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  1. Pac Man is a great game to this day because you can play it several ways. You can play for score, leading the ghosts into the corners so you can eat them all with one power pellet. You can play for progress, ignoring the ghosts and focus on clearing the table. You can self impose challenges like stop moving after eating a power pellet so you don’t get the bonus points and extra lives. An RPG is boring if there’s one way to play it. If there’s really only one optimal build and anything else is wasting your time. BNW is very successful at this with the Esper system. Bosses are where this can come to roost, though. If there’s only one solution to the boss, it’s a bad boss.
  2. This seems like a really fun idea and I'm all for it. It'd be cool if each class had a different sprite kinda like jobs in FF5.
  3. Here's a complete dipshit question...what does it mean when your ATB bar turns green? And the dipshit answer: You are in Reraise status.
  4. The various sprite sheets on should be compatible here, yeah?