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Hey, I was wondering.  Are certain character sprites being used in the vanilla game?  Specifically, 91 (some queen?), 92 (some princess?), and C1 (Young Nikita).  I don't think I saw those sprites being used anywhere in the game, but I feel like that's unlikely, and I just missed it.

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On 12/24/2020 at 6:16 PM, praetarius5018 said:

I wanna say in some flashbacks with the queen of altena and/or duran's dad?

Yeah, I looked for that (in both Duran and Angela scenario).  I didn't see them anywhere.  Nor did I see Young Nikita in Hawk's scenarios.  At least not in tutorials nor their endings.  Hence why I was asking if you'd know (probably in some unrelated scenes), since you probably looked through all scenarios.

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