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  1. Yeah save files are compatible across different builds of the mod, the savemap tends to be left alone. Not for the .exe stuff no, but I'll list the changes here: Braver: Lowers enemy defence by 25%, base power swapped with Cross Slash (so slightly stronger than it) Climhazzard: Lowers enemy defence by 25% Mindblow: Inflicts Confu + Berserk, MP damage = to half the enemy's current MP (no longer Gravity element) Hammerblow: Now deals physical damage along with its effect, same base power as Climhazzard Catastrophe: Ignores Defence Breath of the Earth: Heals party for half their maxHP and has Esuna effect Planet Protector: Gives Wall, Shield, Regen instead of Peerless to party Final Heaven: Ignores Defence Boost Jump: Inflicts KO (100%) Hyper Jump: Inflicts KO 100% (up from default chance) Sled Fang: Drains damage as HP Howling Moon: Grants Wall, Haste, Regen, Berserk, and +50% to Strength Cosmo Memory: Always Critical & Ignores Defence: Magical Greased Lightning: Inflicts Slow Clear Tranquil: Restores 25% of MaxMP instead of 50% MaxHP Landscaper: Inflicts Slow Gauntlet: Inflicts Slow, Ignores Defence, Always Critical All Creation: Ignores Defence & Always Critical: Physical Mog Dance: Restores 50% of MaxHP/MP instead of 100% In general, base power was adjusted for each Limit. It's not perfect and requires refinement, but it helps to lift up some of the underwhelming Limits a lot more. Late-game NT enemies tend to have beefier defences so Defence Ignore is a much more potent effect.
  2. Cheers, bud; I'll have arrange sorted out to handle the new .exe modifications at some point. I've got a graded unit project to finish up early June then I'll have some time to sort things out with the mod. The prototype can be found here:
  3. Right, so a long time back I made an .exe to go with the mod that introduced some changes to Limit Breaks and Materia Equip Bonuses/Penalties; it didn't turn out too well balance-wise as Limits in general were too weak and the new penalties stacked too heavily on Materia so I scrapped it. Fast-forward to March 2018, I returned to .EXE modifications and produced another prototype using the 1.5 build that again adjusts Limits & Materia, but also other things like MBarrier not affecting Cure magic, Poison status & element no longer being tied to each other, things like that. The plan going forward is to have .exe modifications be part of the mod as standard as there's a lot of features and formula changes I want to make that will require it. One thing to note is that this version (March 2018) is a prototype so there's still some adjustments to make, particularly at end-game as the Materia penalties make Arrange mode tougher than intended. Limit Break changes on the whole try to factor in multi-hit Limits versus single-hit Limits with the Lv.4 Limits having effects like Ignoring Defence while the multi-hits were reined in a bit. They're still strong, but the single-hit Lv.4 Limits should also be dealing good damage as well now in addition to their other effects. The other Limits also had adjustments, such as Breath of the Earth restoring HP in addition to Esuna (so a stronger version of Healing Wind to account for the longer charge Limit time), Clear Tranquil restoring MP instead of HP, Braver being stronger than Cross Slash, Howling Moon giving more buffs to account for Berserk, things like that. Arrange Mode is the hard mode of the mod, but I purposely didn't call it hard mode because I worried people would play the mod for the first time on that setting and be turned off it. Arrange is less balanced than normal mode and has some bugs with events, particularly the Bizarro fight. I'll be fixing these in June when I've got some more time.
  4. FF7 NT FAQ & Introduction FF7 NT Documentation Some links and files that explain what the mod is, what it does, and some other general documentation for enemy drops, steals, and the like.
  5. I think it's to do with Steam version's saves. When the launcher starts, a check is made on all save files to check for any tampering and they get auto-deleted if they don't match. Cloud-based saves can do the same sometimes. Why square-enix felt it was necessary to add such a thing to save files is beyond me; to avoid it, it's best to keep a back-up of your saves now and then. If they get deleted, open the launcher and drop the back-up in (then save the game when you start playing to make the back-up 'safe'). But once a save file is gone, it's gone I'm afraid.
  6. This issue with that particular field has come up before with 2 users during the Disc 1 scene, and I wasn't able to pinpoint the cause. When I have some free time from college deadlines I'll return to it again, it seems to affect specific users but not others for an unknown reason.
  7. Master Summon wasn't originally intended to be made available but I decided to re-add it along with the other two in the end. The single-usage of Summons can be broken through the use of Quadra-Magic so when I was told about that I figured why not. I think for the future I'll need to revise how I've got Summons set up in the mod; single-use isn't a good method of balancing them on its own.
  8. I'm sorting the rank ups at the moment, there's a patch for 1.5 about to go up that fixes them + other issues. I'll probably be uploading that patch later tonight or tomorrow once I've checked it all through.
  9. Go with original mode; 1.5 is the latest version but apply the hotfixes from Qhimm if you can.
  10. I always liked Ring of Red; rented it way back and ended up getting to keep it when the local video store went out of business. The fights always felt weighty whether it was a close shave, a curb stomp, or a deadlock and lots of tactical options to experiment with. I didn't know that mechanics didn't knock enemy AFWs back when they hit them, I guess that explains why the enemy would sometimes melt and not others.
  11. Update on current progress, a demo of the Alpha build is currently out with a few people for initial testing; a public release of the demo will be out soon once technical and balancing problems are sorted out.
  12. Sup

    Harro quad :3
  13. Jenova Vector might have too much HP from what people are telling me; that, or its weaknesses are immediately obvious (Earth and Holy, with Holy only being available from Restore + Elemental; something I added to NT but its very easy to miss). The mod is essentially finished, only bug fixes going in now while I work on FF8 NT. Fort Condor is pretty much the same as ever, but if played 'properly' it can get tricky/expensive. For a fast and cost-effective win, deploy one fighter at the red line, start the fight, set speed to slowest; the red line should be further down now due to your fighter. Deploy a fighter on the red line again, and this'll push it down further; repeat until you're very close to the 2 enemies that have spawned, then deploy about 3-4 fighters in both lanes to quickly overwhelm the 2 enemies. Kill them before any new enemies spawn and the map will be 'cleared' resulting in a win. Fighter refund was set to match their cost so assuming no losses you'll break even on your gil.
  14. Something I saw with Gjoerulv's hardcore mod was that people were finding the early areas to be a wall which put them off the mod altogether. I wanted to avoid that with NT, so the early bosses are designed to ease people into the game, let people experiment with the earlier availability of things like Time and Barrier. That being said, if you're on top of things and hitting a boss' weaknesses then you should be able to blast through them all. Elemental is a key thing for physical attacks, and some strong status ailments will work on a lot of the Disc 1/2 bosses. The crane robot on Floor 65 is an early peek at a later optional superboss; when you return during the Midgar Raid it's more feasible to beat him then, but there's a 3rd revisit to Shinra HQ on Disc 3 when it'll likely be the best time to take him out.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    A small project I developed a while ago, this is a mod based on the infamous challenge-restriction run called Necrosis MO for FF7 that sets up unique conditions under which players must beat the game. The set-up is this: Every character that joins the player's party starts with 9999HP and 999MP; however, all healing has been disabled in the game meaning that any damage you take or MP you expend is permanently lost. To beat the game, you'll need to carefully manage your resources and avoid wasteful MP expenditure or excessive damage. You have free access to all commands and equipment, but bear in mind some effects are now useless (Cure, for instance, will not heal). Sources to raise stats have also been disabled. To install, extract the contents of the .zip and run the installer; specify the FF7/DATA folder of your game's installation. Remember to go into the installer's properties and unblock/run as admin if needed. If you find any bugs or discover a means with which to recover HP/MP then let me know so I can make adjustments. Good luck!