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  1. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update is up and a sneak peak (this is NOT currently available) at the new spell list and status screen: - Thanks to Serity, all or most of the Yes/No dialogue choices are now in english, including the New Game+ choice in the dialogue at the Narshe School in the WoR. This is an optional patch as it may break something. Below are pictures of the new spell and status windows, now non-truncated, thanks to dn's coding. Not available just yet.
  2. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update up. - Eidolon text on the summon screen is now readable. - Eqp and Rem are now not truncated under the Relic equip screen. - Final Kefka set up is now translated/readable.
  3. Mod Information & Translation

    Small note I forgot to mention: Due to the new patches, the Dressing Room WILL show english names now, even if you change them to whatever you'd like to name each person. Enjoy!
  4. Mod Information & Translation

    Very big (kinda sorta) update. This is for the moment version 1.2 beta. Changes: With some more work from Serity, we now have 2 optional patches in the Optional patches folder, which are heavily suggested you use. Keep in mind these are still very rushed and beta, but I'm ok enough to call this a 1.2 beta release for the moment. The patches are: kanji_swap_elements_only: This will change the 8 basic elemental kanji into the SNES english versions graphic symbols, allowing you to see what an enemy's weaknesses are and equipment's elemental affinity etc. The downside is this will replace some in-game dialogue but it's a minor thing. Use this if you ONLY want the elemental kanji changed and NOT the stuff mentioned below, however, remember that steals/treasure will be garbled in japanese and you'll have to sort your inventory/search for what you get constantly. kanji_swap_elements_treasure_steal_battle_magic_and_items: This is the big one. Same as above, but it will also now let you read in english what items you find in treasure boxes, what steals you get, and magic/items used in battle. However, the downside to this and why we made it seperate is it garbages up the in-game dialogue. This isn't a huge deal since if you can't read japanese, you aren't missing anything, but it's important enough we wanted to release this so people can have an easier time enjoying the game and seeing what they collect/steal without jumping through hoops. On a professional level, this is extremely rushed and very beta, so we apologize, but until we can polish it up and get something nicer, it'll have to do. To use either of these patches, simply use Lunar IPS included in this download and patch either file onto the english T-Edition and have fun. Note: The font used for menuing is 8x8 while the field font and dialogue is 16x11. Again this is a very rushed beta so excuse any messes for the time being.
  5. Mod Information & Translation

    I'm like a broken record, always saying the same thing, but, another small update: - Config menu has had the unreadable text translated and other things fixed up a bit. This menu is extremely tight on space and work in here is sadly very limited. - Esper names in the status menu no longer get cut off - Auto-equip after changing relics message has been translated and fixed up.
  6. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update: - "Save" on the save menu is now readable. - The forming party screen now has readable text. - "Lv" was not appearing in the party menu due to a bug. You'll notice Lv is missing in the Terra screenshot as an example, but it's been fixed. - Magic learn rate/progress text is now readable on the Eidolon menu. - A new image at the top of the Dressing Room html, thanks to Serity, for quick glance and cross-referencing stats for costumes.
  7. Mod Information & Translation

    Another small update: - Equip menu titles are now untruncated. - Expanded the "Equip" and "Remove" box by one to fit the text, inserted and moved the text. - Fixed the "2Sword" bug where text would get left over (Tsushiy wrote the text somewhere the game wasn't auto-erasing). - Renamed the "2Sword" text to "DWield". Sadly, six character of spaceis all we have unless we can figure out how to get the game to erase more characters. - Various html errors corrected. - Cliff notes added to Dressing Room and Window Type htmls
  8. Mod Information & Translation

    Another small, yet not so small update. - Menu work continues to be untruncated/translated, Item Menu now is Items/Sort/Key Items and lists the Runic OK, Iaido OK, etc information on equipment. - Stray hiragana on item information is gone. - HUGE thank you to Serity and Madsiur, a new html file has been added exclusive to the english version - Libra/Ragnarok Morph data. - We've also added a Coliseum List thanks to Serity, enjoy!
  9. Mod Information & Translation

    Very small update. Put up a QoL adjustment for the read me files. Thanks to Serity, they now have a side bar you can click on while browsing. Open the _index OPEN ME FIRST html file and have fun!
  10. Mod Information & Translation

    New update is up. - Main Menu is now translated/untruncated. Some work is still being done. - Status are translated, both in battle and menu. - Skills menu is now untruncated. - Fixed the Sahagin Chief name for rages. - Fixed the Healing Staff auto sort bug. - Fixed Hastega's name (was "Heig") - "Mug" was showing as "Mug(ru) (hiragana symbol) and is now fixed.
  11. Mod Information & Translation

    Very minor update to report on. Lazarus managed to get a laptop that runs the programs he needs with Windows 8 and has begun working. Here's a minor revision to the download: - Esper names aka Eidolons no longer overlap with the text and looks much cleaner in the menu. - Job titles are now correct, especially for the later costumes. No more Blitzball Ace Mog or Princess Golbez. Very small update I know but work's being done. I'll update here as progress is made.
  12. Mod Information & Translation

    Thank you, we're doing our best to get the mod out to a wider audience to enjoy.
  13. Mod Information & Translation

    You should really kind of read the readme files and other things included in the download... The books tell you hints on the achievements, which this is gone over in the event.html file. Successful steal/fail/has nothing is explained in the itemdrop.html at the top.
  14. Mod Information & Translation

    It's already patched, just unzip.
  15. Mod Information & Translation

    A new update is up, this one adding an Item Drop/Steal List to the html folder. Refer to the first post here for the download link. This is a custom-made file that is not available in Tsushiy's original download and is English only. Enemy names may NOT be 100% the same as they appear in game, but you should have little trouble figuring them out over all until we finalize everything. Also until we get the steal messages translated, I've included in the file what to look for to determine if you failed, succeeded, or if the enemy has nothing to steal.