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T-Edition - English Lua Version (requires: Windows/Wine, snes9x-rr)

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Welcome to T-Edition - English Lua Version (or "T-Edition Lua" for short), a project four whole months in the making. The game is fully translated and playable now, as long as you don't mind using a specific emulator.

You can discuss the game and your playthrough on the New Game Plus Discord in #ff6-t-edition.

What is T-Edition?
Rather than rehash this topic, I'm going to just point you to Poemato's excellent overview of T-Edition (v1.5), though note that Poemato (and that webpage) are not associated with the Lua project.

About the T-Edition Lua Project
Started in February 2020, the Lua Version uses the American GBA script of FF6 as a base, then, using a mash of Poemato's and Kain Stryder's (now outdated) playthrough videos, as well as manual- and (heavily edited) machine-translations, updates the rest of the new content that Tsushiy added to be in English. It also translates all combat messages and events, combat skill and spell names, map names, etc. to provide a near-complete English experience. EX Mode is supported, though note the caveats in Information to Know below. Item descriptions are not translated in-game, but an emulator overlay is displayed with the same information.

As the title of this thread implies, this version is only playable on Windows or Windows emulators (such as Wine), with use of the snes9x-rr emulator. This is because snes9x-rr supports Lua scripting, which is the tool of choice I used to manipulate the game as it is running to have the game display specific text at specific times. Other emulators, such as Bizhawk, do support Lua scripting, but they don't support the functions necessary to perform this kind of task. Snes9x-rr is only available for Windows, so you won't be able to play this on your (non-Windows) phone, Game Boy Advance, or other device that doesn't support Windows, unless it's able to emulate the OS, such as Wine for Linux.

This Lua script builds on top of the translation work (".ips" or "T-Edition English") that Lazarus and Kain have been working on, and is now included in that download pack. Their work currently encompasses the menus, in-combat and out-, and includes the English font that this script piggybacks off of to display its text. Without them, there wouldn't have even been a start to this Lua script, so make sure you give shoutouts to their work as well!


  • Snes9x-rr is required. Acquire that at their Github - this Lua script was developed using version 1.60 and may or may not fully work on later versions.
  • See Kain's thread here for downloads, as the Lua has been merged with that project.
  • For the T-Edition Lua changelog, see the second post in this thread.


  • Check HTML/Readme.html within the T-Edition English's .rar for bugs/FAQ about T-Edition itself, or the "readme translation.txt" in the same location for details about Lazarus and Kain's .ips project.
  • Changes from Vanilla FF6 are mostly documented within HTML/_index.html in T-Edition English's .rar. Check there for any gameplay questions you may have!
  • Current saves from other emulators should be supported (untested), as long as you copy the .srm to snes9x-rr's saves folder before starting up the emulator.

Information to Know

  • Use snes9x-rr's Rewind function with great caution. The Lua's been updated to support Rewind, but it's possible some things have been overlooked. If you must Rewind, make absolutely sure you do not stop Rewinding until there are no text boxes remaining on the screen.
  • Unnamed characters ("??????" names - Terra in the intro, unnamed characters at the Costume Change) will have their names display as blank due to the missing large-? character in the English fontset. This is a minor, ignorable problem that will be solved once those characters are named.


Q: Why is there a frame counter on my screen?
A: Press [.] by default to turn it off. Check your [Input => Customize Hotkeys => Movie Frame Count] hotkey if this doesn't work.

Q: My controller won't work!
A: Start or restart snes9x-rr after plugging in your controller - the Detect Gamepad Changes option doesn't always work. Make sure that "use SNES joypad(s)" is selected in the Input menu and that Joypad #1 is enabled in [Input => Input Configuration]. Check your "Joypad Swap" button as well - [6] by default will switch your main input between player 1 and 2, but it can be changed on page 2 of [Input => Customize Hotkeys].

Q: What is EX Mode?
A: Check HTML/EX Readme.html within T-Edition English's .rar for more details, but tl;dr is at a certain point in the game you have the option to swap your save file over to a different ROM to take on twelve new bosses (and nothing else, because you can't leave the room).

Q: What's this about Wine for Linux?
A user has reported that Wine, an Windows emulator running on Linux, runs snes9x-rr just fine, albeit with some ignorable warnings in the log. However, as I don't use Linux, I'm unable to offer any support with setting up or using Wine, sorry!

Q: I just got item X, why can't I find it in my inventory?
A: Updating to 1.01 will make item names between the game and the Lua match. Besides that, due to a T-Edition bug, some accessories may be sorted near the top of the item list, with the first few weapons. Also, it may be a key item, so check there, too. Prior to 1.01, the .ips patch and the Lua translation used different translations for some item names or spells, so the name in the item list might not have matched the "obtained" messages.


Q: I unlocked a costume but it won't show up, what gives?A: T-Edition doesn't always process costume information right away. There are two reasons you may not get access to your costume. Firstly, you must unlock costumes for a character in order [First => Second => Third => Fourth]. If you unlock the third costume but not the first, you won't have access to any costumes for that character. Secondly, you may have to walk into the Achievements room in the Narshe Adventuring School before the game processes and updates it.


Q: This text is misaligned/the opera is a bit out of sync/there's some weird spacing errors/the dev room music menu is kinda weird/etc.
A: First of all, honestly, thank you for your interest in improving the project. I wouldn't have made it this far without players testing and proofreading. Second of all, I don't care. Well, that's not accurate, I do care, but at this point, for the most part, this project is pretty much done, unless some terrible reproducible glitch is found, since the primary intent is to make the game playable. Thirdly, the Opera is a very timing-specific mess due to the automatic text advancement and speed that the text displays on screen. It currently works without getting the player stuck, and I do not want to touch it ever, ever again.

Q: I'm getting slowdown if I run the Lua script that's not there if I disable it!
A: Unfortunately, the Lua script adds a lot of hooks and code that the emulator is checking for and constantly running. You may experience slowdown on weaker computers, and in particular, the Fast Forward feature won't go as smoothly as you may be used to since the game has to also execute the Lua code. Other functions such as the Memory View or RAM Watch may cause slowdown as well. Feel free to click "Stop" in the Lua window if you wish to use Fast Forward at maximum speed without caring about the text, for example when grinding levels or achievements, then click "Restart" when you are ready to use the Lua once again.

Supplemental Info and Downloads

Costume Unlocker Cheat - Extra .lua script in order to unlock all costumes from the start of the game. Suggested only for a second playthrough without New Game Plus. May irreversibly alter or hinder achievement progress. Presented without warranty or support. May prevent you from actually unlocking costumes. Download it here and read the text at the top of the .lua file (open in any text editor) for instructions and what it actually does. Only unlocks the costumes while it's running unless you modify the setting near the top of the .lua to be permanent.




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1.01d - February 6, 2021: Support for T-Edition 2.9.3 - item 0x117 (Experience Egg). Beta version below also updated with Experience Egg.
1.01c - August 2nd, 2020: Adjusted some skill names and quest names to sync with HTML. Turned off accidentally-left-on debug feature forcing MindFlre/PlatDrgn fights.
1.01b - July 24, 2020: Corrected Invis/Shadow scrolls' description (an ally => the user).
1.01a - July 16, 2020: Minor text revisions from streamer feedback.
1.01 - May 29, 2020: Updated all item names to match the in-game names. Removed expanded chest name option and just displays full name by default. Updated dialog to reflect new names. Some names are incorrect (such as Heiji's Club) but are named as such regardless to match the game's names. For full list of item name changes with explanations, see
1.00a: Fixed a missing choice in the EX portrait room.
1.00: Initial release.

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For the last month or so, I've been working on a 1.1 beta update to the Lua script and putting it on Discord. I'm tentatively posting it here for now. The main theme of the 1.1 update is major bug-fixes and Quality of Life features such as rage preview, toggle sprint, betting preview, among others.

Most, if not all, of these features can be toggled off near the top of the Lua if you feel anything detracts too much from the "authentic experience". However, everything here is designed to "enhance" the user experience, reduce the reliance on external documentation, and make tracking various things easier or stop wasting your time. For example, the bet preview is something you can easily know just by betting an item. The rage preview prevents you having to memorize/document everything from the main menu, and even if they weren't listed in the main menu, you'd know just by using it in a random encounter. In contrast, something like a "steal preview" won't be implemented due to knowledge requiring external guides or trial and error with Locke using precious turns, often in dangerous situations.

By downloading this "beta version", you accept that there may be instabilities with this version and some things may not work right, since I may add little-tested features on a whim for Discord or other users to test. If the Lua stops working, you can usually just click "Restart" in the window and it should work again.

How to install the beta, after reading the above: Download the latest version in the first post above, following instructions (such as installing the music fix or VWF font fix), then instead of using the .lua file provided in the first post, use this one. (edit: It's included in Kain's pack now.) Please provide feedback or bug reports on the NGPlus Discord in #scripting-development.

The current change log (as far as I remember to update it) is as follows:
Feb 6, 2021: Minor fixes, support for T-Edition 2.9.3 - item 0x117 (Experience Egg).
Oct. 22: added elemental resists/etc to status menu. added runic/retort/defend stance status to battle ui, with additional default-off cheat option to display reraise status.
Oct. 20: added ability to favorite up to 8 items to sort them to the top of your inventory, for easier battle access.
Oct. 18: changed eidolon progress displays to instead show ap remaining to master. displays equipment icons in eidolon menu if an equipment is boosting learn rate for an unlearned spell.
Oct. 10: displays stat bonuses in costume dressing room. also, ebot's rock now displays your current coral count
Oct. 8: current eidolon progress on main menu + 'none' if none is equipped (is hidden before you unlock eidolons). also fixed wrong bgm in coliseum
Oct. 2: dance effect preview in combat when pressing Y (shows the four possibilities for the dance)
Oct. 1: added total spell progress for each eidolon to the eidolon menu; will also display in all-eq menu if eidolons display there
Sept. 30: bugfixes related to relic/weapon sorting
Sept. 28: sorted relics by name instead of defense, disableable in config. also sorted weapons before shields in main/offhand equipping screen, also disableable
Sept. 23: added eidolon display to "all equipment" menu, disableable in config


     1.1a: Minor fixes, support for T-Edition 2.9.3 - item 0x117 (Experience Egg).
     1.1: == The Quality of Life Update ==
       ++ Fixed T-Edition's bug where using an item past 256 may have the wrong effect (can be disabled with setting*).
       ++ Fixed T-Edition's bug where sorting puts items past 256 near the top (can be disabled with setting*).
            Fix was also implemented into the basic ROM, so this will only do anything if you're not updated.
       ++ Fixed T-Edition's bug where the wrong music track would play in the coliseum (can be disabled with setting*).
       ++ Fixed Lua's rewind bug. You should now be able to use snes9x-rr's rewind feature without breaking things.
          * If anything does break after rewinding, you can fix it by, as before, rewinding past the text box.
          * Now stores dialog info to Cyan's stored Iaido names, which are irrelevant since..
        + Fixed Cyan's Iaido names in menu being gibberish by using hardcoded ones (due to no rename function).
        + Speaking to the auction house doorman while missing its magicite will force the auctioneer to likely
           offer a magicite
. Missing one will offer magicite at 1/2 chance, missing both will be 2/3 chance for
           a magicite. If you want to reroll the chance, simply speak to him again without starting an auction.
          * You cannot get magicite in the second half of the game if you haven't bought key items from auction.
             Even if he says "we have magicite", he will auction the key items. Buy the key items, first.
          * It's possible, even if he says "we don't have magicite right now", to randomly get magicite anyways.
          * This rigging will not come into play if you have both magicite already.
          * This option can be disabled with a setting*.
        + Added the option in the config menu to toggle sprint by pushing [Y] (can be disabled with setting*).
          * This option saves to save states, but not to hard saves, so you may occasionally need to toggle this.
          * Holding B while this option is enabled returns you to normal movespeed.
          * The sprinting tutorial man in Beginner's School will comment on this if the option is available.
        + Moved item descriptions from overlay to in-game display, except in equipment menu (no UI there).
            Rewrote almost all item descriptions to fit within game's 79 character limit.
            Also rewrote almost all item descriptions to have a "short" version for shops' 59 character limit.
            This "short" description actually goes fairly in-depth of the item's capabilities, such as resists,
             immunities, what the item teaches.. whereas the full description has often mostly fluff or flavor text.
          * When in shops, the in-game interface will display the short description due to memory limitations.
             Everywhere else (except equipment), the in-game interface will display the full description.
          * When in shops, the overlay will display the full description, so you still get all the info.
             Everywhere else, the overlay will display the short description.
          - In-game display not supported in EX, though overlay still is.
          - In-game descriptions can be disabled/reverted to previous overlay with a setting*.
          - Overlay and in-game descriptions can be entirely disabled with a setting* if ips fixes them.
        + Added rage effect preview when hovering over a rage in battle (can be disabled with setting*).
        + Added dance effect preview when hovering over a dance in battle and pressing [Y] (can be disabled with setting*).
        + Added bet preview to Coliseum (can be disabled with setting*). Also warns you if bet is slot 257+.
        + Added BGM name display when track changes, default 4 seconds (can be disabled/changed with setting*).
        + Added ability to select random track in music player with [Y] (can be disabled with setting*).
        + Added ability to specify a default battle or boss music track in the music player (can be disabled with setting*).
          * Use [X] to specify a track instead of "Battle Theme" or [Start] to replace "The Decisive Battle".
          * You can revert the track back to normal by pressing [X] or [Start] on the same song it's set to.
          * Battle tracks besides these two will still play as normal.
          * The specific combination [Battle:FF7:Ahead on Our Way]+[Boss:FF8:Man with the Machine Gun] is blocked, since
             those are the default values of part of Cyan's SwdTech names so it will assume you don't have anything configured.
           Overlay, Previews, and BGM may require 'display message before filters' enabled.
           Check TROUBLESHOOTING above for more details.
        + Added runic/retort/defend stance display to the battle UI (can be disabled with setting*).
          * Replaces the end of the ATB meter, or gets placed after maxHP if ATB is off.
          * Has an additional, independent default-off "cheat" option to display reraise status on battle UI.
        + Added elemental weakness/resists/null/absorptions to status menu (can be disabled with setting*).
          * + = absorb, X = null, up arrow = resist, down arrow = weakness
        + Added item favorite feature. Favorite up to eight items to sort to top of inventory (can be disabled with setting*).
          * Only consumables, weapons and shields can be favorited.
          * Favorited items are still subject to normal sorting order rules within their group (consumables first).
        + Added achievement tracking to the Status menus (can be disabled with setting*).
           This information won't display if you haven't made achievement progress, to prevent showing for Moogles.
           The late-game old man north of Narshe will comment on it being in Status, if the setting is enabled.
        + Sorted relics in the equipping menu by name instead of defense (can be disabled with setting*).
        + Sorts weapons before shields in main/offhand equip menu (can be disabled with setting*).       
        + Added eidolon display to the "all equipment" menu (can be disabled with setting*).
          * This is the menu reached when you press LEFT while selecting a character to view EQUIP or RELIC for.
        + Added the required Magic AP to master each eidolon in the eidolon menu (can be disabled with setting*).
          * If the above 'eidolon display in "all equipment" menu' setting is also enabled, it will display in that menu as well.
          * This does take worn equipment into account, so wearing a shield that teaches Blizzara will have a lower Shiva requirement.
          * In the eidolon menu only, if any worn equipment is boosting an unlearned spell's rate, the item will show an icon here.
        + Added the required Magic AP to master the equipped eidolon to main menu (can be disabled with setting*).
          * If you've acquired eidolons, but don't have one equipped, it will say "None", as a reminder to equip one.
          * Umaro and Gogo will display "---%" if they have eidolons equipped and can use them, since they can't learn magic.
          * Gogo will display no text if he has no eidolon and no Magic/Dualcast command.
          * Gogo will display "xxxx" if he has an eidolon equipped but is lacking a Magic/Dualcast command.
          * This does take worn equipment into account, so wearing a shield that teaches Blizzara will have a lower Shiva requirement.
          * For eidolons that require 100ap to master, it will only show 99ap here due to space limitations.
        + Added rare item descriptions.
        + Fixed Eidolon names in battle Magic menu (can be disabled with setting* if ips fixes).
            Fix was also implemented into the basic ROM, so this will only do anything if you're not updated.
        + Changed descriptions mentioning 'Bless' to 'Spirit'. Battle name is 'Spirit Rejuvenation'.
        + Added a hint to the Cursed/Bloodstained Shield's description (can be disabled with setting*).
        + Updated various texts and the Beginner School. Locke suggests visiting it in the intro.
           School now has other details that weren't there before such as how to remove Berserk!
        + Updated costume room text to display STR/SPD/STA/MAG values for each costume.
        + Updated Ebot's Rock dialogue to show how many coral you have at any given moment.
        + A certain character in a certain disguise will have slightly altered dialogue if a certain character has a certain name.
           This is just an easter egg I added for fun and isn't part of T-Edition normally.
        * Settings can be configured as per step (bg5) in the installation instructions.

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Small adjustment to all versions of the Lua to add support for item 0x117 - Experience Egg, added in T-Edition 2.9.3 by Tsushiy.

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