge armor more, but the defense is so low, especially when the alternative is High Defense armor, so when you do get hit with a string of attacks or a super you can be quickly screwed. This strategy is also great for Lugar - counters seem to slow him down and really help keep his damage in check. I have no idea what his listed weakness - "special magic" - means, non-elemental magic perhaps? For me, his weakness has always been counters.
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Would the Death Resist ring protect against Death Roulette, or would you need a normal Resist Death item like the Undead armor for that?
  6. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Also, I'm interested in the Death Resist ring for my Deathless run. I'm confused by the item description in the Excel file: "Death Spell immunity for wearer; party gets resistance to Death Spell". What is the difference between Death Spell immunity and resistance, and is this different from the normal "Resist Death" (e.g. that you get with Undead armor)?
  7. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I'm having a lot of fun now playing a Rogue, Vanadis, Archmage team. I just hit my final class change and am looking forward to finally learning Heal Light in a few levels. With Hawk's PIE capstone, this team gets a boost from previous versions of the game with access to sabers. Vanadis will also get Flame Saber as well that I can use for saber-resistance. Access to all buffs/debuffs will be really nice. The point of this team is to do a ton of elemental damage, physical or magical. I have not fleshed out my endgame equipment, but right now Hawk is loving the Crit by TP weapon with the TP Gain Up ring. Spells to miss: Silver Dart and Speed Up for Rogue, Holy Ball and Thunder Saber for Vanadis, and either Anti-Magic and Rainbow Dust or Body Change and Aura Wave for Arch Mage. I will probably take Aura Wave though due to it's usefulness in several difficult fights. Capstones: PIE for Rogue, undecided for the other two. Archmage's LUK capstone is looking really nice to add some more physical damage to my team. For Vanadis, I really have no idea and would welcome suggestions. I'm playing this time Deathless on Normal, which brings its own sort of challenge. So far, the hardest boss has been Machine Robos x3 - keeping everyone alive requires a bit of luck. My strategy was to charge in, group them immediately with Hawk, and keep them stunned as much as possible by constantly quick-attack double-swinging with a Wind Ring while having my other two team members cast as much as possible to keep them away. Apart from this boss, Bill and Ben are always pretty tough, and the others have been a breeze. The next boss is Lugar - expecting no problem after casting Flame Saber on him with Element Guard armor, Protect Up, Power Down. Deathless on Tough or Hard (single-player) - I'm not sure how I would pass some of these multi-boss battles except by letting my team members die and reviving them right before the end of the battle. Loved your video, Nesouk, and it's good to see that you are still finding ways to break the game :-)
  8. Capstone question: Are Capstones applied based on stats coming into level 60, or stats at level 60 after assigning your stat point? (i.e., which happens first, the stat increase or the Capstone?) Example: Hawk, Level 59 Rogue with 14 STR, 22 AGI, 15 VIT, 18 INT, 22 PIE, 23 LUK reaches Level 60 and assigns one stat point to PIE. Will he get the LUK Capstone, since his LUK was the highest when he hit Level 60, or will he get the PIE Capstone, since his PIE is now the highest and the top-most after the stat point increase?
  9. Thanks for your help figuring this out. I'm confirming that switching the rom solved the problem on my end. In fact, I found a more recent [!] version in an updated archive, tested it, and am moving forward with that. Restarting for a fresh srm to be sure. I've found that's this game works best for me with BSNES v115 (Byuu's final release).
  10. What is the best way to send you a file? I should be able to get you this sometime next week.
  11. Unfortunately no, I erased it last night when I was trying some other setups. I realized that I should have kept it right after. I will be traveling out of state for the next few days, but if it helps, I can regenerate a save file under the same conditions when I get a couple of hours on the game this Sunday after I get back home. Thank you for your help on this!
  12. My party setup is Lise, Angela, Carlie. As for plot triggers, I beat the Machine Golems, saw the bridge collapse, spoke to Bon Voyage (for the second time) who runs off and tells me to find gunpowder, and then spoke to his wife who doesn't know where he is. When I exit his house, I don't get the cut scene where the team discusses asking around the town, the old man and old woman don't have the new dialogue that points to the dwarves, and the goddess statue at the cave just functions like a normal statue. Interestingly, it seems like my characters pause for a second when I leave Bon Voyage's house as if the game is searching for a cut scene... but nothing happens. Is there another trigger that I'm missing to produce the cut scene outside Bon Voyage's? BSNES is by far my favorite platform.... I've tested this cut scene problem on both the nightly release (2021-09-06) and v115 ("final release") but got the same result. I feel like this problem did not occur with previous releases, but those are not available now. Apart from this, SoM 2.060 is an awesome and otherwise stable release, I love how you've restructured the item usage system around tech points, and I look forward to playing more when I find a path forward.
  13. Ran into this same problem again, on a different platform.... From what I can tell, current versions of Higan/BSNES and SNES9X are not working. Any suggestions? I love this game but I really don't want to go back to ZSNES....
  14. I ran into this same bug in BSNES v115 (final release). Is there a recommended platform that works well with this game? I've been trying different platforms lately, but I haven't found one that 1) runs well and 2) doesn't present bugs.
  15. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I think I'm going to try the Spell: Resistance ring for my current playthrough. Once the spell is cast, can the effect be removed for the current battle? Will Antimagic cancel it, and do you have to recast it after a character dies?