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  1. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    This mod is getting huge update that will change much more than what I've done with previous versions. But I want it to be as perfect as I can possibly do and I prefer to not having to update it much after that. I'm currently working on that and try to avoid the hook that is League of Legends. There's no estimate when it will come out but it will at some point unless something bad happens to me. Hopefully not. Shadow Hearts is on hold until I get this out, sorry FF8 and SH:C are my most favorite games so this mod means a lot to me.
  2. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    Well yeah I replayed the mod again and felt it was too grindy this time around and took the advice. This version of the mod is basically the best version with everything better and more together. Characters have their pros and cons and using Seals just removes that balance. Of course I can understand those who want to use them, it was just my decision to remove their effect. Having the best Fusions before the end of disc 1 is way overkill for this mod imo. You can still do that but not while my mod is on. You can leave feedback on the mod if you want. I'm not really expecting anything though. Just have fun xd. In bosses I use the party members best suitable for them (with everyone equally leveled). I use all the buffs that work well for the bosses. Gale, Shield, Barrier, Rage is the basic deal for many bosses. In wolf bouts I often use Gale and Shield. As for the bosses that use Energy Charge I only use Gale and Rage. Using Energy Charge can be a waste unless you're sure you are able to attack on next turn. Basically I use that only on the pit fights since they're easier and I can destroy fast. I don't use Mind's Eye since I like seeing the strike areas. And Keys take turns away so you gotta be careful not to overdo it. I think I started using 3rd Keys in King Solomon and the bosses after that.
  3. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    Hey Shaggy, hope things will go right for you with the studies. There will be extra grinding required at the optional dungeons, but it's still way less than in v5.0 since the dungeons give 3x the exp instead of 2x. Manmariana Island enemies give 3x exp so getting 3 levels there should go pretty well with the exploring. I hope you like the new changes I made and that you enjoy the mod more overall.
  4. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    v5.6 changes the "max level mod". Now Ifrit and the Sorceress bosses after Adel have max level while scaling to player's level instead of having fixed level. With this change now the only fixed level fights in the "max level mod" are the bosses in the final dungeon.
  5. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    v5.5 is an important update: Hit, Eva & Luck Magic Junctions and Ability Junctions halved. Zell's 'My Final Heaven' finisher buffed and Rinoa's 'Invincible Moon' now grants Protect, Shell, Regen & Aura. 'Defend' command no longer denies physical damage, but instead grants 'Protect' on all characters. This is very useful and works well for example vs Omega Weapon and also on random encounters where you would have to use 3 turns to cast Protect on everyone. Omega Weapon's 'Terra Break' power halved, now dealing a little over 1k per hit on characters with Protect applied. I noticed Quistis' 'Degenerator' kept missing a lot so i nerfed all enemies' Expulsion resistance and it should be better now. 'Cover' changed into doing nothing for now. I have plans to make the characters with that ability receive full damage instead of half but I haven't figured out how, so it's on hold for now.
  6. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    I'm glad you've found enjoyment amidst all the brutality. I still need to make a peace with my Shadow Hearts demons before I can rest in peace. I now focus on my SH1 mod again while pending help for my ff8 project on another forum. Hope you like my new SH:C edition too btw. Haven't gotten any comments on it yet so I don't know what people think about it.
  7. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    Another ff8 update: v5.3 makes Rapture & LV? Death probability abilities instead of 100% hit/miss. Since enemies have high death and expulsion resistance these abilities now sometimes work and sometimes don't. I also upped enemies slow and expulsion resistance by 5 %. Also removed 'Vit 0' effect from Quistis Bad Breath (yeah I noticed it only just now, baka me).
  8. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    Hi again. I've been busy updating my ff8 mod lately. v5.2 makes the final dungeon enemies scale above player's average level (same deal as Deep Sea Research Center) making the fights more exciting and give out more exp. Another change is Granaldo and Raldo are now weak to Gravity damage. They're really almost impossible to defeat at high levels cause of their crazy Vit and Spr values so now they're fixed. I looked up all other enemies and there shouldn't be any more problems like that. Another past boss the sorceress from the future likes to throw at us is Oilboyle which does have high Vit but can be dispatched with magic.
  9. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    I've noticed bosses have started missing their ailment inducing abilities cause of the changes I made to the offensive status magic in v4.8. v5.1 fixes that by returning the status magic and items back to 100% effective state. This makes bosses hit with status effects everytime when there's no protection. To contrast this change I upped all enemies' status defenses.
  10. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    I'm sorry for making another update almost immediately, but I accidentally upped the early bosses hp when they should've remained untouched. v5.0 fixes that. I had to make the update to live with myself. Weekends!
  11. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    Another ff8 update. v4.9 nerfs various Limit Breaks (they're listed in the main post). Also now various bosses have 3 x their original hp. Some remained untouched. I'll be back with updates if I find something I want to change.
  12. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.6

    I come a bit late to update this mod but better late than never! v4.8 changes Status Attack Junction strength to 33% instead of the previous 50% of the original. I had Status Magic effectiveness untouched for some reason. Now Status Magic effectiveness is 33% of the original just like when used as 100 spells Junction. This also makes Rinoa's Angel Wing status stuff whiff at times (as intended).
  13. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    Hi again Shaggy. Give it a go when you feel like it. I'm just happy people are giving my mods a go and thanks. I didn't plan to release it on my bday it just happened to go right.
  14. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    v6.05 is tiny update that changes Rhondda Mine's enemies' str & int multipliers from 1.4 & 1.68 to 1.3 & 1.56. This prevents Lambton Worm from one shotting Blanca with lucky crits. Sometimes I miss something like this and come back to update my previous projects. I've also started working on less grindy and better version of my SH1 Imbroglio mod.
  15. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    Some more info to make things more clear: Fusion battles go as follows: Earth, Light and Dark before the bosses in Idar Flamme (do Earth and Light here so you get Arc Shield and Arc Barrier. After Rasputin go get 3rd Soul Drop to do the Dark battle). Water before Terada in Mikasa, Fire before Kouenki in Inugami Village and Wind before the baby boss in Queen's Garden. After clearing the main story boss in Queen's Garden you can immediately take on 'Guardian' there. You can take on 'Kouenki 2' immediately after beating 'Garan 3'. Dark Seraphim, King Solomon and Man Festival can be done after clearing the boss in Neam Ruins Underground. I did the final boss at around 95 level so it can be done before lvl 99 but it still hits hard so maxing out is the best course of action.