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Kain Stryder

FFVI T-Edition (Mato's Translation) - v3.0.5 (2.9.4/.7 (Costume Stats) Still Available) - 3/17/23

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Note: Mato's is currently stuck on v3.0.1 (with patchwork to push it to 3.0.4 minus some fixes/changes) due to massive code conflicts. I apologize for this as it's a nightmare to handle. We're working on it as we can.



Please read the readme file for v3.0.0+ and the current bugs readme before playing!

No version change - 3/17/23

Added a new optional patch to fix up/make the costume menu sprites look better for 3.0+, but it can be used on 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 as well if using the Laurel_portraits patch (can use one or the other or both, Laurel's just changes the default costumes, as does what Tsushiy did for 3.0). This patch uses the style of what Laurel/Tsushiy did. Thanks to Gens for his hard work on adding these in!

Version 3.0.5 - 12/8/22

Minor update; a bug fix for the Hi-Potion animation error in 3.0.4 has been addressed.

Version 3.0.4 - 12/4/22

A handful of bugs and some additions have been fixed. Please read over the readme file in the download above. Though it says 3.0.4 it's mostly a 3.0.1 with up to .4's patchwork, though missing some things due to code conflict. Everything's documented in the readme and bug readme files. I've left the older 3.0.1 ips files available in the event something from 3.0.4 horribly breaks the game and we need to revert it, but from some testing, everything looks good for the moment.

No change except to EX r1 - 11/25/22

A small bug has been fixed in EX that caused the game to crash when changing costumes.

Version 3.0.1 r3 - 11/16/22

Added a new bug report and solution to the bug readme file. Please read over it and the other issues if you're new to this mod. Fixed the help text for Edgar's achievement as it had been changed for 3.0 and I forgot. A couple other minor text fixes were corrected too.

Version 3.0.1 r2 - 10/1/22

Fixed a bug from 3.0.1 that is solved in 3.0.2 that freezes on the party setup for the final battle selection.

Version 3.0.1 r1 - 9/26/22

Fixed a bug that made the game black screen upon entering Terra's room in Zozo. Please repatch your file if you downloaded 3.0.1 prior, but if you're new to playing, ignore this.

Version 3.0.1 - 9/24/22

A rather large update and some changes have come to T-Edition after a good while from Tsushiy. Sadly it's been a headache to get alot of this working, but I think we've got it set for the moment. A couple of notes though for this translation/Mato's work:

1. Currently, Mato's coding clashes and hits a wall with 3.0.2 and it's unplayable. Tsushiy added 5 additional status menu screens and trying to enter said menu makes Mato's game crash. I can't fix this personally, and someone else will have to. I'll post updates as I can, but for now, Mato's is stuck on 3.0.1 (I will post the update notes for .2 below at least). Moving forward I should be able to bug fix/patch stuff on for 3.0.3 if I'm careful, but the new status screen won't be available.

2. I've left 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 available for a couple of reasons. If 3.0+ is unstable, please use 2.9.4 or .7 here instead. The other main reason for having these here is from 3.0 onward, the costume system for +stats has been removed and "Tabs" have replaced stat gains. Costumes still exist, but they're cosmetic only. I left these older versions for those that wished to experience the mod with them, especially the ability to custom edit the stats via the lua file included with the html file download for the lua translation (link found above).

Help files/guides from our lua translation for 3.0+ can be found here:

Update Notes:


22/07/22 Ver.3.0.0

Changed it so Gogo and Umaro are able to learn magic.
Costumes have had their stat changes removed for the 「Dressing Room」.
「Gold Hairpin」 has been changed from a headpiece to an accessory.
Default portraits have been changed for each character.
※Thank you to the author Laurel, patch creator Gens, and Kain Stryder for this.
Adjusted the status and actions of some enemies.
Adjusted the numerical value and performance of some equipment, as well as who may equip it.
Added 2x damage to magic creatures for some of the Dark Swords.
※There's a few exceptions.
Set dragon attribute to some enemies.
Some weapons now deal 2x damage against dragon enemies.
With the above, weapons now show 「Magic Bane」 and 「Dragon」 for the 2x damage effect.
Changed it so bonus damage to flying types is now 2x.
Changed the font color of some menu text.
Added and combined status recovery items.
Tab items to increase stats have been added.
※GrayShadows's process was used for this.
Fixed a bug where null, absorb, 50% resist, and weaknesses were not updated properly when changing some enemy parties.
Fixed a bug where Terra in Trance state would not run and characters in a frozen state would run in the opposite direction when escaping from
an enemy.
Added a Ghost NPC to the Phantom Train that sells items.
Partially changed and implemented the patches 「Status Display Addition Patch C」, 「Eidolon List Drawing Modification」, and 「Main Menu
Modification」 by Mr. 288 in the FF6T Other Chat Thread 3 on the forums.
※Thank you to Mr. 288 for this.
Fixed a bug where 「Number 024」 would use "System Error" more than once.
The 「Ninja」 enemy may now be ran from (excludes the forced encounter in the Sealed Cave).
The 「Don」 enemy may now be ran from (excludes the South Figaro Cave quest).
The achievement 「King's Responsibility」 now requires a perfect score at the dinner banquet.
Fixed a bug with the 「Gauntlet」 accessory.
※Corrected by Mr. 724 in the FF6T Bug Report Thread - 2 on the forums.
Phoenix Cave's battle background now has a fire effect.
「Experience Egg」 has been readded again.
Some NPC dialogue in the Beginner's Hall has been changed.
The spell 「Holy」 has had its graphic changed.

22/07/28 Ver.3.0.1     

Fixed a bug that caused some enemies to have unexpected drops/steals.
Fixed a bug where you could fight 「Carbuncle」 and 「Catoblepas」 during unintentional times.
Fixed an issue where when Strago changed clothes in the Dressing Room, the data of the mastered Eidolons was rewritten.
Fixed a bug where the damage of 「Ultima Weapon」 became extremely low when the strength value was 128 or more.

22/09/17 Ver.3.0.2 (Currently not available for Mato's, but if you encounter bugs in 3.0.1, note the fixes here, but the below finale bug HAS been fixed for Mato's)

Fixed a bug that occurred when changing clothes in the Dressing Room.
Adjusted the resistance and behavior of some enemies.
Fixed a bug where the display collapses when moving to the save screen with the magic acquisition status displayed by pressing the X button on
the menu screen.
※Mr. 288 from the FF6T Other Chat Thread - 3 on the forums corrected it.
Fixed a bug that freezes on the party order selection screen before the last battle.
※Mr. 288 from the FF6T Other Chat Thread - 3 on the forums corrected it.
Added the patch by Mr. 288 from the FF6T Other Chat Thread - 3 on the forums 「Status Menu Modification」.
※Thank you again to the author, Mr. 288.


You can update your file by following the steps below:

For safety, back up your .srm file (the in-game's save data) somewhere before doing the following:

- Download the files again (up above link)
- Patch the .ips file ff6t-english-ax (or whatever number it may be) to a clean (unpatched) Japanese 1.0 file (do NOT patch to an already patched version, it MUST be clean!)
- Name the new file whatever your old .sfc or .smc file use to be and replace it with the new one (example: if your rom was called ff6tedition.sfc, name the new file this exact name and replace it)
- Load the game from a hard save (a normal in-game save, not a save state) and you're good to go

If you are patching any additional files from my work's download (file link down below) or the MSU-1 (also below), you can patch those files on after, the order doesn't matter for those.


WARNING FOR HARDWARE/SD2SNES USERS: If you're using the MSU-1 there is an issue with saving your data. It has a very easy fix/solution, but please read here, as this is not something on our end, but SD2SNES's:


Please note current updates/revisions to Mato's patch will now be maintained here, as Mato has handed it to us to handle. Any questions, troubleshooting, etc, please contact us on Discord via the CHAT button at the top of the site here.


As of 11/15/21, Mato released his patch for T-Edition, allowing the mod to finally be played on console/phone/handhold devices, as well as emulators without lua scripting. With this, our old v7 patch is obsolete and has been removed from the main thread's download, and the v9 has been pushed to 1.0/finalized for the time being on our end. I've also removed older patches again obsolete now and compacted our work to make it easier to load and play with a bit less confusion (I'm sorry in advance, we strive to make the setup as easy and painless as possible, especially since our work and the lua are two separate projects). Due to our version not being really playable on console/phone/handhold devices, Mato's is the method to go to now, so please use his if doing so. If playing emulator however, you can use his or ours based on your preferences (such as quality of life additions/changes via lua, etc). Our html files in the download are also available as guides but be warned some stuff is named differently in Mato's patch, so you may have some trouble locating something, but for the most part, stuff is the same or close to the same.

Our download is found here, which includes DETAILED guides (translated from Tsushiy's help files) on the mod in the html folder and various other optional quality of life features! Check it out!


Additional note: We now offer our lua quality of life changes for Mato's patch. It's included with a read me in Mato's download IF you are playing on emulator (SNES9x-rr) only. Ignore it if you are doing handheld, phone, or console.


Currently, Mato's patch (as does our patch if using it) requires a music fix that we offer. Read Mato's readme for instructions on fixing the music somewhat (again, still not a 100% fix method).

You have two choices if not using SNES9x:


MSU-1 - Will 100% fix the music and give it the quality Tsushiy (the mod author) intended.


Music Fix Patch - Will solve most of the errors similar to the SNES9x echo buffer fix we/Mato mention in the read me, just this can be used for anything if not using MSU-1 or SNES9x (this is not a 100% fix, so use MSU-1 if able for the best results).


As far as if you can use our patches for his work (found in our download in the Optional Patches folder), the answer is yes, but read below (some don't work). Currently, the following will work with Mato's patch:

- MSU-1

- My Alternative/Do-It-Yourself Custom Costume Stats

- 4-Way Multitap

- Music Fix (ONLY use this if MSU-1 is not an option, such as handheld, phone, or anything that doesn't support MSU-1, or if your emulator doesn't support the separate echo buffer from ram option)


The following will not work on Mato's patch currently:

- Longer spell names/reworked menu in battle patch (Looking into making this work for Mato's)


We will continue to offer our work and quality of life for the mod, but are thrilled Mato's patch gets this playable on console/phone/handheld, as we know a lot of people were wanting this option and we were having difficulty in offering it. More so, a wider audience can now play/enjoy this mod and nothing makes us happier. Enjoy!

Edited by Kain Stryder

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First, huge thanks to the efforts of you and everyone else who has worked on and maintained this project. This is one of the best rom hacks I've ever played, and I'm disappointed it's not better known.

I have a quick question after reading recent patch notes and getting ready to update from an old version: Why was the experience egg removed again? Is there any chance it will come back?

Edited by MisterMilo

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On 9/8/2022 at 9:59 AM, MisterMilo said:

First, huge thanks to the efforts of you and everyone else who has worked on and maintained this project. This is one of the best rom hacks I've ever played, and I'm disappointed it's not better known.

I have a quick question after reading recent patch notes and getting ready to update from an old version: Why was the experience egg removed again? Is there any chance it will come back?

Long story short, Exp. Egg was causing graphical issues and he couldn't solve it. However, a Japanese poster on his forums figured it out and it's been fixed/added again in the upcoming 3.0 release (on top of all WoR battles giving double exp).

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