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  1. Pure Random Esper Challenge
  2.[/img] Has anyone ever done this? The idea is you randomize all characters cept Gogo and Umaru since they can't equip espers (I included them and crossed them out after I realized lol). Then you randomize the esper list. You line them up and go in order, the first available esper that character can equip becomes their solely their esper for EL bonuses. You must use all EL bonus for that esper, and nothing else. For this challenge I am only making that limitation, you could in theory also have the character only learn their magic from THAT esper, and only able to equip that Esper in battle to make it even harder. No Respecs, if you end up with a WoR esper you're stuck until you get it. So for this go around I ended up with: Edgar: Palidor Mog: Maduin Celes: Seraph Setzer: Starlet Sabin: Golem Cyan: Bismarck Gau: Stray Relm: Ifrit Strago: Odin Shadow: Fenrir Terra: Carbunkl Locke: Phoenix ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edgar: Palidor Not terrible, fast chainsaws and autocrossbows to finish randoms, will be one hell of Dragoon Jumping DPS machine. Relatively weak utility but Defib will be fast at least, Remedy still helpful and Cure 2 might be ok for an emergency single target heal Mog: Maduin A very balanced dancer with respectable stats in Mag/Stam Celes: Seraph She will kinda play similarly to a Vanilla, just with her refined spell options of BnW. Plenty of HP/MP means she can spell spam, and considering what Terra drew down the the line here (OH god...) she will probably be taking the Soul Box. Maybe Merton Spam? The HP/MP affords me the option to essentially build her equipment towards anything I want, ??? is an option, Magic DPS/Healer, or even Physical with Illumina which I will also probably get for her this playthrough. Honestly, pure Seraph is pretty viable. Celes will probably be the MvP this playthrough Setzer: Starlet The forecast is up, it's gonna be raining hard this playthrough, with a RegenX on the horizon. Sabin: Golem Another Tank that I DESPERATELY need. Usually you'd like to mix in Terrato before he should have enough HP to suffice in the front row with good support. Cyan: Bismarck Without ANY Crusader levels he's gonna be iin for a rough time in the front row lol..... I guess put him in a team that has Image support and lots of healing and hope he can murder things brutally with Tempest but he takes hits. Gau: Stray Mantodea/Shrapnel and a some prayers Relm: Ifrit LOL!!! Quicksilver Relm to the rescue, maybe try to gear toward Stamina and and spam windbreaker for randoms then before the boss gear toward magic and spam Flare/Meteor until she runs out of MP, which won't be boosted this time unfortunately. Strago: Odin Full support god, status immune and slow as fuck. Wind Breaker will destroy Shadow: Fenrir Kinda like Relm, unless Setzer drains all my GP his ammo could be virtually unlimited of skeens and shrurikens so DPS should be fantastic, till he gets hit Terra: Carbunkl ....Hey, it coulda been Ragnarok. Even though Stam is high, with no HP boosts at all I probably will want to ignore Morph unless i'm feeling really lucky. Least I can spam spells to my heart's content. Locke: Phoenix I've run pure Phoenix Locke before. It's a thing of beauty. I got a feeling X-Magic Life 2 will be getting a lot of use this playthrough!
  3. Final Dungeon Setups?

    I'm well aware you can get through the tower with pretty much any team set up, but I like to theory craft a bit on optimizing so each team has access to as many options as possible, for instance: Life 2/ Defib Terra/Locke/Edgar should be all each be on a separate team so 2/3 teams have Life 2 and the 3rd has Defib, which are all more effective than Phoenix downs and Life 1. Regen X Terra/Setzer and Relm should all be on a different team so all 3 teams have access to it HasteX/Fenrir Shadow and Gau make should be different teams, and both are relatively squishy anyway so you wouldnt want that Golem Edgar and Sabin should be different teams so 2 teams have access to Golem My tentative line up is: Terra Sabin Celes Gau Sabin can feed Celes/Terra MP as needed, RegenX/Golem/Fenrir/Reflect all here Relm Edgar Strago Mog/Gogo Edgar can feed all 3 MP, Strago provides excellent support with Protect/shell and can apply Image since Fenrir is not here. RegenX and Golem present. Edgar can revive well with Defib and functions as your between battle healer. Setzer Locke Shadow Cyan Excellent revival with Life 2/ Sage stone option, Fenrir here, Regen X and Cyan is between battle healer, Setzer and Locke managing healing during combat. Has difficulty with Protect/Shell/Reflect support. Seraph summon for party Reraise definitely very welcome
  4. Mod Information & Translation

    LOL I just figured that out, the IPS patches included confused me. Couple of questions to start. What are those special rooms in the developers room with the books? Also, is there anyway I can tell from the text if my STEAL attempt was successful?
  5. Mod Information & Translation

    what rom should I use to patch this?
  6. what work is bropedio adding?
  7. Gaming Fiend BNW Edit

    Oh Phantom I like it, It's a unique bonus Vig/Stam that works well on both Celes and Shadow. +2 speed for my tastes is boring and usually overkill, I don't use it on Locke or Relm either. Even on Gau who benefits from it the most, 15+ levels of Fenrir how much will extra levels really increase your DPS before diminishing returns start to kick in. Shadow is in many ways the most interesting character to me from a story telling standpoint, the developers put a lot of love into his background while keeping him mysterious at the same time. I think that it is fitting then he'd be more interesting to play rather than a 1 Trick Pony with regards to his Esper build.
  8. Gaming Fiend BNW Edit

    Oh I apologize if I struck a nerve with my Stamina attack fetish! I think I see where you're coming from where it's meant to be a defensive build option sacrificing some damage/healing output for increased longevity. What do you think about Fenrir change?
  9. Gaming Fiend BNW Edit

    Are Relm/Edgar getting anything in 1.10 to make their Stamina builds more than just a gimmick? I remember reading somewhere Relm was getting a staff that proced a Stamina magic attack
  10. Hello BNW fans. In anticipation for 1.10 I made my own personal edit of BNW 1.9 using FF3UsMe. The changes I made are mostly for personal taste and for the excitement of making your own personalized experience. I have no skills outside of using FF3UsMe for editing and I don't even know how to make a Patch and upload it so others can try this edit, if there is interest and someone can explain how to do that I'd be glad to share it. Here are the changes I made with respect to 1.9 MP changes for Ramuh/Shiva and Ifrit from 48>>32 and MP cost of status spells reduced as per version 1.10. Also switched the spell list around to reflect Version 1.10 and buffed the strength of respective summon like Maduin/Bismarck and the made changes to Sap/Bio/Dark to reflect version 10. I didn't edit all the spells (like Quake and Break for instance) because I am not sure what their spell powers were changed to following the MP changes. Also Crusader learning Demi/Quarter and Celes learning Life naturally was done. Ice and Bolt special reduced MP. Ice now costs 5-18-54 (From 6-20-60) and Bolt 6-20-60 (From 8-24-72). It is now proportional with MP>Spell Power and frankly it never made sense to me why Bolt was so much more expensive than Fire but was only 20% stronger. Terra: Buffed by the changes in Ice/Bolt cost but otherwise the same. Celes: Holy now STAMINA damage and is buffed to the power of Flare ( now 45mp with a power of 60). For consistency, Alexander is also Stamina Based now and casts Imp on all enemies. While Stamina Celes didn't necessarily need Holy, it does synergize well with the AoE special ability. This change was more for Cyan which i'll explain in his section Due to this being a nerf to Magic Celes, she gets a buff to Merton. Merton now boosted from 120>>150 base power and the HIT ALL gimmick now removed, enemies only. It also causes Sap. Magic Celes may have lost Holy but Ice/Bolt magic have the MP reduced too. Locke: Drain is now STAMINA based, which synergizes extremely well with Kirin's Hp+30/Stam bonus and Atma weapon HP mechanic, making the build even more viable. Edgar: Warp is replaced with Wind a new spell on Palidor that is essentially a stronger version of Break at 36 MP, spell power 48, defense ignoring, but also STAMINA based. Now Stamina Edgar isn't completely defenseless. Edgar base Stamina also boosted from 24>>30 to make it so that Wind spell can actually out damage spears. Note Warp Whistles still function identically to WARP despite the spell no longer existing meaning the item essentially replaces the spell entirely. I'd like to give Edgar a spear that functions like Atma weapon for Stamina damage or make Bio Blaster a Stamina based Tool for dmg, but it is beyond what I can do in FF3UsMe. Unicorn is an incredibly silly and gimmicky build at this point in time for Edgar Cyan: Holy being Stamina based now means Cyan actually has a reason to use this over Dragon, and with the power boost can out damage Dragon. Alexander mixed with Empowerer gives him even more random clearing potential and a reason to utilize that summon over Eclipse. Kirin also changed back to Stamina making it a one time RegenX cast. These changes do serve to further buff the Kirin Cyan who was probably already the superior build. Cyan Vigor boosted from 42>>48 to tie him with Sabin and his Swords buffed in Battle Power Kazekiri 150>>160 Murasame 160>>180 Masamune 180>>200 Mutsunokami 210>>240 Sabin: For quality of life, I made his Blitz all 1-2 button inputs on the direction pad. The Drain change being Stamina greatly benefits him, especially with Terrato levels I incorporated some of 1.10 changes to his Blitzes that I could: Aurabolt-30>>36 Sonic Boom 36>>50 Stamina Based no longer ignore defense Suplex sets Stop Gau: Starts with the Magic Bone equipped. I never could find it normally anyway. Fenrir changed from Spd+2 to Mag+1/Spd+1. Meant as nerf to the stupidly simple speed Gau and to diversify him a bit. Gau's base magic dropped from 30>>24 and base Vigor from 36>>42 to help compensate for speed loss and mitigate early game weakness of attack damage with him. Magic Gau potential to be an absolute monster if used properly. Shadow: Fenrir now Mag+1/Spd+1 instead of Spd+2 actually gives Shadow 2 REAL builds, and a Hybrid build. Shadow Base magic reduced from 36>>30. Phantom Shadow also benefits from the buffs to Katanas. As an aside, I am not a big fan of piling on speed, it feels like wasted levels most of the time. I understand the value of it when characters have a lot of Espers to choose from, but with Shadow/Gau only having 2 to choose from and one of them being Spd+2 it felt very limiting. Relm: Perhaps the biggest change. The spell Slow is completely removed from the game, and is replaced with SlowX in every instance in the Esper list and Terra/Celes natural magic list. This opened up a spell slot for Comet, a STAMINA based spell that hits 4x (like Flurry and Tempest )at a magic power of 20 (x4) at a cost of 60mp. Hits random targets . The spell is learned on Bahamut. Gives Relm a possible reason to build Stamina. Strago: Dark boosted to 72>>90 as per 1.10 and now Raze is STAMINA based. Quality of life change: Strago starts with all Lores EXCEPT Black Omen. I was never a fan of going through the effort to find and learn them all. Did not edit Lore MP and power values to 1.10 values yet. Mog: Only really affected by addition of Wind of Palidor which doesn't change him much. Setzer: Blackjack/Trifecta and Solitaire changed to reflect 1.10 Blackjack 36>>45 no SAP Trifecta 75>>90 and causes Sap (no longer stop) Solitaire 90>>75 Overall the characters received buffs, which I admittedly did not off-balance with any difficulty increases. You can self-impose difficulty with NO EXP or limiting Esper levels anyway, or use the Nowea Hard Type. The main theme here was definitely introducing more Stamina uses, especially for Relm and Edgar whose Stamina builds were not very good or interesting. Fenrir change should make Shadow/Gau more interesting, even with the nerfs to their base magic end game Fenrir builds on them may be devastating. Comet on Relm having random nature makes it less reliable than Flare/Meteor but it would likely outdamage those spells when hitting single targets like bosses. I may possibly nerf it down a bit so Stamina Relm doesn't become the clear way to go. Anyway, hopefully some of these ideas were interesting to you guys. I haven't given this "version" a playthrough yet, and wanted to make a few more edits based on feedback and adding some more 1.10 stuff in where I am able to with FF3UsMe.
  11. Celes Chere: Dog Of The Empire

    Christmas Break at last. I wanted to chime in with a build for Celes. I recently did a playthrough of Seraph 5 levels in WOB and continued it with all Alexander in WOR. It was actually my favorite build on Celes I ever tried. Her Stamina special was plenty strong enough without Stam investment to make her an asset for random encounters, and I never had any qualms about placing her in the front row with a Vigor oriented build or with double long-ranged weapons in the back, whereas I had to constantly worry about her dying before with Ramuh heavy builds. With a heavy Alexander investment Celes is the tankiest character in the game, in large part cause Cyan/Sabin can't equip shields. Want a magic Celes, keep her in the back with magic equipment, her Mag is powerful enough to perform reliable heals and do consistent damage to bosses especially hitting weaknesses. Going Berzerk with a Crusader +25% boost is no longer such a high risk proposition with her sky high HP. I'd often switch to a Mag build during a boss battle to make her an unkillable Red-Mage, and use Stamina equipment during the dungeon to ease through random encounters. She essentially never died during the playthrough barring instant death spells. With 5 Seraph levels and using the Soul Box MP is hardly concern.
  12. Where is Daisy? In Seaside Town? I can't find her
  13. Got it! An in game hint is probably not a bad idea there cause it comes out of no where with no warning Content mode so far, truly amazing the years of work are showing in spades. I love the renewed emphasis on elemental attacks and the appearances of the Axem Rangers in early parts of the game. The renewed focus on elemental weaknesses is also great to see. I also love the creative use of the unique items within the game now. I made it to Yardovich now and the dude is kicking my ass. Mario: I kind of wish I had invested in his Magic at level up rather than attack. He has very affordable magic attack and a variety of elemental attacks to choose from. Mallow: I have to admit losing early game thunderbolt made things a lot tougher early on, ESPECIALLY the Kero Sewers. I'm not sure if it made for a more enjoyable experience tbqh. Shocker is nice though for consistent boss damage and killing tough random enemies. His renewed focus as a mage is good to see. Geno: His timings are difficult, and his Geno Beam is very weak for the cost, with his standard attack outdamaging it consistently. Finally got Genoboost which helps a lot, but I'm not digging him much this time Bowser: Fantastic tank, high damage, very simple character. His Fire Breath is low damage but has a Burn effect that works on bosses. Peach: Her starting War Fan is her main damage which is very low, and she only has Group Hug and Wishing Star now at level 55? Without an endless supply of Froggiedrinks though, she is really important for bosses with the Group Hug deal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few constructive criticisms so far from an admittedly novice player to this hack My minor complaints are Timings. Especially Geno, I can't seem to get him to do good damage cause I mess up the timings and don't know what to aim for. A quickie guide to the timing even with just text would be very helpful and appreciated. Sooner access to vital spells, especially for Peach Bowser and Geno would be nice. Their spell list is very poor for a long time. The only AoE you have access to is Snowy which leaves you a bit locked in a corner against water/ice elemental enemies. With enemies being much tougher now, more emphasis on status spells that were largely ignored in the original game would be GREAT, like Peach's sleep spell and Bowser's Terrorize.
  14. In that case, there really is no way to get past this besides overleveling to break the HP cap you need ( Or boosting magic defense up enough?). If that's the case this should be addressed in the next patch. I may need to use a cheat code to get past this
  15. I tried defending this but failed. Any hints on the timing? I want to get past this boss and continue with the game. I have it save stated right before the arrow rain so I can keep attempting it