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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    much more attack than regular wolf form at cost of defenses.
  2. Chibikko - less Luc after kill?

    Chibikko transforms them into an entirely different enemy type, more accurately it removes the original and spawns a shell hunter of the original's level. I think it gives the same amount of money as most regular enemies.
  3. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    I felt like it'd distract from the party building too much since it'd give items even more options to overshadow certain classes if you can afford stuff.
  4. Super Metroid Alter Arsenal

    Download v1b Instead of our protagonist Metroid being half Samus, half fish*, she is now part energizer bunny... and still can't crawl. Jokes aside, this mod does basically 2 things: 1. revamp the health system 2. add a few additional items Just as a heads up, the overworld is mostly intact minus a few item relocations. So finding all 105 items should be not too hard. And I doubt humanity wants to know what a kaizo version would be like. *seriously girl, how long can you breath underwater or in acid?
  5. Small health pools

    Alternatively, how about a purchasable health kit item that is automatically used on victory to restore X health to all living party members.
  6. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    to me a RM is equally inept with physical (ideally sword) and magic, can heal and knows some status related spells (most often armor buff, poison and mute)
  7. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I think Vanadise fits that bill better. RM also can handle physical combat which GD clearly can't.
  8. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Small to big error here; sabers increase attack power (the stuff before defense is subtracted) not damage, so you'll probably see a bigger increase than just 10%.
  9. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I've disabled AT mode because it causes like 20 bugs just by itself. Fast attack - tap attack for a few frames, max length varies by lag, may be just 1 frame if you are down to a 1v1 situation; or just hold any direction while attacking Strong attack - hold the attack button and NO direction button whatsoever
  10. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    it is in the data.xls in the spells tab Lv6 spells MEND, target one, heal power 44 + INT/4 it is a bit weaker than the Lv5 white spell CUR3
  11. Power Down is at 17 PIE so the stat maxed for the class - did you have it that high AND got the water spirit before class change? Once class changed to Necro power down is not anymore in her list of potential spells - because that is limited to 12 and she has to fit better stuff in there. So if you class change before qualifying for power down you won't see it but have to endure until Black Curse.
  12. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    That makes no sense, you just need to power down him, he'll power down you then with the next attack, so you can just keep normal power on you until he does and get some "free" damage. No, it only raised maxHP, current HP stays where it is. The only effect Life Booster on him has is to move his "50% HP" reaction to a bit earlier, nothing else. Unless he was Zable Fahr, THEN it'd hurt you. Were you out of money? You could put extra grails into storage and take them out after beating BR. Or beat BR then go back and buy more, the path stays open, you can just run past him (and tank his opening Dark Force Tidal Wave if you're too slow).
  13. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    sleep only upps crit chance
  14. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    the extra aggro should only apply if they get hit directly with the sleep flower spell not the reflected variant. this is purely an effect of a spell hitting a monster, nothing special.
  15. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    his killstinger spell inflicts mute fun fact - where I'm from a "focus group" is a collection of idiots occupied with meetings while the rest does actual useful work - hope that doesn't apply here