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  1. I knew I forgot something in that list... yes he's done from my point of view. It means that if the Grand Divina casts fireball at your party they take some damage (greatly reduced compared to normal but still some) and they get the effect as if she had used fire saber on them. With this she has basically 18 spells - her regular 12 plus 6 saber replacements.
  2. It is now official, there'll never be a public release of a 1.0 for this hack. v1.029 added optional patch "skippable_spell_animation": skip spell animations via holding X before the animation starts adjusted Xan Bie's stats adjusted Lightgazer's stats adjusted Landumber's stats and specials adjusted Fiegmund's stats and specials Ninja Master's final weapon "Kongo Rakan" now forces targets into counterable state if a spell hits a weakness Nightblade's final weapon "Deathstroke" now increases Lv2/3 tech damage while below 300 HP Grand Divina's final weapon "Ganvantein" now adds saber effect for elemental spells cast at allies altered maxMP by level slightly added diminishing returns for maxMP, values below 20 stay as is, former 38 max MP gets reduced to 25 reduced handaxe item from Lv2.5 to Lv1.5; same as cost-identical darts fixed a bug that made Lv2/3 techs drain all MP if a Sage Stone is equipped on easy difficulty and below enemies have halved chance to land status effects with their regular attacks My oldest backup of anything related to this hack is dated 2014/07/22, so 3 years and 2 months total. Thought it was longer.
  3. I'll go with hold X (menu which is at that point blocked anyway) on any of the 3 controllers before the animation starts (while the spell name is displayed on top) to skip it completely. That way you can choose yourself what you want to skip and what not.
  4. Which ones? All? Non-boss-special ones? Only (de)buffs? Should that happen always/automatically? Or just when you hold e.g. X when the top-messages appears and it would transition to an animation? In short, no idea.
  5. Retry is already renamed to "hard". I'd like to keep "gift" though; that way people new to Lufia 2 in general have a chance to research on their own what made this game mode is like, what they should expect.
  6. I don't understand the problem. Attack and defense do not depend on "tier" of items. Use what fits, not necessarily what is new.
  7. Forget about the old system. Every enemy uses the same "list"; regular attacks (+critical), lv1 techs (except counters), lv2/3 techs, all spells count, doesn't matter what enemy type it is. Most regular enemies don't live long enough to where it is relevant. Also most regular enemies don't even have a "counter", neither do several bosses. Thanks, I again forgot about that..
  8. v7 update: changed logic of buff effects old: half distance between current value and +2x buff rate (e.g. 40% buff on a current 120% state increases by [100%+2x40% - 120%]/2 = 30%) new: buff applies buff rate to the distance between current and 200% (e.g. 40% buff on a current 120% state increases by [200% - 120%]*40% = 32%) changed logic of debuff effects: old: half distance between current value and +2x debuff rate (e.g. 20% debuff on a current 120% state decreases by [100%-2x20% + 120%]/2 = 30%) new: debuff applies debuff rate to the distance between current and 0% (e.g. 20% debuff on a current 120% state decreases by 120%*20% = 24%) debuffs can no longer reduce a stat below 50% of its base value fixed Salamander's Sizzle Breath related game crash reduced chance in Ancient Cave to get consumables from ~37% to ~20% increased chance in Ancient Cave to get spells from ~11% to ~18% increased chance in Ancient Cave to get armors and accessoires from ~17% to ~25% increased chance in Ancient Cave to get blue chests from ~2% to ~5% chance in Ancient Cave to get weapons was kept at ~31% HeroSong and Resolve are no longer affected by mirror state increased HP, MP, AGL of Lexis increased general stat growth of Tia at high levels Ruse armor can now be equipped by everyone, protects against death Mirak plate can now be equipped by everyone, protects against paralysis and confusion increased DFP of Mirak plate from 120 to 160 edited descriptions of most items that provide status protection renamed IP "Ice...." to "Ice Valk" IP "Combo attack" damage increased from 2*INT+450 to 2*INT+500 IP "Diamond dust" damage increased from STR+700 to 2*STR+350 IP "Do-Re-Mi" confusion chance increased from 50% to 100% IP "Flash" damage increased from 2*INT+600 to 3*INT+300; cost increased from 96 (37%) to 164 (65%) IP "Frost" damage increased from 2*INT+140 to 3*INT+360 IP "Gloomsplash" damage increased from STR+800 to 2.5*STR+400 IP "Gloomy" damage increased from 2*INT+160 to 4*INT+60 IP "Groundshock" damage increased from 2*INT+240 to (INT+STR)*1.75 IP "Head attack" cost reduced from 164 (65%) to 100 (40%) IP "Incendiary" damage increased from 2*INT+120 to 3*INT+70 IP "Iron kick" damage increased from 400 to 700 IP "Magic cure" cost reduced from 128 (50%) to 85 (33%) IP "Magic healing" cost reduced from 192 (75%) to 153 (60%) IP "Magma blast" damage increased from 2*INT+400 to 3*INT+100 IP "Mega quake" damage increased from 2*INT+140 to 2.5*INT+30; cost increased from 20 (8%) to 50 (20%) IP "Samurai" critical chance increased from 20% to 35% IP "Stardust blow" damage increased from STR+1000 to 2.5*STR+450 IP "Tail attack" damage increased from 2*INT+200 to 2.5*INT+100 IP "Tidal wave" damage increased from 2*INT+140 to 3*INT+60 IP "Twister" damage increased from 2*INT+140 to 3*INT+360 IP "Voltage bolt" damage increased from 2*INT+160 to 3*INT+70
  9. Holy Ball is right, Heal Light is not supposed to be known to her until she goes to a light class. I've currently no plans beyond 1.0, that is the 3rd final boss and 3 weapons.
  10. Most likely both for an inevitable case of schizophrenic difficulty. The odds of me getting numbers right on the first try is 0. I'd honestly say that FF5 experts won't have it easy either; it looks the same but fundamentals changed. Where battle speed was is now a difficulty slider; those that set it to max will have quite an experience.
  11. You are doing the reverse of what Seiken Densetsu 3 does. SD3 asks you to pick a label and by that determines what you can do better than before. You look at what subset of skills that character does "better than average" and pick a label based on that. Dunno about Sword of Mana's class system, did it even have one? that game was so easy a Lv1 char can almost oneshot the final boss. Anyway, back to topic...
  12. Holy Ball is the same story with Carlie's Heal Light: the dark side class must not have it, so the base can't either because there is no "forget spell" mechanism. And Fireball felt like a good replacement; it is the classic first spell for RPG mages and enough light can burn too, ask any vampire Ice Smash from the earth spirit... I mostly wanted to have Angela with all 4 base spells before she can get her Lv2s in the dark class at Tzenker. If I kept ice where it was she could have earth at lv3 before ice lv1, that would be even stupider. As written above - working as intended. Knowing the unmodified game is more a curse here than a blessing; control scheme/not running in battle, black market addicition, lv1 tech spam - probably some habits have to be unlearned, sorry. You might remember the BS this hack was at the beginning? I want(ed) to get away from that, some bridges had to be burned. Hi! Thanks for doing my job All accessoires should be equippable on all, you might have to pass them to other characters though via item transfer in the menu (middle top screen). Buying is a bit weird in this game sometimes.
  13. Someone forgot to tell Shinryuu that this game is 16 bit. So what I've done: potential max HP is increased from 65.535 to 524.272 (or up to 16 segments of up to 32767 HP) Bosses and strong regular monsters can have "HP barriers", any overflow damage when reaching such a barrier is lost. E.g. a boss with a barrier at 5000 HP is sitting at 5001 HP and hit for 9999 damage, he'll only drop to 5000 HP now and only the next attack continues as normal. Upon passing a HP barrier the following stats increase slightly: attack, STR, MAG, AGL, evade, m.evade. Upon passing a HP barrier maxHP decreases accordingly, meaning the enemy can never be brought back above such a barrier. Successfully inflicting a death, petrify or similar status will not kill a boss/monster with HP barrier directly, only drop it to the next HP barrier. In FF5 there exists a "nuclear option"; buff the target with Mix/Dragon Power (Dragon Fang + (Hi-)Potion) +20 levels until it has Lv255 and then spam Blue/Lv5 death. No randomness involved, both parts have hit guarantee, the entire thing bypasses every protection I can give. The effect of level on damage caps at Lv99 so it doesn't even rise the risk a lot. So I embrace this in an absurd way: status immunity is no longer 100% resistance. Instead I calculate a chance to inflict a status based on a base rate depending on the status effect status "immunity" towards that status attacker's magic power target's vitality "boss/heavy" flag of the target if the target is a player (this reduces success chance) target's affinity towards a certain element, e.g. poison status checks against poison weakness and resistance In short, if a boss is weak to element X you have a chance to use status effect Y on him even if he is supposed to be "immune". Though if he resists that element and the status - forget it. I'll have to nerf a few status effects of course..
  14. Ancient Cave isn't affected by Hard Mode. So neither are enemies stronger nor do you get x2 exp. This is the same effect as Retry in the original, didn't give you x4 exp there either. Master's original HP was 9980, now he has 19980. As I'm reading this is still doable Imo it is brutal enough this way. ~70% more exp than vanilla, more cooperative high rank CMs, more tactical spells. Also, sorry but the next update will change the AC a bit, making it (at least theoretically) a bit easier.
  15. No idea when it will be done.