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(spoiler warning) WIP Unique Class Builds (updated for 0.88c)

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Hello everyone. My name is Sleeping Bear Z and I'll be posting here to give my own suggestions for the 'best' builds one could make the different classes within One Vision (OV). This topic will be for unique classes whilst the other would be for generic classes. The builds are definitive and of course are subject to personal opinion. Please feel free to add your own feedback and comments throughout. I'll be willing to update this as the changes to OV come along but as a Law student my time will be busy with studies. P.S. I'll update this post to add further classes and changes as time goes on.

LORD (Denam's unique class)

The MC certainly has a unique class in that it doesn't have anything to learn from it unlike the other classes. You have to learn the skills from the other class and mash them all together here. Being so flexible as compared to the other classes, the Lord really is more difficult to build as it is more up to you how you would want to build him as, be it with melee, range or magic focused. I tend to go a bit of a Jack Of All Trades with my Lord allowing him to attack close with Double Attack and Counterattack, protecting him with Rampart Aura and attacking with range with magic and tactician for finishers. 


  1. Weapon skill                                                                                                                                        
  2. [element] Magic
  3. Augment [element] 
  4. Instill [element]
  5. Tactician II
  6. Counterattack IV
  7. Double Attack/Mighty Strike
  8. Rampart Aura IV


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