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  1. Terra costume question

    You have to obtain the Silk Dress in the Esper Realm in the World of Ruin (very end game content). Alternatively, the back door method for unlocking all costumes gets it too (A Secret Present quest).
  2. Added a new optional patch to fix up/make the costume menu sprites look better for 3.0+, but it can be used on 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 as well if using the Laurel_portraits patch (can use one or the other or both, Laurel's just changes the default costumes, as does what Tsushiy did for 3.0). This patch uses the style of what Laurel/Tsushiy did. Thanks to Gens for his hard work on adding these in! Some examples of the changes:
  3. Narshe defense is kicking my butt

    You solved it, and nice work, just putting some other info here to answer the questions you asked and for anyone else seeing this or struggling: I believe the reduced to 1 HP is a vanilla thing, as the only game over is if Banon is reached. It's the same with the "Protect Terra!" scenario at the start with the Moogles. You could in theory cheese/abuse steal on Kefka with Locke to farm him for Elixirs and Hi-Ethers if you wanted to. As for Kefka, the strategy all-around here is do a 4 man party and focus on using just them. Put the other characters in the 2 groups and forget about them. If you decide to use Cyan, the trick to keep him up is have Celes use Runic, THEN have him do Bushido and she'll take the Bio, and he's free to continue damaging without retaliation. Bring Celes and have her solely focus on Runic. Sabin or Edgar as a heavy hitter to go with Cyan and have Gau do Mandragora for Sunbath healing, or have him do a damaging rage while you have Sabin/Edgar/Locke focus on healing only. Give people confuse/toad resist also if possible. Should be able to win no issues here with this method.
  4. FFIV T-Edition - v1.3/English 0.9 - 9/19/23

    A new update is up after about 3 years since the last one (link above in the first post of this topic). Tsushiy did a handful of adjustments and seems to have renewed interest in this again after saying he was done (plans for an EX patch/disc 2, if he can get his ideas working, among other things). Below are the update notes, as well as some pictures showcasing some new sprite work:
  5. Just load the FF6_TEnglishHijack.. etc file and you're good. Bestiary will be available in the menu screen or via pausing in battle. Don't bother loading the files in the plugins folder.
  6. Very minor update; a display bug for the Hi-Potion animation has been fixed.
  7. An update for v3.0.4 and 2.0.5 EX are now up. A handful of bug fixes were addressed: - Status menu display for stats and certain character slots were displaying the wrong info on the party select screen, as well as an instance of the game crashing. - Cerberus's blank name in Soul Shrine has been fixed. - A status menu oddity only briefly seen if you check the menu once starting a brand new game on a brand new file with no save data has been fixed. - Costume freezing was addressed again in EX and had its code revised. - Gold Needle in EX was performing the Teleport Stone item data during battle and causing a soft lock; this has been fixed. A few minor lua fixes were also done, including wrong Steal results for certain enemies only affecting the lua version.
  8. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Pop onto Discord if you could (CHAT button at the top of the page). I need more info as that's not much to go on. Thanks!
  9. Another small update is up. We added the elemental icons to replace the shoddy rush job we had previously done (Fi, Ic, Th, etc). Update is in the first post along with a newly updated lua file.
  10. Another update up; we fixed the status screens and all the job titles. Update your lua for the 3.0+ version found in the download above or the first post.
  11. Minor update, the lua was slightly broken for EX and both ips files are now fixed.
  12. A minor update is up just for the EX patch. A small bug was fixed that when changing costumes in EX 2.0.3 the game would crash. Link for the download is the same as the one above or in the first post.
  13. Lua 3.0.3 is up and available. Please read the history html and readme translation files for a rundown as to find out what's new (or check below). Please also read the first post here (just the top part). Here's the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file
  14. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Confirmed the bug above, but not what's causing it. Pinpointed parts, but not all. An update and solution was made to Mato's download and info can be found in that bug readme file only, as this isn't an issue with lua or JP.
  15. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Redownload the mod and patch it, that final Kefka thing has been fixed as per the update notes. As for sharing, I don't know personally. I don't use Linux or Higan. You're welcome to use Discord and troubleshoot there.