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  1. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    I know this is old but I just ran into this fight doing a fresh expert run. There is only one poison relic in a chest up to that point. There's no heal and no relics. At this point, it's just pure grind and pray she dies first. Unless you curse yourself and sage or force someone to do monk mantra. Kinda defeats the purpose of the mod a bit though... Shrug. Pretty sure it's not possible without one of those short of 8hrs of grinding.
  2. BNW Randomizer

    Holy shit...
  3. Anyone here play Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer?

    I have it on PC.. played it enough to max nearly everything. I got a little offput when they added all the filler weapon copies to the crate pool. I'm sure they've added even more since. I might dust it off in a bit and see what's new.
  4. Small, Temporary annoyance fix

    Yeah the patch is for vanilla and it works on the CE translation as well (or at least for the hour I played around with it). Just have to match the name the pnach to the CRC of the disc you want it to work on. You're probably right about the different cards/drivers. Worst case it doesn't hurt anything either way. P.S. Thank you for the mod.. it's been a fun distraction so far.
  5. Small, Temporary annoyance fix

    Unfortunately the media pc I play on doesnt have opengl support current enough for pcsx2. As for the settings in my list..they were what was recommended when the transparency hacks were first released and not in the plugin..so they may be obsolete. The ws hack is the only thing that worked on my display. I tried every configuration in the settings and it would always go jittery randomly after awhile. This is with widescreen mode on in core graphics settings btw. I will check out the new version too though maybe something in there I can appropriate to dx11 Edit: Huh, well latest dev branch and master branch both just crash when I try to run anything.. no error log =D Guess I won't try that lol. Edit2: Ok got it to run.. had to run in 32bit for some reason 64 just crashed repeatedly. it looks like they use a different method in ogl to handle texture resizing.. not something that can be applied to DX11. Still all eyeballs, melted faces , and missing doors in new version DX11. Oh well..
  6. Small, Temporary annoyance fix

    haha yeah it's not perfect.. but without the fixes the hospital is blindingly unplayable in hardware. I'm wondering why it does the oddball transparency thing at certain angles. Like when you're talking to the magazine lobby girl.. some angles she's fine and others she's horrifying. I would just always play in software if it wasn't so blurry on my tv and my eyesight wasn't so terrible. The ws cheat though is helpful in either mode for me anyway. Without it, the screen is nauseatingly flickery.
  7. Got a bit annoyed with the disc swapping and software mode things to solve transparency issues in PCSX2 for SMTN Hardtype. So, I did a quick and dirty edit of the GSdx graphics plugin and swapped the original game's CRC for the current version's CRC after patching. Also, included a cheat pnach that fixes the wobbly screen crap.. or it's supposed to. If this doesn't work for you, sorry.. just did it quick to get playing. 1. Copy the cheats_ws folder to main PCSX2 folder and GSdx*.dll files to the plugins folder (backup originals if you want) 2. Enable Widescreen thing in System button of PCSX2 3. pick AVX2/SSE2/SSE4 in video plugin and set DX Hardware Mode, Interlace none, and Aggressive CRC. Whatever you want for the rest 4. Run the game and it'll load the hacks that fix some of the transparency issues. Though, I still prefer Software mode myself most of the time lol.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11XvSXFCZFYdH7syaNhW83kacG6M-ErV4/view?usp=sharing If you're curious..here's the line to change to do this yourself in PCSX2 source. I'm sure there's a way to just add it along side the original but replacing it was easiest for me. E5AF9132 is the changed CRC as of 1.5.1. plugins/GSdx/GSCrc.cpp Line 260 {0xE8FCF8EC, SMTNocturne, US, ZWriteMustNotClear}, // saves/reloads z buffer around shadow...
  8. Useless rank-ups?

    Bugs/Glitches aside. Every boss battle's point is to figure out a strategy that works to win. I don't see that being any different as you have to specifically gear your party towards what is required to win the fight. As for his weakness, that's obvious if you're paying attention.. large = earth, robots = lightning, etc. It would be nice if there were an AI check for the bombs being dead, to do something else but I'm not sure the limitation on that. The rank up lost points thing is also a concern.. agreed on that. I'd prefer something that didn't involve reviving them though... imo... if you're already properly geared for the fight resummoning is just a minor inconvenience than anything strategically significant. I think Respec and point rebalance were on my list for Santa.
  9. 1.9 Beta Bug Reporting Thread

    Was asked to repost this from the Discord. Doing a 1.9RC12 run in Phoenix cave and had a strange bug occur that I was able to duplicate. Got into a Side Attack with Cyan in the bottom right slot with 2 Revenants and 2 Witches. When the last Revenant died and death cast Raze on Cyan it would pop up a Reflect graphic then the game would lock up with music playing and no more animations. Occurred 3/5 times that I reloaded save state on the fight and got the death Raze to hit Cyan. It was suggested that it's related to Cover (Or a Wand swing from a dying Witch - Wand thing is broken too always miss-spams itself). Though Cyan is the only one that has a Cover item equipped and the target was himself. It didn't seem to trigger unless Cyan was the target and not all the time.. I also had this happen on 1st Lete river when Banon got a Reflect graphic then the game black screen locked with end of battle music playing. Was not able to recreate this as I did not have a save state. I repatched after that Banon one with a fresh rom and download of 1.9RC12 just in case (This was well before the Cyan one). Feel free to disregard this Banon part because I could not confirm it was not a patch issue. Just wanted it down on paper in case it happens again or to someone else.
  10. FF5 FJF - Pure Chaos + Natural

    Final Fantasy 5 - Four Job Fiesta - Pure Chaos with Natural (http://fourjobfiesta.com/players.php?player=Hordequester) Not exactly a mod but it plays like one sometimes. Running this charity event with my 4yo as the backseat driver this time. He's not very familiar with ff5 like he was with ff6 so he'll mostly be handling the grinding and easier fights. Wasn't going to do this at first but he sounded excited..so here we are. For reference: Pure Chaos means any class can come up randomly per crystal even Freelancer and Mime. Natural means Bartz must use the Wind crystal job exclusively. Lenna the Water, Faris the Fire and Galuf/Krile the Earth. They must stay Freelancer until their crystal and class are unlocked which aren't always the same thing in Pure Chaos. Haven't played FF5 in years and even then it wasn't in English. So, this should be interesting.
  11. Site's Video page functionality

    Thank you. I figured that might be what was wrong with the playlist. It sees the v= and just parses that instead of grabbing the list=. Just ran out of patience playing with it to test it further lol. Most likely what is wrong with extra is that it's loading the main url variable instead of whatever we put in Value. extra=x is obviously reading correctly or it wouldn't know the Key (title) to display. I'm sure the not saving the main video url during edit is simply a missing or typoed variable in the default text= part of the input for the form. It'll definitely be a cool feature if they get it working. Just really need to change the text Key and Value to something more meaningful like Title and Url then fix the variable errors. Updated the video to be a playlist for now.. thanks.
  12. Community Outreach: Darknil AKA "Dee_Ehn"

    Sent some cash that way.. for the horde. Or well I guess from it in this case. Having previously been homeless and living in a shelter.. I can relate.
  13. Site's Video page functionality

    I was planning to add videos to it as I finished encoding them.. I liked how it does the tabs under the video to jump to different parts. Linking a playlist would work just unfortunate that Extra Videos part is non-functional as it's a nice feature in concept. Update: Ok so I tried linking a playlist instead of a video. It just plays the first video in the list and stops. These all seem like relatively easy fixes with just some simple variable mistakes. Hope you guys can find the time to take a look.
  14. Been working on putting my videos up in the Video tab of the website. I noticed one issue and can't figure out another: 1. When you edit an existing video, the site does not keep your video's URL intact.. it blanks it out every time and you have to put it back in again. 2. The "Add Extra Video?" section is quite confusing.. it just says "Key" and "Value" with no explanation. I figured out that Key is the title I guess as the button it adds to the video has a label matching whatever is typed in Key. But, no matter what I type in Value, it never does anything. I tried Youtube v=xxx, xxx, http://etcetc=xxx and even values from already linked videos. What the heck am I supposed to type here? Issue #1 makes trying to test it even more tedious.. heh. The little note below it says Enter the title and url but yeah it doesn't take urls. I'll keep playing with it and try to figure it out in the meantime. I added every method of posting a video I could think of to the extra video section with labels of the type tested here
  15. I second the evasion on Gau. He will be squishy for a pretty long time but can get decent evade. Just finished the decent into hell..er Floating Continent with him even at 19/20 I still needed to max evade and slap bell + guard ring on him just to live long enough to rage. I used him on Dada though.. well I use him on everything including the main sweeper team at Narshe.. he is my MVP after all heh. Don't recall needing safe to survive but I did run him with hp buffing (green beret or relics) to keep him above instakill range until around 15.