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Experimental BNW Magic Edits

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So I was messing around with FF3UsMe with BNW mostly to figure out what the mystery egg did and experimented with some magic edits. Specifically, I removed some redundant spells to make room for new spells.


Warp: I discovered that the Warp Whistle works independently of this Spell's existence in the spell list, and as such the spell Warp isn't really needed as long as you have a few warp whistles on stand by. 1 Spell slot freed.


Slow and Scan: I combined these 2 spells together into a spell called "Slocan" that both slows and scans the enemy. Might be annoying for random encounters but honestly, who uses "Slow" on random encounters? If slow misses, the scan effect still works!


The new spells I created with the freed up slots were:


Comet: A STAMINA Non-Elemental Magic spell on Bahamut that hits 4x like Cyan's Tempest meant to give Stamina Relm some MUCH needed offense. The specs I chose were 60 MP and 20 base power ( which is 4 individual attacks at 20 BP) Defense Ignoring.


Aero: Stamina Based Wind spell on Palidor for Mog and Edgar, acting as a Offensive option for Stamina Edgar and an Upgrade to Break for Mog


Still sorting out what the 3rd additional spell may be, or just keeping SlowX in the game. Been playing through the game for the 2nd time using Stam Edgar and Stam Relm with these edits and I must say it has been a lot more fun!




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18 hours ago, Mishrak said:

Fwiw Relm/Strago are getting a new stam attack in 1.10.

I saw that actually! A weapon proc spell I believe?

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