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  1. You get to the menu before the valentine, dodo, birdo fight. And before the johnny fight, which is the fight before dodo birdo and valentine.
  2. On the trial mode, i got asked if i wanna continue, so i pressed yes and i started at punchinello... even tho the boss i died at was Birdo, valentina, dodo.
  3. Correct me if im wrong but dosent it say
  4. for some reason after picking up gear in this room in the treasure boxes, the menu where u can heal, equip etc wont open. (idk if this happens for every gear in that room) my inventory was full both times so i did have to pick an item to delete.
  5. Is axem red supposed to have a blank box text before he says something after blue gets defeated?
  6. For some reason the guy that blows u back has this weird animation when it blows, it disappears and reappears and when its reappeared its on the side for some reason? its weird.. also in the pic where it shows him, theres smthin red next to him thats not there when hes not there. (also u cant battle him but im thinking thats intentional)
  7. Not sure if this is a bug, but when i loaded my save in bean valley (where the piranhas get watered) and even when they got watered they wouldnt grow lol, it works now after i entered the lvl again (i died and then reentered but i doubt the dying part matters)
  8. Btw i have a weird thing to report, sometimes i do ridicoulous damage, like 100K For example vs Axem red my mario shell attack did over 100K damage, (my mario was boosted i believe, and axem got whirled meaning his defense was lower, but over 100K seems like alot) and my other time was when mallow did 100k to 3 enemies with snowy, i believe mallow was boosted by geno, but 100k seems like more than it should be. i think theres been like one other time with 100k damage but im not sure, so yea.
  9. Like moving while i was in the level? I have no idea if it moved before i saw the block, but i dont remember seeing it move when i was looking at it.
  10. Well i did touch platforms but not the one that was blue.