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  1. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    v2.15 changes Devour the way now successful Devour will grant perma HP from all 6 monsters instead of just from Ruby Drakes.
  2. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    In v2.1 Forbidden Medicine Refine no longer grants Stat increase items, but gives Hero Trials instead.
  3. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    Another update: v2.0 halves Elemental Attack Junction power and Elemental Defense Junction power is now /4 of the original. Another change is you will learn Devour command from PuPu card again (wasn't happy with changing that) however now only the HP stat can be increased using Devour.
  4. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    Back again. v1.9 changes lots of things in effort to remove some game breaking stuffs. Changes in this update: - The 'Card' ability completely removed from the game. I've made up my mind and I don't like the idea of having low level challenges on this mod since it removes the challenge from the mod pretty much entirely. Eden gets back her Mad Rush that replaces the Card ability that I assigned her in v1.55. Quezacotl still has his Mad Rush and Luck+50%. - The Shumi Village card game now doesn't give the item to learn 'Card' ability but instead gives 1 Energy Crystal for 5 Shumi cards. - Heros and Hero Trials now grant Protect, Shell & Haste on 1 character. Holy Wars and Holy War Trials now grant Protect, Shell & Haste on all party members. - 'Bonus' abilities now no longer grant bonus stats when leveling up. Therefore I suggest not using them. - 'Devour' command still works and is learnable from Eden GF, but PuPu cards no longer teach the ability.
  5. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Hey again. I'm glad you enjoyed my mod. For Covenant you'll want to be using hardware option for the video plugin and then you should be pretty much set. You'll also be wanting to have the last options in Round Mode and Clamping Mode in EE/IOP and VUs in Video Core GS Settings. Then again this is pretty much the standard for most games. There are some earlier versions of PCSX2 that make the game freeze after fights but in some the game works like a dream. Haven't tried the newest version of PCSX2 but it might work well with that one too. I've been playing the game with v1.2.1 and in that there shouldn't be any crashes. Then again I keep getting stuck in the past and don't have patience to test new things. So the newest version might be the best.
  6. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    v1.75 changes Ultima Weapon's HP from x2 to original. I did the same to Omega Weapon just to play safe. I may end up changing Omega's HP when I get to him but we'll see.
  7. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    i updated the mod to v1.7. This version changes Jumbo Cactuar's HP to original from x2. I also changed Tiamat's HP from x3 to x2 since I'm pretty sure I upped it too much. I may change it when I reach the boss in my playthrough. Another small change is HP Junction Magic that would up by 2 remains the same. This may help early game some if one chooses to Junction Cure to HP for example. I've been thinking of replacing / removing the level up Bonus Junction abilities but I'm not sure yet. Here are the changes from original in v1.7: - All enemies' Str & Mag + 100 at level 30. - All enemies' Agl + 1 per level. - Boss HP multipliers 1 to 3 depending on boss. - HP stat Junction power halved starting from 3, rounded up. - HP+% Abilities Junction power halved. - Quezacotl's Card ability switches with Eden's Mad Rush. Quezacotl's Card Mod ability switches with Carbuncle's Luck+50%. Quezacotl learn's Luck+50% after learning Mad Rush.
  8. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Hey thanks for another video! So you're that far already I hope you've had fun time playing through this mod.
  9. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    Another update. v1.6 halves the effectiveness of Status Attack Junctions.
  10. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    I just updated this mod to v1.55. This version swaps Quezacotl's 'Card' command with Eden's 'Mad Rush'. So to get 'Luck+50%' on Quezacotl you'll need to learn Mad Rush first. I should've made this change way before but better late than never.
  11. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Hey thanks for another great video! I read your blog post about the inconsisties of the experience rates in battles. In these Shadow Hearts mods some areas give more exp than others for a reason. For example in the sewer dungeon you needed to gain 7 levels to be in the recommended levels for the start of the next area. While in Dalian you only need to farm 2 levels. This is why Fengtian sewers give 3x the og exp while Dalian 2x. And the recommended levels are not something I've made up from my head but are from the code based on the agility levels of the characters. And since the exp increase in battles is forced and something I wouldn't add if it wasn't required I don't up the exp gained from bosses as it is. It also helps in keeping players from gaining too much exp in one battle and also doesn't enforce the thought of having to have all party members alive before making the finishing blow. This is my reasoning and the design choice i chose for the 3 Shadow Hearts games. Looking forward to your next video btw, and I liked all of your videos on youtube ^^.
  12. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    Hey again. I guess I was a bit of an edgelord with the HP Junction nerf from before. v1.5 changes the Junction power to HP stat from /3 to /2. The game should feel better with this change.
  13. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Yes that's true. Once you leave Asia there's no way back at any point. So make sure to grab the Erotic Book from Kuihai Yower so u can get Seraphic Radiance and also do the Pitfights if you want to do them. Good luck with the videos and rest of the mod.
  14. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Great thanks for these vids. They are funny and it's interesting to see how you tackle my mod ^^
  15. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v5.0

    Don't feel like a cheater unless you use actual cheats. I want my mods to be enjoyable so using any of the rings or applying Seals is more than ok. This is a pretty tough mod at this point afterall :D.