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  1. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Congrats on beating the Asia section! Cool vids, I gave them likes. Other than the changes in enemy stats there's no other changes than allies learning their 3 last spells later (levels multiplied by 2) and the change in Sandalphon's Revive skill. Actually Zhuzhen's 'Corpse Arm' AOE will be useful in his mid-game. I wanted to push the last 3 abilities for endgame since it starts with Alice's Arc and it's way too soon for her to learn it 35 levelled. The ideal level to face Amon in the last storyline dungeon before Float is 70 so I saw this as a clear sign that players should aim to be at that level before facing him. And since the last ability learned is Keith's 'Gift' which he learns at 49 levelled in the original it was clear I wanted to double the level amount. The enemies in Nemeton Underground should prove to be rather difficult so it's only natural to level some to keep up with the game. In my opinion the different in-battle effect items only add to the gameplay. If they were to be taken off the game would feel more bland. It works in Covenant cause the battle system is more fast paced and interesting. In SH2 you will be using more different buffs and effects in the form of different Crest Magic and Fusions where in SH1 you will be only using the set character abilities and 1 Fusion monster per battle. I guess Shadow Hearts came a bit under marketed and without a doubt FFX overshadowed it with a heavy hand. I find Shadow Hearts story to be excellent with Yuri as one if not the best characters I've experienced in a videogame.
  2. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    There's tons of little items with effects in Shadow Hearts that i have never even used. Flash Badges happen to be one of them. None of the items should make this mod overly easy since the enemies have dramatically higher stats. And since players need to be pretty much maxed out at the end I wanted to leave options for those who keep having hard time. I did some other changes than just up the enemy stats. I made the characters learn their 3 last abilities later in the game (multiplied levels by 2). Those that would learn ability at lvl 32 will learn it at lvl 64. I also changed Sandalphon fusion's Revive ability (ring and spell status). These changes are listed in my original post. I'm not very good at modding these games tbh. Shadow Hearts series is super easy to mod overall. Every value is clear and easily accessible in the game iso. But like I have stated before I prefer to have these games as close to the originals as possible with only game-breaking stuff addressed. I think these games are very well designed overall (even this 1st Shadow Hearts).
  3. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    I really enjoyed that video, well done ^^ That dungeon is one creepy place with exceptionally tough enemies. About the pit fights. That's weird. They should be challenging at least to some degree. Some of the enemies remained untouched (mainly the different versions of Wind Shear) but most of them are from the main campaign with the more recent ones being tougher. LiLi is the toughest of the bunch. I did a test run with Zhuzhen and he's only able to beat her after Kowloon (about lvl 27). But I'm pretty sure Yuri is able to beat her at about 22 leveled.
  4. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Hey. Well done. I hope you don't feel too bad about using the Flash Badges. I've never used them but they seem to help if you're lower than the recommended levels. I think you can do the Shanghai pit fights immediately when they become available. I'm not completely sure about that tbh but that's what I think. You must do them before entering Kuihai Tower if I remember correctly. You should be able to do them at least at that point.
  5. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.0

    Hey again Ronlyn. I hope your weekend is going smoothly. There might be a way if the version is NTSC-U. It all depends whether the code sections are in exact same places in the game images. Even if they're not you should be able to paste the edited changes into the undub version if both the original and undub version are same region (in this case NTSC-U). However in order to do so you will need to compare the 'orig. unmodded Covenant' and 'unmodded undub Covenant' to find the changes between them. I think you will need a program called "delta maker" in order to do this. Once delta maker has created you a file that is used to change 'orig. unmodded Covenant' into 'unmodded undub Covenant' you can do that even with the 'orig. modded Covenant'. The change that occurs will not affect the modded values, and even if they're not in same places in the code they will be moved automatically. I think the program you need is delta maker. I have been modding FFX International undub and I'm able to transfer the modded values the same way between the 2. Edit: I think the program is called "delta patcher". Haven't been using that in a while but if you need help in this matter I can get more deep into it.
  6. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Making the characters always get turns before the enemies removes the challenge from fights to the point of making them boring imo. The normal encounters already have 3x their original hp, starting from Smuggler's Boat 4x and the late game enemies 6x. As long as you're in high enough levels you will find the normal foes bearable. However one is still able to play the mod on lower levels but with added challenge. In the suggested levels the enemies with highest agl get the initiative as often as the player's character with highest agl value. I wanted to make it this way. I'm sorry if it bothers you. In low levels the foes also deal more damage and they'll be able to one shot party members if they happen to get crits with their basics.
  7. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Hey again. Looks like you've made some good progress. You're way lower level than what is intended at this point. But if you're fine with that don't let it bother you. It's simply just the optimal level before taking on the bosses, nothing too serious. The bosses' HP is often multiplied by 1.5 (which was the case with Yamaraja) and sometimes by 2. Here are the suggested levels before entering the bosses: Plains: 5 Zhaoyang Village: 9 Fengtian Sewers: 16 Dalian: 18 Smuggler's Ship: 20 Trials 1: 20 Trials 2: 22 Trials 3: 22 Kowloon Fortress: 27 Kuihai Tower: 38 Bistritz: 41 Blue Castle: 44 Rouen: 49 Orphanage: 55 Mental Hospital: 60 Nemeton Underground: 70 Doll House & Float 1: 79 Cave Temple & Float 2: 89 Ancient Ruins & float 3: 99 Basically when everyone on your team is at these levels it's optimal to take the next boss. I upped the exp and cash received in all the areas. In some more and in some less. Especially in the areas where you need to level up more you will receive more than in some other areas. But yeah, you don't necessarily need to be in those levels. And you're right, 'Heaven's Fiend' is very important fusion on Yuri early on. Alice will also be very important later on with her 'Gospel' and 'Arc' spells. This is basically the game where you want to have Yuri and Alice on your party until the end. Halley is the default for 3rd and is probably the best choice since he also has revive and healing spell and also 'Black Hole'. He is simply the best for 3rd but other choices may work as well.
  8. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Hi again Ronlyn and thank you for giving my mod a whirl! I'll try to answer to everything you have pointed out while trying to help at the same time. Siberian Express: There are never 4 Wind Shears in one group in the train. It's always either 1 or 2. Yuri should be fine as a by-passer. Plains: Lvl 1 Alice will always be able to survive with at least 1 HP even if the 'Vampire Bat' (the strongest enemy in the area) happens to hit with critical. As long as you have full health and mana before the fights you will be able to survive every time as long as you play correctly. Even as only Yuri and Alice. If you run the game on PCSX2 you can test this out by making a save state after a surprise attack. I have tested this in every single area of the game. As long as you have the best weapons/armor at that point you won't see a game over screen. However there are all of these things to take in consideration along with being on correct levels and having enough items if you need to use them. Zhaoyang Village: I decided not to buff the health of the 'Hellcats' since I thought of them as children compared to the rest of the enemies. Yuri will be able to one shot the 'Green Flyer' enemies with his Earth element monster's magic spell. Which you should be doing especially before you get Zhuzhen on your party. I wanted to keep the game experience as close to the original as possible without changing status effects / shop prices or anything like that. It is also my way of respecting the vision of the people who created this game. You are not expected to buy any protective accessories at Zhaoyang Village other than Bandannas. Later on in the game you will be able to buy way more freely. Just measure what things are more important or if you want you can alternatively grind until you are able to buy everything. It is optimal to fight the 'Felinus' boss at lvl9 (same as Yamaraja). I'm sorry for making you feel awful while playing through my mod. I hope you will start liking it more if you decide to continue another time. -Zed
  9. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Alice is the squishiest party member followed by Zhuzhen so yeah she'll be taking a lot of beating in this mod sadly :(((. You're supposed to be lvl 5 before entering the Raging Tiger boss. Overall there's some leveling required here and there. You will also need to be buying more items throughout the game since enemies and bosses take longer to defeat. I'm sorry if you feel overwhelmed by that. Magic overall is more powerful than basic attacks so you might be able to one shot some foes with Yuri's fusion monsters' magic spells. And it's pretty much always better to have Yuri transformed since it gives him extra stats.
  10. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Hey, ronlyn. This is not an extremely hard modification. Just somewhat challenging (like my other Shadow Hearts mods) while still being fun to play so there shouldn't be much problems. The last bosses can get more brutal if you've gotten used to power level since they're supposed to be done maxed. Then again you can still use the 'Seal' items to power up (which are not required to beat the game at lv 99).
  11. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v4.0

    Hey, thanks for giving my mods a go yep you are supposed to be 8 levelled before that boss. And since both of them are able to use magic it's better to have Gepetto with the non-elemental dress. That's actually the first boss that has significantly higher agility. You will be needing enough Thera items in the bosses to come along with Talismans (in late bosses you have powerful healing magic so that's not as prevalent then). I suggest you keep several save files just in case for there will be segments in the game where you're trapped on boss and can't buy items before beating them (one wouldn't necessarily notice these points in the game since the game is so easy). Let me know if you need help on anything. I'll be glad to help ;P
  12. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Lol. It seems all the old school horror games tended to have weird dialogue at least in some point. I guess the whole weirdness makes them more scary.
  13. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Lol. Koudelka has its' charms in the whole dark evil setting and all. And actually I don't have the same complaints about the game most people do. For example I don't care about the slower paced gameplay (due to technical stuff). The problems are pretty much all on the modding end. I'll probably totally skip Koudelka in my list of projects and focus on something else instead.
  14. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.0

    Hey, thanks a lot for the interest! Give them a go if you feel like it ^^ Shadow Hearts is my favorite RPG series and they hold a big place in my heart, that's why I've made mod for all of them. I've been thinking about modding Koudelka too but that game seems really hard to mod. At least I can't find the enemy data in that game.