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  1. Your ideas for the Espers are especially intriguing!
  2. In my personal opinion I'd go with it's own build, because Stray Sabin probably wants some Terrato levels anyway because of the synergy with the regen ticks and Golem Summons. Terrato is designed to maximize Golem summons while maintain a lot of Stamina's benefits (high regen ticks due to extremely high natural HP, and massive Mantra Heals). It also maximizes his survivability in the front row, and because Sabin doesn't have a shield and generally lower defense equipment, having the massive HP is really helpful, because he will take 1,000+ damage from powerful boss hits. Because his Vigor is quite high naturally, he can still hit very hard too! Focusing exclusively on Golem levels will lead to higher damage but I feel Sabin's damage will never be as high as the top damage dealers so it's better to focus on his tanking and support potential in general.
  3. Just spitballing an idea here, but perhaps instead of linking class bonuses to ELs in a particular Esper, it could be done simply by their regular level and be a Talent, taking a page from the Dota 2 Handbook. Here's an example for "Medusa" in Dota 2. For example, a Celes tree could appear as Level 10: Vigor+5 or Magic +5 Level 15: White/Grey Magic cast rate up or Black Magic cast rate up Level 20: Runic ignores party/auto-counter with Runic or ??? damage up 20% Level 25: Magic Damage + 25% or No Dual Wield Penalty + Crit Chance up Coincidently, the Dota 2 levels fit nicely into BNW as well since unless you're striving for a low level game most players will hit Level 25 before Kefka Tower. So the general trend would then be: Level 10: + 5 boost to a main stat choice (Vigor Magic Speed or Stamina) Level 15: Spell or ability cast rate boost up choice Level 20: A choice between 2 buffs affecting that character's special action Level 25: A significant boost to the character's damage/healing or tanking potential (possibly another ability buff too)
  4. Generally I did rank Stamina lower I noticed too, although I felt Stamina builds for Terra and Locke in particular were top notch. I am a bit speculative about going pure Stam +2 over Hp+30/ Stam +1 a lot of times simply because Stamina goes so well with HP, and how effective really is magic defense and massive regen ticks without a big hp pool to back it up? I certainly find that Strago would be incredible if Odin was a Hp/Stam and in Sabin case if you mix in Terrato Levels he can already do that anyway. I'm glad Aurabolt will be stronger that is certainly going to help his cause
  5. You could make a whole separate one for WoB possibly!
  6. I made my own personal analysis below, a tier list of sorts. It's hard to break individual characters into a tier because of how many different builds they have. For the sake of this analysis I'll be looking at end-game builds (So the fact Stray Gau and Kirin Cyan are incredible in WoB doesn't factor into the ranking) and not considering Hybrid builds, just the more extreme focused builds. This is also for 1.86, many builds that are low on here may get a significant boost in 1.9. It's also only my opinion, and I may not realize the full potential of certain builds I ranked as lower. Terra: Maduin (Magic) Build-(A-) Mostly Maduin with some Carbuncle for MP makes for an incredible potent mage who can reliably hit 9999 cap from backrow, and since Magic and MP are linked to Stamina being in Morphed form isn't as detrimental as it might seem. Really capitalizes on Terra' offensive and restorative strengths and superior regen ticks Bismarck (Vigor) Build (B-)- The ultimate glass cannon, astonishingly squishy in morphed form and requires a LOT of support to stay alive but is capable of dishing out arguable the best damage in the game. Does not make the best use of one of Terra' best assests, her incredible spell list. The frailty of the build prevents this from being any higher in my eyes. No Stamina focus which is so paramount to Morph and her regen ticks. Stamina Build (Unicorn OR Tritoch Focused) Build (A+)- Mixed in with a few Carbuncles levels to provide MP is IMO Terra' strongest build and also IMO the best build of the game. It eclipses Maduin build because having higher HP and Stamina correlates to much more survivability and Terra is able to damage cap without Maduin evels and RegenX/Life 2/Reraise makes her the quite possibly the best white mage of the game, only possibly beaten by a Sage-Stone Locke. Terra doesn't lose out on much by not building Magic and gains so much here. Factor in Omega Weapon and Gem Box to bring this build just way over the top. She's a Tank, a Offensive Powerhouse with access to almost every possible weakness and a Primary Healer all together in one incredible package. As a side note, a Phoenix Terra is viable too, but you're so much better off simply going a few Carbuncle levels for MP than switching to Unicorn if you're considering that route due to how important Stamina is on her. Locke: Vigor (Ramuh) Build- (B)- Gau and Shadow are somewhat forced into DPS/Glass Cannon type builds due to lack of options, and both of them can do a lot more damage than Locke. This build makes Locke to frail to be a very reliable Healer and Double Life 2 user but also somewhat redundant and unnecessary when you already have Gau and Shadow to fill in for this role. Locke's access to very good evasion helps but magic damage will tear this Locke apart and fails to capitalize on Locke's best assets. This build can work great though if you're very careful. I believe if you choose this route it's better to go a Hybrid of Ramuh/Phoenix to make Locke a balanced and well-rounded party member. Stamina (Kirin) Build- (A-)- Shockingly a great build despite Locke's magic list having no synnergy with Stamina due to Omega/Valiance combo working so extremely well with this build. Locke can provide very consistent high damage with this tanky build using those 2 weapons and make incredible use of his Drain magic, while saving his precious MP for Healing and Life 2 spells playing the role of support in the mean time. Not quite as good as Stam Terra but damn close. Magic (Phoenix) Build- (A) Same HP as Kirin, replacing Stamina for MP. The end result is a Locke with massive magical reservoirs able to burst down bosses with Double Fire 3s and Bolt 2s both very common weaknesses while having plenty of HP for reliable healing. The sheer amount of damage that he is capable of coupled with the ability to perform actions such as Double Life 2 makes Phoenix Locke one of the most impactful players of the game. Granted, Stamina Locke can do this exact same thing but Phoenix Locke is a bit better because the massive MP boost allows the player to be much more liberal with his magic and negates the need for MP support. Edgar: Vigor Golem/Palidor mix (B+): Fantastic Spear damage with Dragon Helm consecutive attacks and tools and with the auto-crossbow buff really impressive Random Encounter wave clear potential. Can apply strong Golem summon support, but has weak Cure 2s, Mana Battery and Defib support with this build which prevents him from being an A level Magic Siren Build- (A-)- The speed coupled with Magic really makes Edgar shine being able to provide constant HUGE MP boosts, Defib revivals that can come quite close to Life 2, Flash Damage for randoms and massively powerful Cure 2s. He has surprisingly high damage for bosses due to his selection of elemental sword jumping (and 50% proc rate from Dragon Soul) allowing him to utilize his high magic to hit enemy weaknesses. A very well rounded hero who misses out on A status due to frailty especially when compared to HP focused Terra/Locke builds that can do similar things to Edgar. Golem summons are also mediocre on this build. Unicorn Edgar-(D+)- Low speed/Magic/Vigor means weak and slow healing and damage. Has high HP/Magic and status resistance and will be Edgar's best Golem summon build, but why do this when you could do a Golem Edgar, giving you ALMOST as much HP and having useful Vigor so you're a Tank who also has a cannon to fire rather than an unarmed tank? Sabin: Golem Build (B-)- Pretty good damage when striking weaknesses with double claws, reliable Bum Rush and still has good Mantra/Chakra/Golem summon support skills. Cannot justify an A placement due to weak defenses secondary to a lack of shield on top of needing front row for full effectiveness, which makes him a lot less of a tank than one would imagine. He also has no revival skills. Sabin's natural access to a plethora of status options and spammable AoE keeps this in the B range, but if I was not factoring that in I might have gone C+ Stray Build (C-)- Stamina does a surprisingly poor job of fueling Chakra/Mantra, and Aurabolt is simply too weak. Like above, Sabin's other talents not related to Esper growth really help remedy this, but it's still mediocre and I find myself consistently disappointed with this build every time I tried it. Terrato Build (B+)- IMO Sabin's best option, he's probably the only character who can truly build all HP and still dish out numbers that are high enough for him to stay relevant. This is due to his naturally exceptional Vigor and how Mantra, Drain and Golem scale so tremendously well with HP. He still suffers from Golem's weak defense issue, but no matter what with 3,000+ HP he won't be going down easy. He can brush off 1,000+ damage hits with ease and use Drain to restore it all back and go right back supporting and attacking. Incredible Golem support with sky high HP. This Sabin is not A because his damage is sub-par, he has no revival skills and Mantra is a much less reliable healing skill to Cure and Regen magic. Celes: Vigor Build (B)- Ramuh with a relatively even mix of Alexander can make for a tanky and reliable hard hitting build. Only having access to Life 1 and Cure 2 without a magic investment makes her fairly average for supporting. Magic Build (Either Shiva or Siren mixed with Seraph)- (A-) - I personally prefer Shiva but I feel either one is viable. Cure 2 is now strong enough for reliably healing and magic offense with Shiva can be competitive with a Morphed Terra. Illumina doesn't lose out much due to Holy Procs here either. She lacks the elemental diversity and spell selection of Terra and revival potential of Locke. She still fits A tier here due to ??? for MP free random AoE giving her an advantage and the extremely powerful although Niche Merton Spam set up. With MP support and Flame protecting gear for the team she can obliterate battles and keep the team healed at the same time. It's an incredible combo that no one else can pull off Crusader Build (Stamina/Speed) -(B+) ??? Spammer. Really inspiring damage, great regen ticks, can maintain backrow safety and support when necessary. Lack of Runic is rarely an issue and no HP investment isn't so bad due to backrow/shield and high Stam for mag defense and status resistance. Suffers from same issue as Vigor, poorer magic/mp means less support capability. Cyan: Vigor Build (B+)- Bismarck with a relatively even mix of Alexander. A MASSIVE damage dealer with Tempest but even with the Alexander investment front row + no shield can take it's toll. Fortunately access to Empowerer means the enemy really needs to kill him before he can get his next turn. Poor party support/healing, very much a one trick pony. Can function as a "field medic" for long dungeons extremely well. Stamina Build (C+)- This build seems a lot better early before Tempest and Alexander becomes available, making dungeons very manageable with AoE Eclipse and limitless Cures and Lifes saving you on item costs. The criterion of this tier list is late-game though, and late game he is tank with relatively poor damage/healing output Shadow: B+ Not going to bother distinguishing these builds. He has extremely valuable Haste X and Fenrir support coupled with being a powerful glass cannon damage. Interceptor and high evasion gives him a great edge over Gau. I personally wouldn't put him as an A since he falls too easily in battle and lacks healing abilities. Excellent in a tanky team to provide much needed HasteX support and damage. Gau: Speed Build- B- Gau is the only person I'd even consider doing pure speed with since he will act automatically so the speed never feels wasted. His DPS is hilarious with Dragon and Cerberus here. Like Shadow he can provide HasteX and Fenrir support. To me, Shadow is superior due to his controllability and access to the AoE and blink support of Shrurikens and scrolls. Sure, Gau in theory has MUCH more options than Shadow, but because he is locked into a rage and 1/3 of the time you don't get the action you want, I simply find Shadow more useful. Speed Gau still has to remain in B tier since he can shut down even end-game bosses before they can wipe out the party, provided he can stay alive in the front row! Stamina Gau (C+)- Another example of an early bloomer. Lower DPS takes away Gau's boss wrecking prowess a bit, though he is more likely to stay alive here. The bonus of being able to heal with certain rages is far too unreliable to be useful for my tastes. He makes for an excellent random clearer but not super helpful in boss fights after setting up HasteX and Fenrir Relm: Zoneseek Build (B+)- Osmose, high MP and powerful healing and damage but lacks revival and falls quite easily in battle Starlet Build- (D)-Regen X is nice I guess? Murdering Shadow to give her interceptor? This need helps Speed Build: (B)- A better option to Starlet, mixed with Bahamut for MP levels it's not too bad. Lower magic power and higher turn rate however will translate to huge MP guzzling, will require MP support and use of Sketch to stretch her ability out. Can be a speed healer with brushes Strago: Magic Build- (B+) Osmose and massive magic damage, decent elemental options. Cure 3/RegenX replaced with Holy Wind which is less reliable in general. Amazing support options compared to his granddaughter Stamina Build- (C)- Stamina synergizes with nothing at all for Strago, even Relm at least has Regen X. It does VERY indirectly help his supporting ability by keeping him alive with regen and stat resistance, but Magic Strago can support as well while still maintaining the option to nuke enemies hard with insane magic damage. I'm not really feeling this one. Setzer: Magic Build- A- Once you master slots, and with pausing the game isn't that difficult, Setzer is god like. You might never even need to his magic, his healing and offense is reliable and powerful. Seraph is an excellent support Esper that I forgot to mention with Celes which helps to make up for his lack of life spells. Seraph levels can be used to improve his tankiness though I feel the MP bonus is a bit of a waste on him Stam Build-B+ Gil Toss is great and keeps getting better with each update, though it still pales in comparison to the utility, healing and pure power of Slots. Needs to rely more on his MP for healing this build is really requires some Seraph levels. However, stellar Regen ticks and Stam defenses is a major plus Mog: Maduin Mog: B Balanced Healing and Damage and reliable Dances. Dances are unpredictable and may not heal/dmg when you need it. Magic Mog- B+ More geared toward utilizing his Magic skill and is quite powerful with all damage dances such as Water Rondo. Dances may fail and healing with this is poor. Jumping with elemental rods in conjunction with the high magic stats and proc rate elevates this build above Maduin for me. Vigor Mog- B a step below Edgar (who is B+) because unlike Vig Edgar who can use the Vigor for his tools, Dance does not synergize at all with Vigor, so you end up basically giving up most of Mog's utility. Mog also does not have elemental swords but rods instead, which don't synnergize as well with Vigor. Tier List Synopsis: A Tier A+ : Stamina Terra A: Phoenix Locke A-: Maduin Terra, Kirin Locke, Magic Edgar, Magic Celes, Magic Setzer B Tier B+: Vigor Edgar, Terrato Sabin, Crusader Celes, Vigor Cyan, Shadow, Gogo (infinite versatlity poor stats), Zoneseek Relm, Magic Strago, Stamina Setzer, Magic Mog B: Vigor Locke, Vigor Celes, Maduin Mog, Vigor Mog, Speed Relm B-: Bismarck Terra, Golem Sabin, Speed Gau C Tier C+: Stamina Cyan (late game), Stamina Gau (late game) C: Stamina Strago C-: Stamina Sabin D Tier D+:Unicorn Edgar D:Stamina Relm D-: Umaro (Uncontrollable almost no utility)
  7. Is Unicorn Edgar really viable?
  8. Are the Equipable Esper Bonuses and Relics independent from these class bonuses? For instance, if a player gets +25% HP can still equip an Esper or Relic offering the same bonus and have it stack? As mentioned, I'm not sure how you might tell the game to give someone a certain class, especially if they are doing a 10/10 Hybrid type set up. I really like the idea of a tiered system with these bonuses being applied slowly at Esper Levels of 5-10-15-20 and MAYBE 25 if the player chooses to go that far. This also allows the player the option of grabbing 5-10 levels in several espers to pick up multiple types of bonuses if they want. In looking at some of the bonuses such as "MORPH DELAY IS SHORTER", that isn't really TIERABLE, but it could work for a lot of them. If this is implemented though, bosses and enemies after Dadaluma really need to be buffed, as these updates have been doing a great job of avoid "loss aversion", aka giving the players new buffs rather than nerfing things which is a lot more enjoyable but the challenge factor of the game will suffer a bit because of it. My Impressions of the Bonuses TerraMage (Base) Battlemage (Bismark) --- Morph delay is shorter; Break and Storm cast faster Black Mage (Maduin) --- MP+25%; all Fire/Ice/Bolt spells & Ultima cast faster White Mage (Unicorn) --- HP+25%; all Cure and Life spells cast faster Omega Mage (Tritoch) --- Regen MP while morphed; Remedy and Regen spells cast faster Red Mage (Phoenix) --- HP/MP+12.5%; Cure (1-2), Fire (1-2), and Life (1) cast faster Everyone EXCEPT Battlemage I feel is spot on. The problem with Battlemage is Break/Storm casting faster does not at all synergize with a Bismark build. Instead, I'd give Terra either an Inherent Counter or an Inherent Oath Veil for 50% spell proc chance. Holy Knight (Ramuh) --- HP+25%; all Swords get some kind of bonus(?) Dark Knight (Phantom) --- No dual-wield damage penalty; Merton and Demi/Quartr cast faster Valkyrie (Crusader) --- Inherent Cover; Safe and Haste cast faster Vanguard (Alexandr) --- Inherent Counter; Life and Regen spells cast faster Magic Knight (Siren) --- Runic restores 2x MP; all Ice & Bolt spells cast faster Holy Mage (Shiva) --- MP+25%; Holy, Merton, and all Cure spells cast faster Cleric (Seraph) --- HP+25%; Rerise, Remedy, and all Cure spells cast faster All great ideas! Just a question of the SWORD Bonus. Once again, an inherent Oath Veil could work here or maybe a reduction in MP crit cost since Celes will likely be running crit/proc weapons on that build Now another thing I realize is with your new Stamina idea, Cover and Counter % improves with Stamina, which means giving Inherent Counter or Cover on a Stamina Build is somewhat counter-intuitive. I'd consider combining the Counter and Cover into Alexander, and giving Valkyrie a boost to ??? LockeRogue (Base) Fighter (Ramuh) --- Critical Attack rate up; all Swords get some kind of bonus(?) Paladin (Kirin) --- All Shields get some kind of bonus(?); Cure (1-2) cast faster Thief (Ifrit) --- Steal always succeeds; Drain and all Bolt spells cast faster Red Mage (Phoenix) --- HP/MP+12.5%; Cure (1-2), Fire (1-2), and Life (1) cast faster Fighter-MP crit cost down Paladin-Put an idea for this on Edgar's build Thief- Steal always succeeds is kind of...meh. Could maybe combine that with Steal>>Mug but even then Steal is extremely situational at best. Increased Evasion and Counter rate fits well with Thief. EdgarEngineer (Base) Alchemist (Siren) --- Status-setting attacks/spells ignore enemy stamina; gain elemental resistance from equipped weapons Sentinel (Golem) --- Inherent Counter; Tools delay is shorter Phalanx (Unicorn) --- All Shields get some kind of bonus(?); Safe and Slow spells cast faster Dragoon (Palidor) --- Two-handed damage bonus is 75% instead of 50%; Haste and Float spells cast faster The shield thing again, hmmm. One thing that comes to mind for me is making a Blocked physical hit restore HP for the damage it would have caused, like Runic but for HP. Those Alchemist bonuses are really unique and interesting! SabinMonk (Base) Shaman (Stray) - AKA "Stam-WOW" Sabin --- HP Regen rate is doubled; gain elemental resistance from equipped weaponsGodhand (Golem) - AKA "Slap-Chop" Sabin --- Critical Attack Rate Up; Blitz delay is shorterGuardian (Terrato) - AKA "Schticky" Sabin --- Inherent Cover; Sleep and Drain spells cast faster Perfect CyanSamurai (Base) Swordsmaster (Bismark) --- +25% Physical Damage; Bushido delay is shorter Templar (Kirin) --- Inherent Cover; Cure spells cast faster Vanguard (Alexandr) --- Inherent Counter; Life and Regen spells cast faster Anyway to distinguish the Bushido Delay to specific skills, such as reduced Tempest/Dispatch Delay versus reduced Dragon/Eclipse Delay? Kirin's bonuses are meh when considering that his high Stamina will already give him a high Cover rate and Cure spells on Cyan are garbage. Instead consider Mag+25% to buffs his cure spells and keep Dragon/Eclipse powerful into late game ShadowNinja (Base) Assassin (Phantom) --- Critical Attack rate up; Pre-Emtpive Attack rate up Shinobi (Fenrir) The Critical Attack is definitely enticing to encourage the player to "Fight" over "Throw", Pre-Emptive Attack rate up is simply Meh Fenrir without a doubt needs to offer a bonus to Interceptor, such as "Interceptor counters all blocked physical attacks" instead of being it's open separate thing and/or a buff to interceptor damage. Truthfully, giving a Interceptor buff synergizes much better with Phantom than Fenrir, so I'd maybe move the current Phantom Bonus to Fenrir in that case. GauHunter (Base) Beastmaster (Stray) Berserker (Fenrir) From FunnyMzn Spitballing Gau Ideas: Beastmaster: Controllable Rage. Gau doesn't fly into a berserker frenzy when selecting Rage. You still cannot switch Rages. When you hit "Rage" again, you just trigger the next attack in the Rage you all ready selected. Green Cherry is still needed to allow switching Rage again. This bonus allows Gau access to spot healing (Item/Regen) and some buffs/debuffs (HasteX) while Raging. Berserker: Rage Counterattack. Gau now counterattacks with his actual Rage command, instead of his measly Fight. Still subject to 2/3 and 1/3 odds for the two attacks. Being on the non-stamina Gau helps control the power of this bonus. I love these ideas SetzerGambler (Base) Undertaker (Shoat) - AKA "Slotzer" --- No dual-wield damage penalty; Doom and Poison/Bio cast fasterPilgrim (Starlet) - AKA "The Bank"(*) --- Inherent Counter; Remedy and Regen spells cast fasterCleric (Seraph) --- HP+25%; Rerise, Remedy, and all Cure spells cast faster Undertaker: Are Dice even affected by Dual Wield? Or would the No Dual Wield simply affect Darts and Knives? Pilgrim-I am not big on giving Inherent Counter/Cover on a build that is already focusing Stamina anyway. What about a Gil Toss bonus instead? Cleric-Perfect! MogMoogle (Base) Druid (Shoat) --- Summon delay is shorter; Break, Quake, and Poison/Bio cast faster Geomancer (Maduin) --- Dance always succeeds; (?) Dragoon (Palidor) - AKA "Mogoon" --- Two-handed damage bonus is 75% instead of 50%; Haste and Float spells cast fasterGuardian (Terrato) --- Inherent Cover; Sleep and Drain spells cast faster Geomancer bonus is not helpful since with a Geomancer build your dance will almost always work anyway. Instead, a buff to the Healing potential of Stamina spells used during Dance StragoBlue Mage (Base) Sorcerer (Zoneseek) --- MP+25%; X-Zone, Dark, and Ice spells cast faster Wizard (Shiva) --- +25% Magical Damage; Stop and Osmose spells cast faster Sage (Odin) --- HP Regen rate is doubled; Lore delay is shorter The spells the cast faster between Sorcerer/Wizard might make more sense with Sorcerer getting a faster X-Zone, Doom and Stop and Wizard getting faster Dark, Ice and Osmose spells RelmPictomancer (Base) Sorceress (Zoneseek) --- MP+25%; Meteor, Flare, and Fire spells cast fasterPriestess (Starlet) - AKA "Love You Long Time" Relm --- Summon delay is shorter; Rerise,Remedy, and Regen spells cast fasterIllusionist (Ifrit) --- Brushes may set image; (?) Illusionist- Brush may set image + Evasion up Priestess-Scrap Summon Delay, offer a bonus to Interceptor or a bonus to Sketch
  9. He only has access to Vigor+1 and Aurabolt/Chakra don't gain a ton from Stamina anyway, Mantra also is more based on his current HP than Stamina. For these reasons a pure Terrato Build is also very viable. Chakra still provides respectable mp, Mantra is INSANE unless Sabin lost a lot of health and Sabins damage is respectable if exploiting a weakness. Terrato also doesn't take much away from his random encounter potential with full powered SleepX Sonic Boom Fire Dance and Quake.
  10. I agree Stam Strago seems niche and not nearly as useful as the Mag Version. I'm not sure that the major reduction in damage output and osmose absorb potential is worth status and magic resistance. It'd be better if more of his kit besides just Odin synergized with Stamina
  11. Celes is possibly the most versatile character within the game (Except Gogo of course, but her stats and equipment options are much better). Most characters want some sort of specialization, focusing their build on 1 or 2 Espers. Celes however is so well-rounded that a hybrid build jumping around between multiple espers can actually be quite beneficial.
  12. oic just not for offense then? Stamina for monsters and Bosses never really occurred to me
  13. I do think they would have a major effect on gameplay particularly the spell learning ones but I agree it might be a PITA for sure. Also with Demi/Quarter, any chance of making their fractional damage based off of stamina something like 25% + (Stam /128) similar to your stamina counter attack formula?
  14. Yes this does sound interesting. It is like a follow-up to the esper innate bonuses. Only this is powered by NPC's. Let's wait and see for BTB's reply on this though. Oh btw, Gungho is Jenkins right? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERHAPS?! He may have different names in different versions of the game
  15. Yea so I had an entire post ready and copied it too and now it magically disappeared into cyber space fun times. I have an idea for BnW 2.0 that is greatly inspired by Breath of Fire 2 involving NPCs offering the player a ONE time PERMANENT enhancement or spell. I find this idea intriguing because it encourages more diversification of character builds and forces the player to make a strategic decision on who to give the buff to. Here are some examples of possible NPC buffs. Lola, the lonely woman Cyan was sending flowers and letters to. She could thank Cyan for his attention by offering ONE character a Hp+200/Stam+6 boost. Almost everyone would benefit from the boost, it might especially be helpful for Strago to fuel his White Wind or to make Gau/Shadow tankier since they lack alternative methods of boosting HP. Gungho, Strago's friend who was injured by Hidon. He could offer ONE character a Mp+100/Mag+6 boost which would especially benefit magic users who lack an MP boosting esper such as Locke or Mog or even a Vigor based Terra/Celes for MP crits and Holy/Flare procs. The player can decide where the boost would fit their play style best. Gau's Father, As a thank you for letting him know his son is alive after the cute sequence could offer ONE character a Vigor+5/Speed+5 boost which would could be used to further buff a physical dps character or give more dps to a tank such as a Terrato Sabin or Unicorn Terra. Rachel, Before departing from her brief resurrection can offer ONE character the Life 2 spell which allows the player to have 3 characters (Terra and Locke being the other 2) who can revive someone to full HP and would benefit pretty much anyone since it is not tied to any stat. A tanky Sabin or Cyan build may benefit most from access to this spell since they are likely to not be KOed and have opportunity to utilize it. The Queen Statue, Which in this mod is basically just "there" since Raiden is no longer an Esper could offer ONE character a choice of ONE of the level 2 elemental spells: Ice 2, Fire 2 OR Bolt 2. These spells could be used to round out someone's elemental coverage, such as giving Locke Ice 2, or providing a character with few elemental attack options like Setzer or Edgar a new magic attack option. Other possible NPCs who could offer bonus are Duncan and Owzer, but I think I got the idea across. I find this very intriguing because there are a lot of different rationales for giving these boosts to different characters so it can cater to any playstyle.