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  1. For those wondering and having seen Mato's version get a 3.0 release, we're working on the lua one still. My work is done, but just trying to clean the menus up a little. For the time being, here's the new 3.0 html files and lua at least, with the update notes in the history.html. My update notes and the ips files aren't done yet, sorry. I'll post when it goes live. Note that 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 will be a separate download and remain available, the link in the first post still. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file
  2. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    1. Yeah we're aware, it's been fixed for 3.0 via Tsushiy and another Japanese coder. 2. It was removed due to graphical issues in the equip menu in 2.9.7., but this has been fixed for 3.0. 3. This is beyond me and the reason I post a warning in the readme and download page. It's still buggy in 3.0 JP and on Tsushiy to fix. Mato's code clashes with it. 4. Like the above, mentioned to not talk to him in the readme/download if on Mato's version, as I can't get NPC dialogue etc to route to him due to Mato's code. He has nothing available after Catoblepas and Carbuncle.
  3. Long story short, Exp. Egg was causing graphical issues and he couldn't solve it. However, a Japanese poster on his forums figured it out and it's been fixed/added again in the upcoming 3.0 release (on top of all WoR battles giving double exp).
  4. A small bug has been found with any gravity attack in 2.9.7 and gone ahead and updated the patch to temp fix this. Some job titles are gonna be jargon but things work for the time being. Sorry for the hassle.
  5. A new update is up for both versions. The lua has been streamlined into 1 file for each and a new Bestiary feature is available. To view it, in battle pause then hit L, and to see page 2, hit Y for more info. Outside of battle, in the main menu, just hit L to bring it up. Only the lua was changed, the game hasn't been touched. Grab it from the first post download in this thread.
  6. Gau rages

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/u1o65w6f6zva0be/FF6_T-Edition_English.rar/file html folder, open the index file in a browser
  7. And another update is up. Job titles are fixed. Stuff should be ok now.
  8. Ok, update is up. I managed to find the issue and fix it, so please update asap. Locke, Cyan, Shadow, and Edgar's default job titles will be garbage due to new coding, but should be fixed soon. I just wanted a quick fix asap in the meanwhile.
  9. Had a bug reported and upon further investigation, we learned 2.9.7 for the lua is busted. Please use 2.9.4 or Mato's for now. Only affecting the lua, nothing else (can still use the lua files on Mato's).
  10. The download for this translation can be found here - https://www.mediafire.com/file/diop8ypzlc9ti2m/FF5r+English.zip/file Current mod version: 1.4 (English 1.0) - 6/16/22 Final Fantasy Vr FFVr changes (that I'm aware of): - Stealing allows you to get all items ala FFIX -Altered enemy encounters, some new, some unchanged. Difficulty varies, but its harder emphasized late game -A bunch of new monster-in-a-box boss encounters -Mime job replaced with 'Paladin', which has attack as default command, and equip table includes swords (still no innate ribbon access though) -Plenty of new weapons, armor, and accessories -New music This is a Japanese kaizou (very hard) mod for FFV that adds not only extreme difficulty, but tons of new content, music, etc. It's a rather large FFV mod and to my knowledge the most new content. I'm not exactly sure all that it adds outside of the above listed, as unlike FFVI T-Edition I didn't helm this project and only helped translate it, nor did I play it past an hour or so. It's been finished for a while, but Serity just didn't really post it anywhere, so I took initiative with her permission to post it here. The instructions to patch and play are in the readme file, and there's no documentation except a Steal guide. The patch is 100% English and as far as I know, no plans to update/add more in the future. Good luck, and have fun! Feel free to post/discuss this here or pop into the Discord via the CHAT button at the top of the page and find us in the FF6 T-Edition channel.
  11. Small update, we fixed the Gauntlet bug. More details in the readme in the download.
  12. Still works. All patches as of 2.9.7 work.
  13. Ok, 2.9.7 is up. Tsushiy figured out the problems, and it expanded past Kefka and the Ifrit/Shiva battles. Instead of reverting the issue, he fixed it, as reverting is only if he can't 100% solve it. He warns the game may still break. I speedran to the WoR and everything looked ok. Mato's and the lua both had some issues; I fixed all of the lua problems, and only half fixed Mato's. I wrote a more detailed report in his download and bug readme. For now the mod should be stable, but if not, 2.9.4 is still available. Also new to both downloads, thanks to Laurel's sprite work and due to Gens's coding, we now offer alternative default menu sprites. They've also been given to Tsushiy if he decides to use them (he thought they were really well made). You can preview them in the download, but here's how they look:
  14. A new update is up. Tsushiy popped back again after almost 1.5 years and put out a new version (2.9.5 and 2.9.6). UPDATE: So 2.9.6 is completely busted for the time being. Mato's, the lua, and JP all hard crash when beating Ifrit and Shiva. I've reported it to Tsushiy, in the meanwhile, play 2.9.4 (still included in the download), I'll try and see if 2.9.5 is stable, as I feel whatever he did with a script in 2.9.6 did this. I'll report back when I have more information. Note: Current bug found where the battle with Kefka at Narshe is busted. You can still win, but his script is broken. Reported to Tsushiy, hopefully it can be fixed. Here's what's new in the attached picture. A change to the lua version was made due to Tsushiy's code editing, for some odd reason any ring and ribbon icon for relics is breaking the inventory badly. I spent 3 hours and came up with a jury rigged fix that simply changes the icons to necklaces and helmets. Sorry for the confusion, but unless I find another method, this'll have to do for now. The game wasn't playable otherwise. Oddly, it didn't affect Mato's translation, so that's good. I've for safety gone ahead and left v2.9.4 available until we can make sure 2.9.6 is stable and working. I did however remove my Locke and Kefka sprite edits, as Tsushiy has gone ahead and added them officially to the mod! (Kefka isn't mine, but was made off of NAOKI's work, I just punched it into the game.) I expect some minor fixes to happen, so keep a look out for any updates. One major piece of advice: if you're transferring your save file over to 2.9.6, sell any Experience Eggs to an NPC or you'll have a bad time.
  15. T edition on ps vita

    I would start here and make sure you're using Mato's version, as the lua won't run on anything but snes9x-rr via PC emulation