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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    The main advice I can give for the ladies against Dolan is to get your physical defense in order - the Maia armors worked for me. Both of your casters have element neutral spells, so just chip away and use Lise to cancel Spiral Moon and try to stay alive.
  2. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Thorns are generally no good against bosses who counterattack frequently. Though I'm kicking myself a little for unequipping Magatama before the Machine Golem fight; I just wanted to reduce any counterattacks as much as possible, but from your success it seems like it does more good than harm. This team in general has problems with bosses that hit hard against physical defense. Dolan was my biggest problem, by far. For Bill and Ben, the best you can do is use your shield to keep pulling them away from your casters while your casters focus on killing one after the other with single-target spells. It helps to get a little lucky that they don't cast Thunder Jutsu 50 times. I found the second fight more manageable than the first, but not by much. It would be great to figure out a way to reliably kill them before they split. Also, I probably had an easier time with Bill and Ben using dark Lise since they can use jutsus to easily mess with your stat ups but could do nothing to remove my stat downs, while I could just remove their stat downs with Stardust Herbs. This way I could maintain a constant stat advantage against them.
  3. Cardinal Eye: Does Pressure work on Lightgazer? Has anyone found any other use for it? Magatama's Curse is so useful, I'd suspect there would be some great use for it's counterpart.
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    One aspect of Vanadis where she definitely beats Star Lancer is her sprite. Gold, magenta and teal are much more compelling than Star Lancer's basic sky blue and pink. Plus, once sabered up, she can MT damage against both physical and magical defense better than any of Lise's other classes, as long as she isn't busy healing. I think her best role is as a secondary healer and reliable MT damage dealer.
  5. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    You make a good point, I think it's easier to think broadly in terms of end game setups than the details of those setups. Personally, I don't like to lead with Vanadis because I prefer having a supporting character cast Heal Light to keep my lead character free. And having Lise in any other position wastes most of her shield strategy. Honestly, I would rank her 3rd or 4th in terms of which Lise classes I think are most effective overall. This is why I think she may be overused; she seems more effective in certain setups at first glance than she actually is. Spreading out the important buffs and debuffs might do more to attract other setups, but it's not necessary for balance purposes.
  6. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I think the point is that players want to get the most mileage for their support characters, and she happens to have both Heal Light and all the stat ups, two of the most essential support sets in the game. The way to make her less essential would be to spread out these abilities more to other classes so that more class combinations could give you the full set, or at least the most important ones like Heal Light, Protect Up, Power Down, Mind Up, and Mind Down. It's tough to do this in a balanced way without unbalancing the other classes, though; maybe just giving more of the important buffs or debuffs to other characters would work.
  7. I found an easy way to get all the final weapons pretty quickly, usually in less than an hour, that doesn't use save states. After the third Godbeast, head to Moonreading Tower. Save outside. There are two rooms on the first floor; go back and forth until you find a Lesser Demon. Use Beastman Collars to farm these guys until you get three W/A seeds - these should be all you need. Then head back to Mintos, make sure you have 20 item seeds, and save at the inn. Reload from your save point to start. Plant all three W/A seeds; if there is a final weapon in them, remember the position. Reload from your save point and fill the non-final weapon positions with item seeds. Basically, you can advance the list of final weapons by planting item seeds; if the third W/A seed is a final weapon, then using two item seeds followed by a W/A seed will also give you that weapon, but save you the other two W/A seeds. If you want, you can go even further down the list by using more item seeds before W/A seeds; with 20 item seeds and 3 W/A seeds, you have 23 list positions to check. There are even more positions to check if you keep mixing the order of the seeds, but 23 positions should on average give you the three final weapons. If you can't find one or two of them, keep your extra W/A seeds and check later when the the RNG has reset. The basic trick here is that restarting from a save point does not seem to automatically reset the RNG with respect to items from planted seeds. I have not looked at the code at all, so all this was just found by experiment, but I imagine it should work with any setup. Note: ??? seed items seem to be on a separate list that item seeds do not advance, so you cannot choose your class change items this way. But you can use item seeds to advance all the other seed items I believe.
  8. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    If by best you mean most necessary for an optimized party, I'm with you. She was and always will be the ultimate team player. I just want to encourage people to try classes other than Vanadis; it seems she's the most used, and perhaps overused, class on this mod.
  9. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Just a few notes on Lise, since I've used both light and dark Lise in recent groups: - If there's anyone you'd want to wear invert armor, it's Lise: she has the best overall Vitality and Spirit scores of any character, so she can take the most setback in terms of defense; also, she's usually not a focus character for physical or magical damage, so you won't be losing too much on offense either. Still, if you can find a way around it, it's always nicer to keep her armor slot free for other options. - If you're not using a Rune Master, Star Lancer's Marduke should be a huge benefit to pretty much any party. It's hard to overstate how much more useful this summon is than any of Lise's other options. Heavy tech users and casters all can be disabled by this, and her final weapon brings it out even faster. The only really annoying tech user immune to Silence I can think of are Werewolves, so you'll have to find another strategy for them. - If you already have another healer, try someone other than Vanadis; having Heal Light on a non-focus character with all the stat buffs makes this class really attractive, but her other classes can give the same buffs with better strategic options. Star Lancer not only gets her most useful summon, Marduke, but also Aura Wave, Energy Ball, and Lise's strongest ST Level 3 tech in the game, great for boosting physical power on any team. Fenrir Knight's counter-heal is just awesome for magical teams; running her with a heavy MP user like Necromancer or any Angela class will save you a lot of time siphoning back MP. I also find that controlling Fenrir Knight as a lead character is nicer than Vanadis, since counterattacks can be performed actively, while casting Heal Light takes significant cast-time through most of the game where you can't control your other characters; plus, if you're using Lise as a shield-bearer, it's usually best to keep her mobile. Dragon Master's enhanced Anti-magic is awesome for boosting elemental damage, so she's great to pair with Archmage who gets bonus weakness damage or other classes who only have access to one or two elements. - Not that it matters too much, but dark Lise has the best overall stats in the game. It's possible to end the game with stats at 26/26/26/26/26/26 if this kind of thing delights you.
  10. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Call me old-fashioned, but I like a good rare item farming session every now and then. Forced grinding is no good, but a treasure hunt can be fun, as long as it's optional.
  11. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Ahh Bucca Island Cave.... My favorite spot to farm ??? seeds! Papa Poto rare drops are 50% ??? seeds and 25% Poto Oils. Spend a couple hours farming at the second gold statue, get your class change items and sell the rest for 1000 each, then head right over to Sultan's Secret Shop to purchase few choice accessories. Light Angela makes this a breeze, and the jazzy cave music keeps things upbeat. Speaking of farming, I'm planning to take full advantage of my Luck stat with my Rogue playthrough. Moon Coins for every major boss, including Full Metal Hugger (the drop in boss difficulty will make it easier for me to pump all my stat points into Luck). ??? seeds at Bucca Island until I have enough for Dragon Rings and Magatama. W/A seeds at Moonreading Tower right after the third Godbeast. Battum's Eyes, Slime's Eyes, Specter's Eyes, Shadowzero's Eyes; all the eyes. Also, I'm glad that Manpower is working out. It seems to be kind of the mirror image of my Femmes Fatales; surprisingly strong in most situations but annoyingly difficult in a few. I haven't completed the final area with mine yet as I got kind of bored of them, but I look forward to hearing how Archdemon goes with your group. With this next group I'm looking for more variety and I'm excited to have Hawk at the helm again.
  12. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Another reason I tend to prefer light Angela over dark; she gets access to Curse as soon as you get the Pihyara Flute, which can make the section of the game between your first and second class change a good deal easier if you are still waiting to learn Heal Light :-)
  13. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Yes I actually meant Protect Up instead of Power Up, thanks for catching that. The buffs that keep you alive. Because you can't benefit from your Power Up if Dolan is knocking you flat on your ass. I was also thinking of that Transshape shield combo; I didn't get to use it last time I played Grand Divina because the update wasn't out for Lise yet. Rune Master might be an interesting choice. Marduke is slightly more useful than her Level 3 Air spell, but Snowman should be a definite upgrade from Sleep Flower, and Petrify would be great for werewolves and other annoying mobs. My Holy and Dark damage would be limited to my Rogue though.... It's a tough call. Maybe I'll branch off at my first class change and try both!
  14. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Thanks for the quest info; it's more or less what I assumed. Also, on second thought, I think I'm going to be lame and go with light Lise as my third teammate. I was hoping to replace her with Kevin or Carlie for some variety, but MT Mind and Power Up may be just too useful to go without. Maybe when I'm feeling braver. So, we have: Rogue, Vanadis, Archmage: Great final weapons on Rogue and Archmage, but with no sabers, Vanadis's final weapon would be wasted on this team. Rogue, Vanadis, Grand Divina: Either eye farming with the Rogue or scales and invert armor on the Grand Divina to make up the Mind and Power Down. Apart from this, the sabers make this team much more fun. Grand Divina would generally not be as powerful as Archmage after reaching the final weapons, but perhaps more useful all around. With two healers, Grand Divina can pick up some of the MP burden to leave room for Vanadis's summon. Rogue, Star Lancer, Grand Divina: Aura Wave, Energy Ball, and Marduke would all be useful for this team. More physical than the previous; Star Lancer would be more geared for tech damage with Aura Wave and her ST Level 3 tech than Vanadis with her summon. She would also not be dependent on Whitelight Ring which unburdens her for other roles. A simpler, cleaner team than the previous, but with one healer, perhaps not as adaptable. I honestly don't think I can lose with any of these three, but I'm leaning towards Grand Divina to take advantage of the sabers.
  15. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Very interesting. From anyone who has tried it, is the Mirage Palace route still much easier than the other two? I'd love to try it, I just don't want to play all the way to the end of the game and be stuck without a challenge. I always thought it had the coolest concept of all three final areas, and Dark Lich is pretty cool visually with the shifting backgrounds.