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Icons on equip screen?

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Just started playing 2.0 today and I am really enjoying it. I've played through Cloud's scenario and have made it to Not-Molbliz in Ronan's scenario. I think Ronan is my favorite character so far, but I really like Arc.

Anyway, a little question I didn't see covered in the School of Learning of FAQ documents. When you equip weapons on a character, sometimes a little icon appears next to the portrait. Maybe it's always it's a crossed swords icon, but I could swear I saw a fist. Where I am right now, both Avalon and Ronan have crossed swords, but Arc doesn't have one.

I'm guessing this is describing the attack type, like we might have a slash/bash/something else rock/paper/scissors thing going on here, but if it's in the manual, I missed it.

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Ah yes, it's a patch called FF6j Relic indicators, which adopts the feature from FF6j.
The two swords icon shows that the character can dual-wield weapons (Genji Glove effect).
The fist icon is to show that the character is 'two-hand damage' (Gauntlet effect).
Annnd, there is a third one I believe also, which was a plate of armor icon, for the Merit Award...but I don't believe any such Relic exists in RotDS to see it!

I will definitely add this to the School of Learning doc, thanks!

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