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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    Bit late on this one, but I'd argue they're borderline OP. Decent casters for taking advantage of parallel elements, an AoE move that guarantees hits and Procs, plus innate item throwing and heavy armor access. That's the fun, though, so many classes with their own tricks now. (I love the two tile push potential from Warlocks, though some prefer their casting options, other their items, etc)
  2. Ogre Battle: Hardtype

    I absolutely love this mod, it's a fantastic New Game + mode for folks that loved the original. Cities become memorable battles, and casualties tend to hurt a lot more. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  3. Vagrant Story Zenith

    This mod seems amazingly nifty so far, thank You man! (If You feel like watching a bumbling idiot try to remember all the mechanics in play here, this is the link. Audio was fixed partway through, still unclear why it was kind of imbalanced.
  4. One Vision AI Arena

    Ever wanted to see specific teams fight each other? Ever want to see certain classes tested against others? Let me know what You'd like to see!
  5. One Vision - What is it?

    For any who wanted to see a quick video explaining some of the changes from vanilla, here You go! (This will be updated for 0.91a soon.)
  6. difficulty levels?

    I play both versions side by side on a daily basis, and can safely say that both are situationionally difficult at around the same level. Generally speaking with OV, You just have more options to come back, but no ways to revive a unit without losing another one (until angel Knights). This means that You have a lot more meaningful back and forth while trying to out maneuver the other side. My favorite example is Xaebos. He and his Knights will hold their formation pretty well, preventing access to the healers that will keep them up and running at full health. This makes for more focus on subduing or distracting particular enemies while holding off others. For example maybe You charge up some crossbows and stun them, maybe You try to sneak in some rouges and ninjas (while covering them with an attack by archers and casters), maybe You try to push a side flank with some Warriors, maybe You just try to push through the center and try to trap Xaebos in a Phalanx box (which I did in my last run). There's a lot more consideration to the overall fight, and less "who's Canopus going to delete next?". Not sure if my runs were on that list, but the early ones tend to be steamrolled in all versions, it's not a difficulty mod, it's an immersion mod in my book. (For a good example of a comeback from nothing, loop up "Last Stand Goddess Felicia")
  7. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So when it goes up, where will the link be?
  8. Vagrant Story Zenith

    That I do, it's something I have gone back to time and time again, and was actually introduced to it originally a few years ago when a pretty well known Dark Souls guy suddenly made a series on it. The decision to buy it came dang near instantly. As for the damage mechanics, they may be a tad out there, but it's incredible to see a game actually go out of it's way to show that these armored soldiers and monster units are actually protected by their respective armors. At any rate, looking forward to it!
  9. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Gotcha, I can't wait! These last few months have been like a constant Christmas of mod releases of basically the best of everything ever. By the way, do You mind if I do a sort of blind test run series on this? I oten blind test run mods as a hobby, figured it'd be best to ask first. Funnily enough I was looking for an excuse to do a run of this for a while, it's hands down one of my favorites on the PS1. It always seemed funny to me that of all things, VS was what they referenced more than anything in Tactics Ogre, which is what I do tests of most of the time.
  10. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I may be missing something obvious, but where is the download link to this mod? Can't wait for the completed version, this game's one awesome masterpiece.
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    Warlocks are friggin fantastic as light frontliner sword and board units. Just stack evasion on a warlock with your choice of weapon, and let them kinda hang out taking opportunities to use Mindblast to throw units off of stuff. It's hilarious the kind of nonsense You can pull with that move. Sometimes it's good to use it just to make an opening, but personally I prefer a 1kh/shield setup, their counter will occasionally remove a killmove, and they can just generally adapt to a lot of situations, whether You need them for suppressing some units (I have mine with air, so balmy breeze), doing some AoE damage, or if You just want them trying to carve off TP, they're quite good. Ninjas are best for sneak attacks, which may seem like a "yeah, idiot, You don't say" kind of thing, but two daggers or a fist and a dagger work really well if combined with their movement speed. Have someone else distracting their mages or ranged units, or pop deflect on the ninja, and just go to town on their squishies. Best case scenario: Dead. Worse cast, debuffed. It's nifty!
  12. Feedback and Suggestions

    What about Curse on hit? They are cursed weapons, after all. Oooh, or a chance for Stop on hit? ^ Insta-kill Crossbowmancer, You will be missed. RIP in absurdness. (Is there any way to help You look for the Kill Chariot button?)
  13. Feedback and Suggestions

    Well, I know what I'll be doing about it, Nuking boosseeeeeees!
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    100% hit chance abilities are causing Cursed weapons to insta-kill every time. I was almost an hour into part 99 when it became clear that a necromancer had taken out several units with his anti tank rifle disguised as a crossbow. He then went and did 800 damage on Candyce and saved a crap ton of time. Best bug ever for PotD.
  15. Feedback and Suggestions

    The Crissaegrim seems to only be hitting once.