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  1. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop by and say it's good to see you all playing 2.0 in 2021; I'm looking forward to getting back into this and sharing new team build ideas based on all the new class builds/mechanics! I'm hoping to dive back in this weekend! Awesome to see a general aggro weapon; thank you, Praetarius!
  2. Congrats on 2.0, Praetarius! From my quick read of the changelog it looks like you've made awesome progress :-) I've been focused on establishing myself in a a new job/new location these past few months and so had to put Sin of Mana aside, temporarily.... But I should have more time in the New Year, and I'm excited to get back into it; so many new character builds to choose from! I haven't started playing yet, but you can bet I'll be spending some time with this over the coming weekend. I for one am happy to see item usage nerfed with respect to alternative methods of healing.
  3. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I agree here; I've been running Ninja Master, Dervish, Sage, and these weapons are basically indispensable for my two double-hitters. I think Praetarius plans to nerf these by taking away the heal on Level 1 tech, though, which should nerf them by up to 50%, depending on how you use your double-hitters. This might be sufficient. Also agree. I've been happily using this on my Sage, but I can't imagine many other classes benefiting except for Bishop, Grand Divina, and maybe Heal Light-oriented Light Duran or Light Kevin. Damage casters in general are going to have a hard time using this. While this is not a debilitating problem for high Luck builds (which happens to be my entire current team), I can imagine this would really hurt casters that ignore their Vitality and Luck stats. Maybe this is intended? I had a tough time choosing between Death Hand and Dervish for my current team; I went with Dervish, mainly for Anti-magic and Poison Breath to support Sage's Rainbow Dust, which I can happily say I'm finally getting some use out of in the current version! I'm at the God Beasts as well, but early in the process; I've had to take a lot of time off to prepare for a new job, new location, etc., but I plan to do a write-up once I finally get the final weapons and finish off the God Beasts. Overall though, Hawk, Kevin, Carlie are pretty crazy in the current version; Praetarius's plan to nerf tech points on the double-hitters in 2.0 should help to balance the melee.
  4. Road to 2.0

    I don't. I'm just thinking based on the drafts of learnable skills per class you've posted here. Mainly old ideas for teams I wanted to try, but couldn't get the right balance of skills until 2.0. I'm not considering potential capstones, which will of course effect everything. There are a few of these classes in particular I'm really excited about, mostly Dark Lise, Ninja Master, and Kevin....
  5. Road to 2.0

    I would go for ???, like the seeds, since the effect is different for each class; this will direct the player to look at the docs. Champion and Ultimate are good too though. Also, I want to agree with everyone that the new item names are awesome; this will make it much easier for new players to get into this mod. Im going to do a write-up on my Ninja Master, Dervish, Sage team soon; after playing Angela-based teams for a long time, this has really been a breath of fresh air. And I'm already starting to think of teams for 2.0....
  6. Road to 2.0

    The thing is, those trap spells are very useful on bosses, especially Gorva and Tzenker in the mid-game. Plus, with Arrows hitting against physical defense, Poison Bubble hitting against magical defense, and Half Vanish doing HP-based damage, Wanderer has a simple damage spell for pretty much every occasion, and it would be nice to keep that diversity.
  7. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Yeah saw it. Both this and the Wanderer/Warrior Monk/Necromancer sound pretty damn good, I might try either of the two on my next run now that I finished my current run earlier. Did you ever end up running one of these groups? I've been focused on other things this past month, but am now picking up my Ninja Master/Dervish/Sage team again. I'm close to my second class change and deciding between Ninja Master and Nightblade. Having two double-hitters is a lot of fun and a nice break from my usual Angela-driven teams. I'm wondering if you ever ended up playing this or some other Hawk/Kevin/Carlie variation we talked about.
  8. Road to 2.0

    I've been thinking lately about your decision to give every final class the same number of spells. It's an interesting idea, very different from the base game and most other games of this type, and I'm interested in your design thoughts. I think I generally understand what you're going for - it's not the number of spells that matters, but how they can be used. Angela and Carlie (I actually typed Charlie), for instance, can get more mileage out of their INT and PIE stats through their spells, whereas other characters get more mileage through physical stats and may learn spells to work with those. Also, characters with complete sets like Lise or Dark Hawk can be more easily aligned with team strategies, and some spells are just useful in more situations than others. All this can be used to balance power. I can see why you have to be very careful about what you add or subtract, or any changes made to stats. By giving everyone 10 spells, you allow more teams to cover important skills, and roughly level the sacrifice for any unlearned spells or learnable spell equipment. Half the fun of this game is coming up with new teams and new strategies anyways, so anything to enhance this should be good as long as it doesn't lead to OP situations. Do I have this right? Or are there other reasons? Also, are you considering putting any other learnable spells on equipment?
  9. Road to 2.0

    Yeah, I meant it as a Mind Up that could only be self-cast and not upgraded with Whitelight Ring, but it sounds like it's one too many buffs. And it doesn't make the spell any more distinctive since it does the same thing as Mind Up, so you might as well leave Counter Magic the way it is. I'm also coming around to the idea of a fire-breathing monk, though I think Fire Jutsu or Earth Jutsu could be a good replacement if Warrior Monk is too similar to Dervish. I think 10-spell Kevin looks pretty good.
  10. Road to 2.0

    Not sure, it'd kinda ruin Bashkar's uniqueness. I love Bashkar (awesome colors, Bastard Slam; I'm actually playing him right now), but Warrior Monk gets Power Up, making him potentially a more powerful fighter in addition to learning Heal Light. If you REALLY want to make Bashkar unique, bring back Pressure Point for a 10-20% melee/tech boost after modifications. Yeah, I didn't think that through. Warrior Monk should stick with AGI. Fire Breath is fine, but Fire or Earth Jutsu might be better thematically. Plus it would distinguish him more from Dervish. What if you made Counter Magic self-cast only, but also with an Matk boost so he could have a way to improve his Double Spell? This would make it quite distinct from Magic Shield, and give players an option if they want to increase God Hand's multi-target damage options. Like you said, he already has quite a few support options.
  11. Road to 2.0

    Since Dervish and Death Hand both learn Rockfall, why not also give it to Bashkar to give him something to do with his MP? With Bastard Slam, Bashkar seems like a guy who could throw some rocks. He's a martial artist, OF COURSE he needs a proper breathing technique. So you're turning Warrior Monk into Dhalsim? Why not give him Fireball instead to bring him closer to Ryu? EDIT: More seriously, one of the Jutsus might be another option that uses his AGI. He already gets Speed and Mind Down, so Fire or Earth Jutsu might be a good choice. Earth Jutsu would give him another element, and also separate him a bit more from Dervish. I don't want Lunatic on GH since he already has Life Booster. And Holy Ball would make him too similar to Paladin. I still think that something needs to be done with Counter Magic. I don't think many players would ever choose to learn this - God Hand is going to raise PIE anyways to boost his Heal Light, so it's not like he really needs this spell. Plus, no other class can use this. Maybe make it multi-target so at least its not a off-brand Magic Shield? If you really want to do this, then God Hand needs multi-target Life Booster.
  12. Road to 2.0

    I can see that you've given Warrior Monk and Dervish both Energy Ball and Analyze. I like this a lot. This is kind of the same idea I was going for with my Pressure Point suggestion - Kevin can maintain Energy Ball as upkeep, and add Analyze during battle, making him a critical hit master. I think the only other class with both of these is Swordmaster. I like Water Jutsu on Warrior Monk, thematically. Who doesn't like the idea of monks meditating beneath near-freezing waterfalls? I also like the idea of Double Spell on God Hand as kind of a Wrath of God attack. I just have a few suggestions to fine-tune things: - God Hand trades Counter Magic for Lunatic or Holy Ball. Being stuck on single-target, Counter Magic is kind of a boring spell, especially with Magic Shield upstaging it. I would just get rid of it all together. - Warrior Monk trades Fire Breath for Rockfall. Thematically, this would keep with the waterfall training idea. I don't see why a monk would learn to breathe fire. - Death Hand trades Rockfall for Fire Breath. He can learn Demon Breath later, so Fire Breath would be a reasonable precursor; plus, he already has enough elements without Earth.
  13. Unfortunately, it's really impossible for me to tell exactly when it happens since I've only noticed it when changing equipment after saving at an inn. It could have happened when saving at the inn or anytime prior, so this seems unhelpful. It's such a rare bug too, and no one else has reported it, so it might not be worth solving. I have not noticed it in the current 1.2 version yet. Cool, I'll just check back later at the forum. I'm excited to see what you're thinking of, your other 2.0 classes look awesome.
  14. Yeah, sorry I can't be of more help here. I think this is just one of those bugs that can't be traced unless there is some obvious similarity between the memory values of, for instance, Garravilla and Black Hood or Faerie Hat and Ruby Band. (These are the only two switches I can remember for sure.) How is Kevin's spell list coming along for 2.0?
  15. This is the first bug I reported back in 2018. I still have this problem: when I'm Chibikko and attack, the graphics go to hallucinogenic nightmare conditions, meaning tiled patterns turn into other patterns, the screen begins flashing, etc. This only seems to happen if the attack has a target; if I'm standing away from an enemy and no hit or miss is registered, the graphics stay normal. After invoking this bug, if I can navigate these conditions and direct myself to a save point, I can then restart the game and everything is back to normal. But I typically just reset. One other bug I previously reported: sometimes one of the helmets in my inventory will become another helmet in the game. I have seen this happen with multiple helmets, but not with any other type of equipment, so I can't verify whether this bug affects other types of equipment. Sometimes the resulting helmet will be for a character who is not in my party, so I know that I did not just purchase it by accident. Sometimes this is nice, as when my Faerie Hat turned into a Ruby Band, which I promptly sold at profit. But most of the time this causes me to revert to a previous save point or backtrack and buy a replacement if it's not too expensive.