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  1. OK cool I'll PM you in the near future about the PSP testing. No it's not that delaying the update, there's a bunch of other work that's been lagging the release for some time now, basically now it's just a bunch of monster sprites being sprited still.
  2. I think I may have gotten this fixed up, it was something with the ROM's internal header I believe, or I dreamed this. But I remember someone alerting me to this and I was able to fix it, I think. Will have to wait and see when 2.0 comes out sometime before this year is done lol... or perhaps I'll get in touch with you beforehand to see if it is indeed fixed, if you wouldn't mind testing.
  3. Hello! RotDS 2.0 is definitely still in the works, it's just taking much longer than first thought. Everything that is going into it is good to go, there's mainly one bug left to correct and Madsiur will have time to do it in May, once the school semester has ended. It's a purely cosmetic bug, but is quite an eyesore under certain circumstance. In the meantime things are being tested and polished up here and there as much as possible. Thanks for the kind words about the hack.
  4. Yo! Sorry for the semi-late response, still getting rid of this holiday hangover heheh. Version 2.0 didn't make it in 2018 as was planned, but it's super close to being ready to release. I'm now basically just waiting on one final issue/bug to be addressed and corrected in the next few days hopefully, and that'll be all she wrote for this update. What's been/was taking forever was my buddy James White who does all the spritework for the portraits and monsters etc. took on the mammoth challenge of re-drawing or creating a new sprite all together every single monster sprite in the game that was not his work, such as the record keeper rips etc. But sadly he's unable to continue doing this due to a variety of not-so-good real life stuff. Hopefully someday he'll be able to finish them all, but it won't be for a long time if ever. He was able to bang out quite a few though! So that's good. Anyway, 2.0 is definitely gonna drop here soon and is quite a large update indeed!
  5. Sorry for the late response! At one point it did, but not on the current version sadly. It's been fixed, or rather implemented into the next huge 2.0 update to come out here sometime before next year lol.
  6. I'm sorry..

    So very sorry to hear this terrible news, I can't even imagine. Stay strong man.
  7. Elemental mixing patch

    Try with a unheadered ROM. Looking at the asm code/file, the header part is commented out with ; which means it won't be taken into account when patching. So I'd assume the ips patch is for unheadered. Cool patch btw!
  8. NG+ Member Pictures

    Team Nattak.
  9. Here's a custom Streaming template!

    Ahh, that certainly explains why I woke up today well within the 24 hour period and your stream was no longer streaming. Sorry to hear that man! Nice template btw.
  10. Gotcha. And yeah I hear ya, it sure does seem like it lol. What started out as a mostly graphical update has gone far beyond. It's definitely getting there, though, I promise, work has never ceased in the last almost year for this massive update. There's still some major code workings that are needed for one of the major new 'things', but the vast majority of the main work is finished. It's just a matter of having the time and drive to do it, in regards to my good buddy Madsiur (the assembly coder), as he is a very busy man. And after all's done it'll need to be tested again very thoroughly... Honestly it'll be a couple months off still I'd say. Can't rush these things.
  11. Cool man! Sorry for just tuning in here to read this. Gonna stream it?
  12. Avalon and Cure

    There's a thing on top of one of the train carts, before the train gets split in half where you can't go back, just walk on top of the train cart and you'll fall through a thing and then need to head back to the caboose and find a treasure, that for some odd reason teaches Avalon Cure.
  13. Help with patching

    The 7z archive is not the actual patch, you'll have to open/unpack that 7z file with a utility like WinZip in order to get to/extract the contents inside, where you'll find the .ips patch for the mod that lunarips can recognize.
  14. blasted dream stone

    It is found while in the Avalon's dream event. When your inside the castle, gotta go outside and walk on the balcony to a room to the south, where it resides inside a box.