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  1. That would be it. I don't remember that spell being so powerful in the original. Looks like Paladin has it too. I was thinking of casting it on a Necromancer since her most powerful spells cost so much MP. It will be a choice between Paladin and Lord for her partner on Duran's quest; I was initially leaning Lord but now I'm leaning Paladin. What would you suggest between Paladin/Wanderer/Necromancer and Lord/Wanderer/Necromancer? With Paladin casting Anti-Magic I could go Rogue instead for extra damage, but I would lose the Poison and Mind Up. I know Bishop is always a great choice but I want to try Dark Carlie on this team. I switched my initial plan to three groups, one for each final area, and my plan is to run the above group, Dervish/Arch Mage/Sage, and Dragon Master/Warrior Monk/Rune Master. All of these groups are pretty magic intensive but that's my preferred play style. One of the things I love about your mod is that more class combinations at least appear on paper to be more viable. From these groups, I get to try 9 of the 12 first class changes. I'm missing only Dark Duran, Light Lise, and Dark Hawk, which I know is a classic team itself and considered running for a fourth group, but in this mod it seems that buffs are not enough and I'd be hurting for healing and a way to deal with high physical defense.
  2. Thanks for all your responses so far. I also noticed in one of the previous posts a reference to Carlie's "energy shields" which increase max MP by 10 and double MP regen, but I couldn't find anything like this in the documentation. These would be greatly helpful in the team I'm planning. What items were the poster referring to and do they exist in the current version of the mod?
  3. So for physical spells like jutsus or traps, does Power Up or Mind Up affect their strength? I would assume that any spell that worked against physical defense would be enhanced by modifiers that increase physical attack.
  4. I noticed when reading through the forums that Hawk's jutsu spells hit against physical defense. Are all of Hawk's spells like this, i.e. trap spells or breath spells, or is this something specific to jutsu spells? What about Carlie's summon spells? Also, does LVL damage for consumable spell items imply that the strength of these spells is stat-independent?
  5. Sorry for the flood of posts, I'm new to forum-ing and still learning the decorum. I will edit in the future. Since I can't delete the previous posts, I combine them here: 1) Vanadis's final weapon is described as giving her non-elemental spells the element of her saber, but her only non-elemental spell is Freya (besides Heal Light). This would imply the purpose of the weapon is to enhance Freya. But this spell reduces enemies to Chibikko state. What would be then be the purpose of having this spell do more damage, unless just for boss fights or enemies with immunity? (Forgive my ignorance, I've never played Vanadis since Star Lancer seemed so much better in the original, so I may not understand exactly how Freya works.) 2) Can dark-path Duran equip shields in this mod? 3) On the Wanderer topic, I watched some of the hardtype playthrough on YT and saw him regularly dealing much more than 320 with Half Vanish. Unless this was an older version of the mod, it seems that the 320 damage cap must be applied before other multipliers. Can you confirm this is still valid for the current version? 4) I think your formula for the double spell damage chance from the Rogue's final weapon may be backwards in the mechanics. You have it listed as "if RNG[0..127] > LUCK+3: damageƗ2", but this would imply that greater luck leads to less of a chance for double damage. Unless this is the point? If you can and wish to delete the previous posts, please go right ahead.
  6. I'm also wondering about the Rogue's final weapon. Doubling his spell damage with luck could be a lot of fun. And it turns landmine into a MT shuriken? I previously shied away from this class but it's looking more attractive now. I suppose it's weakness relative to Hawk's other classes is that it lacks any debuffs or support for other characters.
  7. I could be wrong but I'm guessing that 320 damage means a lot more on the hardest difficulty level than it does on normal, where other characters might be able to melee that damage more easily or cast it more quickly, meaning that Hawk's Wanderer is a class that scales favorably with difficulty relative to other classes.
  8. 3) This will be only true for the highest difficulty though, correct? Or does that 320 cap scale with the player damage bonus of lower difficulty levels?
  9. Hi Praetarius, I'm having a great time with this. I tested out a few teams and decided to restart with a new approach to team building. I'm finding balance and multiple options to be much more important in this mod than in the original. I have some questions about a few of the final classes as I restart: 1) Swordmaster: His final weapon being dependent on critical hits, does he rank among Duran's final classes in terms of damage per time? 2) Duelist: You mentioned that his final weapon runs on MP - in what way? I could not find any note on this in the documentation. 3) Wanderer: I'm not seeing much of an endgame for this class, unless his Half Vanish becomes close to instant. It seems that his abilities have been spread out to other classes with better damage or support options. 4) More generally, do you have any summary of the strengths, weaknesses, or changes for each of the classes in this mod? This might be useful for someone just getting into this mod, with or without experience from the previous game. Thanks!
  10. I repatched it in Windows Vista/7 in case Windows 8 was giving me problems with one of the programs. I ended up choosing these four teams to give me all of the classes by the first class change: Quest 1: D/L, A/D, C/D Quest 2: K/D, H/L, C/L Quest 3-1: H/D, L/L, A/L Quest 3-2: L/D, D/D, K/L I spread out the Heal Lights, Anti-Magics, and Buff/Debuffs as much as possible without reusing classes while giving each team a focus. These will also allow me to test out some different strategies in your mod. I definitely have ideas for most of the second class changes but am leaving them open for now; I may test a few at that point. I just got started this week and am excited to make some progress. Great job on this, it has really made me rethink this game!
  11. Managed to play this for an hour last night; I had a great time! Even on normal difficulty the fights are much more exciting. Also, I noticed a bug: In Full Metal Hugger's cave some enemies would turn me to Chibikko; when this happened, the screen would glitch with random bitmaps and wouldn't fix itself unless I reloaded my game. Is this a known bug, and is there anything I can do to correct it?
  12. So I take it from your previous responses that in general, while the original game may have encouraged a strategy based around offensive buffs (Power/Mind up, Protect/Mind Down), your mod demands defensive buffs (Protect/Mind Up, Power/Mind Down) as survival is much more of a challenge.
  13. Sounds good, I think I can manage some or most of these conditions for four groups of distinct classes. I did think of one more question though which I'm dying to ask since I won't be able to play this for the next couple of days. I notice that a lot of people on this board indicate that they spend a lot of time running to avoid fights, enabled by the added mechanic of running during battle. Since this should only work for the character you control, how does this work out during gameplay? Are your AI-controlled partners able to catch on and follow you safely, or are they constantly getting slaughtered as they stick behind and try to fight?
  14. It seems that with all the new weapon options and damage requirements, maybe planning everything completely in advance will prove too difficult and waste some of the discovery. One last question for today: Are there any skills that you would recommend be absolutely included on every team? If I have time, I'd like to start four groups so I can take every first class upgrade to the second class upgrade and at least have the option to experience each of the final classes. If I have to distribute the first class upgrades so that each party has potential access to, say, Anti-Magic or something by the second class upgrade, it would be good to know ahead of time. I'm thinking that it may be best to do this on normal or tough difficulty to start with so I don't box myself into any corners.
  15. Thanks for the quick response! 1, 2, 4, 5, 6) Great, I will see how these play out more when I start playing through the game. 3) Ah, I didn't know about his final weapon. Makes sense. But the Duelist as a support character seems odd to me; this guy should be focused on the "duel", the single-minded one-on-one battle. I get that there's a distinction from the Swordmaster who can cast his sabers on multiple people, though, a limited buff capacity could make sense. Have you considered giving him both Moon and Leaf saber? If you think this is overpowering then you could make them both self-cast; that way he could still add MP for his final weapon, or HP instead if it was more important. One more general question: Effective team building in the original game was generally done by building groups with only one goal, physical or magical damage, so more balanced groups that could do both at the cost of maxing out one or the other did not work as well. Would you say that your build is similar, or do the requirements at each stage in the game vary enough to require a group with multiple damage focuses? It seems that your increased skill allotment for each of the characters might be designed encourage the latter.