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  1. Don't worry you're not rambling at all! I need to go back to my Covenant mod and edit it a bit since I noticed Anastasia gets one shot if Victor happens to crit. This shouldn't be the case with this mod since I made more calculations with the damage outputs and found correct multipliers to apply. The 3 Shadow Hearts games enemies have all kinda similar power levels and I've learned to look at things more critically while modding this one.
  2. Hey no probs. I like to make JRPGs harder. They seem to be the easiest genre out of all games since they're made really easy for some reason. Shadow Hearts series is really great imo. Also check out my Shadow Hearts Covenant mod if you feel like it. Anyway I hope you have great fun with the mod.
  3. I noticed the normal monsters in Las Vegas, Machu Picchu & Vilcabamba were too weak so I gave them a bit more strength and magic power in patch v1.3. The mafia in Vegas remain untouched.
  4. I just updated the mod to v1.2. This patch increases "Chupacabra" & "Kerufe" bosses agility and decreases Kerufe's special damage.
  5. Hi I just released patch 1.1 of this mod that ups the hp of the 3 early bosses (Igornak, Ronwei & Procyon). This is one of the few things that were amiss from what I can see. I will be updating this mod if need be as I go with my New Game+ playthrough of the game.
  6. Hi NGPlus community. It's me again with another difficulty modification. This hard mod is called "Grace" and it's for the NTSC-U version of Shadow Hearts: From the New World. This mod ups enemies' HP, Str, Mag and Agl values. You'll need to be higher level than normal in order to progress in the game. You will receive more exp, cash and soul to help in that. In order to beat the game it's recommended to do all possible sidequests. When you have done all sidequests you should be around 72 levelled. I did the final boss at lv75 but it was hard as hell. You can level up further if you feel it's too hard but it can definitely be done 75 levelled even if you don't use any Seals. v1.3 has everything else modded but the Purgatory special dungeon enemies. Basically you need to play the game through once in order to get there cause you need to take Snaps of the final boss. I'm working to get there but it's gonna take a while. That dungeon is meant to be entered 72 levelled and Envious Jealousy is probably meant to be done maxed out. But yeah I gotta work my way there. To use this mod you need to patch your game image with the one in the zip file using "ppf-o-matic" tool. I hope you will like this mod. If you have any questions about anything that has to do with it or just want to discuss it go ahead and comment, I will be here. Here's the download link for the mod: http://www.mediafire.com/file/blwimlxpba4uorb/shadow_hearts_ftnw_grace_1_3.zip These are the outdated versions but I will include them here anyway: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ks4gn37thtwcehv/shadow_hearts_ftnw_grace_1_2.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/z3vz3v0jpszg43b/shadow_hearts_ftnw_grace_1_1.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/0w80mq96ehc8fko/shadow_hearts_ftnw_grace_1_0.zip
  7. Yep you are right. However you don't get the 'Gathering' spell until very late in the game. I hope you like my mod for this game. I'm working on From the New World right now. It's gonna be my next completed project. After that I'm probably gonna do the 1st Shadow Hearts to complete the trilogy.
  8. Hello again. It's me with a new version (v3.33) of the mod. In v3.33 I have disabled the option to buy the Spikes accessory. I've been trying to make the normal enemies more exciting and the Spikes accessory works directly against it, not giving the enemies the chance to combo. There are also other things that I don't like about Spikes. Guarding becomes meaningless, enemies' status effects don't register, the Mutant Apes don't have Spikes equipped, making the Shoki enemies one shot them (it shouldn't be that way) among other things. With v3.33 I also upped the normal enemies' HP so the player can't one shot enemies unless they use right elements. There are also enemies that are tankier than some others so you can no longer one shot them. I'll be focusing on other projects now that I got this patch out. Thanks for all support guys. I'll be updating this mod if I see something's amiss, but I'm pretty confident with how the mod is at this point.
  9. Out of the optional dungeons the Neam Ruins is supposed to be done last. Also this mod is scaled to normal ring. Using Technical Ring is basically the easy mode if you are good at hitting the strike areas. I'm gonna release a new version of this mod in a bit.
  10. Hey no probs! I hope you are having fun playing my mod.
  11. Hello NGPlus community. This may come as a surprise but I've been changing things a bit in this mod and have come up with version 3.0. When I first released this mod I thought I had polished things enough when that actually wasn't the case. I have matured as a modder and look things a bit more realistically instead of just buffing the hell out of the enemies. The changes I made with v3.0 in a nutshell: - Normal enemies deal less damage (no more crazy one shotting). That still doesn't mean I made them too weak. They still do damage they just don't do THAT much. In addition to that most bosses have increased HP values (this includes the wolf bout enemies). I also decreased experience, cash and soul gained in Paris subway dungeon. Also Neo Astaroth has a bit better agility, and the first 2 bosses are a bit slower but hit harder. Little changes here and there. I hope I didn't ruin anyone's fun with this mod with the previous versions. If you still have an itch for this game give my updated mod a try!
  12. I guess I had gotten a bit absorved in the whole joke-after-joke thing that's going on that I kept finding Johnny and the summoner lady irritatingly different. I agree that they could've taken different angle. What's interesting is SHC was supposed to be dark just like the first Shadow Hearts game but players complained that SH1 was too scary so they toned it down. Also, Yuri was supposed to be the villain. Lol. That FFX challenge was "no agility, magic def or def upgrades. I also didn't use Rikku's mixing or overdrive at all. Rikku is still important character since she is much faster than the rest. I'm still convinced that the challenge can be beaten even without Rikku's op mixing. People that say DDS1 is easy are probably those that play Atlus games all the time. DDS1 is a bit easier than DDS2. DDS2 has 3 of those "badass" bosses in the story that are tougher than the rest and the enemies are maybe a little more punishing. I thought ME1 had a better overall atmosphere which made me like it more. Then again it's been a while since I played those games.
  13. I think I still applied accuracy. But I'm pretty sure I made a strict rule of not applying any agility. It's been a while. Still I couldn't beat the final boss of FFX with those rules. But then again it's been a while. I'm pretty sure he is beatable if used everything 100% correctly. I wish I had applied agility when I was at the final boss' front door haha. The First Strike mod on weapons is a total must. I remember I couldn't survive in the omega dungeon though so everything probably can't be beaten in that challenge. The 2 DDS games are really good too. Try beating those without using the combination abilities. DDS1 won't be "that easy smt spin-off" anymore. Actually I think ME1 is better game than ME2. ME2 is still great though. I guess the whole "full-humor cutscenes" in SH3 really turn me off the most hahaha. It's so cringy. I remember having the same issue when I used to like the game. I still think Mao and Frank are great characters though. I got huge problem with Johnny.
  14. Glad you enjoyed it. I don't like using Mind's Eye or Oils myself so the later half bosses can be taken down maybe a bit too fast. I totally neglected some elements in the game, mainly the HP of the bosses could be adjusted better. Then again I don't think I'll be editing this mod any further. For someone like me it's pretty much perfect. I love the first 2 Mass Effect games btw. The first one is a bit hard to be beaten on harder modes but the 2nd is pretty good while playing with the highest difficulty. As for the 3rd Shadow Hearts game, it's a hard case for me. I don't like it much anymore. I beat it several times before but I just can't get into it anymore. The whole America setting turns me off. And I think the developers of these JRPGs implemented the games so they could be beaten without using lots of elements in the game. Like FFX feels good when only applying HP, Str and Mag upgrades (it's still a bit easy that way). A big hat raise to Atlus though. Their games are pretty much perfect when either using worst armors or certain armor up to certain point. 99% of JPRGs are dumbed down and can be revived with hard mods. Shin Megami Tensei 3 and Persona 3 on hard modes are legitimate challenges though if you ask me.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate it. The Man Festival is totally optional since it will only give boost to Joachim that he doesn't even need. Once you beat Orobas you should have all the crests in the game unless you have missed some from previous dungeons. In order to get Solomon crest you will need to have every single crest collected and placed in the solomon board thing and of course beat Solomon. The Solomon crest is not required either tbh but you WILL need Dark Seraphim. I don't remember if you need all crests in order to obtain it. I hope not