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  1. 2300 AD was a huge ramp up in difficulty, definitely appreciated finding the bolt bow and plasma shot for Lucca! For a brief time even they were out damaging Chrono. I kinda of forgot the Guardian Boss requires to kill the BITs first, oops. Aura Whirl was a god send here. Those red mutant enemies were BRUTAL, almost like mini boss battles. I have a new found appreciation for the hypnowave tech from Lucca. What a pleasant surprise with Robo, he could even equip the Bolt Bow and do increased damage to machines! I thought I would leave Marle behind for the factory portion however I found her healing to be invaluable, Robo simply didn’t heal nearly enough, so I ended up picking Robo and Marle as my teammates. The scene where all the other. the next section of the game with the Mystics I didn’t recall how magic was strongly useful here. Robo was not super useful for that reason but I ended up bringing him with me to Heckran cave., making that boss probably harder than he normally would be, cause he kinda kicked my butt. Similar story with Masamune. Those counter attacks are BRUTAL. I remembered to grab the silver stud and silver earrings. The new rebalanced Silver Stud was a good choice, curious how the good stuff will be rebalanced. Currently made it to the past with Ayla to acquire the dreamstone for the next part
  2. I havent played CT in about 10 years, my first time ever playing was the Playstation release (never had the SNES game) and last time was with the DS, so i've completed the game twice. I just started a new game with this mod and excited to play! Start of the game, I forgot how quick this game dives right in, no extended opening sequence, and you can skip the carnival games and get right into it. I recalled that the actions Chrono takes (ie, helping the girl get her kitten) can affect things, I decided to have Chrono be good on this playthrough for the trial part so I didn't eat the guy's lunch. I totally forgot to grab the Soda Tabs in Guardia forest, thankfully ill be able to grab them later. The main exciting thing that happened so far was at the Cathedral, against Yakra. I either forgot how difficult he was, or maybe he got a buff!? He killed Chrono nearly immediately, and I thought I was done for! Fortunately, Frog had plenty of MP to slurp cut over and over again, which im not sure if it slowed him but did consistent high damage, while Lucca became field medic with all those tonics I thankfully found, since I bought none. To my surprise, Yakra fell, all without Chrono's help. I'll be better prepared for the next boss. I plan to try and emphasize character attributes that are not typically focused on, so for Marle and Lucca I'll increase their Hit, and in this version they have good options with it! Chrono and Frog will go magical, not sure about the others yet.
  3. Can someone tell me what this will do to the base BNW 2.0 game, for a newb!
  4. Gaming fiend playthrough

    I haven’t been taking advantage of the steals! Anything good this late?
  5. Gaming fiend playthrough

    Made it through the Phoenix Cave. Pretty fun, was an intricately designed dungeon in a huge fan. Left that Red Dragon for later. Finally got illumina for Celes, then tackled the Cave on Veldt and finally recruited Shadow. Now I just need to get underleveled characters up to speed and tackle those Dragons! Will probably first attempt Cyan Dream, and the Fanatic Tower
  6. Gaming fiend playthrough

    I did just this! First however I tackled Gogos cave. Picked up the invaluable Red Cap and Aegis Shield. Random encounters here were surprisingly difficult! To the contrary, the random encounters in Jidoor mansion were quite easy! I brought Terra Mog Sabin and Setzer. The Cats were weak to water and instantly fell to Storm, and the Dahling event weak to poison supplied by Setzer and mog. Chardarnook is an easy boss when you understand not right attack the goddess, using that as healing / buffing time. Once again obliterated by double Hell Claws! A lot of fire weak enemies / bosses this mod. Sabin has been my MVP boss slayer. Morphed Terra with Fire 3, and Mog / Setzer took a supportive and healing role I forgot the exact prizes but Nirvana Band was a huge find, and chocobo hide. In hindsight, I wish I had tackled this dungeon earlier, having Starlet earlier would have been very nice. Recruited Strago right after. Didn’t realize you could buy Alexander here for 32,000 gil and feel like a dope for missing it. Got Holy for Celes 👍. Both Strago and Relmare very low leveled. I had them sit in the airship while a team of Umaru with the Storm Orb and snow muffler, Terra Sabin and Celes providing Fire 3, double Hell claw and Holy to take down the DREADED doom Gaze and grab Relm her Bahamut esper so she can starting beasting. currently working on leveling Strago and Relm and getting them to learn all their spells, I also acquired Odin in an earlier update at ancient cave for Strago. Once they are at a reasonable level, I’ll move onto my next destination.
  7. Gaming fiend playthrough

    Next up, I decide to tackle the Ancient Cave! The random encounters though were brutal! There are those things that cast Wavecannon and the others with Tsunami, plus the mephistos with Quake. A lot of resets and trial and error involved in this run. I went through with Celes Mog Edgar and Sabin Two Mini-Bosses in the Tonberry and Samurai guy. The Mana-battery was VERY disappointing. Even with a magically invested Edgar going pure Siren, it's just a glorified "free" tincture. Doesnt really heal enough to be worth it. Beating the Tonberry was fun, and one of the few battles where a well timed use of Palidor really paid off! The enemy titled WEAPON in the ancient cave was a bitch. I attempted the dragon for lawls, got absolutely creamed, and will make a return trip to the ancient cave to battle that SOB at a later date. I then went to recruit Umaru in Narshe. Sabin with double Hell Claws, Pure Staina Gau with Mantodea/schrapnel, Edgar and a Freshly leveled Cyan. Not the strongest team for the fire weak dungeon, so it was quite a challenge. Tritoch's magic was devastating, and I really wish I had waited to get Relm/Strago so I had someone to use the Zoneseek esper in this battle, but I got through it. Umaru...despite having access to both Golem and Fenrir, was even more difficult. His physical attacks were insane! Sabin was MVP for damage with DOuble Hell Claws, threw Gau with the Hornet Rage + Bone Club (3x dmg and chance of setting Blink, which was a god send when Fenrir wore off), Edgar on Firetongue jump and Heal duty...and Mog couldn't survive any physical attacks so I had hi whack with the Fire rod and pray that he could proc Fire 2...which would do a MASSIVE 7800 dmg when it landed. Umaru eventually fell. I ended my journey retackling the Zone-Eater who kicked my ass before, once again with Sabin using Frostgore and Ocean Claw, Terra morphed in the Front row using the Ice Brand (even though I forgot I have Tritoch now and could have learned Ice 3 lol) Setzer for healing and Mog tagging along still due to his being underleveled, using Water Rondo and Snowman Jazz. It was very satisfying to kick the Zone Eator's ass for sweet revenge.. Gogo will soon be mine. ANny suggestion on where to next? I was considering recruiting Relm and Strago following Gogo
  8. Recently got through the WoB and starting WoR I wanted to share some thoughts. With the exception of Dadaluma, WOB simply feels more polished but not significantly more challenging than Vanilla. Until floating continent.. I chose Locke, Terra and Celes as my team, a classic trio. For all 3 I focused on HP Espers due to their propensity towards dying in battles. Celes is pure Seraph, Locke is Kirin and Terra is Unicorn, all with approximately 10 EL by the time I reached Atma. The path to Atma was brutal, and the extra HP was a god send. I gave Icebrands to Locke Celes and Terra (with mystery veil for proc chance), leaving Terra morphed in the front row, Locke in front, Celes in back slamming Ice 2. Shadow struggled to stay alive and played a surprisingly supportive role with float and the image scroll, then went crazy hurling Ninja Stars and casting Dispel when Atma changed forms. I realized this team had no way to set Sap on Atma that I knew of, which was a mistake… but the Terra morphed did insane damage, especislly with icebrand proc.. so bzerked and hasted her. Lockes damage was terrible at this point, so he went to back row and healed almost every turn, desperately trying to keep Morph Terra alive. We’re it not for the unicorn levels she surely would not have. Celes was back up healer and provided reliably Ice 2 damage. Eventually Atma fell, it was satisfying, extremely difficult and glorious. Had done it over again, I may have brought Setzer instead of Locke to provide healing and Sap through his CHOCObo slots. WoR The random encounters quickly ramp up. Sabin / Celes we’re taken by surprised in the cave leading up to the Tentacle boss and died a few times. Having not give Sabin any ELs, I put them all into Golem for survivability, fire Dance and Ice 2 with Celes large mp supply helped get through the difficult encounters, along with sufficient mp for healing. I honestly couldn’t imagine Celes without Seraph at this point, the tankiness is a godsend and she needs all the MP badly. the Tentacles were Tough… I had to reset and gave Celes Flametongue and Sabin double Hell claws to make quick work of the fire weak tentacle. Golem summon was amazing here. Edgar was very weak so he mostly used drill to sap the tentacles and provide emergency Cure 2. Skip ahead now to Daryl Tomb. I love facing undead enemies, so many weaknesses to exploit, despite the cave being quite challenging. Dullahan, once again double Hell Claw, Edgar is pure Siren with flame tongue and jump, Celes with flametongue. Setzer full time healer. Took a couple of tries to figure out this strategy but ensuing fire damage incinerated Dullahan back to hell. also, Jump plus Elemental swords is INCREDIBLE with magic Edgar. Had no idea he could do that much damage. Goal at this is to go through and collect the team facing as few bosses as possible. Cyan Gau Mog Gogo we’re first on my list… Zoneseeker fucking DESTROYED me though… will need to reorganize myself and plan for him better. Also picked up Terra since Phunbaba isn’t too insane, I was pleasantly surprised to see Terra entered morphed and knew Fire 3. Updates as I face some of the major bosses going forward
  9. Beating Seraph esper

    Thank you. I stopped playing the mod out of frustration due to this fight I’ll give this a try now.
  10. Beating Seraph esper

    Any advice on how to defeat the Seraph esper in battle to obtain her. I've hit a road plog, her AoE holy attacks just decimate me in WOB
  11. Pure Random Esper Challenge
  12.[/img] Has anyone ever done this? The idea is you randomize all characters cept Gogo and Umaru since they can't equip espers (I included them and crossed them out after I realized lol). Then you randomize the esper list. You line them up and go in order, the first available esper that character can equip becomes their solely their esper for EL bonuses. You must use all EL bonus for that esper, and nothing else. For this challenge I am only making that limitation, you could in theory also have the character only learn their magic from THAT esper, and only able to equip that Esper in battle to make it even harder. No Respecs, if you end up with a WoR esper you're stuck until you get it. So for this go around I ended up with: Edgar: Palidor Mog: Maduin Celes: Seraph Setzer: Starlet Sabin: Golem Cyan: Bismarck Gau: Stray Relm: Ifrit Strago: Odin Shadow: Fenrir Terra: Carbunkl Locke: Phoenix ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edgar: Palidor Not terrible, fast chainsaws and autocrossbows to finish randoms, will be one hell of Dragoon Jumping DPS machine. Relatively weak utility but Defib will be fast at least, Remedy still helpful and Cure 2 might be ok for an emergency single target heal Mog: Maduin A very balanced dancer with respectable stats in Mag/Stam Celes: Seraph She will kinda play similarly to a Vanilla, just with her refined spell options of BnW. Plenty of HP/MP means she can spell spam, and considering what Terra drew down the the line here (OH god...) she will probably be taking the Soul Box. Maybe Merton Spam? The HP/MP affords me the option to essentially build her equipment towards anything I want, ??? is an option, Magic DPS/Healer, or even Physical with Illumina which I will also probably get for her this playthrough. Honestly, pure Seraph is pretty viable. Celes will probably be the MvP this playthrough Setzer: Starlet The forecast is up, it's gonna be raining hard this playthrough, with a RegenX on the horizon. Sabin: Golem Another Tank that I DESPERATELY need. Usually you'd like to mix in Terrato before he should have enough HP to suffice in the front row with good support. Cyan: Bismarck Without ANY Crusader levels he's gonna be iin for a rough time in the front row lol..... I guess put him in a team that has Image support and lots of healing and hope he can murder things brutally with Tempest but he takes hits. Gau: Stray Mantodea/Shrapnel and a some prayers Relm: Ifrit LOL!!! Quicksilver Relm to the rescue, maybe try to gear toward Stamina and and spam windbreaker for randoms then before the boss gear toward magic and spam Flare/Meteor until she runs out of MP, which won't be boosted this time unfortunately. Strago: Odin Full support god, status immune and slow as fuck. Wind Breaker will destroy Shadow: Fenrir Kinda like Relm, unless Setzer drains all my GP his ammo could be virtually unlimited of skeens and shrurikens so DPS should be fantastic, till he gets hit Terra: Carbunkl ....Hey, it coulda been Ragnarok. Even though Stam is high, with no HP boosts at all I probably will want to ignore Morph unless i'm feeling really lucky. Least I can spam spells to my heart's content. Locke: Phoenix I've run pure Phoenix Locke before. It's a thing of beauty. I got a feeling X-Magic Life 2 will be getting a lot of use this playthrough!
  13. Final Dungeon Setups?

    I'm well aware you can get through the tower with pretty much any team set up, but I like to theory craft a bit on optimizing so each team has access to as many options as possible, for instance: Life 2/ Defib Terra/Locke/Edgar should be all each be on a separate team so 2/3 teams have Life 2 and the 3rd has Defib, which are all more effective than Phoenix downs and Life 1. Regen X Terra/Setzer and Relm should all be on a different team so all 3 teams have access to it HasteX/Fenrir Shadow and Gau make should be different teams, and both are relatively squishy anyway so you wouldnt want that Golem Edgar and Sabin should be different teams so 2 teams have access to Golem My tentative line up is: Terra Sabin Celes Gau Sabin can feed Celes/Terra MP as needed, RegenX/Golem/Fenrir/Reflect all here Relm Edgar Strago Mog/Gogo Edgar can feed all 3 MP, Strago provides excellent support with Protect/shell and can apply Image since Fenrir is not here. RegenX and Golem present. Edgar can revive well with Defib and functions as your between battle healer. Setzer Locke Shadow Cyan Excellent revival with Life 2/ Sage stone option, Fenrir here, Regen X and Cyan is between battle healer, Setzer and Locke managing healing during combat. Has difficulty with Protect/Shell/Reflect support. Seraph summon for party Reraise definitely very welcome