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Kain Stryder

FFVr - v1.4/English 1.0 - 6/16/22

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The download for this translation can be found here -


Current mod version: 1.4 (English 1.0) - 6/16/22

Final Fantasy Vr

 FFVr changes (that I'm aware of):

- Stealing allows you to get all items ala FFIX
- Altered enemy encounters, some new, some unchanged. Difficulty varies, but its harder emphasized late game
- A bunch of new monster-in-a-box boss encounters
- Mime job replaced with 'Paladin', which has attack as default command, and equip table includes swords (still no innate ribbon access though)
- Plenty of new weapons, armor, and accessories
- New music

This is a Japanese kaizou (very hard) mod for FFV that adds not only extreme difficulty, but tons of new content, music, etc. It's a rather large FFV mod and to my knowledge the most new content. I'm not exactly sure all that it adds outside of the above listed, as unlike FFVI T-Edition I didn't helm this project and only helped translate it, nor did I play it past an hour or so. It's been finished for a while, but Serity just didn't really post it anywhere, so I took initiative with her permission to post it here. The instructions to patch and play are in the readme file, and there's no documentation except a Steal guide. The patch is 100% English and as far as I know, no plans to update/add more in the future. Good luck, and have fun! Feel free to post/discuss this here or pop into the Discord via the CHAT button at the top of the page and find us in the FF6 T-Edition channel.


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