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  1. Tool to make a patching webpage

    Hey everybody, I've been working on a tool to help SNES mod makers make automatic patching webpages which make it easier for folks to play your mod. You load a ROM and an IPS file into the tool, and it generates the files for a webpage where a player can go, load their vanilla ROM, and the page gives them a patched ROM. If their ROM has a header, it's removed (or if your patch requires a header, it'll add one). If you have IPS files for multiple versions of a game you can add them all, and the webpage will automatically detect the version of the ROM they've loaded and apply the appropriate patch (and if there are versions you don't have IPS files for, you can set it so it'll give an error telling them what version they have and what version they need). It also does a checksum after applying the patch, to make sure nothing went wrong, so they don't end up trying to play a buggy patch. There's also a little how-to for getting the generated webpage online, for anyone who doesn't have a website or knows nothing about web development. Here's a link: If you try it out, please let me know how the experience goes and if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!
  2. I'm guessing this might be a vanilla bug, but on the Thamasa continent, I came across a formation of an admantite and 2 cephalids in a Side Attack, and if Locke (who's in the topmost slot, which put him on the top right) attacked the cephalid on the right, he'll turn around and face backwards after his first attack lands (dunno if dual wielding makes a difference or not- one time his first weapon procced, and he turned around before the proc effect began). He'll stay facing backwards until he's given another command. I'm guessing this has to do with the X coordinates of the attacking unit and the enemy, since it didn't happen when Locke attacked the other two monsters, or when Strago attacked that right cephalid. Also, there's a formation of three cephalids where one of em is off screen in a pincer attack. This was all in RC23 btw
  3. Been working on a web-based auto patcher for BNW (currently testing it with 1.9.0), and I'd like to make sure the ROM detection and patching is working properly. If anyone's willing try it out to make sure it works with your ROM, that'd be really helpful. Link: Load your vanilla ROM, hit "Apply Patch", and then see if it says "Patching Complete" and gives you a download link. If it gets to that step, that should mean that it worked without any issue, though if you know how to do a diff (or are willing to try) it'd be great if you could also check that the resulting file exactly matches the BNW ROM you got with the standard ips patcher (to do this on Windows, you can go to Start, type in "cmd", click on "Command Prompt", then type "FC C:\Users\YourName\Desktop\bnwpatchednormal.smc C:\Users\YourName\Desktop\bnwpatchedonline.smc", with those two filepaths replaced with the filepaths the two BNW roms) If it didn't work, please send me the following info: - If you got an "Invalid ROM" error, or a "Checksum didn't match" error after hitting "Apply Patch" (or some other error) - Which vanilla ROM version you're using (e.i. if it's 1.0 or 1.1) - The checksum & filesize generated on this page when you load your vanilla ROM - What browser you're using (and if you're on mobile or desktop) Thanks!
  4. A few minor or nitpicky things, most of which probably aren't worth addressing:
  5. During the Number 024 fight, Dispel didn't appear to make him wall change (he never countered Dispel with Wall Change, and he would sometimes attack once or twice before eventually Wall Changing), which folks in Discord are saying is a bug. This was on RC19 (Well, shit... I flat-out forgot to include that in his script. I'll fix it for RC-20)
  6. When in Narshe with Edgar Terra and Banon: Banon+Clawglip = potential cheap wipe. Clawglip spams Rock each turn when he's the last enemy standing (which inflicts Confuse on everyone), and at this level Banon's thunderrod is instadeath on any party member if it procs and casts Thunder2 (and if that's himself, you're fucked even if Terra and Edgar are still alive). The only way to not die this way is to hope Terra or Edgar attack & unconfuse a party member who's ATB is higher than the Clawglips before Banon wipes the party, or to run, but a player who hasn't noticed that Banon has a Thunder2 proccing weapon might not realize that Banon can one-hit kill people when he's confused until it actually happens (luckily for me, he only killed Terra and Edgar and I was able to get him to run before he could kill himself). There's a formation of Clawglip and 3 Mechanix; Mechanix have low HP and Edgar and Terra both have strong MT attacks (AC and Fire), so there's a decent chance of Clawglip being the last alive with this formation especially. An easy fix could be to add confuse immunity to codpiece (dunno if codpiece is available to players later in the game and if adding confuse immunity to it would be undesired), or to swap one of Banon's equipment/relics with something that has confuse immunity.
  7. Yeah, I just tried reproducing it a couple times and it didn't work if I had dried meats in my bag before the fight, I was only able to get it to happen if I sold all my dried meats beforehand Here's a link to an SRM saved right before the magitek fight (Dried Meats are already sold from inventory: just go talk to Locke in the right tower, and then the Figaro burning sequence will start afterwards)
  8. Update on the Dried Meat glitch, it get's worse: in the fight in Figaro with the two Magiteks, i got "%5" dried meats added to my inventory, AND "Dried Meat" showed up as a Tool in Edgar's Tool command (which when used, has Edgar fall back and die).
  9. Another from RC-12: When using select to swap between the gauge and Max HP during battle, it's slow to react or doesn't switch sometimes. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to hold select to see the non-config view, or if select is supposed to toggle them (for what it's worth, I'd prefer holding to a toggle). Also (Nowea caught this, not me), if you hit select while you're selecting the target for a spell, it'll act as if you tapped R and go from single-target to multi-target. This apparently won't allow for anything game-breaking (e.i. it won't let you cast a ST spell as MT).
  10. After certain battles, I've ended up with either 99 or 55 Dried Meats in my inventory, and sometimes 99 or 55 Slim Jims too. I've had it happen multiple times after the battle in Narshe with Terra Biggs and Wedge in front of the item shop (first the two dogs, then the two guards), and also noticed it after the fight with the two Magitek armors Kefka sends after you during the first Figaro sequence after getting Edgar. Edit: forgot to mention: this is on RC-12