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  1. Mod Information & Translation

    Another update, with another optional patch: - A brand new costume system (OPTIONAL) has been added into the Optional Patches folder. This is a rewrite of the costume stats that adds a bit more fun/replay value and strategy to the game, making each costume now more viable based on your play style with some beefy stat boosts. 60 points have been allocated per costume. Please check the read me file in the folder within for a better explanation to the new patch. This does NOT replace the base game, as it's an optional patch and you can even revert the changes at any time. We just wanted to give a new outlook and some options for most of the costumes to see use and to make you feel like unlocking them was more worth it. The stats may change at a later date, as well as we release a "do it yourself" method to customize the stats to your own liking, further adding to the gameplay value, but for now, please enjoy!
  2. Mod Information & Translation

    Been a good while, but a nice update is now up. Along with the above that Serity posted about, there's this: - The in-battle magic menu showcased months ago is now unofficially added. Lazarus was not originally wanting to add it due to a graphical bug persisting and being a professional, he wanted to have it fixed first. However, after months of trying and some talented people attempting to fix it, we were unable to. I decided though to release it as a stand-alone ips patch in the Optional Patches folder of the download until, if ever, we can "officially" add it to the ROM itself. That and for those of you who don't care about a slight graphical bug and don't want to look at Pzna, Thng, Slog, etc spell names. The other reason this is a stand-alone ips patch is in the event it breaks anything. Thanks to Bropedio, we were able to add it in and check how it'd work, but some very glaring issues arised quickly with it. Serity managed to tweak and fix it but stuff MAY still break, so proceed with caution. From some light testing, it works WAY better than it did and SHOULD behave, but we'll see. Currently, we're aware there's some slight graphical bugs with this patch, but that's all it is; graphical. It won't crash your game or hinder you, and only happens in a handful of battles we've noticed so far (an example being for all of the Soul Shrine fights, it happened in 2 battles, but I've seen it personally in about 3-4 outside of that, the worst being a Fanatic's Tower random battle). The graphics will just disappear or not fully display a sprite (or one of your party members just completely disappears; it could be costume related or just too much going on with the screen display, we don't know). Again, nothing game breaking, just slightly annoying, but don't be alarmed. Thanks to dn on the amazing menu work, it was his coding that got this all nice and fancy looking. Bropedio again for adding it in and Serity for tweaking it.
  3. Mod Information & Translation

    Thanks, hope you enjoy the mod. Nothing new to report either, when I do have something it'll be posted here and on the discord.
  4. Mod Information & Translation

    Pushed a small upate to emberling's music fix. If you've downloaded the game from the previous post, please re-download and re-apply the music patch again. Thanks again to emberling on the fix!
  5. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update is up. Version 0.9.1 - A new optional patch has been added, this one fixing the sound/music in the game if not playing on uosnes. If you're playing on SNES9x or any other emulator, it's recommended you pop this on. Check some of the songs out such as FF8 - Man With The Machine Gun or FFT - Antipyretic for a quick comparison before/after patching. Thanks to Emberling (courtesy of Serity) for this patch! Final Fantasy XMAS Ver [???] FF7 Those Who Fight Further [vs. No. 128 & Inferno] FF8 The Man With The Machine Gun [Cyan's Dream fights] FF8 Force Your Way [vs. IAF & Iron Clad] FF8 The Extreme [vs. Ultima, Soul Shrine Group 15] FF9 Battle 1 [Eureka Battle] FF10 Servants Of The Mountain [Eidolon Cave, Falcon: Umaro's Ronso Waist Cloth] FF13 The Sunleth Waterscape ["Night Patrol" side quest, Falcon: Sabin's Nora's Coat] FF13 Blinded by Light [Ancient Castle Cave & Ancient Castle Battle] FFT Antipyretic [Narshe Snowfield Defense Battle] BDFF That Person's Name Is [Soul Shrine Group 9] SD2 Meridian Dance [vs. Valigarmanda] SG2 Decisive Battle [vs. Blue Dragon] SG3 SOL Pileup Stack [vs. Storm Dragon] RS2 The Sinking Ship [South Figaro "Destroy The Cave Demons" side quest] RS3 Bottom Sea Palace [Ancient Castle Cave] XG Awaken [vs. Ultima] LAL Pure Odio [vs. Wrexsoul] RUD The Flame and the Arrow [vs. Red Dragon] Minor(?) intro fixes: *FF1 Boss Battle B [Vs. Marilith & Tiamat] *FF3 Final Battle [Soul Shrine Group 10 & Cloud of Darkness] *FF5 The Decisive Battle [vs. All-Knowing One (Omnicent) & Exdeath] *FF7 Fighting [WoR Phantom Forest Battle] *FF7 J-E-N-O-V-A [vs. Omega] *FF7 One Winged Angel [vs. Sephiroth, Soul Shrine Group 14] *FF9 Not Alone [Cyan's Dream Event] *FF9 Battle 2 [vs. Earth Dragon] *FF10 Men Staked On Blitz [Falcon: Sabin's Auroch's Bandana] *FF10 Seymour Battle [vs. Shinryu] *FF11 Belief [vs. Kam'lanaut & Eald'narche] *FF13 March of the Dreadnoughts [Falcon: Terra's Bodhum Regional Military Uniform]
  6. Mod Information & Translation

    Nope, we have it under control.
  7. Mod Information & Translation

    Download the file and see for yourself. Minor update also: Item descriptions are taking some time, and they'll be done when they're done. Just been a couple weeks, didn't want people thinking stuff stopped. There's 270 items, plus descriptions, plus the coding, plus making sure nothing breaks... it's a daunting task for Laz. Nothing else to report in the meanwhile.
  8. Mod Information & Translation

    Big update is up! The next update will push this to version 1.0 and out of beta. I've renamed the versions also, sorry for any confusion. Right now this is 0.9 and the next major update will be 1.0. Changes: The reworked Magic menu is now live! Below is the thing we were waiting on: - dn fixed the MP Cost/percentage for the magic menu, so we have expanded magic names in the main menus now! (The battle menu is still being fixed due to a small graphical glitch, but will be live soon. The picture is just to show how it'll look. The error is with the Def. Cha. (left/right commands) and Slots with Setzer (the top of the Magic menu bleeds over into Slots). - dn also fixed the issue on the Eidolon menu with text behaving oddly. - Changed the blank Blue Magic routine to blank out the entire line, fixing the blank slot issue that popped up.
  9. Mod Information & Translation

    I've went ahead and re-added v7 of the english translation to the download, in case someone wants japanese text for dialogue/descriptions still mostly intact and can read them. For the time being, at least. I've also re-added the 3rd optional patch for steals/treasure box results for v7 as well, since even if you can read japanese, the results are like "stole kuruzeze" which is just sdkfjsdfs since we messed with the font coding. As a reminder, do NOT use the steals/treasure patch on v8+ or any new patch moving forward as it will break the font descriptions; the steal/treasure results are now readable in-game without the patch. Once we release the item descriptions (being worked on now, just *only* 270ish things to write/translate, there'll be little reason to play on japanese anymore, as dialogue will be the next thing to tackle. Until then, v7 is available for anyone interested.
  10. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update is up. Thanks to Serity for the following: - The Rage menu is now alphabetically sorted. Enjoy! - https://pastebin.com/raw/NSsqpnZy - Customize your own rage list, putting the rages you want at the top of the menu!
  11. Mod Information & Translation

    A BIG update is now live. The magic/item etc menus non-truncation and such is still being worked on due to a difficulty, but in the meanwhile, we have this to release: - VWF for descriptions added by dn. - Magic, Blitz, Iaido, Eidolon, Blue Magic, and Rage descriptions translated and inserted. - Due to the above, we have removed the kanji+steal+treasure patch, as it not only breaks things, but our work now translates it. However, a downside is the japanese dialogue and such is now even more unreadable and a mess, so for the time being, we apologize until we can address and fix this. As of now, you can read steal and treasure box results without any patches, however, yes/no patch still works AS FAR AS WE KNOW, but any issues, please report them. Kanji only patch will ONLY now replace the Libra scan weaknesses with SNES graphic icons and no longer shows the elemental affinities on armor (they are busted kanji, please ignore for now). Another result of the above is kanji in menus and item descriptions is double overlapped, so again, sorry for the mess in the meanwhile.
  12. Mod Information & Translation

    Will edit later with a new post, can't delete for now.
  13. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update is up: - Fixed the "sell" menu at shops loading the old truncated menus. - The final config screen mentioned above is now translated and rearranged the code for the Buttons menu (note: this screen was removed from the english version of FF6, so if it's new to you, that's why).
  14. Mod Information & Translation

    More updates. Changes: - Most of the config menu is complete (The magic catigories are sadly unable to be full non-truncated, we apologize. Enjoy Tim Magic.) - Fixed the "Short" command type menu. - Translated the "Multi" control style menu. - I never want to see this menu again, but there's 1 screen left to do - Laz As a small note, as it doesn't LOOK like much, this screen alone took FOUR hours to deal with, as EVERY word you see has its own line of code and had to be edited and moved to where there was space.
  15. I would faceroll the game normally with my knowledge, yes. Can't evade Meteor, I assume you mean Meteo which you can, and I did. Flare I just ate. X-Meteo is ungodly good.