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  1. Alice is the squishiest party member followed by Zhuzhen so yeah she'll be taking a lot of beating in this mod sadly :(((. You're supposed to be lvl 5 before entering the Raging Tiger boss. Overall there's some leveling required here and there. You will also need to be buying more items throughout the game since enemies and bosses take longer to defeat. I'm sorry if you feel overwhelmed by that. Magic overall is more powerful than basic attacks so you might be able to one shot some foes with Yuri's fusion monsters' magic spells. And it's pretty much always better to have Yuri transformed since it gives him extra stats.
  2. Hey, ronlyn. This is not an extremely hard modification. Just somewhat challenging (like my other Shadow Hearts mods) while still being fun to play so there shouldn't be much problems. The last bosses can get more brutal if you've gotten used to power level since they're supposed to be done maxed. Then again you can still use the 'Seal' items to power up (which are not required to beat the game at lv 99).
  3. Hey, thanks for giving my mods a go yep you are supposed to be 8 levelled before that boss. And since both of them are able to use magic it's better to have Gepetto with the non-elemental dress. That's actually the first boss that has significantly higher agility. You will be needing enough Thera items in the bosses to come along with Talismans (in late bosses you have powerful healing magic so that's not as prevalent then). I suggest you keep several save files just in case for there will be segments in the game where you're trapped on boss and can't buy items before beating them (one wouldn't necessarily notice these points in the game since the game is so easy). Let me know if you need help on anything. I'll be glad to help ;P
  4. Lol. It seems all the old school horror games tended to have weird dialogue at least in some point. I guess the whole weirdness makes them more scary.
  5. Lol. Koudelka has its' charms in the whole dark evil setting and all. And actually I don't have the same complaints about the game most people do. For example I don't care about the slower paced gameplay (due to technical stuff). The problems are pretty much all on the modding end. I'll probably totally skip Koudelka in my list of projects and focus on something else instead.
  6. Hey, thanks a lot for the interest! Give them a go if you feel like it ^^ Shadow Hearts is my favorite RPG series and they hold a big place in my heart, that's why I've made mod for all of them. I've been thinking about modding Koudelka too but that game seems really hard to mod. At least I can't find the enemy data in that game.
  7. Thanks for the rep guys^^ I forgot to mention the enemies also have higher agility. I updated the info to my first message.
  8. Hello and welcome! This is my difficulty modification for the first Shadow Hearts I named 'Imbroglio'. It alters enemies making them have more health, agility, strength and magic. In addition to the stats increase I changed Sandalphon's 'Revive' ability. Now it doesn't revive and heal party to full health, but instead revives and heals the amount based on Yuri's magical power, just like the Light class fusions before it. Another change is that characters learn their 3 last skills way later (when Alice learned 'Arc' before at 35 levelled now she learns it 70 levelled instead). You are required to be higher level than before in order to progress in the game. Increased experience and cash from enemies will help in that. You have better chances at the final boss the higher level you are and the more sidequests you have completed. It is recommended to do the final boss maxed out (99 lvl). I wasn't able to find the values for the scaling enemies from the code so those remain unchanged unless some helpful person will be able to help me in that. Fortunately those are only the Fusion battles and the Malice lowering battles (and also the scaled Fox Face if you dare facing him). Give my mod a go if you feel like it. You need to have the original disc image of Shadow Hearts NTSC-U. Then patch that image with the file from the zip using 'ppf-o-matic' tool. Here's the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/see5y0jrhxgjsr8/shadow_hearts_ntsc-u_imbroglio_1_0.zip
  9. Hey guys. It's me again with v2.5 of the mod. This is an important update that modifies the Purgatory dungeon foes. Yes, Purgatory is finally done! I'm happy I've finally finished it. It was lots of work with trial and error. Another change is slight nerf to Q the Great's Intelligence (now goes with 1.8 x multiplier (same as Strength)). I'm probably going to continue working on the 1st Shadow Hearts game next.
  10. Hi guys. Another quick update on the mod. v2.1 tones down Malice Gilbert's madness (agl down) and Jonin's HP is now lower (in line with the other last duels) but his agl goes up. I'm very close to starting modding Purgatory now. Then again I need to play through it just as much as I mod the enemies so it's gonna take a while.
  11. Hello NGPlus. I've been doing some precise testing on the enemies' power levels in SH:FtNW and came up with patch v2.0. This is an important update that buffs random encounter enemies' power (especially magic power). In addition I made 'Jonin' and 'Q The Great' tougher. Purgatory is still underway. I updated my SH:C mod which halted the progress of this mod. I apologize for that. I will now be focusing on this mod and will be working my way towards Purgatory. Anyway I hope you like the changes I made in this update.
  12. Hello fellow Godslayers. It's me with a somewhat important update to this mod. I've done some precise testing on the enemies' power levels and found out more monsters could one shot the party members than I initially thought. What I did with v4.0 was lower the enemies' physical damage so they won't be able to one shot anyone if they happen to get a lucky critical strike as long as the player is not too far from the set level. In addition I adjusted their magic power based on their physical stats. The magic damage they deal is pretty much the same as before. These changes are not made to remove challenge from the mod, but only to balance things out and make the game more enjoyable. I also balanced the early bosses based on the changes I did to the random encounters. None of the bosses after 'Mother Filaria' were altered, with the only exception the 'Fuujin & Raijin' boss near the end. They have slightly lower physical damage now. With that said they will combo you to death if you don't have defense up. Also, the 'Gigafilaria' gatekeepers now have slightly lower hp, so those that can deal high damage will be able to one shot them. Give my updated mod a try if you feel like it. I will now be focusing on From the New World where I will be making changes to the normal enemies similarly as I have done here.
  13. Don't worry you're not rambling at all! I need to go back to my Covenant mod and edit it a bit since I noticed Anastasia gets one shot if Victor happens to crit. This shouldn't be the case with this mod since I made more calculations with the damage outputs and found correct multipliers to apply. The 3 Shadow Hearts games enemies have all kinda similar power levels and I've learned to look at things more critically while modding this one.
  14. Hey no probs. I like to make JRPGs harder. They seem to be the easiest genre out of all games since they're made really easy for some reason. Shadow Hearts series is really great imo. Also check out my Shadow Hearts Covenant mod if you feel like it. Anyway I hope you have great fun with the mod.