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Kain Stryder

MSU-1 Release and Setup

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If you're unfamiliar with what MSU-1 is, it's easier to just Google SNES MSU-1 and read up or Youtube some examples, but loosely it allows for high-quality music (CD, etc) to be ran on SNES games. This will completely bypass the SNES audio RAM limitations, especially for this mod, allowing the music to play how Tsushiy intended it to be on the uosnes emulator. Other emulators had severe issues playing most of the music without a patch that kind of fixed some of the problems. Please note the music is not intended to sound like CD-quality or ripped from their respective games; it is meant to sound how it was coded on the FF6 sound font by Tsushiy. This frees the mod up to be ran on SNES9x, BSNES, and hardware/flash carts or whatever else can support MSU-1. Below is the zip file for FF6 T-Edition's MSU-1:

Click here to download the MSU-1 files (5mb or so, read below or read the readme included).

Make sure if you have any problems installing the MSU-1 or get errors to first run/install this:

Also if stuff for any reason doesn't start, make sure your folder and file name has no spaces or - in it.

Currently, sometimes when sleeping at an inn or some other place with quick music jingle, the music goes silent right after. This is known and is fixable by just entering a new area/menu/loading a new song up, don't worry. Some inn music jingles and victory fanfares will still sound off due to MSU-1 not touching them. The most glaring is FF5's which plays in Kohlingen's Inn.

Also there is a slight error where the scene prior to fighting the cranes in Vector will play a song not intended. This is due to MSU-1, but since it's for a brief dialogue moment, it's not a big deal (it should just be crane noises but instead it's Xenoblade - You Will Know Our Names).

Note: If you're playing on SD2SNES or Everdrive, hardware etc, there's a current issue with saving. More information can be found here:

For the SD2SNES, if you save your game then turn the system off, it doesn't save to the .srm and acts like you never saved period. To bypass this, simply save your game, then open the SD2SNES menu (SuperNT menu not the fxpak pro
menu), THEN turn your system off. You'll then have your files saved. Keep in mind this may not be needed for some, as we've had reports of it not an issue for one person, but please just take precaution so you don't lose your work. As far as Everdrive goes, if you have multiple copies of a game, say FF6 vanilla and FF6 T-Edition, playing one then the other will overwrite each other's saves so back up your work or just don't play vanilla while doingT-Edition.

Setup Instructions:

Simply unzip the FF6_T-Edition_msu_installer and place all the files into a new folder, then open the exe file. Follow the instructions on screen, selecting what quality of music you'd prefer. It will prompt you for your rom, so once you're all set and patched with any optional patches/ready, do what it says and the program will begin downloading the music for you into a new folder. When finished, the exe will close. Check the folder for your rom (make SURE it's in the same folder as the music files, which will have the same file name as the rom; example being if your rom is called FF6T.sfc, the music will be called FF6T-35.pcm etc etc).

If using the lua version of the patch:

Afterwards, simply load the emulator up, select the rom from the folder, load the lua script and play! Make SURE your rom is in the same folder as the music or it will NOT work. The music will now be of uosnes quality, bypassing SNES9x or any other emulator's limitations. This will work for anything that supports MSU-1, however at this time the lua only works on SNES9x-rr, so if you play on console, you won't be able to use the lua scripting (unless using sd2snes which apparently now supports it).

If using Mato's patch:

Loading the rom from the msu folder should work on BSNES/Higan/Byuu or any recent version of snes9x without difficulty. If you intend to play on a sd2snes or fxpak pro device, copy the *entire* contents of the msu folder onto the SD card.  If you have an early version of the sd2snes (does not apply to fxpak pro) prior to revision H, you may need to update the device's firmware and enable the volume boost option at +12 dB for music to play correctly. This is due to a hardware issue with the device itself and all other means of playing work correctly with the existing tracks.

Testing MSU-1 Tracks with Either Patch:

If you want to be positive the MSU-1 is working, go into the menu in game and go to Config, put the cursor on the Sound option and press the A Button (or whatever you have confirm set to). This will open the in-game music player. Simply select any non-FF6 song and then try restarting it. If the song doesn't restart, MSU-1 is working. If it does restart the song, you did something wrong, so please re-read the above instructions and try again, or feel free to contact us.

Note: If at anytime you need to repatch your rom and update it, such as a new translation update etc, simply just patch the msu.ips file onto that rom and place it into the msu folder. No need to redownload the music or setup once you've done it the first time.

Updated by iwatchgamessometimes as of 11/27/21 to remove some deprecated info due to an update to the patcher, and to clarify some of the differences in application involving the different English version patches available now for FF6 T-Edition.

Additional Note: If you have tried all the above and the MSU-1 flat doesn't work or even crashes after you select Y/N for patches, please alert me on discord or on here so we can fix the issue. Thanks!

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Small update: If you've previously installed the MSU, please go ahead and reselect your rom and pick option 4 in the exe. We've fixed a bug that was listing a random Rage for Gau way down past the Z names in his menu based on what song was playing. If you're just now downloading the MSU, go ahead and ignore this. No additional download is necessary for anyone wanting to fix their game; just reopen the exe, pick a new rom and hit option 4. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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16 hours ago, ugoplatamia said:

Hello, I've been trying to get MSU-1 working. After giving the exe file the path to the rom, the exe unexpectedly quits.

Quoting my first post:

if you have any errors while setting up, a quick solution is make sure your folder/directory has no - in it, or spaces (such as a file name like ff6 mod.sfc, make it ff6mod.sfc).

If this isn't the case, you'll need to provide more details or pop into discord.


Edit: On further inspection it's something on our end. He jumped into the discord and troubleshot it with us. We've fixed it and as of 8/23/2021 it's working again. If this happens to crash for anyone else after hitting Y/N on patch option, please report it. Thanks!

Edited by Kain Stryder

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