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  1. Where is Daisy? In Seaside Town? I can't find her
  2. Got it! An in game hint is probably not a bad idea there cause it comes out of no where with no warning Content mode so far, truly amazing the years of work are showing in spades. I love the renewed emphasis on elemental attacks and the appearances of the Axem Rangers in early parts of the game. The renewed focus on elemental weaknesses is also great to see. I also love the creative use of the unique items within the game now. I made it to Yardovich now and the dude is kicking my ass. Mario: I kind of wish I had invested in his Magic at level up rather than attack. He has very affordable magic attack and a variety of elemental attacks to choose from. Mallow: I have to admit losing early game thunderbolt made things a lot tougher early on, ESPECIALLY the Kero Sewers. I'm not sure if it made for a more enjoyable experience tbqh. Shocker is nice though for consistent boss damage and killing tough random enemies. His renewed focus as a mage is good to see. Geno: His timings are difficult, and his Geno Beam is very weak for the cost, with his standard attack outdamaging it consistently. Finally got Genoboost which helps a lot, but I'm not digging him much this time Bowser: Fantastic tank, high damage, very simple character. His Fire Breath is low damage but has a Burn effect that works on bosses. Peach: Her starting War Fan is her main damage which is very low, and she only has Group Hug and Wishing Star now at level 55? Without an endless supply of Froggiedrinks though, she is really important for bosses with the Group Hug deal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few constructive criticisms so far from an admittedly novice player to this hack My minor complaints are Timings. Especially Geno, I can't seem to get him to do good damage cause I mess up the timings and don't know what to aim for. A quickie guide to the timing even with just text would be very helpful and appreciated. Sooner access to vital spells, especially for Peach Bowser and Geno would be nice. Their spell list is very poor for a long time. The only AoE you have access to is Snowy which leaves you a bit locked in a corner against water/ice elemental enemies. With enemies being much tougher now, more emphasis on status spells that were largely ignored in the original game would be GREAT, like Peach's sleep spell and Bowser's Terrorize.
  3. In that case, there really is no way to get past this besides overleveling to break the HP cap you need ( Or boosting magic defense up enough?). If that's the case this should be addressed in the next patch. I may need to use a cheat code to get past this
  4. I tried defending this but failed. Any hints on the timing? I want to get past this boss and continue with the game. I have it save stated right before the arrow rain so I can keep attempting it
  5. How are you supposed to survive this? Content mode here. I am stuck at this boss can't get past it
  6. Thank you so much, I did indeed patch it correctly. Much easier than I expected. Can't wait to try it. I played the original a little bit and I remember getting the Terror Knight and becoming frustrating with him being so weak and quit playing.
  7. Dumb question, I have not played the original and have no idea if I patched it correctly, I followed the readme instructions. How do I know if I am playing the patched version of the game at the start?
  8. Any chance on the addition or replacement of a spell? Through testing I found that the Warp Whistle retains its effect without the Warp Spell being present in the spell list (both in and outside of battle), so the Warp Spell is unnecessary and can be reworked into something else. I posted a couple of ideas in the Experimental magic build thread for possible Stamina options for Relm and Edgar since atm their Stamina builds are more gimmicky than useful, at least in 1.9.
  9. I saw that actually! A weapon proc spell I believe?
  10. Same one used on the Behemoths for Meteo
  11. So I was messing around with FF3UsMe with BNW mostly to figure out what the mystery egg did and experimented with some magic edits. Specifically, I removed some redundant spells to make room for new spells. Warp: I discovered that the Warp Whistle works independently of this Spell's existence in the spell list, and as such the spell Warp isn't really needed as long as you have a few warp whistles on stand by. 1 Spell slot freed. Slow and Scan: I combined these 2 spells together into a spell called "Slocan" that both slows and scans the enemy. Might be annoying for random encounters but honestly, who uses "Slow" on random encounters? If slow misses, the scan effect still works! The new spells I created with the freed up slots were: Comet: A STAMINA Non-Elemental Magic spell on Bahamut that hits 4x like Cyan's Tempest meant to give Stamina Relm some MUCH needed offense. The specs I chose were 60 MP and 20 base power ( which is 4 individual attacks at 20 BP) Defense Ignoring. Aero: Stamina Based Wind spell on Palidor for Mog and Edgar, acting as a Offensive option for Stamina Edgar and an Upgrade to Break for Mog Still sorting out what the 3rd additional spell may be, or just keeping SlowX in the game. Been playing through the game for the 2nd time using Stam Edgar and Stam Relm with these edits and I must say it has been a lot more fun!
  12. If that's all it does then how is FF6 T edition possible? That mod has many more additions than just enemy AI bank
  13. Celes does have a Stamina Attack too with her special hidden relic. I don't see the uniqueness issue, as it's kind of ubiquitous. Only Relm, Strago, Locke and Edgar don't have one. Locke and Edgar can through Omega Weapon. Relm has Regen X but a massive burst heal from that isn't a big deal considering she can burst heal with Cure 3 in a Magic Build. It's a bit hard to justify the use of Stamina Relm and when I did my Tier List on this page. Strago has Odin Summon, which is MP intensive but viable with heavy carbuncle investment, and gives him a 1 turn burst damage during a boss fight. This Tier list was for 1.8, and the new stamina additions likely affect it. Unicorn Edgar probably jumps up to C Tier, but because the Cover mechanic is anti-synergistic with Stamina it's very limited. I could see him being a respectable team member if holding Omega Weapon and Nirvana Band so that his heals and damage output can at least be effective enough to not feel like a wasted turn. Stamina Relm is frankly not tanky enough for the Counter mechanic to be useful and as I said earlier the stronger Regen X is irrelevant because Cure 3 exists for Burst heal. The trade off for Mag+ which is so powerful on her with Flare/Meteor/Osmose is too much. Next to Umaro, she is easily the worst character/build in my opinion, Umaro might actually be better. You could I suppose use Stamina Relm in the capacity of Regen X healer but even with high stamina her HP is so low that she can die easily. I struggle to see the upside. Even with Intercepter it's very underwhelming, and losing Shadow for that purpose is just plain silly. Tier List Synopsis: A Tier A+ : Stamina Terra A: Phoenix Locke A-: Maduin Terra, Kirin Locke, Magic Edgar, Magic Celes, Magic Setzer B Tier B+: Vigor Edgar, Terrato Sabin, Crusader Celes, Vigor Cyan, Shadow, Gogo (infinite versatlity poor stats), Zoneseek Relm, Magic Strago, Stamina Setzer, Magic Mog B: Vigor Locke, Vigor Celes, Maduin Mog, Vigor Mog, Speed Relm B-: Bismarck Terra, Golem Sabin, Speed Gau C Tier C+: Stamina Cyan (late game), Stamina Gau (late game) C: Stamina Strago C-: Stamina Sabin D Tier D+:Unicorn Edgar D:Stamina Relm D-: Umaro (Uncontrollable almost no utility)
  14. If you had your heart set on unicorn Edgar Omega Weapon is a good idea. what about a Stamina Based Bio Blaster? Basically a weaker and slower Flash? That would help his atrocious offense option. He can rely on Remedy and Unicorn Summpn for healing
  15. Better solution would be to make a spear that is Stamina damage based like Atma/Omega weapon