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FFIV T-Edition - v1.3/English 0.9 - 9/19/23

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This is a mod for Final Fantasy IV on the SNES, created by Tsushiy, the man behind Final Fantasy VI T-Edition. Unlike FFVI, FFIV here is NOT as filled with new content and other extensive fixes, changes, etc.


Click here for the download of the patch and the html files etc.

9/19/23 - Translation version 0.9

Most of the game is now in English, save for the dialogue. Bits and pieces are translated, however, all menus, equipment, monster names/abilities, area names, descriptions, etc etc etc, basically anything not dialogue, is now in English. The exceptions are the party swap dialogue from the elder is translated to help you understand how to perform it, and any yes/no dialogue prompt, as well as all battle dialogue is fully translated. Check the read me in the download for more information.


The key features are:

- Overhauled graphics: GBA and FFRK sprites, field/battle graphics are used, with the menu pictures being from the PSP version.

- Rebalanced: Enemy scripts have all been touched up and the overall game is harder, but not significantly so (though the Four Fiend battle in the Giant of Babil is absolutely harsh, fair warning). This is not a kaizo mod. Some characters are rebalanced to make others shine more (such as Rydia losing tier 3 elemental attacks and Meteo so that Palom is more of an option).

- Viewable ATB bar now, as well as showcasing the charge time for actions.

- New abilities: Some items/equipment/magic have been removed with new things in their place. Cid for example now has his "Upgrade" ability from the DS version. Most equipment has been reworked and the "Gloves" slot is now an accessory/relic slot. The infamous W Meteo (Twin Meteor) can now be used by Palom/Porom with a special accessory.

- New enemies/content: A handful of new enemies and some new events have been added, mostly for end game on the Moon. A handful of lesser content had to be removed to make these things possible, but you won't notice them being gone, ultimately (probably the biggest is the developer's room fights being axed).

- Party Changing: Like the GBA version, near the end game you can now swap Yang, Cid, Edward, Palom, and Porom back into the party. New weapons are available for them all, too.

- Namingway has been repurposed to be a shop that sells Alarms, Emergency Exits, and Gysahl Whistles. Find him in towns etc to stock up!

- New ultimate weapons are available at end game from new fights, as well as rare drops from various normal battles deep into the Moon's last dungeon.

I'm not 100% wanting to release this as of yet, but wanted to get it started since I translated and began this project a year ago and had no real place to put it (I also had stopped/got distracted). So for now, I threw it up here on the FF6 T-Edition side of the forums just to get something down and awareness out for the mod. As far as it stands also, Tsushiy is done with this mod as he was very limited in what he wished he could do and ultimately got disheartened (he was looking into doing a disc 2 or even 3 similar to FF6 T-Edition EX but ended up losing motivation and just finalizing what he had. FF4 is much more limited in what can be done for it compared to FF6 to my understanding). For that reason, that's why I started getting this translated as it's complete.

If you're going into this expecting FF6's quality, you're going to be disappointed. This is a much lesser mod and more so a visual mod with some rebalancing, some GBA/DS features, and some light new content. It's a nice experience but being truthful, in my opinion there's other mods for FF4 that offer more. That's not to put his work down, but to give you a fair understanding of what to expect and not falsely advertise.

I had briefly streamed/played the mod a few years ago, so below is a video of the first several hours and what to expect (though it says Alpha Version, the current version is virtually the same):


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A new update is up after about 3 years since the last one (link above in the first post of this topic). Tsushiy did a handful of adjustments and seems to have renewed interest in this again after saying he was done (plans for an EX patch/disc 2, if he can get his ideas working, among other things). Below are the update notes, as well as some pictures showcasing some new sprite work:




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