BNW 1.8.5 - Full Playlist

By Hordequester, 05/26/17

My latest playthrough of Brave New World using 1.8.5 with the patch fixes. Starts at part 6 because I haven't been able to recover 1-5 from encoding corruption. I am slowly getting them all repaired and reencoded as I come to them. They'll be added to the playlist as they finish. This playthrough was done mostly with my 4yo son doing the driving with me on a second controller trying to keep him from steering off a cliff. He's the one holding the diamond sword in my photo on the user pics thread. We might do some more games if I can pry him off minecraft long enough to play.

Apologies if anyone doesn't like my resolution, stretch, and filter settings. I play on a large TV on the other side of the room and this is the only settings where I can read the thing with my old man eyes.


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