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TO: LUCT is no doubt one of the classics of turn based tactical games, it can boast complex storyline with a memorable cast of characters and multiple endings, as well as a deep combat system with a vast arsenal of equipment, items and spells. Its PSP port can also serve as an example of how such things should be done, with the game getting not only a much needed facelift but also a thorough redesign of most combat elements.

Sadly, the game isn’t without faults, as some of the new features make it extremely prone to exploits which an experienced player can use to fully remove any challenge from the game. The main goal of this mod is to render such exploits more difficult, bringing weapons, classes and skills closer to the level they should perform at, as well as to each other. Its secondary goal is to provide tweaks to immersion, visuals and some of the more cumbersome game systems like crafting and endless skill farming.

This is still a work in progress so all feedback is welcome.


For installation instructions and more info check the included Readme file.


Major features:

  • Weapon, armor and consumable item rework. Equipment is more likely to do what you expect of it, 2H weapons will do a lot of damage and a tank in heavy armor will be hard to kill.
  • Additional items, spells and skills, as well as changes to the existing ones with a focus on improving the more unappealing choices.
  • Skills that grant stat bonuses, like Strengthen or Spellcraft, as well as static choices like Switfoot or Spell Ward were removed and compensated with higher stat differences between classes than in vanilla game.
  • A full Finishing move rebalance.
  • Most ways of gaining permanent stats were removed to reduce power creep in late game and increase options during early game.
  • The power of special characters was reduced across the board, they're about on par with each other now and not overwhelmingly stronger than generics.
  • Generic characters have more diverse templates that split into fighter, rogue, mage and generalist archetypes, their stats can differ a lot depending on which one you hire.
  • Significantly increased the levelling speed of slow skills, like Steal or Parry.
  • Most classes were tweaked, with emphasis on nerfing the strong ones and buffing the weak, many gained new tricks.
  • Monsters don't scale natural armor as high as before. With the changes to skills, their new role is high HP bullet sponges that take a lot of damage and use the TP gained to spam special moves.
  • Many items are easier to acquire, reducing the endgame tedium.
  • Visual changes to some items, special characters, skills and spells.
  • Streamlined crafting.


Consolidated changelist available in feedback thread.

What's New in Version 0.91a   See changelog


Patch notes v0.91a



-  Experimentally added two boulder ranged weapons for monsters that can use ranged attacks, they’re a replacement for natural weapons and will sometimes spawn on enemy monsters instead of assault token, more often on monsters with higher dex, like golems or octopi and less often on dragons. AI controlled monsters will not hesitate to use them and you will be able to equip both the assault token and the boulders on your own pets, however, as they’re essentially thrown weapons they’re pretty heavy and will slow down the monster roughly to the speed of a human unit, so it’s a choice to make. A lifetime supply of quality boulders for one unit can be ordered in your local shop, lobber section.

-  Fixed the HP percentage that the cursed weapons remove on second hit, it was way higher for some due to borked formula.


Spells and Active Skills

-  Fixed the targeting for minor draconic buffs.

-  Tainted Kiss inflicts Silence instead of Poison, so it’s Stun, Silence and Envenom now.



-  Monsters gain slightly less ATK per level, we’ll see if it has to be reduced even more.

-  Cyclops is physically a bit weaker than other monsters.


Racial Templates

-  Vyce changed his outfit a bit in chaos and neutral route, might as well make him a true turncoat.

-  Hektor has a different color, he’s a bit more important character than your regular enemy leader.

-  Grion reverted to his normal look to avoid the glitch, at least until I know how to force the game to load new sprites into memory.



-  The ISO got a new logo, should be useful if you also have vanilla game in the list.

-  Changed the outfit colors for most special characters in cutscenes, that means Catiua will always wear blue pants and Lanselot will always have his shiny paladin armor from Ogre Battle, turns out it means setting it separately in every single cutscene in the game where they show up so it’s a fairly annoying process, Catiua and Vyce in particular are under every pebble. Let me know if anything is off.

-  Unfortunately, trying to change the actual sprite turned out to be a lot less straightforward because of that sprite loading thing, the game seems to take that info from elsewhere and sets portraits separately from the cutscene setting (so you can see a bloodied Vyce screaming for his life without reloading the entire scene), that means it will likely take me a while to find it. Meanwhile I’ve just removed the characters in question in a few scenes if they don’t contribute, for instance when you recruit Cerya in neutral, Ehlrig won’t be standing next to her.

-  The colors of templar classes were changed to show better which class template they’re using, check the readme for details.

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