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  1. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Lv99 would vary from 28 to 33 depending on if it is e.g. a Duran/Kevin based enemy (knights, werewolves) or a Hawk based one (nightblades)
  2. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Pretty easy actually; game calculates you crit rate and then draws a random number between 0 and 100 (RNG function takes values as parameter for range) so I would only need to change the 100
  3. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I think the main problem is more the limited range I can work with (0-100 scale) while also needing +luck investment to be worth it without crits being non-existant at lv1. Maybe we should try something like changing the crit rate out of 100 to crit rate out of (70+3x target luck) so if you have 90% chance there now it'd drop to 90/(70+3x25) = 62%
  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I think that wouldn't change much; you have like 100 crit rate before monster specific resistance which for most is 15 or less, so you'd still have 85% at the least even without the capstone.
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    where do you get 8+31 from? I see 20 from weapon, 3 from ring, 8 from helm; that is the 31 but where's the 8 from? Its too much either way. Really, I leave you alone for a couple of days and you break the game again.
  6. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    First stat increase, then spell learning/capstone aquisition (capstones are just dummied spells).
  7. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    v1.658 fixed mix/restore and red/purge not being able to target a petrified unit fixed issues in the formula for rare steal chance if a target has no rare steal, rare steal chance now becomes 0% also tried to write status damage in the mechanics folder, read at your own risk
  8. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    v1.656 replaced gauge option with alternate job sprites option (sprites provided by zetawilk) HP display now also updates on damage pop up instead of after the whole round ends no longer hides field icons on victory battle UI now displays status health bar between HP and atb bar; toggle status bar on/off with select battle UI displays stun/stop/singing duration instead of atb ticks, bar becomes then colored pink added bonus to first turn speed for fastest party member if a faster enemy exists (i.e. should go first in all boss fights) HP regen now also gives healing over time like inverse HP leak (negated by HP leak); reduced strength of the periodic big heal each hero can now only endure (defend, endure passive, insurance, heavy status) fatal damage once per battle monster that perform reactions to specific attacks can now do so only once per turn split cooldowns into item and skill types cooldown for skills is affected by strength using brave recovers half a turn of skill cooldown (def. recovers 25% of remaining item cooldown) using weapon spells (e.g. defense sword or rod breaking) now adds 5 turns of item cooldown enemy HP and AGL is now scaled by number of present party members returning enemies in world 3 that are below rank 28 are increased to 28 changed player weight penalty on ATB to be more percentage instead of flat adjusted item cooldowns corpses can no longer aegis block attacks set known spell levels by default to max for menu and confuse purposes reduced scaling of monster damage by about 20% reduced influence of MAG for monster status chance to 1/4 the previous value changed element typing of karlabos, siren(undead), galura and crayclaw changed AI of siren; mostly guaranteed haste at 50% instead of random changed Atomos AI; phase 1 nerfed, added a phase 2 changed Exdeath (solo vs Galuf) AI a bit to show more of his regular skills changed Exdeath (castle) AI changed arcanist skills; themed around producing combo, empty and broken field icons empty field icons oppose all elements but have no further special effects broken field icons can't be removed, oppose all elements and reduce healing spell power by 25% each multiplicatively reduced bonus HP from HP job levels from (20+total job levels, max 50) to (20+total job levels, max 35) WhiteMage learns !Mantra instead of !Recover passives that gave +10% HP now give +20% heal amp is no longer innate medicine also increases heal spells by 20% barrier no longer displays an animation; needed to fix a bug that treats the animation as a real action (cost 100 mp for a <nothing> extra action) !aim also doubles crit rate and has increased power of 115 !skill/examine now costs 0 mp to use and is always available changed !mantra to a 140 power aoe heal, 170 if unarmed, based on vit/mag increased Bushido/Booster's power from 35 to 55 increased Skill/Treat's power from 45 to 60 and cost from 10 to 15 increased Predict/Blessing's power from 193 to 216 and changed it to also cure toad, mini, zombie and petrify changed Blue/Exploder damage bonus for player from x2 to ~1% per MAG (+100% at 99) two handed only weapons now gain damage bonus from power grip use better of both equipped weapons for crit rate bonus instead of sum increased crit bonus of knives and whips a bit changed thief glove from 2x steal chance to +10% steal chance and 4x rare steal chance replaced fire bow with battle bow and moved it to walse made soot, shuriken an fuuma shuriken usable as exotic weapons added effect to soot when used with !fight to prevent the target's next field icon changed kunai from weapon block to a long range throwing knife moved judgement staff from DarkMage to MindMage and DoomDealer changed bomb damage scaling; now scales with stacksize, AGL, level and medicine passive removed miss chance from bombs nerfed ribbons from +5 all stats to +3 random hit skills like comet and meteor have been reduced from max 5 hits to 4 physical techs now apply power grip and backrow compatibility by equipped weapon physical techs that display the equipped weapon when attacking now properly use both when dual wielding berserk should now no longer skip the first action increased brawl increase to m.atk if unarmed by +50%+10 changed release skills to not profit from user's m.atk bonuses, only passives changed physical release skills to properly use the monster's element reduced base damage scaling of release skills blitz/pummel and rush are now affected by row drag-on breath skills are now str/mag based tinker turret and herobot are now agl/mag based esemte recover is now level based removed stats&ailment checks from flee chance Krile should now start with same job and abilities active as Galuf Minotaur now requires mp to cast holy can no longer stack evade chance of the two parry type weapons (guardian vs hardened dagger) mini status now gives +20 evade instead of 2x, capped at 70 instead of 99 mute status no longer has a limited duration doom status can no longer kill bosses (bypasses death scripts), only reduce them down to 1 HP and 0 LP at most heavy status reduces applicable status duration now only by 25% instead of 50% added exceptions to the skill "targeting" to avoid Omega's barrier getting transferred to the player fixed exdeath and leviatan battle name display; formerly showed empty space instead of box border to the right of the name fixed geomancer learning !animals instead of cqc fixed ManKill not counting as knife for proficiency fixed dragon lance not getting doublegrip bonus despite saying it does fixed GaleBow's X-Fight crashing the game fixed a bug with dual wielding that treats the second weapon as having 0 attack fixed a bug that gave released monster full damage multiplier on percentage moves fixed a bug that overrode caught monster when receiving a status effect fixed animation on condemn playing when not inflicting the status effect fixed name of vacuum blade special fixed that physical techs were affected by Lich passive and fork tower fixed phoenix spell animation fixed bug that taught oath/genome spells already when depleting the first LP instead of the last inflicting stun and old with the same attack no longer results in perma stun
  9. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    yes. he had something that was equivalent to an [h4] version I found and with that at least the bon voyage event doesn't work after patching. no idea what exactly is different there but if something important is off by one byte somewhere it ofc won't fit.
  10. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    ok, so result is: "bad" base rom (CRC32 91C3925D). I found like a dozen different rom versions of just SD3. one working rom has CRC32 863ED0B8 no idea what the difference in that bad rom is, the event works until I patch over it
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    probably pm
  12. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Can you send me your savefile (.srm)?
  13. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    I think ZSNES would make it worse. What party setup? Really sure you hit all plot triggers?
  14. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Both should end it.
  15. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    maybe it is from the petrify status?