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  1. FFT 1.3 hello

    Thanks alot for the info. Yes you are right. I didn't realize the 2 handed symbol doesn't pop up when I equip the whale whisker. Kinda lame but whatever. All the other sticks are 2 hand able. I've looked at all kinds of patch notes. Maybe I missed this info. There's alot to go through. Hard to find the information I need sometimes. As for the faith rod I just picked up Cloud so hopefully after I train him and Mel up I will zone in on it soon. For growths I remember back in the day I felt like I had a hell of a time dealing with speed, and having my units do enough damage. So this time I spent alot of time researching the growths and leveled my characters at mandalia a specific way. Ramza for example is lvl 98 with base stats 13 speed, 17 Pa, 14 ma, 388 health, 124 mp as a squire. He is highly effective. Much better than last time I played this. So I don't know for sure if it is generally worth the effort but my party feels really strong and the battles have gotten easier. Except Elmdor. Dear god that was a nightmare, but I got all his stuff took 12 attempts.
  2. FFT 1.3 hello

    Hey thanks for the info. I know what you mean. I turned ramza into a time mage wanted to learn teleport. Kept smacking a low level generic so he would learn it without leveling. Don't wanna screw up them stats ya know. Got another question for ya. Where do I get the faith rod? Ive made it to Bethla garrison but its not there to steal. Can I poach one? Also was Onion knight nerfed or something? I've seen other peoples OKs one shotting things with whale whisker, stacking MA. I don't know I guess mine just sucks lol. Maybe im doing something wrong. She is only level 60 and I haven't left her class as to not screw with here growths. She has attack up also.
  3. FFT 1.3 hello

    Hello guys it has been like 4 years since I have last played FFT 1.3. Found out that insane difficulty is having problems and finally found this place. It's a bummer what happened but what can you do. A little bit about my FFT 1.3 history. I started playing a few weeks ago after many years. This is my 4th playthrough. I have never finished the game. On my 3rd playthrough I got pretty far into chapter 4. I had Beowulf and Cloud on my team, but I don't really remember where I quit. Yes I admit I quit because the game beat me into submission. That's not going to happen this time. I fully intend to beat it this time. Im not stopping until I do. I was hoping to ask a few questions to hopefully help with some issues I am having. The biggest question has to do with leveling. I know it is possible to be overleveled early on, but is it possible to be underleveled? I am in chapter 3 and for some time enemies have been drastically overleveling me. Im in the first battle with Rafa and Malak. My highest unit is level 30. Rafa is lvl 37 and malak is level 43. The other enemies are high 30s. I am only wondering if it would be safe to grind a little in random battles to close the gap and learn some skills, or will the enemies get even tougher if I do? Next I can figure on my own but thought I would just ask. If I buy some level 1 recruits and take them into a random battle will the enemies be the same level. Lets say I take 5 lvl 1 squires in. Will the enemies be really high level since im in chapter 3? Im curious mainly for poaching reasons, and to level some characters I am leaving behind for now. Agrias for example. My generics are much better than her at least until I can take some time to get her some skills. Next. For geomancers and samurais. Is elemental based off of MA or PA. Same question for samurai sword skills. Its a simple thing I know but I just can't tell. Well thats it for now. I Know I have more but can't think of them at the moment. If anyone has some answers for me. Many thanks in advance!