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Hello! Tactics Ogre is one of those games I grew up with, KoL in particular, so naturally when I saw this PSP remake, with no legitimate means of obtaining the original Snes or PS1 TO at the time, I was extremely excited. Well, despite an amazing story, score, and battles....well, it became clear on my second run that balance was never completed, or just sorely lacking. So, I spent years trying to come up with restrictive challenges and some such, and actually have playthroughs of those posted as well. That's not why I'm here, however. A few months ago, a used by the name of Raics made what began as a fantastic killmove rebalance, one of the aspects that really made the game feel strange at times. Well, over time this grew into a full mod, and for the last 2 months, I have been making a series chronicling the changes, improvements, new features, and other such goodies!

So, before we go on, here is a link to the mod. I could not possibly recommend it any higher, it's nothing short of miraculous how good this is.


Also, for those looking to watch a bit more of it, here is a link to my ongoing series. This began in version 0.83, and we are now at 0.87A


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I should mention, Raics is currently trying to get his mod on here, so hopefully that'll be showing up soon, but in the meantime, if You have any questions on the mod, I can try to answer them, or they may be found on the Gamefaqs or ModDB pages probably. If You want to see anything tested out, though, let me know! I'm just here to show this thing off.


UPDATE: It's on here, so go play it. I'm here to test stuff, so feel free to toss questions out on any video and I'll test stuff out! Other than that, go play the dang mod!




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