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  1. Hey Guys I have just recently gone back to my original save and have completed most of the challenges in content mode including finally beating Xion thankfully and now I am stumped trying to located the big red flying creature that frog is telling me about, The hint he keeps giving me is super veg and not very helpful there are a lot of wide open spaces lol.
  2. Hey guys its been awhile since I played Mario RPG content mode and I am confused as to why I haven't received geno whirl yet and geno is at like level 56.
  3. how do I get more hyper end guards after I take down the ff bosses.
  4. So I have had this question answered sort of, I emptied my inventory out and have been battling them for hours and have not received the items yet so what am I doing wrong ?
  5. in kero swears I am trying to find the hidden boss down there but I have look everywhere and still can not find its location
  6. Help me please

    Thank you guys alot !
  7. Ok so I have two questions 1. I can not seem to obtain the legendary seed and fertilizer from the shy away clan, I keep killing them with no luck so what the hell do I need to do to obtain this for Marios better weapon. and question 2. beating the kaiser dragon no matter what I do he keeps killing me especially toward the end when the screen is all black its insta death so I don't know what im missing ? he's pretty damn strong but at then end even when my whole party was alive the screen flashes and just kills my ass ?
  8. Hey guys trying to find the shy away clan go get better a better weapon for Mario for the legendary seed and fertilizer
  9. Hey guys Im a little lost and can not find croco to save my life, Im asking since its Daisys request.