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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    Reached end of chapter 3, i'd like to hear your opinion about the following - I'd consider giving back boulder throw to the flying beasts. Maybe by boosting the dragons to have the 6 range one and give the 2 fliers the 4 range one. I think it really hurts them to be left without a ranged attack altogether. - Familiars have special skills both divine and dark but can't use dark magic at all (despite being able to use the other elements). I find this strange, i think the debuffing Dark magic suits them well, especially for the Pumpkin variant - Rampart Aura feels a bit too exclusive. I think all the classes that are capped to RA I can affort the boost to II and TK can get up to 3.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    Feedback/questions part 2 - "The goddess" scorned and unleashed weapon names are too long to fit in the equip screen. Also, where do they come from? - We could really use to revert some staves to one handed and maybe add Darkness grimoire as a counterpart to the Gran Grimoire (seeing how much you like references, the Fire Emblem saga has tons of material for grimoire names, especially dark ones). AKA i think we really need more one handed options for mages. - [...]coat and Mail body armor desperately need some unique effects now that they lost their +element bonus. - Fusils are completely devoid of effects, be it racial bonuses, on hit, or on use. Any reason why?
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    ah, so it's a secondary hit effect and HP TP MP is what it damages with the second strike. Btw, i forgot to mention the change to Meditate's animation before. Was it itentional? There's no sound nor particle effect
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Got it, thanks. Here's the bugged descrption btw (same for -0 TP and MP and maybe for something else)
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    Strange, i thought it'd be easy to make an incremental patch with only the cosmetic changes in it. Anything about the "process_" description bug btw? Also, i noticed that you didn't "finalize" the renamed classes... the new names end with spaces (can be seen from the class description, there are spaces between the name and the ":"), in case you didn't know it. There should be a pointer or a value somewhere that enforces the length of the name. Oh and could you please upload all the documentation you've gathered so far? I really don't care how messy it is, i'd just like some pointers to tinker with the data myself, so literally anything works lol
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hello everyone, new user here. Just downloaded the mod yesterday and I'm honestly having a blast with it. I'm actually surprised cause being a fellow modder i'm usually VERY picky about gameplay changes, but most of what i've read in the changelog or experienced myself makes an enormous amount of sense. So far i've played up to halfway trough chapter 1 and i've loaded a endgame save with all weapons obtained through cheats. As for the feedback, so far major props to: - Almost everything in the global changes section, from RT to equipments. Heck, almost every balance-induced change - Outright removing "mandatory passives" like strengthen, spellcraft, anatony, switftfoot and so on - Outright removing ability to use scrolls. - Added/new effects to spells and equipment. Changing resurrection to "save the npc". - The FFXII tribute with cursed weapons, lol. Cons - Sprite changes/portrait changes. Mixed feelings about some of them but overall a con. For example the minor changes to Deneb and Lanselot are ok, I can live with Donnalto but it's mostly up to personal preference and Sara, Voltare and Rudlum are a big no for me. It's onestly a pity that the amazing work done on the balance side has to be penalized by purely cosmetic changes of all things. Seeing how you're also having difficulties with cutscenes and whatnot, I heavily suggest to revert all of them for the mandatory balance patch and make an incremental patch (that can be applied on top of the balance changes) for the new sprites. It looks like a win-win situation for me, cause you'd have way less work to do before you can release 1.0 with balance changes only, less bugs and better reception by making a (seemingly) controversial change optional. Bugs - You already know about the "nothing" skill Canopus and others still have - A few on hit skill have a bugged/placeholder description "process_type_xxx" like RT increased, - 0 HP/TP/MP That's it for now. Really looking forward to future releases, i'll probably say more when i have a better understanding of all the other changes i still don't know.