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  1. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.1

    Hey again. They're supposed to have 6x their original agility so you should definitely see the difference. You could reinstall the mod on original game image just in case. Edit: This mod was designed for NTSC-U version of the game and it may not work with undub. Also I think if the game image is not original (modded in some way) the mod may not install. If you have hex editor you can check if the mod was installed correctly by looking at the value in address 0x31888B9E it should be "48" instead of "0C" as in 72 instead of 12. That's the agility for Castor.
  2. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Congrats on beating the mod!!! Those characters with less than half the agility of a boss tend to miss their abilities and basics a lot of times. So it simply has to do with agility values. And yeah Seraphic's boost does horrible things. Need to have something to reduce judgement speed if you decide to use it.
  3. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Ok, another quick update on the mod. v1.2 Changes Olga 3's agility value from 156 to 130 (turning the sketchy Beach more into mainstream). I also tested the Cherubim battle, however the boss seemed fine with 7500 HP so I didn't touch that. I wouldn't be surprised if there was nothing else to change tbh. I made sure v1.0 had pretty much everything covered.
  4. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Hey Ronlyn, I hope you read this before continuing with the mod. I just updated to v1.1. Now the characters learn their 3 last abilities sooner as I mentioned in my previous message. So go grab my newest patch asap! Same to all you other Rude Heroes out there, go get v1.1 if you feel like it. -Zed
  5. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Hey. Great vids as usual. Thanks for updating your progress on my mod here at every turn. i really appreciate it. Don't worry about using Third Keys, it's not chickening out or anything. Especially in late game it's more than fair to use them. I was thinking about that Cherubim boss. He went down very quickly. And I mean VERY. I lowered his HP from 10 000 to 7500 since I thought it took a bit too long to beat him, but I might have to fight him again to see if changing back to the original hp would be better. Another thing I noticed is he's supposed to use 'Divine Punishment' just like Seraphim after him. I guess you just got lucky there lol. I gotta do some testing when I'm in the mood for it. I guess in the original players pass level 50 before entering the final stages so characters have learned their final abilities already. I've been thinking about making the 3 last abilities learnable a bit sooner than before. Yes, I guess you're right about the characters learning the 3 last abilities a bit too late. Thanks for the food for thought. This is how you change things I've been trying different things and I thought making characters learn their 3 last abilities 'x1.8' times later instead of 'x2' would be perfect. So Alice would learn Arc 63 levelled instead of 70. It's too harsh to force players to be 70 levelled before facing Amon (and unnecessary). And the first final ability would be Margarete's 'Divine Bomber' and she would learn it 83 levelled. The very last character ability is Keith's 'Gift' and he would learn it 88 levelled.
  6. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Happy new year to you too! I tried getting Grail stronger but I just couldn't. I guess he's designed to be a pushover compared to the others. He can still be a challenging one "non-Grailed" (he can be beaten right after you get Yuri back if I recall). You are a very critical type. I guess we are kinda the opposites. But I still try to take all your negatives as advice and see if there's something to update. However I made so sure I had pretty much everything settled when I released this I haven't encountered anything I'd like to change based on your feedback. I don't like changing the ability orders or the character stats or anything like that. I don't intend to make mods like that. I stand by my opinion that this game is well balanced even after the changes I've made to the enemies. But yeah that's just my opinion. Imo it's clever to have characters with power and ability differences.
  7. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.1

    Hi again. So I decided to make a better 2020 and release version 4.1 of this mod. It only changes the 'Koshoki' enemy's HP back to the original. I pondered for a long time whether it was worth updating this mod just for 1 change but here we are! Have fun.
  8. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.1

    That's interesting. I kinda wanted to make a super hard mod at first but my thoughts have changed a bit. The way Shadow Hearts games are balanced making the enemies "balls-to-the-walls" hard would only work in some dungeons and some dungeons would be super easy compared to them. Also the normal enemies' stats would be higher than bosses and I didn't want that. And if I made bosses an overkill I couldn't make them faster or they'd totally annihilate the player party. I learned stuff after modding all 3 Shadow Hearts games and made similar changes to normal encounters and bosses alike. The games are all kinda similar in a way and I like the combat in all of them so it was important for me to make the mods as perfect as possible in my own vision. The normal encounters are naturally harder in the 1st Shadow Hearts game simply cause it has different battle system. Then again in that game the bosses are simpler so it kind of balances things up. I think the 3rd game has equal challenge with bosses and normal encounters. In Covenant I think the bosses are more challenging than normal foes.
  9. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.1

    Happy new year everyone! I'm glad you also found positives to my mod. If I recall correctly I changed lots of stuff with the random encounters between v.3.0 and 4.0. Now they shouldn't ever be able to one-shot you to game over screen if you have the best equipment and enter new dungeons in the recommended levels of the previous ones. Final dungeon enemies shouldn't be able to now either (they're still super fast though). You can level at Nihonbashi park before fighting the boss (it's not unusual to miss this).
  10. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.1

    Hi and thanks for giving my mod a whirl! Here are the optimal levels to take on the bosses in their respective dungeons: 2 Apoina Tower 5 Ardennes Forest 8 Paris Subway 12 Wine Cellar 14 Rhondda Mine 17 Manmariana Island 18 S.G. Headquarters 20 Neam Ruins 25 St. Marguerite 29 Winter Palace 31 Mirror Palace 33 Gallery of the Dead 35 Hermitage 39 Idar Flamme 42 Apoina Tower 2 45 Battleship Mikasa 49 Otherworld 51 Nihonbashi 56 Hojo Research Lab 59 Purgatory 63 Immortal Mountain 64 Azabu Kamiyashiki 68 Queen's Garden 72 Tiffauges Castle 78 Doll House 86 Black Forest 86-89 Dog Shrine 92 Neam Ruins Underground 99 The Vessel If I recall correctly all optional content can be done at least 92 levelled. After that it's simply the leveling in 'The Vessel' before taking on the final bosses.
  11. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Hey again and Merry Christmas! I hope you had a fun one and nothing else is bothering you save for my troublesome mod here ;P I tried entering the Arcane fight with Zhuzhen lvl 55 and I can say it could be beaten on those levels but it wouldn't be fun since you would be using all your time playing super duper defensively. I'll be leveling him to 60 and try again just for the sake of the test. Then again I'm wondering why would wouldn't you be using Alice in bosses when she has a perfect kit designed for them? It's like trying to make things harder than they should be. I believe it's canon to try going with Alice anyway since you get extra dialogue before the boss. But yeah I'll be leveling Zhuzhen and seeing how it goes.
  12. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Yuri was simply made the star of this show. He would actually best Alice's Arc with his Sandalphon fusion's Revive which would heal and revive everyone to full health. I made a change to that so it no longer heals to full health. He also has group instakill with his 3rd tier Dark and Light fusions so Halley wouldn't be better than him either with his 'Black Hole'. He also has a version of blood suck with his Seraphic Radiance fusion (life steal + group heal). I actually like it this way. There's always Shadow Hearts: Covenant if you want a more balanced Yuri (LOL). Zhuzhen specializes with his group magic spells and when maxed out has the highest magic defense. Then again he is not as good as Halley in late since he doesn't have group instakill. Halley also has revive to full health which is why he is recommended in the final party with Yuri and Alice.
  13. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Hey again. It's fine, just relax and take your time. It's only a game afterall Yuri is supposed to be like Zhuzhen's big bro in late game. He's basically the number 1 character so he's better than everyone else. This was less of the case in Covenant and you could actually leave him out of the party in that. Like I stated in my first post I wasn't able to modify the scaling enemies. So basically all Graveyard business is completely the same as in the original, save for Seraphic Radiance (thank god!). I felt a bit anxious for a while for not being able to mod the scalers, but it is what it is. Character skills are more powerful the later they're learned. Zhuzhen learns 'Corpse Arm' early on so it's powerful at the time he gets it but in comparison is less powerful than Keith's 5th ability since Keith learns 'Hecatoncheire' in way later levels. Some characters in the game are more late-game than others and their abilities are good for different purposes.
  14. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Well done with the ongoing quest for Bacon. I apologize for giving the wrong idea before. There indeed is some grinding suggested to be done in every area. I hope it's not too big of a burden. I wanted to ramp the suggested level for final boss to 99 instead of the 50ish of the original. Alice is actually very useful in fights cause of her Gospel ability. Without it 'Rudie' will kill your characters with his 3-hit combo if he happens to crit even if you're in the suggested levels. Alice and Zhuzhen should be ok in battles if you have Gospel or some other defensive spell in effect. The in-battle effect items have the pro you can have their effects without having to equip your characters with additional accessories. You can only have 3 accessories on your characters afterall. I really didn't want to change any of them. Some of them are more useful than others and players can have the freedom to choose what they wanna use.
  15. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.2

    Congrats on beating the Asia section! Cool vids, I gave them likes. Other than the changes in enemy stats there's no other changes than allies learning their 3 last spells later (levels multiplied by 2) and the change in Sandalphon's Revive skill. Actually Zhuzhen's 'Corpse Arm' AOE will be useful in his mid-game. I wanted to push the last 3 abilities for endgame since it starts with Alice's Arc and it's way too soon for her to learn it 35 levelled. The ideal level to face Amon in the last storyline dungeon before Float is 70 so I saw this as a clear sign that players should aim to be at that level before facing him. And since the last ability learned is Keith's 'Gift' which he learns at 49 levelled in the original it was clear I wanted to double the level amount. The enemies in Nemeton Underground should prove to be rather difficult so it's only natural to level some to keep up with the game. In my opinion the different in-battle effect items only add to the gameplay. If they were to be taken off the game would feel more bland. It works in Covenant cause the battle system is more fast paced and interesting. In SH2 you will be using more different buffs and effects in the form of different Crest Magic and Fusions where in SH1 you will be only using the set character abilities and 1 Fusion monster per battle. I guess Shadow Hearts came a bit under marketed and without a doubt FFX overshadowed it with a heavy hand. I find Shadow Hearts story to be excellent with Yuri as one if not the best characters I've experienced in a videogame.