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Found 24 results

  1. Hello! I played this mod wayyyy back in version 1.3 (i think, can't quite remember) when it was hosted on insane difficulty. I am very excited to try v 1.9. I noticed that there is a v 1.10 in production which I am very excited to try out as well. I have a suggestion: Have any of the developers considered a new game plus type mode? Not a new game plus exactly, but basically a separate patch that is identical to current BNW patch, except that the level cap and esper point cap is removed. I think that would be fun, something that could be unlocked with the unlockme password. Thoughts?
  2. Version 0.782


    Chrono Cross meets Bravely Default in this re-imagination of Final Fantasy 5 with additional jobs and mechanics. The main ideas were to make the battles more dynamic and give each character more, well, character. As a result of that every character has now access to an individualized job list of 21 out of total 31 jobs (freelancer is NOT available) while each job level now has a permanent impact on a character's stats. For example klutz Bartz can not be a chemist and Lenna hasn't in her to go Berserker. More dynamic battles are achieved via !Brave, !Def and field elements. Move a future turn to now with !Brave or take two turns at a later point with !Def while modifying the field elements to your liking with each skill or ability used. Changed field elements affect damage, healing and status effect chance. major features: all party members can be renamed at any time difficulty can be adjusted via in-game menu elements play a larger role extending to every item, ability, status effect and monster rebalance of equipment, spells, abilities and enemies several additional jobs and reworks of existing jobs instead of helm, armor and relic you can now equip 3 relics relics add a mix of resistances, weaknesses and power bonuses to same-element attacks spells scale with weapon power keeping them relevant until the end spell lists have been altered, e.g. Fire1/2/3 was reduced to just Fire and there are now new spells replacing the missing spells items are not consumed but introduce a cooldown on !Item, !Mix, !Drink and !Throw auto-heal some HP after battle victory (trade-off for disabled potions) ATB does not proceed until the currently active actor is finished with their turn, but then moves instantly to the next event most importantly - a New Game Plus mode!
  3. Version


    This mod is no longer in development. Official homepage for 1.3 is no longer available.
  4. Version 26.0.1


    FFT Rumble Chaos Crashdown Randomizer Version: 26 Date: October 7, 2016 URL: Contact: How To Use Running the randomizer: Windows users may use the executable file, "fft_rcc.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7. Source ISO file: The randomizer will ask for a filename. Place your Final Fantasy Tactics ISO in the same directory as "fft_rcc.exe" and input the name of the file. You must include the file extension (ex: fft.img). Please note that the randomizer needs 1 GB of free space to create the randomized ISO. The ISOs used for testing have the following hashes: MD5 - b156ba386436d20fd5ed8d37bab6b624 aefdf27f1cd541ad46b5df794f635f50 3bd1deebc5c5f08d036dc8651021affb (J) CRC32 - 377f6510 8ab1b7b1 a6361fd1 (J) If your file is about 517 MB then it's probably correct. The Japanese version is the Square Millennium Collection edition (1.1). This is the version more commonly used by Japanese hackers. The original Japanese version will not work. Flags: Input the following flags to customize your RUMBLE CHAOS CRASHDOWN experience. u Randomize enemy and ally units. j Randomize job stats and JP required for skills. i Randomize innate properties of jobs. s Randomize job skillsets. a Randomize abilities, including CT, MP cost, etc. y Randomize ability and weapon status effects. r Randomize job requirements and job level JP. t Randomize trophies, poaches, and move-find items. p Randomize item prices and shop availability. w Randomize weapon and item stats. m Randomize monster stats and skills. c Randomize battle music. f Randomize enemy and ally formations. z Enable special surprises. o Enable autoplay cutscenes. Seed value: Input a seed value here, or leave it blank if you don't care. Chaos multiplier: This is a difficulty setting for RCC. It mainly affects enemy stats and the level of treasure you acquire. The standard difficulty is 1.0, with 0.5 being quite easy and 1.5 being quite hard. Difficulty scales quadratically with the chaos multiplier, so don't raise it too high! Output files: The randomizer will output a new, randomized ISO with the seed in the filename. If you choose to randomize job requirements, it will also output a text file with the new job requirements inside. Special Thanks And Contributors Ryason55 - Contributed the code to randomize item/equipment stats and weapon/ability status effects, plus bugfixes.
  5. Edit: download in new main topic So I got the feeling that the increasingly misnamed Final Fantasy series is wholly underrepresented on this site at only 5 out of 13 uploaded mods. Jokes aside, I wanna brainstorm some ideas what could be done with this game. 1) MP/action economy Battle starts with 0 MP, except for certain class bonus (below) and some equipment. ELEMENT1 spells would cost 0 MP, stronger and more specific spells > 0. Magic damage would have to be reworked so that even the lowest spells remain relevant. Guarding would grant 100 MP, next to the usual recovery options like Ethers and Osmose. If MP is at least 100 at the end of a turn, that character skips wait and immediatly gets to act again. If you're seeing parallels to Bravely Default, it was kinda the inspiration. To make that relevant, a form of nATB is required. And yes, that makes the Quick spell useless. Replace it and be happy over some freed RAM. 2) classes We have 4 characters and all have access to the same 22 classes, including Freelancer and Mime. No more! Noone gets to keep the Hobo class, they learned a profession after all Aside from that, I'd block 6 classes per character, so each one has 15 classes to choose from. E.g. Bartz can never be a Chemist while Lenna just doesn't have it in her to go Berserker. Less breakage, more character diversity. Each class gets to teach 7 abilities, some duplicates across classes for the basics, but the heavy stuff like !X-Fight and !X-Magic should stay unique and as a 7th ability. Additionally stupid stuff like White1-6 goes and only teaches White once. You don't have to learn 6 times how to wield a sword either, neither has !Blue that problem. Changing into a class no longer changes stats, instead levelling a class grants permanent stat bonuses, 3 out of HP, MP (starting bonus and max), STR, AGL, MAG, VIT. Duplicates possible. E.g. each level of Monk gives +2x VIT and +1x HP (30 HP before VIT %bonus) ABP required should not be based on which ability you learn next but purely on how many class levels you already have. 3) items Consumables aren't used up, instead you get a cooldown during which you can't use !Item. Higher item stacks increase effect or lower cooldown. E.g. 1x Potion heals 30 HP, 99x Potion 2000 HP. Would probably require to prohibit out of battle healing coupled with a free mini heal after victory. 4) equipment Equipment is changed from Helm, Armor and Relic to 3x Relic. Non-shields would have to get renamed. 5) elements Everything could get one of the eight elements this game has instead of 90% neutral. Weapons could belong to one element per type, i.e. swords would be fire except for special cases. Armors for defensive obviously, each element would give 2 resistances and 2 weaknesses, mix gear badly and you're suddenly weak to 6 elements. The only thing I'd allow to be neutral would be the final boss. Everything else, enemy or otherwise, should have elemental affinity (i.e. weaknesses). Warning: utter drawing incompetence ahead (8x8px per icon times negative talent) to the left how it could look ingame, to the right just all 8 element icons: fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, poison, holy
  6. Version 1.5


    This mod is also hosted on Qhimm Forums:
  7. Pretty clear that I am incapable of finishing projects, so this is probably dead. I may not even be alive to finish it soon anyway.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    A small project I developed a while ago, this is a mod based on the infamous challenge-restriction run called Necrosis MO for FF7 that sets up unique conditions under which players must beat the game. The set-up is this: Every character that joins the player's party starts with 9999HP and 999MP; however, all healing has been disabled in the game meaning that any damage you take or MP you expend is permanently lost. To beat the game, you'll need to carefully manage your resources and avoid wasteful MP expenditure or excessive damage. You have free access to all commands and equipment, but bear in mind some effects are now useless (Cure, for instance, will not heal). Sources to raise stats have also been disabled. To install, extract the contents of the .zip and run the installer; specify the FF7/DATA folder of your game's installation. Remember to go into the installer's properties and unblock/run as admin if needed. If you find any bugs or discover a means with which to recover HP/MP then let me know so I can make adjustments. Good luck!
  9. I'm a longtime lurker-but-never-poster of InsaneDifficulty. I've always been a big fan of the site and the concept in general, as it's given me a way to stay connected with and continue to enjoy games I grew up loving. But I've never understood the lack of modding for FF5. I assume it's because it wasn't released in the west during that era so it doesn't have the nostalgia effect that FF4 or FF6 have for most people. I know it's harder to get into older games when you don't have the binding effect of nostalgia. And of course the story and characters are kinda meh. But IMO it has some of the best game play and replay value of any of the older FFs. I've played through so many different types of playthroughs, with random jobs, crappy jobs, all mages, all melee, etc. I love it when a game has interesting equipment that makes a difference too. I believe there is only 1 FF5 mod and it was only half completed and I don't think it's being worked on. I'd love to see an abrasive difficulty patch. Perhaps even a patch that changes the order you get the jobs. Lastly, would it be easier to mod the PC version?
  10. Version 3.01


    This is the ASM pack used by Monster Tactics. Being in the same folder as the patch has caused some confusion, but I still want the patches available for documentation purposes and to help other modders/asm'ers. The test file and "disable game music" are not patched to MT, everything else is. Several of the hacks used in MT were created by other people, and several others were rewritten by me to work with other code I have. These are still included within the folder, but if you use them, please credit their creators and not me!
  11. FF6 Beyond Chaos Randomizer

    Version 46


    FF6 Beyond Chaos Randomizer Version: 62 Date: October 30, 2015 URL: Contact: QUICKSTART Running the randomizer: Windows users may use the executable file, "beyondchaos.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7 Source rom file: The randomizer will ask for a rom file. Beyond Chaos does not provide this rom. Put the file in the same directory as Beyond Chaos and simply input the file name. The rom used should be the FF3 US 1.0 rom. Both unheadered and headered roms will work. If you use an incorrect or modified rom, the randomizer will warn you before continuing. To be sure, you can check that your rom is correct by comparing the unheadered checksum/hash: MD5 - e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890 CRC32 - a27f1c7a Seed value: Next, the randomizer will ask for a seed value. If you don't know which seed you want, just leave this blank and the randomizer will choose one for you. The seed value is an integer number that can be used to share the same randomization with other people. It's like a signature for the game that Beyond Chaos creates. If you want to play the game along with a friend, you can use the same seed. Flags: Finally, the randomizer will ask for a list of flags. If you don't know which flags you want, just leave this blank and the randomizer will give you the standard setting: all flags. If you would like to customize your experience, here is a list of flags and what they do: o Shuffle characters' in-battle commands. w Generate new commands for characters, replacing old commands. z Always have "Sprint Shoes" effect. b Make the game more balanced by removing exploits such as Joker Doom, Vanish/Doom, and the Evade/Mblock bug. m Randomize enemy stats. c Randomize palettes and names of various things. i Randomize the stats of equippable items. q Randomize what equipment each character can wear and character stats. e Randomize esper spells and levelup bonuses. t Randomize treasure, including chests, colosseum, shops, and enemy drops. u Umaro risk. (Random character will be berserk) l Randomize blitz inputs. n Randomize window background colors. f Randomize enemy formations. s Swap character graphics around. p Randomize the palettes of spells and weapon animations. d Randomize final dungeon. a Organize rages alphabetically (default) h Organize rages by highest level first Output rom file: The randomizer generates two files, a patched rom file, and a mini-FAQ. Both files will have the seed value in their name. To play the game, load the patched rom file in your emulator. The mini-FAQ is a text file that mainly includes information about where to get items; colosseum rewards, monster steals and drops, shop info, and monster rages are all included. OVERVIEW Beyond Chaos is a randomizer, a program that remixes game content randomly, for FF6. Every time you run Beyond Chaos, it will generate a completely unique, brand-new mod of FF6 for you to challenge and explore. There are over 10 billion different possible randomizations! Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, and more. Beyond Chaos is also customizable. Using the flags in the above section, you can choose to only randomize certain parts of the game. Every flag you select will make the game a little more random, and also a little more difficult. Therefore, even experienced players should be able to find some challenge in the resulting game. As the game progresses, enemies may become more and more difficult, so that it becomes necessary to develop specialized strategies for individual formations. Because of the extent and the severity of the modifications made by Beyond Chaos, it is not recommended for competitive play. It is mainly intended for casual play, though if you would like to play it competitively anyway, go for it. Also note that there is another FF6 randomizer intended for races, made by Dessyreqt and Lenophis, that makes more conservative changes. That one is simply called "FF6 Randomizer", or "FF6 Rando Classic Original Flavor". OBJECTIVES 1. To remix game content so thoroughly that even veteran FF6 fans can feel as though they are playing the game for the first time all over again. 2. To create a challenging and festive result that encourages memorable scenarios, without making the game impossible for a casual player to complete. 3. To create a tool that is useful to the FF6 rom hacking community by being both open source and accessible, and by showing off a wide variety of potential mods. FAQ/KNOWN ISSUES Q: How do I play Beyond Chaos Ancient Cave mode? A: There are two codes you can use. "ancientcave" is for the standard Ancient Cave mode with ~200 maps and takes a very long time to complete. "speedcave" is a shorter, faster mode (~100 maps) that is designed to be completed in one sitting. Input the code in the flags. For vanilla Ancient Cave mode, I recommend using "ancientcavez". Q: How do I play Beyond Chaos Bingo? A: The code is "bingoboingo". Use the code in the flags and the randomizer will ask you some more questions when the randomization is complete. Q: I lost my seed number but I still have the rom. Can I find my seed number again? A: The seed is displayed in the auto-generated guide, in the rom's SNES header, and in the opening sequence with the magitek armor. Q: I'm at Vargas but I don't have Blitz. How do I beat him? A: You can defeat him normally without Blitz. His HP was lowered to make him beatable without much (if any) grinding. Q: How do I defeat TunnelArmr without Runic? A: Just kill it. Q: How do I defeat Ultros at the Esper's hideout without Sketch? A: Just kill it. Q: Speaking of Sketch, was the Sketch Glitch patched? A: No. Believe it or not, there are people out there who want to play using the Sketch Glitch, which is why the randomizer is based off of the FF3 US 1.0 rom. In an ideal world you would be able to choose whether or not to patch the glitch, but since there is such small demand for that kind of feature and it would take considerable effort, I haven't implemented it. Q: The Moogle Charm doesn't work. A: It was nerfed. FF6 uses a threat level based random encounter system, and Moogle Charm increases threat level by the lowest possible value without removing encounters altogether. The specifics are a bit complex, but you should think of it as having about a 1/256 encounter rate if you've been wearing it for a while. Also, some later dungeons might randomly ignore Moogle Charm altogether. Q: I'm in a dungeon and the encounter rate is insanely high. A: Some later dungeons have a chance to become high encounter rate dungeons. However, these dungeons are twice as vulnerable to the effects of Charm Bangle and Moogle Charm. Q: The switches in the final dungeon don't seem to be working. A: They work, I assure you... it seems like the game is just a bit buggy when a group it doesn't expect stands on the switch. Usually you can get it to work by cycling through every party while standing on the switch. In the worse case scenario (you rarely need to do this) have all other parties leave the room, then stand on the switch. It also seems like if there are switches on two different parties' maps, the game can get confused, but this has only happened to me once. Q: The Fanatics Tower is really long. What gives? A: I've made some changes to the Tower, with the intent to make it the most frustrating, obnoxious dungeon possible. If you're stuck, here are some hints in ROT13 format. Decode them if you're having trouble. Hint #1: Vg'f zber qvssvphyg tbvat hc guna pbzvat qbja. Hint #2: Qba'g trg qvfgenpgrq. Fgnl sbphfrq ba lbhe tbny, naq riraghnyyl lbh jvyy ernpu vg. Solution: Fbzr gernfher ebbzf ner gencf gung qebc lbh gb n ybjre yriry bs gur gbjre. Nibvq gur gernfher ebbzf naq lbh jba'g trg fghpx. Q: The old man in Narshe won't give me the Ragnarok esper. Is this a bug? A: It's not a bug. Ragnarok (esper) is at a different location. Location: Gur obff ng gur gbc bs Snangvpf Gbjre unf vg. Q: I heard that there's a secret item. How do I get it? A: Va gur svany qhatrba, gurer'f n fznyy vagrevbe ebbz jvgu n qbbe cnfg n pbairlbe oryg gung vf vanpprffvoyr. Gb ernpu gur qbbe, lbh zhfg hfr na rkcybvg gung vf abeznyyl hfrq gb fxvc Cbygetrvfg va inavyyn SS6. Ybbx hc gur Cbygetrvfg fxvc gb svaq bhg ubj gb qb gur gevpx. Q: I heard that there are secret codes. What are they? A: I'll give you the codes, but be aware that these are codes that were used during development for testing the randomizer. I make no guarantees about their playability, and it's recommended that you play through the randomizer without codes at least once before you use them. Here they are, as always, in ROT13: nvefuvc phgfprarf cneglcnegl oenirahqrjbeyq fhcyrkjerpxf fgenatrwbhearl qrnerfgzbyhyh pnaggbhpuguvf rnflzbqb abeat raqyrff9 rdhvcnalguvat pbyyngrenyqnzntr yyt anghenyzntvp anghenyfgngf cynlfvgfrys Q: What level should I be for the final dungeon? A: It really depends on your gear and what builds you have access to. I usually end up going there around level 35-40, but it doesn't hurt to have a few absurdly high level characters to tank hits. Q: Yo this is really hard. A: Yeah I guess so. I was pretty careful to make sure it was always beatable, though. Obviously the difficulty depends on your specific randomization though, so if you're having trouble, don't feel bad about using savestates or anything. I tried to design the randomizer in such a way that savestates aren't necessary, but I can't account for everything. If you encounter anything that is absolutely absurd in difficulty, please let me know so I can try to adjust the balance for future versions. Also, save often! You never know when you'll randomly encounter a boss on the overworld or in a chest. Q: I encountered <boss> as a random encounter/monster in a box! Is this a bug? A: No. Q: I can't choose my party for the final battle. Is this a bug? A: No. Q: When my character uses X ability, he attacks the enemy and then attacks his own party for low damage! Is this a bug? A: Yes! I don't know how to fix it, but it's a bit interesting in its own right, so I've been ignoring it for now. Q: It says my character can use Blitz/Lore/etc. in their skills menu, but they don't actually know it. A: This is a side effect of replacing the old commands. I'm not sure how to fix it, but it doesn't really affect the game so I haven't really looked into it. Q: I used Control on an enemy and ordered him to use a skill on his own party, but he attacked me instead! A: Some skills are just like that. They're flagged to never be used on your own party. Q: The final boss is impossible! How do I win? A: Gur orfg cerpnhgvba lbh pna gnxr vf univat rabhtu UC gb fheivir Zrgrbe (hfhnyyl nobhg 5000) naq vaihyarenovyvgl gb znal fgnghf rssrpgf, rfcrpvnyyl Fvyrapr. Xrsxn jba'g pbhagre juvyr ur'f pnfgvat Tbare naq gur fperra vf funxvat, fb guvf vf gur orfg gvzr gb fgevxr. Q: The boss of the Fanatics Tower is impossible! How do I win without Life 3? A: Gur pynffvp fgengrtl bs Enfcvat uvz gb qrngu fgvyy jbexf, naq ur vf bsgra ihyarenoyr gb Ofrex. Hfvat Cnyvqbe gb ynaq gur svany uvg pna jbex, ohg or jnel gung ur zvtug fgneg gur onggyr jvgu vaangr Yvsr 3. Nyfb, vs lbh unir n Trz Obk be fvzvyne vgrz, vg zvtug nyybj lbh gb hfr na novyvgl va gur gbjre gung lbh abeznyyl pna'g hfr... Hygvzn pna or Ehavpxrq, sbe rknzcyr. Q: Dude I've got like six cursed shields. A: Fun fact, if you equip cursed shields on multiple party members, you can uncurse one of them 2x or 3x or 4x as quickly. Q: Why can't Gogo select X ability? A: It's probably there. You just have to scroll past the edge of the menu. Unless it's an ability Shadow had and you let him die, in which case, it won't be there. Q: I just got a Game Over, but I didn't get to keep my experience levels. A: This feature was removed because it didn't work properly with one of the new esper boosts. I also wasn't very fond of it to begin with, because I would often get a Game Over and forget to reset so I don't miss out on valuable esper levels. Q: Can you add X to the mini-guide that gets generated? A: Let me know. I'm not sure what kinds of things people want in the mini-FAQ. Q: The guide says a character can learn a spell naturally, but they haven't learned it. A: Yeah, that's a bug I haven't bothered to figure out yet. I think it has to do with characters joining at a higher level than the magic they learn. They'll still learn the rest of their natural magic, though. Q: Can you add X feature? A: Maybe. I'm open to suggestions, but things that require a lot of effort probably won't get made. Q: Can I add X feature? A: Possibly! Even if I don't think it's a good idea for the standard settings, it could be a secret code. Send me a pull request to the project's Github. Q: Does Beyond Chaos work with X mod? A: Maybe, maybe not. I haven't tested Beyond Chaos with anyone else's mods. If it's an elaborate, full-game mod than the answer is no. Some small mods might be compatible, since Beyond Chaos doesn't do rom expansion or anything like that... but it uses up a lot of commonly used free space, so conflicts are likely. Q: Does Beyond Chaos work on a real Super Nintendo? A: Absolutely! Beyond Chaos has been tested on both Super Everdrive and SD2SNES, and it works 100% perfectly. Q: I found a bug! A: Send me a tweet, or a message on Twitch, or post it in one of the Beyond Chaos threads on various forums. I'll check it out. SPECIAL THANKS ffmasterfoobar - Twitch broadcaster who did a lot of playtesting for my entertainment, check out his channel Tenkarider - Romhacker who gave me lots of feedback, and creator of the Ultimate Czar Dragon hack, FF6 Curse of the Gods, and many other challenges
  12. Version 3.01


    Welcome to Ivalice! This isn't the same Ivalice you may have remembered from Vanilla FFT. So forget *almost* everything you thought you knew. Many changes have been made, not only to the battles themselves, but to the mechanics of the game. Human population has been mysteriously dying out, and monsters have taken over. You can no longer hire human units, but you can recruit monsters for free in random battles. Monsters are now dangerous - they are no longer the pathetic counter bots of vanilla. Every monster has a minimum of 4 skills, and several have far more than that. Monsters also now have greatly improved innates, including several r/s/m abilities, innate status, status/elemental resistances, etc. Due to several changes in the mod, it's a lot tougher than vanilla FFT. Most notable changes that lead to its new difficulty are the improved monsters and enemy formations in general, the enemy scaling to the party level, and shenanigans in general. If this is your first time playing a FFT mod, don't give up! It can be tough to learn at first because it's something you're not used to. Encounters have been balanced to help break bad habits taught from vanilla. If you're a vet from another mod/vanilla challenge runs, the AI hasn't been changed so you can still abuse it in many of the same ways. The #1 advice I can give any player starting out on the mod is to tooltips everything. (Press the help button over anything you want to tooltips) Literally, everything that is possible to be tooltipped (with the exception of skillset names which I'm not too sure what to put there except maybe flavor text later) now has a tooltips that tells you what you need to know. All moves have relevant flags listed. All items list the item's effect. Class/monster names list innates and where you can get them if they're recruitable. All tooltips that were wrong in vanilla have been corrected (including zodiac signs and things no longer relevant to the game). Named characters have a quote - some drop hints, while some aren't exactly serious... Many of these flags/effects/innates have been changed from vanilla so when in doubt, check the tooltips. If you see any inconsistencies in what is written on a tooltips and what something's actual effect is, let me know immediately! The #2 advice I can give any player starting out is to pay attention to everything. Things that you might have not paid attention to before, such as the CT bar, how many turns an attack takes to charge, status weaknesses, etc. become relevant in the game. Paying deep attention to stuff like how reflect and silence affects the AI, which units have a way to revive, CT on just about anything, etc. will help you learn both the AI and the basic mechanics of the game faster.
  13. Update! See this post. Hello folks! I know nobody asked for this (except me) but me and Nowea did some work this morning and figured we would release it to any interested parties. We made an eye candy patch. Terra casting Rasp on a reflective Relm, and using an Ether on Cyan (and yes, I made these using vanilla saves, hence the insanely high numbers which you would never see in BNW) This patch (re-)redecorates the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing Rflect barrier that results from using Imzogelmo's Color-coded MP Digits patch. The barrier is now a pleasant blue recolor of the green vanilla version. As a byproduct of eliminating the dark grey color from the palette, the MP healing colors (blue) look somewhat brighter and have a nice glow to them. The MP damage numerals (pink) were recolored to match. It has been (very, very briefly) tested with Brave New World 1.8.0 and vanilla FF3us 1.0. Please report any bugs you find to Seibaby on the ID Discord channel or here in this thread. Please be especially on the lookout for anything that is pinkish-maroonish but looks like it should perhaps be a dark grey. Thank you for downloading this patch and please enjoy! -- Seibaby (aka Cakes) Gonna post this up for testing or something? I demand top billing -- Nowea (If you're wondering about the distribution of work here - Nowea did all the creative stuff and Seibaby did all the hacking stuff - yay teamwork!)
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Tools that can edit Final Fantasy Tactics' sprites, data, text, code, and more.
  15. Version 1.44


    Edits Final Fantasy Tactics memory card save files. Can edit character inventory, statistics, and more.
  16. Version 1.2.1


    An Archive Extractor/Compiler for FF7 PC by Luksy on Qhimm Forums. Before working with FF7's 3D models, the archives in which they are kept need to be decompiled and then, after edits, recompiled for the game to use again. The tool handles archives with the extension of .lgp. The original release thread can be found here:
  17. Version 0.3.0


    A Limit Break Editor for FF7 PSX/PC by Bosola on Qhimm Forums. Libre modifies the Limit Breaks for the game; for the PC versions, direct the tool to ff7.exe (works with the Steam version of the .exe as well). This tool is quite old so Visual Basic powerpacks and dependency files may need to be installed/registered. The original release thread can be found here:
  18. Version 0.9.7b


    A Model Editor for FF7 PC by Borde on Qhimm Forums. Kimera is a 3D Model editor/viewer that can modify model assets used by the game's battle, field, world map, and minigame .lgp archives. It also has some limited animation editing capabilities. It is for PC assets only, and requires Visual Basic dependency files to run properly (see the thread + documentation for more information; some of the dependencies are included in the download but may need to be registered). The original release thread can be found here:
  19. Version 1.9.0


    By far my most ambitious project to date, Brave New World began as a joint effort between myself and a coder by the name of Synchysi to completely overhaul perhaps one of the most beloved entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series. It's since grown into a massive community project that's exceeded every expectation I could have possibly dreamed of. The end result is the product of hundreds upon thousands of man-hours from dedicated fans and something I am extremely proud to have been a part of. Brave New World features... Individualized spell lists and multiple stat growth options for each character Re-coded formulas that promote diversity and allow stats to function as they should Completely rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills - and brand-new enemies to use them on Fixes for all major (and most minor) bugs along with a vast multitude of quality-of-life enhancements A new script that builds on existing characterization while remaining true to the spirit of the original ...much more! But even though much has changed, I think one player who blogged about our mod put it best when he wrote, "...the goal seems to be to celebrate what makes FFVI the game it is, rather than undoing it and making an entirely new game out of it." Beyond all else, Brave New World is everything I feel that Final Fantasy VI could have been had Squaresoft had all of the time and resources available to them that we have today. And now, thanks to the efforts of the amazing community that has grown around this mod, it finally has the chance to be exactly that. (If you're looking for my modder's resources for FF6, go here.)
  20. Version 1.7.2


    A Field Editor for FF7 PSX/PC by myst6re on Qhimm Forums. Makou Reactor opens the game's fields and is able to edit dialogue, event scripts, walkmeshes, encounter tables, etc. It is able to open and edit both the PC and PSX version of field files. The original release thread can be found here:
  21. Version 1.8.3


    Return of the Dark Sorcerer is a Final Fantasy VI hack that's been in development for around five years and has had many different hands on to help get it to where it is today. This hack promises to showcase some of the more challenging aspects of FFVI hacking, as well as plenty of fun and exciting new content -- from an all new cast of playable characters with customized movesets, a radically changed story with many new and edited events, a new soundtrack, increase in difficulty, new overworld maps, lots of new battle scripts for monsters & bosses, a difficulty selection, a font change option, assembly changes, and tons of spritework.It is a highly personalized modification of the original game and therefore naturally won't appeal to everyone. It's not a sequel or a prequel or a remake to FFVI, it is just a massive mod and customization of FFVI. If you go into it thinking like this I am sure you will have a much more enjoyable experience than expecting some high quality re-take on the game and coming out feeling disappointed. That being said, a lot of time and love has gone into this project and I couldn't be happier with how it has turned out thus far.
  22. Version 1.4.5


    A Kernel Editor for FF7 PSX/PC by NFITC1 on Qhimm Forums. WM opens the game's kernel.bin and is able to edit various game assets such as character data, items, equipment, Materia, menu/battle text strings, and others. When editing the kernel.bin, make sure to use PrC to sync the game's scene.bin to the kernel.bin so that look-up tables remain correct. This tool works with both the PSX and PC version but be mindful of space limitations when editing text in the kernel. The original release thread can be found here: Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0 or higher
  23. Version Final


    An Enemy Editor for FF7 PSX/PC by NFITC1 on Qhimm Forums. PrC opens the game's scene.bin and is able to edit enemy data including attacks, stats, AI, formations, etc. It also 'synchs' the altered scene.bin with the game's kernel.bin so that table look-ups remain correct. This tool works with both the PSX and PC version. The original release thread can be found here: Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher DirectX 9.0c (or higher)
  24. Version 1.08


    1. Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within! This romhack is a redesign of the original Final Fantasy IV game, focusing mostly on a revamped story and rebalanced gameplay. A lot of development time went into ensuring that the game was challenging and engaging to all playstyles. This mod was created almost entirely using ff4kster (many thanks to Pinkpuff) with just a few tweaks done via hex editing. While this is not a difficulty hack, many aspects of the game require more thought on the player's part so overall there is a difficulty increase. The difficulty curve is fairly generous and gives even players new to Final Fantasy IV ample time to adjust. With that said, my main objective was to create something fun! Enjoy!! 2. Installation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The .zip file includes two .ips patch files; one Complete patch and the Base patch for those of you who wish to view stats in ff4kster. The Complete patch will need to be applied to a clean UNHEADERED Final Fantasy II(US) version 1.1 ROM. The file name for the original ROM used in creating this mod was Final Fantasy II (USA)(Rev A).sfc. You will need the Lunar IPS patching tool as well in order to apply the .ips patch. The mod is incompatible with previous saves of FFIV. You will need to start a New Game. Back up your saves if you are concerned about losing them. If you experience strange issues, try patching the ROM file again with a known clean ROM. If you still experience issues afterward or need help on how to patch, feel free to contact me. Hash: No-Intro Name: Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1) (No-Intro version 20130701-030720) ROM/File SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E2BDF3E26 File name: Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev A).sfc 3. Gameplay Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -First, and foremost, you would be well-served to speak with everyone in the Training Room in the first town you explore. You will be told the location of it during the story. -General menu navigation speed has been increased. -ATB gauges for the player party have been added in battle! Characters & Stats ------------------ -Many characters have had their stats and levels adjusted to account for the point where they join the story. -Some characters join at pre-set levels (mostly the early characters). Later characters will join around the average level of your party. -Potential for stat-downs at levels >70 have been removed. Level ups >70 are still randomized, but will always be in the positive direction. -Spell lists and learned spell levels have been adjusted for most characters. Spells & Abilities ------------------ -Several spells have had their power/accuracy/cast time adjusted in an effort to make all spells serve a purpose. -Black Magic is now primarily a single-target spell group, while Summons enjoy mutli-targetting and no damage splitting. -Sylph (Summon) has been removed from the game as a bug present in vanilla causes this spell to cast at no MP cost. Because of this, Asura has been made available earlier and had its MP cost and power adjusted. -Chocobo (Summon) spell power has been increased significantly and changed to deal Air damage. -The Summon items Imp, Bomb, and Mage have been dummied out and no longer drop. -Virus (Black) is now Dark element in order to give the party a way to deal magical Dark damage. -Venom (Black) is now Dark element and equivalent to Level 1 spells. -The Warp (Black) spell has been removed from the game as it was largely redundant to the Exit (White) spell. -The Sight (White) spell has been removed from the game. -Waken (White) has been added. This spell removes Sleep and Stun (Combat only spell). -Bless (White) has been added. This spell removes Curse (Combat only spell). -The Exit (White) spell has been disabled in a number of locations to prevent sequence-breaking teleports. -The Ninja spell Pin has been removed. -Ninja magic has gained a spell called "Bandg" (Bandage). It provides a small emergency heal to one character. -A number of enemy-only abilities have been adjusted to provide for more engaging fights. -Several new abilities have been changed/added/re-introduced to the game: Dark Wave: Everyone's favorite Dark Knight ability is back. Provides group damage at the expense of HP. Pray: Chance to cast a variety of healing spells on the entire party. 20% chance to fail. Spells do NOT consume MP! 30% chance of: Grace (10% of max HP heal) 20% chance of: Glory (33% of max HP heal) 20% chance of: Hope (cures all status effects) 10% chance of: Miracle (full HP/MP heal) Sing: Revamped to affect all enemies and removed chance for failure. Equal chance for: Stop, Mute, Charm, Sleep Hide: Has changed characters. Train: A small chance (10%) to cast a VERY powerful spell at no MP cost... Focus: Charge up an attack for double damage. Bypasses "Fight" counter-attacks. Drink: Self-cast Berserk+Blind. Luck: Self-cast increase to critical hit rate by 5. Stackable. Flirt: Reduces one enemy's chance to hit by half of the user's modified Vitality stat. Stackable. Aria: Sets group regen at 25 HP per tick. Caster is able to freely act while this occurs. Sneak: Removed from the game. Dart: Renamed to Throw. Equipment --------- -Equipment you find in new shops is *almost* always a direct upgrade in the same weapon/armor class. -A lot of gear has had its properties and stats changed. Please refer to the included Weapon/Armor chart (may contain light spoilers) or to the Equipment screen. -The Equipment screen has received an overhaul thanks to Crow!'s Equipment Screen mod. Nearly all information about a character, their attack/defense power, elements, racial bonuses, etc. can be found on the equipment screen! -Negative stats on equipment have been almost entirely removed. -Evasion has been removed from most armor. Shields, light bodywear, and medium bodywear are now the only sources. -Racial, elemental, and status bonuses now only appear on shields and accessories. They are much more prevalent on weapons. -Several characters are capable of equipping different weapon types. These weapon types offer differing styles of gameplay intended to allow the player to hybridize certain characters. Different weapons grant different stat bonuses. -Spells cast by items are now mostly restricted to rods and staves. The power of these spells is lower than their casted counterpart, but they cost no MP. -Accessories such as gloves and rings have been reworked to resemble relics and accessories from later Final Fantasy entries. Defensive bonuses these items used to provide have been rolled into bodywear. -Arrows now enjoy unlimited use. Buy a quiver and fire away! Items & Status Ailments ----------------------- -Status curing items have been split up into two different items. This is closer to vanilla, but different from previous versions of this mod. Ammonia: Cures Berserk, Sleep, Charm, and Stun Remedy: Cures Poison, Blind, Mute, Petrify/Calcify, Pig, Frog, Mini, and Curse -Accessories are now more important than ever to help prevent these ailments! -Curaga items have been made more common and are now purchasable at certain shops. -Fat Chocobos no longer require an item to summon. They can be found in most small chocobo forests as well as a few other places. Enemies ------- -Almost every enemy in the game has had their stats adjusted. Enemies as a whole have more HP and hit harder than they did in vanilla. DS/mobile HP levels were used for most enemies. It generally takes one round of attacks or hitting a weakness to kill an enemy. -Many enemies now inflict status effects along with their regular attacks. Enemy type often determines what kind of ailment you can expect. (Lizards inflict Calcify/Petrify, etc.) -Many enemies have had their race, resistance, and weakness tables adjusted to make more sense. -Very Weak to an Element has been removed from every enemy (this was a 4x bonus). Weaknesses hit for 2x, resistances for roughly 1/2. Racial bonuses have been lowered from 4x to 3x and are much less common than elemental resistances/weaknesses. -AI of monsters has been altered so not every enemy spams Fight until they die. -Monster formations have been changed in several places so that there's not as much repeating of old enemies. -Enemies no longer drop equipment. Most enemies drop consumables at a reasonable rate. -Several bosses have new tricks up their sleeves... Dialogue & Naming ----------------- -Spells, abilities, monsters, and items have had their names changed either to align more closely with what they are or to more closely resemble their names in newer versions of the game. Some liberties were taken as the game imposes strict character limits, but you should see less abbreviations overall. -Nearly every dialogue box in the game was edited or completely altered. Proper English is now used in most cases, and the characters should display more personality with their new dialogue. -Townspeople often give hints on where to go or what to expect next. -The Training Room has been rewritten to provide a good overview of basic game functions as the original text was pretty vague or hard to understand. Map & Events ------------ -Events occur in a different order from the original game almost right from the start! -Maps were edited in several places to account for dungeon pathing. -Damage floor tiles have been changed from -50HP per step to -10HP per step. -Some NPCs were removed from certain areas in order to be re-used elsewhere or to prevent strange occurances. -Map headers (the thing at the top of the screen when you enter an area) have been spruced up a bit to make some areas sound less bland. -A number of sidequests have been added at roughly the 2/3 point of the game which provide a break from the action as well as VERY lucrative rewards. -Y-button dashing has been added to indoor areas! Hold the Y-button to dash. 4. Known Issues ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -There exists the possibility of a small continuity error involving airships at a certain point of the game depending on player actions. Everything plays normally, but airships may be relocated near the player. -Dashing (Y-button) while entering a cutscene or climbing a rope will result in movement within the cutscene playing out faster or slower than intended. -There is a brief graphical glitch during a ship-riding sequence. It lasts for 1/2 second at most and appears to be related to map topography. It is a one-time occurrence.