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  1. As I recall, Gorva cast Black Rain on me twice during the match. Neither was followed by Death Spell. The second Black Rain may have come just at the end so he may have not completed the second AI cycle, but he at least completed the first.
  2. Well, if you're certain that there is no way to skip that part of his loop, then perhaps the battle did go faster in terms of the number of spells he had a chance to cast. Equipping the matk armor to buff my Holy Ball instead of the anti-weakness armor might have made the difference; the battle may have just seemed longer because I was constantly using recovery items as a result.
  3. I'm sure; I'm pretty OCD about my items, especially when purchasing and equipping, and I'm sure that I went through all of the areas up through late Palo with only one Garravilla (same d-pad moves to equip pdef and mdef headgear for each of my characters). I then purchased a Black Hood but didn't try to equip it until after the Bucca adventure. I would not have had a chance to purchase a second Garravilla as I never returned to any of the shops that sold it for any reason. I wonder if it has something to do with the two hoods sharing the same sprite map. I am starting a new group with Hawk and will pay close attention at each point in the game to see if and when I can reproduce the bug myself.
  4. Just a heads up, on one of my previous games, Hawk's Black Hood morphed into a Garravilla; I opened the equip menu to equip the Black Hood some time after I had bought it, but I had two Garravillas in my headgear collection instead. I'm guessing there's some byte math reason for this. Is there an easy way to prevent this from happening (apart from not buying the Black Hood)?
  5. Just an update here; on my current run, I managed to avoid Gorva casting Death Spell on me. The fight was definitely not any faster than my previous runs, so it had nothing to do with speed. I always thought that Death Spell was his desperation (1/4 HP?) move, but perhaps not. The major difference this time was that I forgot to equip anti-weakness armor before fighting him. I noticed that he was casting a lot more Evil Gates than in previous fights, hitting my weaknesses (dark Duran, light Angela). This leads me to believe that his AI may be able to sense my weakness, like the magician-class characters apparently can, leading him to prefer to hit me with spells that attack my weakness, decreasing his likelihood of casting Death Spell. Does any of this make sense?
  6. I'm thinking of starting a two-tank team with Duran and Lise both using shields, to spread the aggro between them. This should distribute the damage more evenly and keep the third member, a caster, even more protected. Let me know if there is anything about aggro mechanics that would disrupt this strategy.
  7. Well, despite my previous objections, I'll now be starting a new Lise-led group to take advantage of the shields. Any description of the randomizer program? (I can't find any files in the zip that I can open with my text editor.) Also, has anyone been brave enough to run a team without Heal Light? It seems like Moon Saber/Dragon Ring and items may be enough, but I haven't made it as far as the final areas so I'm not entirely sure. Also, some final weapons that run on low HP would benefit from avoiding the post-battle heal.
  8. I agree; I was thinking a Vanadis/Star Lancer split on recovery spells and sabres would be a great way to distinguish Lise's light classes. I just think the class with the elemental final weapon should be the class that gets the sabres. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by her kit being too complete, but If you think Vanadis is overpowered, just remove Tinkle Rain; she would have recovery options on par with Paladin and Warrior Monk. I also agree that Magic Shield is a bit of a hodgepodge, but the MP recovery effect is very useful and enables some low intelligence builds. If anything, the spell should be renamed (and its effects maybe reoriented) but I don't think that's possible. On Lise equipping shields, I will defer to the judgment of players who have completed the game multiple times with Lise and Duran. As a novice player on this mod, shields represent an area where Duran has increased adaptability over Lise. Giving Lise extra options, especially options that change her role, would make me even less likely to choose Duran (unless he gets his Level 1 tech fixed!).
  9. I would not give her shields, and I would remove Tinkle Rain. Vanadis would be a solution for minimal functionality in healing and sabers, only excelling in buffs, kind of a catch-all for support. Paladin would have the advantage with aggro shields, Anti-Magic, and Magic Shield, making him more useful for magic-oriented teams. Saint Saber is not as good as all four basic elemental sabers, but it's better than any single one of them. I would see these two classes as reasonably well balanced. I agree though that there's no real need to improve Vanadis. I was offering an alternate take on the class, the elemental warrior or magic knight. My main point was that giving her shields would distract from her role as master cheerleader and conflate her role with Duran's.
  10. I guess what I would want to avoid is Duran and Lise becoming too similar. As physical damage dealers, Hawk and Kevin are different enough due to their different approaches, Hawk with multi-target options and Kevin focusing on the rushdown. As magical damage dealers, Angela and Carlie are different enough through their focus on pure offense vs. mixed offense/defense. As tanks, Duran functions as a traditional tank with his aggro shields, while Lise increases the tank-ability of all characters through her buffs. If you start giving her shields then I'm afraid their roles would blur together.
  11. Yes, it would bring Vanadis closer to Bishop and Sage as well. Bishop and Sage have Holy Ball though, one of the best damage spells in the game and acquired early, so light Carlie still has a niche. Also, depending on which final light class light Carlie chooses, she will either become a better melee fighter or caster than Lise and still end up with a direct damage advantage. Because of Vanadis's increased buffing power, it might be better to rebalance Lise's final class stats, trading Vanadis's max strength with Dragon Master's (and maybe Star Lancer's with Fenrir Knight's). The main purpose of giving Lise the basic sabers would be to create more options for team building (especially for magic-oriented teams), and making Vanadis self-sufficient in a limited way would be a nice bonus.
  12. Also, on the Lise-shield topic: I feel like the shield is Duran's niche. Plus, spears are two-handed, and I'm thinking it would be difficult to program a shield onto Lise's sprite (though I could be wrong). One option that could be interesting for Vanadise would be sabers from the four basic elements (which would also make her self-sufficient for her final weapon). You could take away Tinkle Rain to balance this, giving her recovery options equivalent to the Paladin but with more buff spells as opposed to Paladin's shield options, Saint Saber (arguably the best saber), Anti Magic, and Magic Shield (which is an awesome spell). You could also make everything single-target if you think this overpowers her.
  13. No need; I managed to pull 8 ??? seeds, 6 from farming Papa Potos and 2 just from fighting through the cave. From these 8 seeds I managed to pull all 6 class change items, which I consider pretty lucky since the RNG was harder to jostle than I anticipated. With a 1/10 chance to pull a ??? seed (wearing 2 Beastman Collars), I must have farmed about 60 Papa Potos, resetting between each to limit the exp gain. All in a night's work! The jazzy music helped. So, I am nearing my second class change and would like some input on final classes. I'm running dark Hawk, light Lise, and light Angela (the first two deathless; thanks Gorva). I probably can't choose wrong with this group, but I am thinking about two teams in particular: 1) Ninja Master, Vanadise, Arch Mage: This one seems obvious. Mind Up and Mind Down for Arch Mage already getting a 200% bonus on weaknesses with six elements, Anti Magic to support Ninja Master, and recovery spells on Vanadise. Multi-target Fire Jutsu followed by level 2 spells to clear screens. No sabers, though; attacking would be mainly to keep enemies occupied during casting. With two casters, though, this would be mostly up to Vanadise. 2) Nightblade, Star Lancer, Grand Divina: This one seems more fun and possibly more adaptable. All three characters have stronger attack to make use of Grand Divina's saber spells (60% attack bonus on weaknesses). Grand Divina does not get the extra 30% (extra 80% for weaknesses) spell boost from Arch Mage's level 2 spells, but she has Mind Up and Mind Down to support her; plus, her spells come out faster, and so she may be able to get twice as many spells out which would make up the damage. No Anti Magic to support Ninja Master, but the ignore physical immunity weapon and the spell level boost armor should help him get around this. Two options for silencing, one single-target and faster and one multi-target and slower, and Aura Wave as well to support the fighters. Grand Divina really stands out to me as a fun class on this team: every one of her spells is useful, and she gets 18! For this team, I could switch out Nightblade for Ninja Master to help with screen clearing (although Nightblade's upgraded multi-target Shuriken or FST plus Grand Divina's spells might be enough), and it's not clear to me which of these two classes has the better final weapon, although on paper Ninja Master's seems more interesting. I could also switch out Star Lancer for Vanadise if the extra recovery options, saber-able summon, and FST are worth sacrificing the multi-target silence, Aura Wave, and higher attack. Any advice from people with experience with these final classes would be appreciated!
  14. I see... the balance is important. I was thinking the cooldown was so bad it must account for +strength, hit, crit. In general terms of combat, I don't think that swinging wildly around will result in critical hits. Critical hits are incisive and require concentration... a carefully aimed shot from a sniper is more likely to hit home than a shot fired hurriedly with the main purpose to outshoot the enemy. This is a minor criticism. I am loving every minute of this game, and of all the areas to enjoy I am spending the evening in Seaside Cave collecting ??? seeds and Poto junk. Four beers in and two ??? seeds to go. I think I can make it to three before I pass out?
  15. Then just a minor criticism (extended pun ++): I would interpret strong attacks as a focused attack (a strike) and quick attacks as less focused (a fend). A focused attack should take more energy, and so should more likely result in the desired result, including a critical hit. Quicker attacks resulting in more critical hits implies that the extra damage somehow comes from less focus... then why focus? In the simplest sense, the strength of the attack should lie along one axis. And if a critical hit is harder to achieve, then it should not result from a cheaper swing.