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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I've disabled AT mode because it causes like 20 bugs just by itself. Fast attack - tap attack for a few frames, max length varies by lag, may be just 1 frame if you are down to a 1v1 situation; or just hold any direction while attacking Strong attack - hold the attack button and NO direction button whatsoever
  2. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    it is in the data.xls in the spells tab Lv6 spells MEND, target one, heal power 44 + INT/4 it is a bit weaker than the Lv5 white spell CUR3
  3. Power Down is at 17 PIE so the stat maxed for the class - did you have it that high AND got the water spirit before class change? Once class changed to Necro power down is not anymore in her list of potential spells - because that is limited to 12 and she has to fit better stuff in there. So if you class change before qualifying for power down you won't see it but have to endure until Black Curse.
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    That makes no sense, you just need to power down him, he'll power down you then with the next attack, so you can just keep normal power on you until he does and get some "free" damage. No, it only raised maxHP, current HP stays where it is. The only effect Life Booster on him has is to move his "50% HP" reaction to a bit earlier, nothing else. Unless he was Zable Fahr, THEN it'd hurt you. Were you out of money? You could put extra grails into storage and take them out after beating BR. Or beat BR then go back and buy more, the path stays open, you can just run past him (and tank his opening Dark Force Tidal Wave if you're too slow).
  5. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    sleep only upps crit chance
  6. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    the extra aggro should only apply if they get hit directly with the sleep flower spell not the reflected variant. this is purely an effect of a spell hitting a monster, nothing special.
  7. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    his killstinger spell inflicts mute fun fact - where I'm from a "focus group" is a collection of idiots occupied with meetings while the rest does actual useful work - hope that doesn't apply here
  8. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    Not because of that, though I could have shuffled the order around a bit as the game goes on as the one with "best" defense changed every once in a while but the difference was so small I didn't really have to. The issue with armor is not how much damage you take at once but how much it "costs" in healing charges after a battle and how much it threatens you with status effects from attacks from certain monsters (poison, sleep, stun, petrify, death) because of lower evade. Not that it does anything against criticals either. Overall, it really is a tradeoff.
  9. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    considering this is still FF1 at its core, I'm convinced that having 3 melee guys is redundant - the second of my teams (Fighter, Rogue, Monk, Shaman) was easily the hardest; most of the random mob formations have 5-9 enemies at once, so picking them off one by one when they later have aoe skills or even instant death moves is less than pleasant. for bosses you want 1-2 buffed melees - stuff like fast, tmpr, lock exist for a reason - this isn't the gba version where you can spam endless aoe near-full heal3s. it can be done without damage buffs but it just requires extra grinding - team1 beat chaos at 37/38 (and that only because I had to go through the final dungeon twice for the masamune), team2 had to go up to 45; a buffed paladin hit for 400-500 against the final boss with his 5k HP while the mostly unbuffed team b trio needed crits to cut through the defense at all.
  10. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    literally 2 topics down: though that'll take a while until it is "playable"
  11. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    RedMage, no contest. Stat wise most classes were straight forward, spells as well - there was not much to do for e.g. BlackMage but check all boxes for "black" spells that were reserved for the Black Wizard. Most other caster are just as simple - Sage gets all spells, Paladin mostly defensive spells, Shaman gets all spells that Magus doesn't, etc. The only one where I had to put much thought into was RM.
  12. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    yes, had every class exactly once in there. 1) Paladin, WhiteMage, BlackMage, Sage 2) Fighter, Rogue, Monk, Shaman 3) Druid, Ninja, RedMage, Magus
  13. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    that is a complicated topic, actually. on the creating side there was not really much difference - except SD3 towards the end sucked, don't want to have to deal with that stupid compression again, really, and the casting time pointers can go to hell as well >.> and the playing side - I honestly only enjoyed this one here, for some reason all the others trigger the same bad feel as if using cheats. I mean "cheats" boil down to "I don't like how it is so I change it" and what are mods from a maker's view but exactly that?
  14. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    ok, so just in case - turn those off please, see if that makes a difference. some emulators do weird stuff like softpatching ips files to matching rom files, so make sure the .ips files are not in the rom folder. just to make sure, you patched a U rom of Lufia2, right? ..I'm running out of ideas here
  15. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    I'd hope so - I spent quite a while on this... Oh, do I count? I beat it 3 times before release.