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  1. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    what makes you think it is out of date? to me it looks like it has the current data
  2. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    You couldn't be more wrong about that. +3 stats per job level do not sound much but they add up fast, and I certainly do not want any braindead 99/99/99/99 characters running around. Seriously, stats matter, a lot. You always have the option of still switching a job which gives you that job's main abilities so you can't lock yourself out of those. Hard is supposed to be hard. You don't need an exact setup but planning ahead helps. Dunno why everyone just jumps ahead to the highest difficulty on their first run, 4 is supposed to be the vanilla-esqe normal grade.
  3. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Since you have only a few ability slots to use at a time it is kinda hard to screw yourself over, plus you get a few abilities just for being in a certain job; and if you want to play a caster and then spent all 30 levels on melee jobs that is entirely on yourself, really. Character levels do very little here; a bit HP,MP and damage multiplier, all three you also gain from jobs. And the effect of level on those falls off hard around 30. The final boss iis meant to be fought around 35.
  4. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Depends on what difficulty you want to play; on difficulty 4 (default) you should be fine just going in blind, on difficulty 1 you should have a plan. Who says you can grind to win? The total of job levels is capped at 30.
  5. FF1 - Adamant Edition

    general changes 12 classes selectable class change event instead grants +20 m.def reworked spell list, INT increases spell effectiveness reworked equipment list hit count is now fixed based on class, e.g. fighter has 5, rogue 8 all the bug fixes and speedup modfications including dash button buffed bosses doubled exp gain, reduced early to mid game costs most regular encounter are now runnable (all except those linked to boss formations) some small dungeon changes, mostly ice cave to prevent bypassing the Eye boss via warp spell and to get bats in earth cave out of the way classes: Fighter can use swords, axes and the heaviest armor Rogue dual wields knives, 8 hits, deals highest damage against low def targets Bl.Belt unarmed expert, highest m.def and lv50 damage RedMage can use swords and a good portion of white and black magic but has only mediocre stats WhiteMage can cast every white spell BlackMage can cast every black spell Paladin sword fighter with limited selection of white spells (up to level 5) Ninja dual wielding glass canon, can learn some black magic spells (up to level 5) Druid unarmed brawler that learns some support spells of all levels Shaman can learn every support spell Magus can learn every damage spell Sage can learn every spell but slow gain of spell charges Download
  6. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence

    yes, everyone can equip everything. but if you equip a weapon not listed under "eqp" they'll be 25% less effective. 30 is the cap of total job levels on a character. list of abilities and skills is in the xls that was in the zip file of the hack, that has almost everything you might want to know.
  7. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Did you have different accessoires? Maybe one of the monster level up items by mistake?
  8. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    do you happen to still have a savegame (not savestate) from before the final at that level? I'd want that to look into what is wrong there.
  9. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    v1.500 added field combos, e.g. field with 2 fire + 2 light adds 4 sun icons field combos require the world balance to sufficiently shattered (2 crystals destroyed) reworked !mix to a 8 skill menu reworked !red to 8 unique skills around combining fight, white and black spells replaced !drink with !imbue, a skill menu for Mystic Knight turned !rose from low level white/black spells to its own 8 spells changed some abilities learned by jobs accordingly cover can now also catch certain single target damage spells status effect randomness threshold is increased unless a special moon icon is on the field, 25% with, 80% without void field icons now reduce effective def by 5 each added workaround to status resistance stacking exploit replaced "Row" (left in battle command selection) with "Brv." (!Brave) replaced !Brave ability that was available by default with !Skill, 8 skill menu to get better through the early game changed most damage amplifier effects - incl. weakness, exluding field - to stack additive instead of multiplicative changed most damage reduction effects to incur diminishing returns past 25% total reduction increased rare item drop chance by x2.5 (1/16 -> 5/32) battle auto-reset can be cancelled by holding B battle auto-reset is not available in expert mode Valor/WideShld and Mystic/VoidElem apply now only once per battle but cover all elements and absorb instead of reduce damage increased scaling of monster %maxHP damage skills reduced scaling of barehanded m.atk increased unlock requirements for !Drag-On skills (highest from 1984 to 4032) non-boss encounters now give half ABP relative to exp gain if exp gain is turned off, ABP gain is now also removed adjusted ABP requirements per job level increased max possible ABP gain per encounter from 200 to 250 increased STR and MAG growth of monster again; less than previous reduction increased heal power of !Mantra from 30 to 55 increased heal power of !Esemte/Recover from 52 to 90 increased heal power of !Yin/Vivify from 70 to 93 changed targetting of !Esemte/Recover from one/all to one changed !Recover from full status heal to 40 power cure with blind/poison cure changed formula for healing spells fixed outdated tutorial dialog noting about automatic replacing passive skills with active skills inbattle song buffs can at most give +50% to STR/MAG/AGL for damage calculation purposes decreased limit of black/temper and item/powerdrink from +50 to +30 attack; both grant +10 each use increased HP and damage of Sol Canon increased boss monster start-up delay from 30 to 50 increased non-boss monster start-up delay from [10..70] to [10..90] potion heal soft caps at 25% user's maxHP, hi-potion at 50% !x-item hp heal reduced to 2/3 !x-item can no longer be used with bombs, web, elixirs or feathers !item and !x-item can now use drinks as well giant drink now adds 200~1000 maxHP (based on stack size), can not stack with +50% maxHP buffs speed drink now adds +5 AGL to a max of +15 (shared with songs) might drink replaces protect drink and adds +5 STR&MAG to a max of +15 (shared with songs) replaced turtle shells with panacea, cures status damage and MP sickness replaced dragon fangs with wing, inflicts float replaced dark matter with decoy, creates 1x image replaced !SwdSlap with !DethBlw, 2x damage but subject to cooldown !x-fight, !x-magic and !twincut are now subject to cooldown !x-magic now is a free action that makes the next spell in the current turn act as a free action (=cast ANY 2 spells in one turn, no own restricted spell selection) !x-magic's free action can not be carried over to a future turn increased damage and accuracy of !x-fight and !twincut active !abilities that are subject to cooldown mechanics now show "cooldown" instead of "active" in the ability menu first !ability no longer adds to stats added softcap to base stats at 50 reduced HP per job with "HP up" bonus from 50 to 20+total job levels, capped at 50 fixed bug that made drain spells heal double the intended amount against targets that survive the spell increased CQC from 20% to 27% increased Y-Magic from 25% to 30% Y-Magic now does not work on the free action spell cast by X-Magic's effect instead of the complete turn increased global cooldown recovery a bit increased item cooldown for softs from 8~1 to 255~7 reduced mightamp/rod element boost from 50% to 30% (physical 30% to 20%) increased power of Wind Slash from 90 to 115 increased power of Black/Bio from 106 to 120, cost from 18 to 23 increased power of Black/Psych from 30 to 70 increased cost of Arcane/ChainBolt from 10 to 16 increased cost of Bushido/Cleave from 10 to 15 increased cost of Bushido/TeraBreak from 17 to 27 increased power of Yin/Siphon from 28 to 63 reduced power of Zombie Breath from 20 to 12 increased power of Icestorm from 99 to 110 increased power of Electric Shock from 118 to 132 increased power of Mustard Bomb from 90 to 115 increased MP drain from psych-like spells from 1/32 to 1/16 fixed some issues in the calculation of psych damage on multi element attacks field attacks that oppose one element but boost another ignore the opposing part bosses get 50% damage reduction from armor/shell instead of 25% bosses get +25 power on ground type spells (quake, flood) def piercing spells when used by monster ignore 15/16 def instead of 1/2 old status additionally reduces damage output by 20% blind status additionally reduces physical damage output by 20% fork tower (physical) reduces mag. accuracy to 0 and magic power to 25% bomb damage can now be absorbed as fire damage changed formulas for !released monster relic with "catch up" effect increases damage of released monster slightly buffed attack power of Galura, reduced speed a bit nerfed stats of Gilgamesh (dungeon, solo Galuf) fixed some sprite errors on tinker Bartz and tinker Galuf renamed Blue/???? to Minus Strike and made it display in top box when used Tinker/Overload now ignores endure level down spells like Blue/DarkSpark are now subject to status damage, treated as "old" defense down spells like Blue/Guard-Off are now subject to status damage, treated as "berserk" increased base accuracy of Blue/DarkSpark from 66% to 80% changed wounded status from poison to water changed mute status from holy to wind changed mini status from water to poison changed confuse status from wind to holy replaced !aero with !bless, next received cure spell gets +50% power, +2 def until used Bard learns !Bless instead of !Drink Berserker learns !Flirt instead of !Drink Chemist learns !Bless instead of !Drink Magus learns !Sleep instead of !Aero MysticKnight learns !Imbue instead of !Aim Tinker learns !BuildUp instead of !Drink WhiteMage learns !Bless instead of !Aero
  10. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    maybe, but I won't look into that further what's wrong with the palette?
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    I'm not totally sure but I think that is because he only checks at the end of an AI cycle if it is time for the phase change (HP below threshold) and I made the cycle a bit longer to fit certain moves in.
  12. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    it increases by level but post 30 the increase is very low