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  1. well, you can defend, equip relics with poison element resistance, put fire element icons on the field, etc. to lower poison status chance and then cast pure before too much status damage piles up and the chance gets up to 100% anyway.
  2. pure cures HP leak and status damage not status effects directly. status damage is what you take when it status spell or skill hits but does not yet inflict a status effect - it makes follow up status attacks more likely to succeed.
  3. ftfy the only half sane (and non-cheat) way I can imagine is all other 6 gbs beaten and then max monster level up gear - though as with fmh above I expect something to be amiss tbh. when getting stopped by a single obstacle the first thought should never be to just go max level >.>
  4. hint 3: it is not a spell also Dolan is not weak to tree element
  5. the intended method to differentiate between quick and strong attack is if you hold the attack button or only tap in short. this worked ok as long as there is sufficient lag; but if you are facing only 1 single small sprite enemy and have 2 dead allies (way less lag) the time between you pressing attack and the game needing to know what attack type it'll be is about 1-2 frames - 3vs3 is more like half a second. lets say normal player wouldn't be able to get quick attacks under that circumstance with 100% success rate. getting quick attacks via direction button is just a crutch for that situation. and inverting the direction thing wouldn't work in that scenario: hold direction? get strong attack press attack for more than 1 frame? also strong attack how to get quick attack? yeah, good luck with that. could I get that switch to work by removing the original design? maybe but if I want to do that is a different question.
  6. Dunno about that version of SoM but I'd say here it makes imo more sense the way it is now; the units that move around the most would probably be tanks and those need more frequent stabs to knock enemies back from your allies - and not infrequent but stronger attacks. So if you had to always let go of the dpad when you want to attack with a quick jab you'd be more prone to accidentally get the strong attack and then leave your party open for attack.
  7. actually this fake defending is his aggro reaction - theoretically meant as a way to buy some time before spiral moon status effects, buffs and debuffs should still stay active
  8. well, you can use anti-magic first. the thing is, any change I make to the "pressure" effect would also affect the lightgazer godbeast
  9. no, Lv1 techs, the thing that requires 4 green dots (tech points) - you're invulnerable to regular attacks during most of it what is your team composition? I can't imagine any that require > lv8, though. do you use healing items? sounds like you just let the poison ticking. oh right, the spawn changes once you enter the waterfall cave.
  10. there's already something very much like that for a very broad definition of blocking Lv1 techs take the same role - and I have no intention to mess around with sprites to get a proper block animations how the hell did you reach lv18 before full metal hagger? past lv12 you get 2 exp per kill from the lv6 mobs at best, emm... I don't even... first chance for class change is still right before tzenker
  11. lightgazer, fmh refight, heath, archdemon, a couple random mobs - honestly, it is less useful than curse
  12. that sounds less like gameplay and more like pure work..
  13. Light Lise has a massive mp+casttime problem - yes, she can fulfill all of that alone but she has to sacrifice a ring slot, needs mp support and time; while she prepares to cast a heal she can't prepare a buff. Needing that one accessoire slot for multitarget could be taken by a more dedicated healer for a heal power ring. Plus if she is your only healer you have to suffer about another 30% of the game with just item healing where you could have already a healer - you're mostly discussing endgame setups but what about the journey to get there? And giving her a shield for aggro on top of that might actually be detrimental because she has to stay still to cast for some time. She basically does a lot of different things at the same time several of which kinda contradict each other. Need to cast buff <-> need to cast heal (can only cast 1 spell at a time) Need to stay still to cast <-> need to run around to manipulate mobs. etc. some alternatives to cover that with 2 chars (and get some other extras): Lord + Warrior Monk Lord + Magus (w/ whitelight ring) Necromancer with invert armor + any healer
  14. you can bet people would've cried bloody murder if I had taken stuff away from Lise. also not sure what I could've really done with her; debuffers usually have the full set of debuff effects and giving her light classes only 2-3 main buffs while the dark classes have the full suit would be weird.
  15. I guess he meant the other half as well - W/A seeds have many possible outcomes and those are harder to save abuse. And no, I've no idea how to reduce that.