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  1. yes. from the black market, 3k each - and considering how important that is I won't remove it from there
  2. Well, what he said, and the changed helms give -10 delay for single hitters, -5 for double hitters.
  3. v1.042 high AGL reduces weapon cooldown added effect to headgear tier helms to reduce weapon cooldown added effect to hero's crown tier helms to resist death effects added cap of 320 damage (400 with day bonus) for fraction damage spells like Half Vanish, Slime Prince special, etc. change a few regular enemies to resist snowman status effect fixed defense stats on Wind Demon Mail and Silverwolf Pelt corrected displayed name for Dark Lich's Anti Magic
  4. Think of savestates like a timemachine; everything that happened between save and a later load did not happen. That bug I mean occurs after several hours in the same play session. In one of my cases it took 8-10 hours before it became easily visible. If you save ingame and then load ingame you start a new session. If you make a savestate, switch your emulator off, return later and reload your savestate to continue where you left off then you continue your old session. What can happen? more frequent slow downs palette mishaps monster AI disappearing (they become dummies, but also immortal sometimes) random game reset left over sprites from stuff that is long dead; like half od Dolan's arm sticking around spell animations running into an infinite loop ...this I recall reading an article once about a bug with spell animations with similar results (real hardware crashing) being a supposed reason why we never got an english version.
  5. Sorry, I'm not interested in hunting down vanilla bugs. That graphic glitch is already known, it is caused by "something" that occurs over long playtime (save and load via savestates does not help in case you use that), especially spell animations - which will happen more often compared to vanilla. Ingame reload is the only cure for that. Or rather call yourself happy; that same thing can cause lockups and worse stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the snowman thing is related to that as well.
  6. Tried, can't reproduce. Snowman ends immediatly on victory here no matter what I do.
  7. priority order is simply: saber > top accessoire slot > bottom accessoire slot sabers override each other, only the newest stays
  8. If you want some Dolan cheese
  9. You could use one of the demon statues that some bosses add to your item storage to remove the penalty. Speaking of which, Nesouk, if you still have those, you can sell them for 2k each.
  10. I meant the first screen south of that town that has an enemy; that way you only have to fight one enemy per chest (actual rate depending on difficulty) instead of 3-6 enemies for one chest. Also, are those quotes supposed to be empty or does something not load on my side?
  11. You should maybe farm the lone enemy south of the snow town to get enough ??? seeds for the class change.
  12. oh, is it that obvious it will be a total trainwreck?
  13. not sure if I should corrected or have proven my point new white spell list: new black spell list: new blue spell list new time spell list new spellblade list additional changes: MP "damage" that exceeds current MP damages ATB (= longer delay until next turn) The relevant element for most attacks will be shown in the top display (only one color for those though...) can now rename character in first slot any time that menu is available (just via holding L or R while entering menu) doesn't affect "story" dialog yet, since those are hardcoded, only menus. maybe later.
  14. not even 2 weeks without a new patch despite me being "done", v1.035 excluded a few cinematic and boss death animations from being skippable via optional patch fixed light-Angela having wrong weakness to fire instead of ice fixed bug that made spell power armor not turn spells non elemental replaced "magic up" with "increases generic magic and damage item power" in documentation for greater clarity
  15. as the saying goes: "pic or it didn't happen, pic and it was photoshopped" - congratz