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  1. Feedback and Suggestions for Future GS mods or FS/RS

    I will take these changes into mind when working on the next updates.
  2. About Fallen/Risen Star

    I am still be interested in working on Dark Dawn. So if you want to PM me we can discuss things for sure. As for my mods they will always be far more difficult than Vanilla Golden Sun. My new mods i would say currently are harder than my first ones.
  3. About Fallen/Risen Star

    I'll have the first playable ready for the public soon enough. So I hope people are ready for it.
  4. Like the title says. I am documenting things I want to fix and adjust so if you have any feedback or suggestion you would like to make for Fallen Star/Risen Star make them known here. I also have a new series in the works that is vastly different from first mod series so if you would like to suggest things for that or future projects let me know below.
  5. About Fallen/Risen Star

    The way the games are currently balanced would require me to redo everything from the ground up for the new magic stat to work in the games. I may do a redux of FS/RS and I am planning an update to address the grind issue late game and some other minor issues. Hopefully you'll be willing to give it a go when i am able to get that out. That however is on hold as I am currently working on my first game that is going to have a demo ready in the coming weeks. Yeah I saw that and I was going to implement it into my mods only when I realized how badly it skewed the difficulty. I would have to rework everything from monsters, to skills, to equipment. At this point I might as well just redo the mods from the ground up with these new patches in mind however those are on hold until I am able to knock out some stuff for my game that I am working on.
  6. About Fallen/Risen Star

    Fallen Star and Risen Star originally began as an idea I had to make Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I started researching if there were any tools to modify the game or any documentation for modding Dark Dawn. Instead I found a community dedicated to modding the original 2 Golden Suns. I then started replaying the originals only to realize that the original 2 games also had a lack of difficulty though not as much as Dark Dawn had. The majority of the difficulty in the original 2 games in their Vanilla form I felt stemmed from it being more like the older RPGs of it's time where there was very little hand holding and lack of revive items when you were deep in a dungeon. Couple that with djinni you could miss and your first run through the 1st Golden Sun could leave you frustrated. However by the time most got to The Lost Age or towards the mid point of the first game the difficulty had pretty much disappeared outside of extra bosses and even those lacked difficulty as they could be just summoned rush. With the back story for why I started this project here is a general overview of what exactly Fallen Star and Risen Star actually are. A complete rework of Psynergy with new utility to make them more useful outside of just doing damage. This work for and against the player as enemies will now have access to a wider variety of psynergy as well. Equipment outside of weapons are no longer locked to specific characters outside of certain ones like some rings, dresses and some other pieces of equipment. What this means is that that Ivan and Mia can now make use of Shields, Helms and Armor while Isaac and Garet can now equip Circlets and the lighter gear as well. On top of this all gear including weapons come with new bonuses to stats that are not present in the original game. Some will buff your ATK while some will buff PP. This allows the player to pick what fits their specific play style the best. In addition to the changes to armor weapons have been reworked with generic, non-relic, weapons all gaining unique unleashes for their weapon class. Each character gained a new unique psynergy to that helps flesh out parts of their tool kit in their base class. This psynergy is only available in their base class tree so if you decide to switch to a dual-element class or tri-element class you won't have access to that psynergy. In addition to these unique starting psynergy are additions of rings and stars that the characters can equip that grant them more psynergy. Unlike their new uniques these can be used outside of their mono-class. These psynergy often provide vary unique abilities that the character lacks and allows them to do better damage with those skills. Monsters have been reworked including bosses to provide different rewards many have vastly different stats than their original counterparts. Bosses now get multiple turns so they are far more threatening than they were before. The new stats they have also mean they will hit harder and take less damage overall. Many enemies have had their skills set changed or their unique skills changed to do damage as many enemy skills did no damage at all and were of no real threat to the player. In addition to these changes monsters will reward the player with less EXP overall which means over-leveling will be harder. In addition to this there is a soft level cap in the first game at 35, however the tornado lizard that takes you to crossbone does provide the player with a lot of EXP that can get them to level 50. Risen Star however has no leveling at all meaning enemies do not reward the player with EXP instead enemies will sometimes drop stat items. These changes were made to address how open ended parts of the game are. If you have any questions feel free to fire away. I am planning some new mods that revamp the games far more than the Fallen Star and Risen Star mods did.
  7. Version 1.0009


    Difficulty and Rebalance mod for Golden Sun: The Lost Age. What's New in Version 1.0009 (See full changelog) - Fixed Mia's EXP tables. She should level to 99 now and there is no need to restart your save file. ~You just need to kill a monster and she should level just fine
  8. Version 1.0.1.S


    Difficulty & Rebalance mod for Golden Sun by Vanish Mantle. What's New in Version 1.0.1.S 1.0.1.S Changelog - Changed the level 35 soft level cap to require less EXP to hit the hard cap of 50 for Fallen Star ~ You will still need to grind a bit to get over this soft cap however it won't take as long as it did before. - Each character needs about 600k-700k instead of the 3.5mil- 3.8mil to pass the soft cap of 35. Previous Versions 1.0.1.R Changelog - Fixed some minor issues and bugs ~ This should be the final version of FS 1.0.1.L Changelog - All Armor can now be equipped by everyone minus exclusives like certain shields and dresses. - Massive Revamping of Crossbone Isle to contain tough and challenging Boss fights - Pheonix Soul now no longer heals 30% of Garet's HP. It now is a revive skill that targets the whole part and can heal for 100HP. ~ Revives party members back to 50% HP - Bind lost it's 100% accuracy and now costs 2PP but can hit up to 3 targets. - Added a new item that can seal Psynergy 100%. Psyphon Plume, it is a rare item and is dropped by some Bosses and monsters that are end game. - Boosted Mia's Aqua Rift, It is now her strongest single target skill. - Ether Flames is nerfed and now no longer targets all. It now only targets 1 character. - Pyroclasm now can inflict death. - Added over 50 unique skills for Boss Type characters. ~ Menardi now has a new skill Sacred Ashe, a healing technique that heals 800HP and boosts attack by 25% to the party. ~ Supernova on Menardi's skillset was swapped for Pyroclasm ~ Saturos now 2 new unique skills Ashe Flames and Heat Field. Ashe Flames decreases damage by 90% to all allies and Heat Field doubles agi. ~ Planet Diver and Pyroclasm added to Saturos's Skill set. - Fusion Dragon's Unique Skills have all been buffed significantly. ~ Outer Space's power has been raised from 200 to 600 ~ Evil Blessing has been Changed from 80 Diminishing base Damage to 80 Added Damage. ~ Dragon Driver's power has been raised from 120 to 360 ~ Drain Fang change from effect only to Base Damage and a power change from 80 to 700 ~ Deadly Gas's power changed from 20 to 475 Diminishing Base Damage ~ Severe Blow's power change from 1.2 multiplier to 1.5 multiplier and now targets 3 rather than 1 - Toadanpa gained Aqua Rift as a skill and drops a Cleric's Ring - Cleric's Ring now adds 40 luck and gained PP x 0.3 - Rebalanced a few Weapons and armor. See the topic here for specifics on equips [Link] - Ivan will come with 3 WoLs when you meet him in Vault which should keep players from having to hunt for them out side of Vale/Vault. ~ If more WoLs are needed zombies still drop them at the same rate as in previous versions.G - Fixed glittering tiara to actually give Mia Torrent. - Able to transfer Items over to TLA upon Completion of the game. Look for the Beta Release of RS soon. - Luck of several bosses has been raised to make them withstand statuses.