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  1. How about Io? The rage guide spreadsheet lists it as one found in the WoR in Narshe Peak but I'm starting to think it was in the WoB and I missed it... I fought one in Cyan's dream and it didn't let me Leap on it, perhaps because I was in Megatek Armor...but I've also yet to run into it on the Veldt in his group, but maybe I'm just unlucky. Edit: yep, just unlucky. I ran into his Veldt formation. Is the dream (and the Veldt of course) the only place to encounter Io?
  2. Thank you! I love this game by the way!
  3. I believe I missed the Hornet rage. If I understand correctly, it's one you'll only see in Figaro Cave on the first pass-through. I'm still in the WoB with the airship. Any idea where this guy is still accessible? I tried the cave again, as well as random nearby areas of the world map where I thought it may have been placed. No luck yet. Thanks!