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By far my most ambitious project to date, Brave New World began as a joint effort between myself and a coder by the name of Synchysi to completely overhaul perhaps one of the most beloved entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series. It's since grown into a massive community project that's exceeded every expectation I could have possibly dreamed of. The end result is the product of hundreds upon thousands of man-hours from dedicated fans and something I am extremely proud to have been a part of.

Brave New World features...

  • Individualized spell lists and multiple stat growth options for each character
  • Re-coded formulas that promote diversity and allow stats to function as they should
  • Completely re-balanced equipment, items, spells, and skills - and brand-new enemies to use them on
  • Fixes for all major (and most minor) bugs along with a vast multitude of quality-of-life enhancements
  • ...much more!

But even though much has changed, I think one player put it best when he wrote, "...the goal seems to be to celebrate what makes FFVI the game it is, rather than undoing it and making an entirely new game out of it." Beyond all else, Brave New World is everything I feel that Final Fantasy VI could have been had Squaresoft had all of the time and resources available to them that we have today. And now, thanks to the efforts of the amazing community that has grown around this mod, it finally has the chance to be exactly that.

What's New in Version 2.1.0   See changelog


 • The ATB bar now decrements to show the delay between command input and execution

 • Esper summon effects are now shown in the EL/spell acquisition submenu

 • Wagers are no longer lost at the Colosseum if you lose the battle

 • Defending now doubles a character's chances to cover healthy allies

 • Celes now remains in her "Defend" stance as long as Runic is active

 • The "Blind" status now affects your chance to successfully steal

 • Increased the damage reduction for "friendly fire" from 50% to 75%

 • Enemies can no longer counter-attack counter-attacks

 • Enemies who counter X-Magic now do so after the first spell rather than the second

 • Elemental attacks which are nulled or absorbed no longer attempt to set statuses

 • Golem no longer blocks non-damaging attacks or inherits resistances from its protectee

 • Abilities which cure HP and remove statuses now work properly on petrified characters

 • Fixed the exploit where status-prevention relics would cure negative statuses

 • Fixed a rare bug where MP would fail to update correctly in the battle spell menu

 • Subsequent EL resets are now properly denied if the player lacks sufficient funds

 • Cyan's starting vigor is now correctly set to 42 (instead of 43)

 • The Scan spell now displays HP and MP values for non-boss enemies

 • Changed the palette of the Storm spell to better indicate that it's both wind and water elemental

 • Fractional damage attacks will now do minor damage to bosses rather than missing

 • Swapped the immunity to Blind on Siren with the immunity to Bserk on Stray

 • The "Stop" effect on Suplex and the "Muddle" effect on Flurry now check enemy stamina for evasion

 • The "7-7-7" Slots spin now heals just as much HP as a losing spin instead of slightly less

 • Bad Breath no longer incorrectly sets Sap

 • Plasma is now just water damage (was water/bolt)

 • Toxic Frog is now water/dark elemental (was just dark)

 • The Water Rondo dance is no longer permanently missable

 • Raised the attack of the Rune Blade to 150 (from 140)

 • Attack is no longer capped at 255; this mostly affects the Excalibur (now 225 attack)

 • The Kunai and Ninjato now correctly possess the "anti-air" property

 • The Tarot is now properly flagged as Holy elemental

 • The Punisher now correctly grants the critical damage bonus to the Dark spell

 • The Cursed Shield now correctly sets Sap instead of Condemned

 • The Multiguard now blocks rather than absorbs Fire/Ice/Bolt

 • The White Cape now blocks Stop instead of Bserk (and in addition to Imp/Mute)

 • Renamed the Storm Belt (now Psycho Belt) to something more indicative of its true function

 • The Megalixir now removes all negative statuses in addition to restoring all HP/MP

 • Undead enemies are no longer inherently immune to Stop

 • Rewrote the "ATB tutorial" gimmick back into Whelk's script

 • Crawlers no longer use Magnitude on low-level parties

 • The South Figaro basement is no longer accessible prior to Locke's scenario

 • Adjusted the timer in Phantom's script (should prevent "cheap" RNG deaths)

 • Death by sap/poison/counter-attack no longer prevents the dying attack of "Giant" enemies

 • Fixed a error in Dadaluma's script when attempting to target invisible characters

 • Slightly rewrote 024's script to further reinforce the battle's intended mechanic

 • Changed the behavior of the Cyborg/Robot/Android enemy group when hit with bolt damage

 • The "Tek Armor" enemy group should no longer be able to set barrier on other enemies

 • Lowered the magic defense of the Wight/Wraith/Revenant enemy group

 • Kudzu and Locusts can now be encountered in the WoR so that their rages are no longer missable

 • The "Ninja" enemy group can no longer re-vanish as a counter to having the status cleared

 • Behemoths and Diablos are now correctly immune to Sleep and are slightly less spammy with Meteo

 • Slightly adjusted Atma's script to further reinforce the battle's intended mechanic

 • Fixed a bug in the Tentacle battle where characters seized at full ATB would freeze when discarded

 • Tentacles C and D now have the correct defense and magic defense, respectively

 • Fixed a bug where Chesticle's shell was using incorrect or no attacks

 • Removed inherent regen (which damages the undead) from Belladonna and Nightshade

 • Parasoul is no longer incorrectly immune to Stop

 • The Hoodwink and Windrunner enemies no longer always open with Blight

 • Curly now heals Larry and Moe more frequently

 • The merchant in Cyan's Nightmare now has better merchandise

 • Wrexsoul now correctly drops Force Armor instead of Genji Armor

 • Removed the new Ebot's Rock save point as it was no longer needed

 • The Hidonites are now properly flagged as undead

 • Fixed a targeting error in Hidon's script and made it less likely to miss learning Shield

 • Changed the Sketch results for Hidon and Guardian to something more (potentially) useful

 • Changed the overworld sprites of the elemental dragons to more correctly match their color

 • The White and Green Dragons now lose the sap status when healing themselves instead of gaining regen

 • A certain boss is no longer mandatory once triggered and now better telegraphs its moves

 • Fixed an oversight in Asura's script which allowed her to potentially use N.Cross twice in a row

 • Reduced the overall damage output of the "Face" component in the first phase of the final battle

 • Fixed an error in Kefka's script that was causing Meteor to be cast more frequently than intended

 • Fixed several other minor bugs

    --> Fixed two minor visual bugs relating to cover
    --> The save point in the Ancient Castle is now the correct color
    --> The Lich and Kudzu rages are now listed in correct (alphabetical) order
    --> The Mute status no longer prevents Gau/Gogo from using Aqualung with the Chimera rage
    --> The 5x Chickenlip and 5x Anemone formations are now leapable and will appear on the Veldt
    --> Fixed minor visual glitches with two enemy formations (Tyrano/Troll and L1/L2 Mage)
    --> Set the correct enemy to be fought for betting a Life Bell at the Colosseum
    --> Set the correct battle entrance animation for Zone Eater and Land Worms
    --> Spellcasting animations should no longer persist through death
    --> Corrected the menu description for Raze to include the wind element
    --> Corrected the description for a certain key item to include its second effect
    --> Corrected the value of a certain hidden rare item (0 -> 2)
    --> Corrected the description of Lifeshaver in the (Unlockme) Printme

 • Clarified several pieces of advice (including the post-Zozo cutscene) and some weapon descriptions

 • Improved several minor bits of dialogue

 • Renamed a certain minor character

 • Added a textless patch to the Unlockme and an Italian translation

 • Added an optional multitap patch to support up to 4 players

 • Made a small improvement to the New Game Plus patch

 • Fixed some minor errors/typos in the BNWCP and Printme

 • Added a deleted scene to the Unlockme.txt file

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