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  1. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    I've moved half of the stuff to different locations or changed what certain monster stats do - was that taken into account? I've my doubts that any special logic for this mod is present there.
  2. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    And that's why the 2nd desert town sells the items; like 5-6 seeds should be enough. out of the possible 6 items you need 3 so the first planting has a 1/2 chance to give you the right one, getting the second item is then 1/3 and the last 1/6. So you should be quite likely to get 2 with 5-6 seeds then sell the 3-4 wrong items and buy the missing from that money.
  3. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    To be 100% accurate, if the attacker is cursed it treats his victim as if they have physical reflect attribute. For regular attacks that results in both the attacker and the target receiving the damage, for "spells" this changes the target back to the caster.
  4. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    curse: 20% chance to suffer bonus damage for element of the day on any day even if normally not possible (e.g. light and dark spells). Additionally weapon damage is always shared with 100%. pressure: victim becomes harder to heal, useful e.g. to prevent silver knights from healing themselves to full every 2 seconds
  5. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    I'm leaning towards yes - is it really too much asked to check the last 10 posts? >.>
  6. He is an exception for exactly 3 things his special type of max HP damage absorbed damage is increased to 999 (because of the max HP thing he needs a low damage multiplier which would would make natural absorbed spells give him like 100-200 HP, pointless at that stage in the game) fire absorb gets reset when he takes an action (otherwise his gimmick would kill him after anti-magic) That might actually even be the highest number of special hacks a boss specifically for themselves got, not sure. Final bosses don't count since they recycle most of the stuff.
  7. Well, it can at least be an issue vs Xan Bie if he hits you before you can heal that damage because of the way his maxHP damage works.
  8. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Just as a warning/reminder, if you are significantly higher levelled than the monster the chance for rare items is cut drastically (1/8 of base chance). So that might get frustrating as a farm.
  9. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    this only applies to this mod, so you are excused
  10. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    regular attacks don't count as spells so 3-6 are out. it should be 1) but in typical SD3 fashion it might just be a coin flip every time between 1 and 2
  11. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    In vanilla it was (25-target's luck) times some amount of frames, the same value is used for half vanish for some reason which obviously makes that buff really useless at high levels. Since I couldn't really separate those two instances at the time I just changed it to a constant value. The caster isn't known anymore at the point where the effect starts so that was no option either. The reflect physical routine only cares about the last spell used on you, it doesn't matter how long ago, it just needs to have been the last one.
  12. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Sleep ends when taking damage or after a fixed amount of time - lag and the other usual culprits can extend that though.
  13. Breath of Fire 2 - Defiance of Fate

    There was no real way to boost spell damage; it was fixed damage with chance to deal +50% damage based on WIS and maybe a terrain bonus before elemental resistance and percentage magic defense. Spell damage starts now much lower but scales with WIS and the +50% chance is based on the LUCK stat instead of WIS. I've currently no idea what to do with township. The 3 base styles are heavily leaning towards one being strictly better - exactly as you said, for cooking - 80%+ of the tenants are also useless, like really... +4 def for ONE battle. That'll be a lot of work to fix...
  14. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    correct, there's no such intention.