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  1. What about Curse on hit? They are cursed weapons, after all. Oooh, or a chance for Stop on hit? ^ Insta-kill Crossbowmancer, You will be missed. RIP in absurdness. (Is there any way to help You look for the Kill Chariot button?)
  2. Well, I know what I'll be doing about it, Nuking boosseeeeeees!
  3. 100% hit chance abilities are causing Cursed weapons to insta-kill every time. I was almost an hour into part 99 when it became clear that a necromancer had taken out several units with his anti tank rifle disguised as a crossbow. He then went and did 800 damage on Candyce and saved a crap ton of time. Best bug ever for PotD.
  4. The Crissaegrim seems to only be hitting once.
  5. Great to know about that one, sounds like a good reason to use that comety overdrive sweetness. These cursed weapons look really friggin cool. Also really liking the new backgrounds, they're quite nifty. These are all named after FFT Zodiacs, right? Thank You for the magic code that makes cool stuff happen!
  6. The wind and ice crossbows seem to have their bonuses switched. Tried to add all cursed weapons, accidentally got all weapons (I did a dumb). Either way, should be good for testing. Can't believe after all of it the Ambicion is somehow on par with the Christmas sword :-0 (but has lasers)
  7. Evacuations work with lobbers on standing targets? That's really cool. Thanks on the codes, I'll check the messages, that makes a lot of sense, didn't think of that one, thanks again! Dreamesper, for the SNES there's Chronicle Valeria and one other one, DE 1.something I think it was. CV is the overhaul in Japanese, the English patch guy tried for a while, but politely begged to be let off the project, it's a surprisingly hefty mod. The other seemed to make the original have a lot of the balancing issues that plagued the remake, like healer knights.
  8. Also, the cursed weapons are in the same spots, right? 4 hours of on and off attempts on floor 85 yielded nothing, wondering if they moved.
  9. Hey, it was Holy Draconic 2 that vaporized right? If so it doesn't do that at the moment. Also, yeah, Rudlum is on a whole other level of special in that fight. It took absolutely bulldozing everything to get to that nobel prize winner. The SNES version cannot accept PSP patches, unfortunately. This version's very pretty and has some awesome music though! (I hope this picture isn't posting multiple times, it shows twice on my end for reasons I can't figure out.)
  10. OK, I discovered the problem. I am a moron. Problem solved now! (For some reason I kept seeing ModDB and thinking NGplus. Sorry)
  11. Agh....dang it..OK, I know I'm doing something wrong. Vanilla ISO -> apply PPF -> can't open PPF Modded ISO ->PPF applies -> No game found on disc or disc is corrupted Checked, this is the US version applying the US patch. Advice?
  12. Oh, I was. So apparently the vanilla version that I usually mod from wasn't playing nicely with the PPF file. Not sure why, modded it to the time stopping rock incident, ppf'd that one, and that seemed to fix it. I haven't the foggiest why, but seemed like it would work, and it did.
  13. Not sure if I'm missing something, but UMDgen is saying it can't open the specific ppf file? Did I miss a step along the way?
  14. Baller, thanks for the rapid fix man, what did it out of curiosity?
  15. I'll test to see if evacuations trigger the dialogue, technically there are revivals, but they're what's there in the lore, so that San Bronsa reaction from Denam upon seeing someone revived finally makes sense. So yeah, revival is possible for generics by zombification and charm of remission, seal of rebirth or ensanguined rood.