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A bunch of questions

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Hello, I'm a new player to ogre tactics and I'm playing on the PSP emulator so forgive me if these questions have been asked before.


I absolutely love the game, played up until chapter 2 after getting Cistina before I found this mod.

I downloaded and installed the mod and I'm really liking it so far but I have a number of questions that hopefully someone can answer for me.

1. Enemy scaling,: do enemies scale in all battles with the highest level character in a battle group? 

I ask this because it seems like my birdman (I'm failing at the name currently), who is level 17 Vartan Who gets put into battles with my around 13th level party seems to throw off the difficulty curve and makes training the rest of my troops extremely hard. 

2. Do you have to be a certain class to use certain abilities? Is there a class that gets to use all abilities you've learned? Because it seems a waste to even learn abilities outside a chosen class because you can't use it in any other class which is a distinct difference from games like Final Fantasy Tactics, where if you want to make a knight that also has black magic, go on with your bad self. I expected this game to be much like it, considering the job class system, but I'm finding that's not the case or maybe I just haven't found the right job classes yet?


3. Is there a point where all job class marks become available in the store? Or is there a list of where to obtain all the job class marks and when they become available in the store? Or do I have to hunt down and kill members of the class and hope they drop their classmark?

4. Is there any point in keeping more than 10 people in your battle parties? It seems like the highest number of units you can employ in any given mission is 10. so it seems like you'll have a core group of six people that are extremely well trained and a group of four others who are just there to fill spots in story battles.

5. For this mod specifically, why take away everybody's ability to heal? I employed Knights and Rune Knights for their ability to heal and it seems like that has been stripped away and I can't quite find a good replacement. It seems like the goal is to make clerics better by taking away everybody else's ability to heal but I feel like trying to boost one class by taking away abilities from others is a losing prospect. Is there a further class down the line like maybe white knight or paladin that gets the ability to heal or am I SoL and now HAVE to use clerics?

5a. Please for the love of the Gods tell me there is a spell or ability to resurrect? Please tell me this is a spell that clerics and others get? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy rescue gems, but the evacuation mechanic is not a replacement for the ability to resurrect characters! Especially with trying to train new units/classes it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING having to forfeit their XP/SP because I fucked up and they got 1 shot from an archery/caster. Sure, they don't lose a life because I was able to rescue gem them, but I just wasted that entire battle trying to train them! For the love of God and all that is holy put a resurrection spell or item in the game. 

6. What is the best races to use for your party? It seems like fielding a party of birdman would be the way to go considering they can say fuck your height disadvantage and I don't see a reason to not just use birdmen considering they can fly. Same with fairies. does each race have their own special advantages or disadvantages? Is there any reason to use reptile men? For those strange horned things I keep seeing in random battles that seem to be of the umbra type? Or the imps? Although I think Imps, like fairies, can fly so that's a reason to use them.

7. Also I read somewhere that the story characters or I should say unique characters got all of their stats reduced. Is there any reason to use them anymore then? The purpose it seemed for getting the unique characters was because they had higher stats and therefore were better overall than a generic. Why take away the thing that makes them useful? It seems that there's no reason to use them now unless you really like their Sprite.


Also is there a list of changes in unique and hidden things in the game? The walkthroughs are rather dense, And I want to make sure I don't miss anything well I do my one playthrough. also what the hell is a phylactery and what does it do? I loaded my chapter 2 save into the mod and ended up getting one but afraid to use it and battle in case I end up wasting a unique item. lol

Thank you to anyone who can help me with these questions. I'm sure I will have more in the future.

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1. Sure, enemies in random battles will match the highest level unit you deploy, so if you want to train new classes the best way is to change as many units as you can into it and then deploy them to an area with easy enemies that scales low. Tynemouth hill is a good option because it can downscale to level 3, which is fine for a level 1 team, so if you deploy only one or two classes they will get all the exp and it will go very fast. If you're training a special class you can't change more units into, you can try to combine it with other special classes you want.

2. Passive skills tend to be interchangeable, and active skills tend to be unique to a class, but some can transfer, you can see the full list in the class chart below. As the teams in TO are larger than FFT, there's no need to have every unit capable of multiple roles, you can have more specialists, so instead of combining skillsets you combine units.

3. Most generic classmarks will be available in the store, the only exceptions are necromancer and fusilier which are craftable (and also can be stolen or dropped from units in that class), also angel knight an lich marks which are found only in specific places. Special classmarks are mostly craftable with some endgame books.

4. The battles will get larger later so you will often have need of a full team of 12 units.

5. Some other classes have some form of healing in water/dark magic, war dances, songs, or skill based like warlock's distills or warden's pumpkin pie, some classes can throw items and that's still a very good option. Princess and lord can still heal very well with light magic, also priest, angel knight, paragon, familiar and paladin. All those can work in a pinch, still, if you want the strongest healer around, get a cleric, love him and keep him happy.

5a. There isn't a straight resurrection ability, you can only swap another unit for the incapacitated one if you need it more, and there's a high level draconic spell that can potentially swap one unit for multiple dead ones if you can set it up with a bit of corpse management. Think of it as an incentive to play better, the game already gives the player enough advantages over the CPU and I'm making sure that it's possible to do every battle without incapacitation or casualties if you play well.

6. There are differences in starting stats, fliers are weaker than other races and can't change into heavy fighters, lizardmen make the best warriors, lamias are good casters and archers, and some have unique classes you might want. Humans are well rounded and have the largest class selection, though, so there's no best answer here.

7. Their stats are still higher, just not as high, they join with high ranked skills and every special character has a unique class now.


If there's some item you can't find in guides it was probably introduced in the mod, you can just search the readme for it to see what it does. In this case, you can examine the phylactery to see it has the bodyswap ability like Ogre Blade, there are some guides out there that go into more detail about what can you do with that exactly.

And if you got more questions, you can also join this discord, the mod has a section here so there are plenty of people you can talk with, another option is the tactics ogre reddit.

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Hello, juste wanna know if there is another DISCORD channel, cause the upper link is expired...or is it too late to discuss about the game since it's 2021 😅😂

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2 hours ago, Zozuhe said:

Hello, juste wanna know if there is another DISCORD channel, cause the upper link is expired...or is it too late to discuss about the game since it's 2021 😅😂

Of course not, the discord is more lively than ever, you can find it it if you hit 'chat' in the menu above or use this link

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