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What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


Hello! FF7 NT is a full-scale balance & content mod for the PC versions of the game (1998, 2012, and Steam) with the following features:

-) Complete overhaul and fine-tuning of every enemy; stats, attacks, formations, and AI

-) New enemies, bosses, and events to discover

-) Revised character strengths, new unique innate abilities for each, and a new stat-development class system (the SP System)

-) All items, equipment, Materia, and spells revised for better utility

-) Two difficulty modes; Normal and Arrange

-) Text overhaul & some deleted scenes restored

-) QoL additions such as flashback skips, extra Save Points, revised events, shortcuts, and more

-) A particularly persistent Guard Scorpion

Installation is fairly simple; run the installer and direct it to the game's Data folder.


User Feedback

i am more then halfway through the 1.4v will upgrading influence my save much? I know there was talk of oddities, but will it be bad? will i miss out on much either? i would hate to start over, but also dont want any errors/bugs/freezes, or miss out on any new content in the new version? just fyi in my save Cloud recently returned to my party and just finished my second return to junon. sorry i dont really know where to post this type of question :/


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Was very far into this mod. Started up again after a few weeks or so and my save is gone. Not sure why but i cant recover it or find out what happened. :(( . Sad. My team was awesome and very discouraged about that ill have to start all over again. :(


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