Golden Sun Book 1: Fallen Star 1.0.1

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About This File

Difficulty & Rebalance mod for Golden Sun by Vanish Mantle.


What's New in Version 1.0.1.R (See full changelog)

  • 1.0.1.R Changelog
  • - Fixed some minor issues and bugs
  • ~ This should be the final version of FS
  • 1.0.1.L Changelog
  • - All Armor can now be equipped by everyone minus exclusives like certain shields and dresses.
  • - Massive Revamping of Crossbone Isle to contain tough and challenging Boss fights
  • - Pheonix Soul now no longer heals 30% of Garet's HP. It now is a revive skill that targets the whole part and can heal for 100HP.
  • ~ Revives party members back to 50% HP
  • - Bind lost it's 100% accuracy and now costs 2PP but can hit up to 3 targets.
  • - Added a new item that can seal Psynergy 100%. Psyphon Plume, it is a rare item and is dropped by some Bosses and monsters that are end game.
  • - Boosted Mia's Aqua Rift, It is now her strongest single target skill.
  • - Ether Flames is nerfed and now no longer targets all. It now only targets 1 character.
  • - Pyroclasm now can inflict death.
  • - Added over 50 unique skills for Boss Type characters.
  • ~ Menardi now has a new skill Sacred Ashe, a healing technique that heals 800HP and boosts attack by 25% to the party.
  • ~ Supernova on Menardi's skillset was swapped for Pyroclasm
  • ~ Saturos now 2 new unique skills Ashe Flames and Heat Field. Ashe Flames decreases damage by 90% to all allies and Heat Field doubles agi.
  • ~ Planet Diver and Pyroclasm added to Saturos's Skill set.
  • - Fusion Dragon's Unique Skills have all been buffed significantly.
  • ~ Outer Space's power has been raised from 200 to 600
  • ~ Evil Blessing has been Changed from 80 Diminishing base Damage to 80 Added Damage.
  • ~ Dragon Driver's power has been raised from 120 to 360
  • ~ Drain Fang change from effect only to Base Damage and a power change from 80 to 700
  • ~ Deadly Gas's power changed from 20 to 475 Diminishing Base Damage
  • ~ Severe Blow's power change from 1.2 multiplier to 1.5 multiplier and now targets 3 rather than 1
  • - Toadanpa gained Aqua Rift as a skill and drops a Cleric's Ring
  • - Cleric's Ring now adds 40 luck and gained PP x 0.3
  • - Rebalanced a few Weapons and armor. See the topic here for specifics on equips [Link]
  • - Ivan will come with 3 WoLs when you meet him in Vault which should keep players from having to hunt for them out side of Vale/Vault.
  • ~ If more WoLs are needed zombies still drop them at the same rate as in previous versions.G
  • - Fixed glittering tiara to actually give Mia Torrent.
  • - Able to transfer Items over to TLA upon Completion of the game. Look for the Beta Release of RS soon.
  • - Luck of several bosses has been raised to make them withstand statuses.


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