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  1. [caption #619] Statuses affecting a character's speed are indicated by color changes to their ATB bar.<EOP> Green = [Haste] (Speed up!) Yellow = [Slow] (Speed down!) Red = [Stop] (Hammer time!)<EOP> Glowing auras surrounding a character indicate defensive statuses (if more than one is present, they will cycle).<EOP> Yellow = [Safe] Green = [Shell] Blue = [Rflect]<EOP> [Safe] and [Shell] raise your defense against physical and magical attacks, respectively.<EOP> [Reflect] repels most magical attacks that don't forcibly aim for more than one target, but may break when it does so.<EOP> It also does not work on spells randomly cast from weapons or [Reflected] off another target [caption #812] There used to be ships sailing to the southern continent_ but that was before the Empire took control Both of these captions are missing a period. (You're playing an old RC; these were both fixed awhile ago.)
  2. [caption #621] [Image] and [Clear] and make it impossible for physical attacks to hit you (Fixed in next RC)
  3. Where can I find a link to the Discord?
  4. Wow! Thanks a lot, this will make the wait much easier.
  5. Really excited to play this mod again! I think the last version I played was 1.6 but I lost my save before I could finish it. I'm definitely going to wait for 2.0, but do you know when it'll be ready more or less? Days, weeks, months? A beta is fine too.